#2477: Major Clinton Cabinet Clocks – Serco Long Range 8(a) Death Pools – NWO Time for Murrah Kids, JonBenet and Princess Di

A Request by United States Marine Field McConnell 
Images Leading To A Proof by Contradiction Of Assertions Below 
Plum City Online – (AbelDanger.net) 
October 13, 2015

1. AD ASSERTS THAT MEMBERS OF CABINET IN THE JOHN MAJOR AND BILL CLINTON ADMINISTRATIONS FROM 1994 TO 1997 USED MASTER CLOCKS to “re-invent” world governments with a synchronized murder-for-hire service – any where, any time.

2. AD ASSERTS THAT NICHOLAS SOAMES (UK CABINET) AND PHILIP LADER (US CABINET) OUTSOURCED THE OPERATION OF LONG-RANGE DEATH POOLS TO SERCO – FORMERLY RCA GB 1929 – AND ORDERED ITS 8 (A) AGENTS to time stamp images of assassinations for a ‘virtual floating matrix’ of NWO guest bettors in elite hotels.


United States Marine Field McConnell (https://abeldanger.blogspot.com/2010/01/field-mcconnell-bio.html) is writing an e-book “Shaking Hands With the Devil’s Clocks” and invites readers to e-mail him images (examples below) for a proof by contradiction of the three assertions above.

George Bush Sr. New World Order Live Speech Sept 11 1991 
Bill Clinton agrees with Bush about the New World Order 

Dial-a-yield bomb damage. Check government day care casualties but none in offices of BATFE!

Nicholas Soames – Serco’s 8(a) agent placed in the John Major cabinet to coordinate the dial-a-yield Lewes bombs under the day-care center in the Murrah Building, the Lockheed Martin-mentored ‘small foreign faction’ members who strangled JonBenet Ramsey and the veterans who took Princess Diana into a “Boston Brakes” collision with the 13th column in the road tunnel under the Pont d’Alma bridge in Paris.

Serco’s NPL clock during 1994 leap second – courtesy Hewlett Packard – Check NWO candidate Carly Fiorina!

Philip Lader – Serco’s 8(a) agent placed in the Bill Clinton cabinet to coordinate the dial-a-yield Lewes bombs under the day-care center in the Murrah Building, the Lockheed Martin-mentored ‘small foreign faction’ members who strangled JonBenet Ramsey and the veterans who took Princess Diana into a “Boston Brakes” collision with the 13th column in the road tunnel under the Pont d’Alma bridge in Paris.

The Riot Club spoofs Oxford University alumnus David Cameron – the man who tipped off George Soros that the British government planned to withdraw the pound sterling from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism on 16 September 1992 – as he and his friends were groomed to develop death pools at White’s Club to destroy “all governments, everywhere.”
Friday the 13th, 2015 · David Hawkins · [Serco protégée] Base One Technologies and Secretary of State

Run by Serco since 1988 after a name change from RCA GB 1929.

Run by Serco for White’s Club death pools since 1953

USPTO has been run by Serco for White’s Club and Clinton death-betting pools since 1994

White’s Club Lewes Bombs WWII

Randolph Churchill, a White’s Club assassin and former member of the SAS/Long Range Desert Group where certain reconnaissance images were supplied by Elliott Roosevelt!
The Mayfair Set episode 1- Who Pays Wins 

“A collection of live news broadcasts documenting the Oklahoma City bombing. 2.6 MB wmv
download “…here’s now what we are starting to learn about the succession, or what someone obviously hoped would be a succession of explosions. The first bomb that was in the federal building did go off … the second explosive was found and defused. The third explosive that was found and they are working on it right now … both the second and third explosives, if you can imagine this, were larger than the first. … It is just incredible to think that there was that much heavy artillery that was somehow moved into the downtown Oklahoma City federal building.” “…this is the work of a sophisticated group, this is a very sophisticated device, and it has to have been done by an explosives expert.”

“What small foreign faction [SBA 8(a) protégées]?

I am mainly concerned with the ransom note, and I try to analyse it item by item. At present I am trying to answer one simple question: what “small foreign faction” are we supposed to have brought to mind by this note? To what “foreign faction” is the note alluding? Is it a particular foreign faction or is it meant to be vague and generic?

