A Tale of Two World Orders

July 10, 2015 | The Vineyard of the Saker

Two historical summits are taking place this week: the crisis talk in France and Germany about the Greek crisis, and the simultaneous meeting of the BRICS and Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) countries in Ufa, Russia. These two meetings could hardly be more different.

The Eurobureaucrats are scrambling to prevent a domino effect in which Greece would leave the eurozone and set a precedent for other Mediterranean countries such as Italy, Spain, or even France. But there is really much more at stake here than the comparatively small Greek debts, the solvency of European banks, or even the future of the euro. What is really at stake is the credibility and future of the entire “euro project”, and thus the future of the oligarchy which created it.

The EU elites have put an immense amount of political and personal capital into the creation of what one could call a “Bilderberger Europe”, one run by the elites and on behalf of the USA-promoted New World Order. Just like the US elites have put their full credibility behind the official 9/11 narrative against all empirical evidence, so the European elites have put their full credibility behind a “grand EU” project, even though it was obvious that this project was not viable. And now reality is coming back with a vengeance: simply put, the EU is way too big. Not only was the expansion of the EU to the east a huge mistake, but even the western EU is really the artificial assembly of a Mediterranean Europe and a Northern Europe, as Nigel Farage so aptly put it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94UcyJnRcGU. Finally, it is pretty obvious that the current EU was built against the will of many, if not most, of the people of Europe. As a result, the Eurobureaucrats are now fighting to keep their dying project alive as long as possible.

What we are witnessing these days in Ufa, Russia, could not be any more different. The simultaneous meeting of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) and the SCO countries (China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan) marks the gathering of a future world order – not one directed at the USA or the West, but one simply built without them, which is even more humiliating. In fact, the BRICS/SCO “combo” is a real nightmare for the Anglo-Zionist Empire (for the precise reasons for the use of this term, please see here: http://thesaker.is/terminology/).

It has already been announced that India and Pakistan will become full members of the SCO. So the full list of BRICS/SCO members will now look like this: Brazil, China, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. The BRICS/SCO will thus include 2 permanent UN Security Council members, and 4 countries with nuclear weapons (only 3 NATO countries have nukes!); its members account for a full third of the world’s land area, they produce 16 trillion dollars in GDP, and have a population of 3 billion people or half of the global world population. The SCO population stands at 1.6 billion people or one-fourth of the Earth’s population, which produces $11.6 trillion in GDP. Furthermore, the BRICS/SCO countries are already working on a new development bank, whose aim is to create an alternative to the IMF and World Bank. But most importantly, the SCO is growing even further, and might soon welcome Belarus and Iran as full members. And the door is wide open for more members, possibly even Greece (if Grexit happens).

The core of this alternative New World Order is, of course, Russia and China. Without them, neither the BRICS nor the SCO would make any sense. The most amazing feature of this Russian–Chinese “core” is the way it was formed. Rather than creating a formal alliance, Putin and Xi did something which, as far as I know, has never been done in the past: they have turned their two super-countries (or ex-empires, pick your term) into symbionts, two separate organisms which fully depend on each other. China has agreed to become fully dependent on Russia for energy and high technology (especially defense and space), while Russia has agreed to become fully dependent on China economically. It is precisely because China and Russia are so different from each other that they form the perfect match, like two puzzle figures which perfectly fit each other.

For centuries, the Anglo-Saxons have feared the unification of the European landmass as a result of a Russian–German alliance, and they have been very successful at preventing it. For centuries, the major sea powers have ruled the world. But what no western geostrategist had ever envisioned is the possibility that Russia would simply turn east and agree to a symbiotic relationship with China. The sheer size of what I call the Russian–Chinese Strategic Partnership (RCSP) makes not only Germany, but even all of Europe, basically irrelevant. In fact, the Anglo-Zionist Empire simply does not have the means to influence this dynamic in any significant way. Had Russia and China signed some kind of formal alliance, there would always have been the possibility for either country to change course; but once a symbiosis is created, the two symbionts become inseparable – joined not only at the hip, but also at the heart and lungs (even if they each keep their own separate “brains”, i.e. governments).

What is so attractive to the rest of the world in this BRICS/SCO alternative is that neither Russia nor China has any imperial ambitions. Both of these countries have been empires in the past, and both have paid a huge price for that imperial status. Furthermore, they both have carefully observed how the USA has arrogantly overstretched itself over the entire planet, resulting in a dialectical anti-American reaction worldwide. While the White House and the corporate media keep scaring those still willing to listen to them with tales about the “resurgent Russia” and the “assertive China”, the reality is that neither of these two countries has any desire at all to replace the USA as the world hegemon. You will never see China or Russia covering the globe with 700+ military bases, or fighting elective wars on a yearly basis, or spending more on “defense” (i.e. aggression) than the rest of the planet combined. They will not built a 600-ship navy, or even a fleet of 12 aircraft carriers, to “project power” worldwide. And they will most definitely not point a “space gun” at the entire planet with megalomaniacal projects such as Prompt Global Strike.

What Russia, China, and the BRICS/SCO countries want is an international order in which security is truly collective, according to the principle that “if you feel threatened, then I am not safe”. They want a cooperative order, in which countries are allowed (and even encouraged) to follow their own societal development model. Iran, for example, will not have to cease being an Islamic republic after joining the SCO. They want to get rid of the comprador elites whose loyalty lies with foreign interests, and encourage the “sovereignization” of each country. Finally, they want an international order ruled by the rule of law, and not by the “might makes right” principle which has been the hallmark of European civilization since the Crusades. And the key thing to understand is this: they want that not because they are so kind and noble, but because they sincerely perceive this to be in their pragmatic self-interest.

So while the European ruling plutocracy is trying to find a new way to further dispossess the Greek people and keep southern Europe subjugated to the rule of international bankers and financiers, the participants of the double summit in Ufa are laying the basis of a new world order, but not at all the New World Order predicted by George H.W. Bush. One could say that they are building an anti New World Order.

Predictably, the Western elites and their corporate media are in deep denial mode. Not only do they not comment much about this truly historical event, but when they comment about it, they assiduously avoid discussing the immense implications which these events will have for the entire planet. This borders on magical thinking: if I close my eyes hard enough and long enough, this nightmare will eventually vanish.

It won’t.

What will happen is that the US dollar will gradually be pushed out of the BRICS/SCO zone; and US military power will not be challenged – it will be made irrelevant by a completely changed international environment in which even 700+ military bases worldwide will make no difference and, thus, no sense.

The meeting in Ufa will be remembered as the moment in history when the so-called “West” began being irrelevant.

– The Saker



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