Abel Danger – Operation Egg Timer – Petraeus Meets the One Hour Window – Ben’s Chili Dog

To McConnell-Petraeus-Dempsey-redact 4-redact 5: 

After my productive trip to Washington DC and Annapolis I am back at work. Friday was a BIG DAY for
Abel Danger. Peaches is not going silent into the knight. Ham and Gaouette and THE FEW will not be denied.

Petraeus met the 1 hour window of 2-3pm EDT for disclosure.

Karl Rove and Paula Broadwell (Kranz) – Operation Egg Timer

Entwistle in England did what was asked of him reference Cameron and Savile and opened up our
investigation into the BBC trust w/ particular reference to Lord Williams the Intl Trustee.

With the US and UK cleaning house I expect to see some LONG FACES in Canada soon. Would not surprise
me at all to hear of Judge Jennifer McKinnon’s ‘hissy fit hump’ exposed for the pedophilia at Camp Mirage that
appears to have shot down a RISING STAR.

When, not if, but when the Truth of HARRY CHAPIN 5 is reported in the MSM in any of these three: US, UK, CA
the other two have no choice. 

Regarding the HARRY CHAPIN 5 the suggestion of the man at BEN’S CHILI DOG at 1213 U St NW in DC on Saturday afternoon (1444-1511) was that Lord Williams joined the BBC World Service ( Foreign Office funding?) in 1984 in hopes of making PAPERCLIP more difficult to follow for non ENTRUST PLAYERS. That squares with what the Lockheed Martin Attorney told me at the Officer’s Club near the Naval Academy Chapel at 1811-1941 Friday, 9 Nov 12. It squares also with what I heard in Booth 101 later that evening which was the NIGHT BEFORE I gave the poster to Scott and Chris at the Rams Head Roadhouse while dining on a General’s Panini and a Copperhead Ale.

Frank McKenna may or may not be the assembler of the HARRY CHAPIN 5 which may or may not have
any or all or none of these DECOYS:





Maurice SEAHORSE Baril

Any upcoming military coup will have the best intel agency in the world paving the way, capeche?

Field McConnell

-Sibling of Kristine Marcy
-Exposer of the HIT on Sukhoi Superjet, 9 May 12

Any rumours that I was at 2650 Wisconsin Ave NW or 2941 Tunlaw Road NW on Saturday, 10 November 2012
may be accurate according to the man at BEN’S CHILI DOG.

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