One possibility is that we should think of a Muslim faction in the al-Qaeda style. But the murder was in 1996. If it had been post-911 then “small foreign faction” might definitely have been suggesting radical Muslims. Nevertheless, it was in September 1996 that Bin Laden declared a fatwa of hostility upon the USA. So Muslim extremists is a still a possibility in that context.

(I’m not suggesting here that any foreign faction was actually involved, by the way. I don’t think for a minute that Bin Laden and co might have killed JBR! I think the note is all misinformation, but what is it that we are supposed to think?)

All the same, there is nothing else in the note that points in this direction. No other hints. It doesn’t end with Allahu akbar! or other Muslim extremist slogans, for example.

On the contrary, I think that the signature “Victory SBTC” is most likely Christian in intent. Saved By The Cross. (And I think the opening “Listen carefully” may have a Biblical tone too.)

So what other “foreign factions” if not Arabs? Latinos? Mexicans? Nicuraguans? Canadians!? In a Cold War context one might think “Cubans,” but not in Boulder in 1996.

One possibility I have considered is: Koreans. And, in that case, the “foreign faction” may mean a faction within the church. Americanized Koreans are into exactly the same style of Christianity as the Ramseys, and indeed the Ramsey’s church had/has congregations in South Korea. And there are Christian Korean communities in Boulder and Denver etc. since the 1950s.

Two things point to this identification. The word “Korea” on the paintbrush used as a garotte. And the threat of beheading in the note.

Post Iraq war we associate beheading with al-Qaeda, but probably not so readily in 1996. Whereas beheading was an infamous traditional mode of execution among Koreans.

Additionally: South Korea does lots of computer business. If you look at the computer literature of that period you’ll find that the phrase “Skills Based Technological Change” is being used routinely to describe the computer revolution then booming in South Korean society.

A case can be made for the “foreign faction” being Arabs, but it seems unlikely to me.

Can anyone add any thoughts on this question. What “foreign faction” are we supposed to have in mind here?”

“EXCLUSIVE: Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ book foretold Princess Diana’s death in tunnel 
PRINCESS Diana was murdered using a method described in a 1991 book by adventurer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, it has been claimed. 
PUBLISHED: 00:00, Sun, Sep 22, 2013
The “Boston Brakes” technique, allegedly developed by the CIA, involves planting remote control devices in the victim’s car so the assassins can cause it to crash.
After the accident the controls are removed by stealth, leaving no trace.

Sir Ranulph, a former SAS member, details the method in his book The Feather Men, which he calls a mixture of “fact and fiction.”

He describes a real accident in 1986 involving Air Marshal Sir Peter Horsley, former equerry to Prince Philip.

As Sir Peter was driving down a dual carriageway to Plymouth, his BMW inexplicably swerved into the path of an oncoming car, killing the other driver.

Sir Peter survived and investigated the crash himself. He was convinced he was a victim of the “Boston Brakes” method and that his car was caused to swerve by killers following him in a Volvo.

Afterwards they removed the controls.

In his book, Sir Ranulph claims the attempt was carried out by a hit squad called The Clinic but invites his readers to decide what is real and what isn’t.

In terms of her being assassinated, it would be absurd
Sir Ranulph Fiennes
Then five years ago, he says, he got a call from a friend he won’t name, who had read his book and had also closely examined photographs taken shortly after the Paris crash in which Diana died.

Sir Ranulph said: “I was told the Boston Brakes system I had detailed in my book had been re-used in the underpass [the Alma tunnel].

“The man said, ‘I looked at the comparative situation and I noticed that the car [Diana’s] had been tampered with after the accident’.”

Asked for his view on the Paris crash, he said: “I haven’t got any views on her death but I would say lots of women in the UK are devoted to her.

“In terms of her being assassinated, it would be absurd.”

Its revealed in the banned documentary made by the well-known actor, Keith Allen, called Unlawful Killing, about the death of Princess Diana, that Nicolas Soames, the well known Member of Parliament for Mid Sussex and at the time the junior defence minister, phoned Princess Diana and issued her a death threat, by telling her to stop criticising the royal family or “Accidents can happen.”

“Under President Bill Clinton, Lader was confirmed three times by the U.S. Senate without dissent for U.S. Government appointments. He served as Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget until becoming White House Deputy Chief of Staff and Assistant to the President in December 1993, when The New York Times described him as “a longtime friend” of Clinton’s. He was a member of President Clinton’s Cabinet while serving as Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration from 1994 to 1997. During Clinton’s second term, he was United States Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s.

