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#2225: Marine Links Ship Jumper Dave’s Black-Hand Broker Banker To Serco’s Red-Switch Waypoints For Airbus Blue-Air Stalls

Field McConnell has linked ship-jumper David Cameron’s deployment of Black Hand Captains for the broker banker JLT-HSBC to Serco’s alleged use of the U.S. Defense Red Switch Network to impute ad hoc waypoints into Airbus aircraft targeted for destruction in Blue Air stalls (cf. AF447, QZ8501).

McConnell believes that Cameron’s great, great grandfather Sir Ewen Cameron, the former London head of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, launched the Black Hand broker-banker service in 1888 – from which time on captains whose names were recorded in black ink in the Lloyd’s Captains Registry were paid by ship jumpers, including Cameron working for Jardine Matheson in Hong Kong in 1985, to enforce (extort) the recovery of debts incurred in the opium and weapons trade and eliminate or intimidate prospective whistleblowers.

McConnell believes that Cameron uses Serco Red Switch operatives at RAF Oakhanger and the Boeing HQ in Chicago to impute ad hoc waypoints into jets killing 1404

“It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says…

These two USPS.COM tracking numbers will indicate that ALPA President Lee Moak and US District Court Judge Rosemary M. Collyer both received documents at 1008 ( Moak ) and 1458 ( Collyer ) on 14 March, 2014.

7011 1570 0001 8999 2185 ( Moak)

7011 1570 0001 8999 2192 ( Collyer )

From the time I reported to ALPA the illegal modifications, 1404 innocent victims have died needlessly.

Expect AGGRAVATED PERJURY In FRAUD UPON THE COURT. Soon. When the complaint is sent it will be posted at
Abel Danger.

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