Abel Danger Global Intelligence Agency: CGI and CGI Canada Have Hacked and Back Doored the Obamacare Website – French and Canadian Firms

Field McConnell
N3572 CR S
Plum City WI 54761
715 307 8222

Kathleen Sebelius
200 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington DC 20201


Ms Sebelius,

I am director of a Global Intelligence Agency and we have determined that CGI and CGI Canada have hacked and back doored the Obamacare website. At 1109/16Oct13 I dialed 1-877-696-6775 and got no answer nor the ability to leave you a message. I had the same experience on both 14 and 15 October, 2013 when I tried to contact IRS and warn them of the hacking of IRS by the same French and Canadian players who hacked you. You may be aware of our chapter published immediately after my attempts to warn both IRS and HHS of the traps set for you by a cabal that has also ensnared my only sibling, Kristine Marcy. Here is a link to the message we just posted at AbelDanger.net:

#1723: Marine Links MI-3 IT Bait and Switch to Obamacare Underground Contract Hits of CGI Skynet SEAL Team 6

I find it statistically improbable that both HHS and IRS would use the same French and Canadian firms to deny American citizens healthcare, fair tax and privacy. If you would like to have me appear by your side at any OBAMACARE MEETINGS to help you expose the Treason feel free to call me or email me anytime 24/7. I have exposed treasons twice before.

Google [ mccain + pawlenty + treason + FIELD MCCONNELL ]


Field McConnell USNA’71 allege treason by Senator John McCain

Google [ soetoro + fallin + brewer + lePage + dalrymple + Dayton + FIELD MCCONNELL ] 


ARTICLES of Impeachment – U S Marine Alleges Crimes Worthy of Impeachment Against Barry Soetoro ’79

We are the intelligence source empowering T2SDA, Seal Team Six Survivors, World War II Veterans and many other groups of oath keeping American officers.

Best Regards,

Field McConnell
U S Marine 011653
Four Oath Oathkeeper
715 307 8222


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