In 2001, Lader returned to the private sector in his WPP, Morgan Stanley and other current roles. He also served on the board of Lloyd’s of London [Party to double-occurrence insurance fraud in re demolition of Twin Towers] and was a director of Duck Creek Technologies, the insurance industry software developer, before its 2011 sale to Accenture. From 2001 to 2006, he also was the John West Professor of International Studies at The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina. 

Lader is an Honorary Fellow of London Business School and Oxford University’s Pembroke College, an Honorary Bencher of the Middle Temple (British Inns of Court), and Yale Divinity School’s Board of Visitors. He formerly was a trustee of the British Museum and St. Paul’s Cathedral Foundation, a director of the American Red Cross, president of Business Executives for National Security, chairman of the Royal Academy of Arts American Trust, Harvard Law School’s Visiting Committee, Columbia University’s International Advisory Board, and a member of the founding Council of the Rothermere American Institute at Oxford University. In South Carolina, he is a trustee of Middleton Place Foundation (America’s oldest landscaped gardens) and Liberty Fellows and was chairman of the South Carolina Small & Minority Business Council, a trustee of South Carolina State Colleges, and a director of the South Carolina Jobs/Economic Development Authority, First Carolina Bank, and the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce.”

Clinton received help from George Soros to run shadow gov’t 
The real scandal surrounding Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton’s private email system may be that she was running, in concert with a private consulting firm tied closely to George Soros, an outsourced and parallel State Department answerable only to her and not President Obama, the Congress, or the American people.

The media has tried to separate two dubious operations of Mrs. Clinton while she was at the State Department. The first is the private email server located in her Chappaqua, New York residence. The second is the fact that her government-paid State Department personal assistant, Huma Abedin, wife of disgraced New York “sexting” congressman Anthony Weiner, was simultaneously on the payroll of Teneo, a corporate intelligence firm that also hired former President Bill Clinton and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair as advisers. Abedin has been linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, which has recently buried the hatchet with longtime rival Saudi Arabia and common cause against the Assad government in Syria, the Houthi rebels in Yemen, and Iran.

It is clear that Mrs. Clinton used her private email system to seek advice on major foreign policy issues, from her friend and paid Clinton Foundation adviser Sidney Blumenthal providing private intelligence on Libya’s post-Qaddafi government and possible business ventures to Clinton friend Lanny Davis seeking favors from Mrs. Clinton. It should be noted that Davis was a paid lobbyist for the military junta of Honduras that overthrew democratically-elected President Manuel Zelaya in 2009. It also should be noted that Mrs. Clinton voiced her personal dislike for the late Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, when, after he was assassinated by U.S.-armed jihadist rebels, boasted, “We came, we saw, he died!”

It was highly unusual for Abedin to receive a U.S. government paycheck while also receiving a consultant’s salary from Teneo. Teneo was founded in 2011 by Doug Band, a former counselor to Bill Clinton. Teneo, which is as much a private intelligence firm as it is an investment company and “governance” consultancy, has its headquarters in New York and branches in Washington DC, Brussels, São Paulo, London, Dublin, Dubai, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Melbourne. With the exception of its investment arm, Teneo closely resembles the former CIA-connected firm where Barack Obama worked after he graduated from Columbia, Business International Corporation (BIC). Teneo’s marketing claims match those made by BIC during its heyday: Teneo works “exclusively with the CEOs and senior leaders of many of the world’s largest and most complex companies and organizations.”

Teneo has staked a position in the international news media with its recent purchase of the London-based firm Blue Rubicon, formed in part by the former home news editor for Channel 4 News in the United Kingdom. Teneo also recently acquired London’s Stockwell Group, which provides consultancy services to the National Bank of Greece and Pireaus Bank. It appears that Mrs. Clinton’s friends are cashing in on the global banking austerity being levied against Greece.

The head of Teneo Intelligence is Jim Shinn, a former assistant secretary for Asia for the Defense Department. What is troubling is that Teneo has been offering statements to the media designed to heighten tensions between NATO and Turkey on one side and Russia on the other over Russia’s military attacks on the Islamic State in Syria. Shinn’s intelligence chief in Teneo’s London office, Wolfgango Piccoli, who has worked for the Soros-linked Eurasia Group consultancy, told CNN that Russia’s “reinforcement of the Assad regime and the consolidation of separate areas of control is more likely to prolong the conflict by forcing a stalemate.” The Teneo statement came in a CNN report that suggests members of the Bashar al Assad government in Syria and Russian President Vladimir Putin and his government could be charged by international or “national” tribunals for war crimes in a manner similar to those convened on members of the Yugoslavian and Serbian governments.

