Abel Danger as a Conduit and Clearinghouse for Exposure – Felons Inside the DoJ

My name is Field McConnell and my sister, Kristine Marcy, is Hillary Clinton’s handler. She, in turn, is handled by Thomas J. Smolich, Vatican Jesuit at Georgetown University in DC. My sister started US DOJ Asset Forfeiture Fund with Eric Holder in 1984 and she and her US DOJ Pride co-felons are a major reason why our country is in such peril. In addition to these evils she also was the creater (spelled differently than creator) of the United States Senior Executive Service.

Here are two recent radio offerings of our private intel group, Abel Danger:

Abel Danger SMACKS DOWN Barry Soetoro as Trump Knows Hillary and FBI Comey Profited Billions 9/11 by Cloud Centric (C2) Crime Scene Investigation

Trump Knows Who Authorized Extortion 17 Murders by Cloud Centric (C2) Crime Scene Investigation

I am apolitical because I am aware of how it works. However, I believe that Hillary and Comey must be exposed and removed.

After you vet me if you wish to offer ideas we, Abel Danger, are interested in listening and learning. Thank you for your service and your letter to CashCow Comey. He and my sister Kristine Marcy need to be dealt with.

If my sister had given Comey $100M out of the HSBC $1.9B his behavior may be understood more easily. How would rank and file FBI employees feel if they thought Kristine Marcy put $100M in Panama for him?

If there is indeed a ‘long list’ please let that list know that I am a conduit and clearinghouse for exposure IAW Ephesians 5:11. In 10 years I have never burned a source.

Field McConnell
Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC)
715 307 8222


30 September, 2016

Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia
601 New Hampshire Avenue NW
Washington DC 20037
Via Fax 202 944 5983

Congressman Trey Gowdy
404 Longworth HOB
Washington DC 20515
Via Fax 202 226 1177

Saudi Arabia and Congressman Gowdy,

Field McConnell and David Hawkins intend to participate as original sources/relators in a Qui Tam Lawsuit to be filed after 8 November, 2016. We are inviting Donald Trump to join us as an original source or nominate a proxy who has expert witness value in steel high rise buildings.

Previously on 1 August, 2016, Hawkins and myself explained to Saudi Arabia how the Phenom 300 aircraft was caused to crash at Blackbushe Airport on 31 July, 2015.

Today, 30 September, 2016 we have published an outline below for a Qui Tam Remedy for 9/11 Families including my own. We are broadcasting live today, 30 September, 2016 at 2pm Eastern or 7pm GMT at this link: https://livestream.com/abeldanger/events/6427863/

#2792: Qui Tam Remedy for 9/11 Families – Serco’s 8(a) Hack of Clinton Bankers’ Bridge – Bin Laden Visas / Boeing Bugs / Zulu Death-Bet Bombs

United States Marine Field McConnell
Plum City Online – (AbelDanger.net) – September 30, 2016

1. Abel Danger (AD) offers a qui tam remedy to 9/11 families in any class action against Serco the foreign-owned defense contractor whose agents appear to fit Donald Trump’s belief “they had not only a plane but bombs which exploded almost simultaneously.”

2. AD claims that Serco shareholders including HSBC and the British and Saudi Arabian governments mentored 8(a) hacks of the Federal Bridge Certification Authority (FBCA) and delivered “the first live-broadcast mass snuff film in human history” on 9/11 into the custody of Wells Fargo (Twin Towers Master Servicer) and CitiBank and other pay-to-play donors to the Clinton Foundation.

3. AD claims that Serco used the federal bridge to issue visas to Bin Laden agents; Crown rights in patent-pool devices (Bugs) to hijackers for remotely-droned Boeing aircraft and Zulu timing signals to Clinton death-betting donors for synchronized 9/11 bomb attacks.
4. United States Marine Field McConnell can provide original sources to help the families of the 9/11 victims bring a qui tam action against Serco and its shareholders – including the Saudi Arabian government – for their alleged use of bridge, visas, Bugs and Zulu-bomb devices in the 9/11 attacks and to expose Clinton co-conspirators whom McConnell has subsequently identified by downloading a laptop at 2311 on 14 Oct 08 at the home of the late Glenn A. and Eileen O. McConnell, 832 Coach Way Annapolis MD 21401.

Against the backdrop of a 97-1 defeat of Obama regarding 9/11 survivor lawsuits we are advising both Congressman Trey Gowdy and the government of Saudi Arabia that we, Hawkins and McConnell, are original sources in explaining Serco’s central role in the attacks of 9/11. We believe that Donald Trump, or his designee, may wish to join us in this globally significant exposure of Truth.

Best Regards,

Field McConnell
N3572 CR S
Plum City WI 54761


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