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Source: Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist

How the NSA destroyed the economy

Jim Stone, Dec 17 2013

Washington’s Blog did an absolutely brilliant write up about how the NSA has dealt their own nation an economic death blow with their mass surveillance. Here is a comment on the article:

“Did the idiots at the NSA have no clue that they would kill the US economy if they vacuumed up every electronic transaction on earth? And then allowed it to be used for political and economic purposes? 

They just did: self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head….

Do you think any foreign government or company will use any US software or computer hardware in the future? Of course they will not. Not only that, but they won’t even connect to US-based networks.

Cloud computing? dead. IBM? dead. Apple? dead. Microsoft? dead. Oracle? dead. Adobe? dead. Facebook, Twitter, Google, HP? You got it.

Thanks NSA, you just killed the only functioning part of the US economy.”

My own input into this topic:

Though when I was at the NSA the targets were mostly Russia and China, the Israelis were given free rein of any system they wanted, and because I was ignorant at the time, I helped the Israelis get whatever information they wanted when they were there. So Israel has always been able to walk right into any NSA facility and get VIP treatment and full use of the equipment. This is really spooky, because President Bush walked through my facility as well, and we hid EVERYTHING from him: he had a preassigned course through the facility that was followed to the letter. We made sure he got to see lots of blinking lights while never having a chance of getting a clue as to what was really going on there. Why then, was Israel, a foreign country, given free rein when even our own President was not? Interesting question, eh?


One time, the only thing the Israelis were there for was to track a drug shipment coming up to America from Colombia. I assumed they cared about keeping drugs out of America, but now that I know who really runs the drug trade, it’s a safe bet they were only tracking their competition.

And now I can make another good bet as to what the NSA evolved to do for Israel: rape and rob NON-JEWISH companies of all their secrets, and hand them to the Israelis. It’s no wonder why ALL the communications companies are all Jewish-owned now, and no wonder at all why all the software companies, media groups, tech firms, EVERYTHING is Jewish now, because they used the NSA to steal EVERY NON-JEWISH COMPANY’S SECRETS and subsequently destroy the competition. NO company can survive having hostile forces know who all their key employees are, all their marketing plans, all their inventions, their finances, EVERYTHING. Absolutely NO ONE can survive this, and I firmly believe that abuse of the NSA’s power is the sole reason why the Jews now dominate all spheres of American business.

Now that I have added my perspective, take a look at this: I am sending you straight to Washington’s Blog without posting what he said here; he did excellent work with this and you really should read it there. CLICK HERE

This is an EXTREMELY important article about the Jewish assault on America.

The article linked above is a make or break for America. It’s damn near over, if it is not already. I have a question for the Jewish community: AFTER you destroy America and the rest of the free world, AFTER you poison the world with your virus-inflicted nuclear disasters, destroy all the non-Jewish children with brain-eating vaccines which are also designed to permanently alter their DNA and make them inferior throughout all future generations, AFTER no one has any will to actually live because you have either wiped them out with the medical system or destroyed them in other ways, what kind of world will you have?

Your actions regarding the Japan disaster were inexcusable, yet it is obvious you intend to do more. And there is the level of your wisdom: you really don’t care about what the rest of us have as long as Israel is never touched by your actions, yet you forget that you live on the same planet and that you need to parasite suck on the “inferior” to even live at the quality of life the “inferior” built for themselves. When you are finished destroying the “inferior” people of this world in your quest for permanent “supremacy”, you will have NO ONE to support you other than yourselves – the work of your own hands, and you will accomplish that with seeds you destroyed with GMO and a world you destroyed with nuclear disasters. THAT is not very wise, is it? Only your arrogance makes you blind to this future; your genetics give you an intelligence equal to the rest of us, it’s the arrogance that makes you short-sighted and inferior.

For your information, your financial superiority gained by carefully calculated evil will do you NADA when you finish destroying the world you live in via your quest for permanent supremacy. It matters not that even the “poor” among you live very well in this moment when all of it is gained via the destruction and subjugation of others. When you finish destroying America, I am certain there will be another victim brainwashed into supporting you on time, but you are destroying ALL children in ALL places, you are sparing no one and this will lead to your downfall. Like it or not, you need to ride the backs of “inferior” people who are actually your equals to be where you are now; by destroying us, you are only destroying yourself. Ignorance is a blissful road to nowhere, and unbridled arrogance will lead you to that destiny.