The entire International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague and in Africa has fallen under the control of George Soros and his operatives. Soros has made no secret of his support for overthrowing Assad and Putin and he has resorted to a “weapon of mass migration” of Syrian, Iraqi, and other refugees into Europe in order to destabilize the entire continent and endanger its Christian culture and social democratic traditions. Mrs. Clinton and Soros extensively used Mrs. Clinton’s private email system to exchange, among other things, information on the political situation in Albania, a country where Soros’s operatives are plentiful and powerful. Soros is a major donor to the Clinton Foundation and Mrs. Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Soros also pressed Mrs. Clinton for State Department support for his American University of Central Asia, which, as seen with Soros’s Central European University in Budapest and its graduate ranks of pro-U.S. leaders throughout central and eastern Europe, is designed to manufacture a new generation of pro-U.S. leaders in the Central Asian states of the former Soviet Union.

The “wiping” of Mrs. Clinton’s email systems’ hard drives appear to be part of a classic case of an intelligence operation destroying data after being exposed.

The Clinton outsourcing of U.S. foreign policy not only involves Teneo but also the Clinton Foundation, for which Mrs. Clinton solicited donations from foreign sources while she served as Secretary of State. Moreover, in a classic example of racketeering, Bill Clinton was paid by Teneo as an adviser while his Clinton Foundation hired Teneo as as a consultant. The Clinton Foundation is directed by Bill and Hillary Clinton, along with their daughter Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky. Mrs. Clinton’s private email use also extended to Clinton Foundation chief financial officer Andrew Kessel and longtime Bill Clinton friend Bruce Lindsey.

One of the emails sent via Mrs. Clinton’s private system was from her State Department counsel Cheryl Mills to Amitabh Desai, the head of foreign policy for the Clinton Foundation. Mills wanted Desai to arrange a meeting between Rwandan dictator Paul Kagame with the Democratic Republic of Congo strongman Joseph Kabila during Kagame’s visit to Kinshasa in 2012. This effort was conducted outside the State Department with the sole exception that Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Johnnie Carson, a close friend of Mrs. Clinton, was involved in the email exchange with Mills and Desai.
Other private email use involved Hollywood magnate Haim Saban, Loews heir Andrew Tisch, and Lynn de Rothschild, all of whom were peddling Israel’s interests to Hillary and Bill Clinton in return for sizable donations to the Clinton Foundation and Mrs. Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Under the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership, the Clinton Foundation received generous financial support totaling some $31 million from Frank Giustra, a Canadian uranium mining magnate. Giustra relied on the Clintons to use their influence to open up lucrative uranium exploitation opportunities in places like Kazakhstan and Africa.

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has been stonewalled in his attempt to obtain more information about Teneo’s relationship with Mrs. Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and Bill Clinton.

Wayne Madsen is an investigative journalist who consistently exposes cover-ups from deep within the government. Want to be the first to learn the latest scandal? Go to WayneMadsenReport.com subscribe today!”

Founder Of New Bitcoin Assassination Market Wants It To Destroy ‘All Governments, Everywhere’

Jillian D’Onfro 
Nov. 18, 2013, 4:44 PM 
Feel like buying some murder with your Bitcoin [Backed by White’s Club death-pool-betting alumnus, David Cameron]?
Well, that’s the idea behind Assassination Market, a Bitcoin-fueled crowd-funding website that will let users anonymously donate to see the heads of political leaders roll. Basically, Assassination Market is like a deranged Kickstarter or IndieGoGo for political murder.

Forbes reporter Andy Greenber talked to Kuwabatake Sanjuro, crypto-anarchist and founder of Assassination Market (not his real name, naturally), who believes that the site will change the world for the better by destroying “all governments, everywhere.”

Sanjuro’s idea is that once a few politicians get killed, the “war on privacy” that they are apparently waging will end.
So far, there are six leaders up for assassination on the site, including chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke and Barack Obama. Bernanke’s got the most money in his “dead pool” right now, with a listing of 124.14 Bitcoin, or about $71,000 at current exchange rates.

