Abel Danger Identifies Nick Ross as Suspect in BBC Crimewatch Brighton Bomb

Source: The Telegraph – Lord Tebbit

Our Abel Danger research team has identified Nick Ross and his BBC Crimewatch team as suspects in the Brighton bombing.

Subject to a public invitation from Lord Tebbit, Field McConnell will fly to the United Kingdom to brief those who may be concerned that the Brighton bombing was a false flag. 

“United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the late Ian Cameron’s deployment of the ‘Father of the Internet’ Donald Davies in front-running Libor frauds, to an alleged attempt to kill Mrs. Thatcher in her Brighton hotel with a packet-switched bomb, remotely detonated by a BBC Crimewatch crew at 2:54 a.m. on 12 October, 1984.

McConnell claims Cameron arranged for Crimewatch co-presenter Jill Dando to be killed in 1999 when she threatened to expose the BBC’s use of remotely-detonated packet-switching bombs to give Cameron’s clients front-running opportunities to make money as financial markets reacted to news of attacks.”

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