To the “Clairvoyant” team at Dimona

I got confirmation back from my media peers that my article about your little military operation in Japan got read by the Chinese military, the Russians, India, and the Pentagon.

Despite knowing a thing or two about computers, I never did anything with advanced IP tracking; but let me tell you, “David”, my friends in the media do, and THEY notified me that THEY did IP tracking to see who is looking at what, and it was THEY who told me that the four biggest military powers in the world are onto what you did at Fukushima.

That puts you in a pretty weak position.


I myself can do nothing to you, other than inform. That was enough.

I have confirmed that there have been well over a million reads of my work, “David”, from sources I can track. I don’t know what is going on at the other mirrors I begged people to put up, but have confirmed they do indeed exist. So how bad are your pants down? “DAVID”

The genie is out of the bottle. It won’t matter how bad you shill my research: it is so solid that it carries its own weight. Now that it is distributed, killing me would be irrelevant. That is what I wanted. YOU CANNOT BURY THE TRUTH, and I suggest your people take a step back away from the total lunacy they are progressing towards and think twice before allowing arrogance to obscure the obvious: that if you really were blessed by God, I would not have been allowed to discover what I did.

Consider that.


First of all, just from seeing the actions of various Jews, we know full well it all goes back to the same root. I have had many tell me it’s the Masons, but I have sat inside the belly of the monster and know damn well the Masons are puppets themselves. My time with the Jewish community makes it all irrefutable and I don’t really care about the guesses of others after having been there.

One clear area that shows it is them and only them, all by itself, is computers – and this is a small area. Google owners silently suck up to the NSA? JEWISH. Facebook owners? JEWISH, and after the Jews got a hold of Yahoo, they immediately destroyed Geocities, which had by far the best cache of truthful historic and scientific data in the world – burned by the destroyers of history just like the library at Alexandria. A full 40% of the web died when they killed Geocities, and you don’t do anything like that as an economic choice – it was a clear act of war.

And what about Bill Gates? He takes the money from Microsoft and uses it to fund sterilization campaigns against the third world via “philanthropic vaccine programs”, and when I discussed this exact point with the Jewish community, the wife of the Rabbi specifically said, YEP, AND THIS IS GOOD. HE IS A BILLIONAIRE, GOD GAVE HIM THAT MONEY BECAUSE HE IS DOING THE RIGHT THING AND I SUPPORT HIM ENTIRELY. That attitude prevailed throughout the community – there is no doubt whatsoever who is behind ALL OF THIS and even low-level people within that community know a HELL OF A LOT MORE than ANYONE would ever guess.

True, Japan is totally controlled by the CIA; but when that itself was a Rothschild creation from the start, it is not really America controlling Japan. It all traces back to the same root of evil.
Despite the allegations that the Pentagon triggered the Japan tsunami (which I do not doubt) there is a reason why the puppet Obama is firing generals left and right – and it is because the zioclan has America totally under their control (most likely via nuclear blackmail) and therefore whatever the Pentagon does is done as if ordered directly through the Knesset. One way or another it is STILL ISRAEL; the fact that America has become a zombie puppet pretty much shifts all blame to the puppet master which is itself a puppet to the Rothschild elite or whoever is above even them.

The ironic thing is that the US believes they are the puppet masters when in fact they are a puppet too. The oligarchic bankers are behind it all. Scum like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds may be their face, but they aren’t the whole picture by a long shot. We will never see the real puppet masters and they have no interest in public exposure.

An introduction to my experience with the Jewish Community

This page has been altered from the original, which had the information about the court cases. This page now has information about attempts on my life with regard to the Jewish community. These attempts on my life have happened for more than one reason, with the most recent being the Fukushima report.

Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist, 1/24/12

During a period of time spanning from late 2005 to early 2008, I attended Jewish services in Montreal, Canada and then in Vancouver, Canada, with the stated intention of converting (it was, in part, an investigation to see if all the stories of evil were true). At first they were a little stand-offish, but when I arrived in Vancouver they hired a rabbi (Schachar Orenstein) to teach me. He was a very good man. The synagogues were close together, and the one I attended was very small (Shaarey Tefila) and often had a difficult time of forming a minyan (the minimum required to make proceedings formal); so I would run across the street to a larger synagogue (Beth Hamidrash) to call people to ours so enough people would be present.

Well, the High Holidays came, and for the first time I got to go through ALL OF IT. It was then that I discovered that there was a special prayer book that came out, a book which NO OUTSIDER is allowed to see. It costs hundreds to attend the High Holiday services, and it is a ticketed event with security guards. In this special prayer book, there was a prayer called the Kol Nidre prayer. This prayer is FILTHY. It’s like an oath to Satan himself, where you basically say to God that you intend to lie and not honor contracts during this year, that you should be forgiven for lying and not honoring contracts in the last year, because you never agreed to be honest in front of God and therefore cannot be punished! None of the online versions say it as clearly and succinctly as it is in that book. There is no mistake that you fully intend to lie and cheat, and expect to get away with it.

Well, I am a man of honesty and honor, and even though joining the Jews would have no doubt been key to launching my music career and my photography career, I was so disgusted by this prayer that I began to have doubts about wanting to be Jewish.

Well, my doubts were CONFIRMED. After a small spat with someone at Shaarey Tefila a few weeks after the holidays, I went across the street and attended services at Beth Hamidrash for a day. As preparation for what will come next, I need to mention how various rabbis spoke about a Jewish victory over mankind, that was soon on the horizon but not guaranteed because the Internet was messing things up. I never got more detail than that. And I must say that before every service, they make good and sure they know if there are guests present – non-Jewish people – and if there are any unconfirmed people attending services, they change the nature of the service. They don’t care how many get messed up (they allowed me to mess up two consecutive years of services).

WELL, when I went over to Beth Hamidrash (they all REALLY liked me over there), a special speaker arrived from out of town (as is the norm) and the call went out “Do we have any visitors?” and one man said NO. Another said, well, what about HIM? – pointing to me – and another said No, he is not a visitor, he is one of US. And another man said, Yes, he is one of us, and the speaker said are you SURE? and they all chimed in and said YES, HE IS ONE OF US. And then, I got to see a REAL Jewish service.

The speaker cautiously proceeded.

The Jews, in violation of 501(c)(3) status, use their religious services as political and war planning venues. He spoke about how they own the media, the medical, the education, the legal, EVERY aspect of Canadian society, and especially American society, European society, HE SAID IT ALL, that they intend to gain victory over us to enslave mankind, and that they needed to use their “EXTREMELY DISPROPORTIONATE INFLUENCE” over society to gain absolute victory. “You all have your jobs, your assignments, and you must use our EXTREMELY DISPROPORTIONATE INFLUENCE to make things go a Jewish way, and gain our ultimate victory over mankind.”

I kept a straight face despite being absolutely appalled; every bad thing I had ever heard about Jews was confirmed in a single speech, and I left the Jewish community. I was blown away by how accurate people like David Duke are with regard to the Jews.

They did not leave well enough alone. Simply having me get as far as I was with them and then leave was enough for them to put a hit out on me.

I attended an event with a girl I started dating, which she got invited to out of nowhere. She was not aware of anything like it, and did not know what to expect. We went. It was a little strange; it cost money to set up and was strange. Something was not right about it. They had great food there, though, and I was offered some wine. It was horrible and bitter. I was shocked. There was a woman from one of the synagogues there in the food preparation area. I thought nothing of it, though.

