Abel Danger: Letter to Judge Jeanine – January 7, 2013 – Illuminating the Urinal

Judge Jeanine:


The legitimate gun carriers across America thank you. I will illuminate the Urinal in upcoming written, radio and video coverage of the staged atrocities at Columbine, Aurora, Cudahy, Newtown which are the same modus operandi as events in London ( 7/7 underground bomb ) and Moscow’s underground bomb of 2010, Breslan
school event of 2004 and Moscow theater event of 23 October of 2002.

Also the May 9, 2012 ‘hit’ on the Sukhoi Superjet which used the exact same remote guidance feature as the 4 9/11 drones, 4 9/11 airliners, Adam Air 574, Kenya Airways 507, Air France 447, Speedbird 38, Colgan 3407, Canadian F18 Lethbridge and
U S Navy F18 on 6 April, 2012. The remote guidance of droned airliners can be research by searching “stranglers suite abel danger”.

The perpetrators are linked by Bowman Frequency Agile Radios, released prisoners performing murders, and crisis actors playing their parts. (see more eloquent and erudite post below, from Abel Danger.net )

Valerie Jarrett or Eric Holder may wish to discuss DMORT and HSEEP as well as Eric Holder’s visit to Newtown 2 weeks before the staged event. The Royals, LIBOR Bankers, elitists like John Kerry and Warren Buffett know that their gooses are cooked, perhaps they’d like PLUM sauce with their goose. Take a Gander at www.abeldanger.net which reminds me, the same network did the Ganger crash of Arrow Air that silenced 200+ U S service personell in same MO as the Seal Team silenced in the SNOOKERED CHINOOK.

Here is the Warren Buffett hit:

Indonesia searchers find bodies at Russia jet wreckage

Did Warren sponsor the Gander Death Cruiser also?

Arrow Air Flight

Judge, thanks for your display of courage, I have commented on your youTube highlighted below in PLUM.

By the way, the perpetrators at www.nsaww.org are deserting their sinking ship as is the Secretary of State who is one of the three BUNGLERS OF BENGHAZI.

Field McConnell
Plum City WI 54761
Global Ops Director, Abel Danger
715 307 8222
WI DOJ #65229

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