I was fine for about three days, and then started getting very strange muscle cramps. On day 5, they were severe; day 6, I could barely walk, and was going into spasms. On that day, I got a very strange e-mail. It is a series of quotes from various books, assembled to form a message. This, no doubt, was to hide the writing style of the sender. This took a LOT of work to assemble. I will break it down, following the message. I knew when I received this that I had been poisoned as punishment for leaving the Jewish community, and they did not expect me to survive it. They knew when the poison would be taking full effect. The message follows:

A sweet face. She forbade her wearing cotton caps, just the trite, wellknown fact that a murderer so near the border, the assistance of this monk the position of the south was in this respect melted butter, thus flay’d pigs commonly. 6. No one told Mrs. Samuel Bertram of the change of plan, each buried in its bosom. These may have taken their of electronic works that could be freely shared you did, mon ami. Since then, you have changed of zoology. Unhappily you have crushed this fine such service. And now begone. If there be half stern fortitude which enabled him to hide the that we ought to do something about it try to a word for the act of complaining about something he entered one of those ginpalaces, which, like.

THAT is what a death threat message looks like, Now let’s dissect it:

“A sweet face. She forbade her wearing cotton caps, just the trite” – This is in reference to the fact that the girl I started dating was a Shia Muslim, who did not wear hijab, and that they had no respect for the relationship.

“wellknown fact that a murder so near the border, the assistance of this monk” – This could be a reference to the fact that they considered me murdered, and I was close to the border of America, and possibly the rabbi who taught me had something to do with it.

“the position of the south was in this respect melted butter, thus flay’d pigs commonly” – This is obviously a reference to America, which I left behind, that was a land of melted butter which flayed pigs (arabs) often.

“6.” – This is telling. 6 happens to be the most sacred number in Judaism, especially 666. Believe it or not, it is true, and it ties into the 6 points of the star of david, which when made out of two overlaid triangles has six points, six lines, and six triangles within it.

“No one told Mrs. Samuel Bertram of the change of plan, each buried in its bosom” – I never told ANYONE in the Jewish community I was leaving, and never gave an explanation as to why.

“These may have taken of their electronic works that could be freely shared you did, mon ami” – This is a reference to the fact that I built a beautiful web site for the Rabbi, as a gift.

“Since then you have changed of zoology” – This means that after I left the Jewish community, I changed and became an animal.

“Unhappily you have crushed this fine such service” – This is in reference to the fact that the Rabbi abandoned the web site, and refused to use it.

“And now begone. If there be half stern fortitude which enabled him to hide the that we ought to do something about it try to a word for the act of complaining about something” – I was very physically fit, and able to withstand very tough situations, which the Jews were aware of. They gave me nothing to complain about, this is true, they were VERY GOOD TO ME. Begone is obvious – I am dead.

“He entered one of those ginpalaces, which, like” – This is a reference to Islam, where gin “jinn” palace literally means a house of demons, from an Islamic perspective. So they said I left them and entered a house of demons, and liked it (because of the Shia girlfriend).

I wondered for a second if it was just a stupid e-mail, but realized it fit my situation exactly. There was not a line in that e-mail that did not apply to me, and it followed the sequence of events perfectly. Add that to the fact that I was doubling over with cramps and it was obvious: I had been poisoned.

I got very lucky with finding a cure. It was as if God handed it to me.

I went to Google, and entered my symptoms, and the word “poisoning” (delayed, cramps, delirium, poisoning) and the first link was to a web site that listed my symptoms and timeline perfectly. It was a slow-acting alkaloidal poisoning that would be fatal due to extreme cramping to death – a hideous death, if not cured. I then typed alkaloidal poisoning antidote into Google, and it went to another web site, which had antidotes to various poisonings. (A few days later I tried this, and did not ever find those sites again.) I am not sure exactly what I typed.

The antidote site said that pickling salt, and vinegar, in conjunction with ammonia fumes, would cure it. SO, I ate a large jar of pickles, and the cramps let off a little, and then took a bowl full of ammonia window cleaner, put it in a box on the floor, draped a towel over the opening of the box, put my head in and went to sleep. When I woke up I was PERFECT, with no sign of poisoning at all (other than the ickiness from the ammonia). I thought back on where the poisoning could have happened, and the only place was that event I went to, with the bitter wine. It all fit.

SO, I was back to normal. And I made a mistake. When you have a hit out on you, NEVER get into a routine schedule out in public. I did. I got into the routine of taking the same SkyTrain stops at the same time every day. About a week and a half into this, I noticed a young man who attended one of the Orthodox synagogues coming up the steps as I went down, and right as I went past him he pulled out a black canister and sprayed it in my face. Whatever it was had no odor or taste – it was like a clear gas. He timed it perfect, and I was breathing in at exactly the wrong time and sucked in the full blast. Again I noticed nothing immediately, but made it a point to remember that incident.

A week went by, and I had all but forgotten the event. But I started getting copious amounts of clear phlegm coming up all the time out of my lungs, and my nose started running uncontrollably. There was no fever, no muscle cramps, no sign of flu or infection, just gobs and gobs of phlegm, a good blast every 20 feet of walking, and I had to keep a large sputum cup by the bed. On the worst three nights, I lay on the floor gasping for breath, trying to overcome the phlegm, and was not sure I would survive those nights. But I started to come out of it a little. It lingered on and on, with copious phleghm for over a year, and about a month into it I lost my hearing. My hearing was GONE, attenuated by well over 100 dB. I could not use a phone, I could not hear even a nearby car horn. People had to scream into my face, and by combining what little sound I could hear with their lip movements, I could make out what they were saying.

But there was something even stranger about this: after it faded off a little, I noticed that whenever I had periods of deep analytical thinking, the phlegm came far worse, or bursts of emotion would make it come a lot worse. I was in this phase when I met my wife, who is a Doctor of Pharmacology. She diagnosed the symptoms as a neurological poisoning, and said I was not likely to ever get over it fully. Fortunately, two years after the initial spraying, I was over it.

Things settled down for a while, and THEN I did the Fukushima report. While doing this report, I was stalked constantly; had the bios to two cell modems re-written by hackers, destroying them; had my hard drive woodpeckered; and after my publishing the report, someone would go out into a field directly adjacent to my house and shoot a shotgun seven times exactly at midnight for a month straight. If that’s not a death threat, what is?

Most recently, my wife (Sarah Stone) and I were proceeding on I-15 southbound in Salt Lake City after spending a day there, and a mile before the 4500 South off-ramp, a red cabbed semi with an unmarked trailer snuck up on us with his lights turned off, hooked up with the last four inches of the side of the rear of the car, on the bumper, and put the car into a spin. I noticed the rear of the car drifting sideways; there was no sound of impact because it was such a gentle nudge, and I looked and saw him back there in the dark. I knew I had to get ahead of him, so I floored it. The spin was well established, and the ONLY way for the car to go if I hit the brakes would be to get eaten by the semi. The headlights then came on, and I kept it floored, hoping the car would not roll.

Keeping it floored was the thing to do. It got me out in front of him far enough to avoid being mowed under, and with the tires screaming and burning rubber forward, I managed to pull the skid into the HOV lane and out of the path of the semi. I was then perfectly backwards on the freeway, with a forward burnout going (had I let off the gas it would have stalled the engine and probably blown the transmission), as the semi went past me. Keeping it floored kept perfect floatation going, and the car proceeded in its spin in the HOV lane. Right when I was coming out of the full 360 I let off the gas, never hit the brake, and ended up going perfectly forward two lanes over from where I was to begin with. The semi floored it up to about 90, and still having about 60 mph of momentum I took off after it. I then thought, well, he could be dangerous, and there is probably minimal damage to the car. So I backed off, pulled off at 4500 South and inspected the car. The only damage was a small indentation in the side of the rear bumper where the semi hooked up.

Ever heard of all the famous controversial people getting killed in car/semi accidents? Most people hit the brakes when something goes wrong, and that is the WRONG THING TO DO when a semi nudges your rear wheels out. You will get sucked under and crushed if you hit the brakes at that critical moment, yet that is the most likely thing for people to do. My wife published the article Tainted Nightmare – and they would have gotten two for the price of one. And this method, the gentle nudge, leaves such a small mark on the vehicle, it would go totally unnoticed in the carnage. It would simply look like you lost control and got eaten by a semi. There obviously is no way to prove this event was intentional – but in light of everything else…?

I have no doubt at all that my present legal situation, where I face imprisonment for up to 15 years over NOTHING, is directly related to the Jewish community, which is PISSED about me leaving them and doubly pissed about the Fukushima report and the article Nuclear Blackmail. NO DOUBT AT ALL. And since they tried to kill me twice already and failed, and possibly a third time, this new method of getting me lost in the vast American prison system is no doubt the new modus operandi.
And there is more, much more. All the times I have been followed, staked out, sabotaged, intercepted, blown off the web, the list is ENDLESS. I need protection. I have GOT TO find a new place with a new identity. It’s the only way I will survive.
The evil of compartmentalization.
So, they checked your background, and you got that job at an intelligence agency. No doubt you are smart, and with that fancy compartmentalized clearance you have, you can truly claim to be the BIG SHOT. But perhaps there is something you failed to consider . . . 
There is something that I am sure most people do not realize when they talk about the NSA, CIA, FBI, etc.. And that is that these agencies are staffed by highly moralistic and very good people (unless they are Mossad). A tyrannical government will always seek out the best in a society – the most intelligent, most honest, hardest working people – because it is these people who will report back 100 percent, do the job they are told to do without question, and never lie. The use of honest people to do the works of evil is accomplished by only letting them see one small part of the total mission, and the reason given to them is so that one individual cannot spill the whole can of beans. This restriction of information is called compartmentalization.
But there is a problem with compartmentalization, and it is that it can serve a dual purpose. Because one individual is never allowed to see the entire mission, the mission can be evil and no one will be the wiser. Let’s say that the corrupted elite on the top of the chain are after a whistleblower. There will be a mission born at the FBI or another agency, where they will be told they are pursuing a terrorist who plans to blow something up. They will never be told they are really after someone who caught a Rothschild molesting a four year old; they will be told it is a terrorist, and national security is severely threatened.
Good moralistic people will want to defend their country, so they will work hard to keep tabs on this terrorist. Down in the lower levels, there will be a few well-selected people who know the truth, no doubt paid very well to manipulate and steer the honest away from any discoveries; and if discoveries are made which are counter to the cover story, those who made those discoveries will be congratulated and assigned a new mission. You can’t have morals getting in the way of a composite work of evil. 
I had a little fun with this. When I did the Fukushima report, I was stalked and watched continuously. It was so bad that the neighbors noticed and asked me why there were always people watching my house. I had two cell modems destroyed by people who re-flashed their bios to meaningless gobbledygook. The agents also woodpeckered my hard drive, which I stopped in time. Right after posting the report, for a month straight, right at midnight someone would empty seven rounds from a shotgun in a field adjacent the house. If that’s not a death threat, what is?
Anyway, I got rid of them with a unique solution. These people were ignorant to why they were assigned to watch me, and I knew that. I am sure they fragged the cell modems and thrashed the hard drive of a “terrorist”. But I did away with that: I began printing out the Fukushima report, going up to them, and handing it to them while telling them that THIS is why they were really watching me, and to show it to their boss. I knew by doing so I breached about 30 compartments. I destroyed good agents, several, because I knew they had morals and would NOT agree to be used the way they were being used. To prevent losses, and I am sure the losses went up the chain of command a ways, they HAD TO call off the hounds. Smart thinking on my part, and a direct result of knowing exactly how the compartmentalized clearance system works.
If you ever get yourself in a situation like I was in at that time, where they are not shooting at you, or arresting you yet after you expose some major truth, print it up and hand it to your stalkers. You’d be surprised by how fast they vanish.
To the people at the intelligence agencies, CONSIDER THIS: You were told after 9/11 that there were terrorists all over this country. You were told that there were sleeper cells, bio labs brewing up diseases, explosives experts, and all sorts of evil al-Qaida rag-tags running around this country, just waiting to blow up a bridge, a day care center, a stadium, and we have not seen JACK other than patsies your own agencies set up.
Consider this the next time you are told to track a terrorist, or a threat to “national security”. Consider the fact that you are not allowed to see the entire mission from start to finish, and you may very well IN FACT be spelling doom for someone who is seeking to save YOUR child from vaccine damage, your wife from getting her brain blown out by psych meds, or your home from being washed away by a nuclear tsunami – no doubt blamed on Mother Nature. Consider whether or not a compartmentalized clearance should even exist, for truly, the worst of evils can be accomplished through the ignorance of good-hearted people totally oblivious to the reality of what their work really represents.

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