To collect the money after a kill, a would-be assassin must prove that they are responsible for the death by predicting the date of killing ahead of time and embedding it in a donation of one bitcoin or more. Sanjuro will collect 1% of the payout for himself as a commission fee.

Although Bitcoin is meant to be untraceable, the FBI seized the popular drug market Silk Road earlier this year along with its Bitcoin stash.

Forbes contacted the FBI and Secret Service for the piece, but both declined to comment.”

“Formal instruction of air traffic controllers only started circa 1950s to 1960s, in the form of ad-hoc temporary classes conducted by senior controllers. Previously, training was carried out on-the-job and appointment was based on competency. After 1960s a few controllers were sent abroad. In response to the growing need to train controllers locally, a Civil Aviation Training Centre was established at the Paya Lebar Airport in Singapore.

The cession of Singapore from Malaysia resulted in the reorganizing of the administration of civil aviation. Mr. A. Parker, a Colombo Plan expert from Australia with two other consultants; S. Hill (ATC) and Mathisen (Fire Services) assisted in the setting up of a training centre under the Australian Aid Programme. On 21st September 1969, the Civil Aviation Training Centre (CATC) was established with two branches, namely ‘the School of Air Traffic Services’ and ‘the School of Aerodrome Fire and Rescue Services.’ The CATC was temporarily located adjacent to the main terminal building at Subang in buildings that were originally constructed as a quarantine station.

The first batch of ATC trainees passed out of the CATC on 25th April 1970. The first RADAR simulator was installed in 1974. By the late 70’s, the CATC was getting congested and plans were afoot to expand the terminal building, thus affecting the CATC, especially the AFRS training. The government approved a 2-phase development plan for the CATC. Phase 1 consisted of 4 wooden blocks, built on a hillock across the road from the terminal building at Subang. Phase two would involve the construction of permanent structures and the wooden blocks were then to be converted into hostels for trainees. The first phase of the plan was implemented and the new college was officially opened on 1st January 1981 and renamed ‘Civil Aviation College’ (CAC). The college was down-sized in October 1992, when airport operations were privatized. The AFRS School moved to Penang to join the Security Training Centre, and became a part of the airport operator, Malaysia Airports Berhad’s training centre.

In 1996, in preparation for the opening of the new KLIA airport at Sepang, and the concurrent reorganization of the Kuala Lumpur FIR airspace structure, a massive training schedule was required to train many new controllers as well as retrain all existing controllers. As the college was not in a position to handle such numbers, the training was contracted out to IAL-Serco and Airspace Management Services (a joint venture between a local company and Ambidji of Australia).”

“1. What information is collected (e.g., nature and source)? 
Serco Services Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Serco Inc. and formerly known as SI International, Inc. (Serco) Pre-Grant Publication Classification Services (PGPCS) system processes information collected by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) under Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Collection Number 0651-0031, Initial Patent Applications. Bibliographic data (Inventory name, Inventor address, Citizenship, Correspondence address, Employer name and address, Telephone number[s], and E-mail address) are collected from the applicant or applicant’s legal representative and attached to the electronic patent application files sent to Serco for pre-grant publication classification. Once publication by USPTO has occurred, this data is publicly available. No individually identifiable payment-related information or other PII related to the Privacy Act (such as Social Security number) is transmitted to Serco or processed by PGPCS.”

[Freescale patented and embedded clock devices] QorIQ Qonverge BSC9131 Device Features 
• Power Architecture e500 core at up to 1 GHz 
• StarCore SC3850 DSP at up to 1 GHz 
• MAPLE-B2F baseband accelerator platform 
• DMA engine Security acceleration engine handling IPsec, Kasumi, Snow-3G DDR3/3L, 32-bit wide, 800 MHz, with ECC IEEE 1588 v2, NTP and interface to GPS sync support 2G/3G/4G sniffing support Secured boot support Interfaces: 2x Ethernet 1G RGMII, 3x JESD207/ADI RF transceiver interfaces, USB 2.0, NAND/NOR flash controller, UART, eSDHC, USIM, I2 C, eSPI”

“Since then, the ‘White’s Club S**t’ has entered club slang to mean the worst sort of nasty, selfish, pompous show-off [and death-pool gamblers per Randolph Churchill].

Still, in its 300-year history, the club has played host to some illustrious members and a glittering array of politicians.
Among its old members are the Duke of Wellington, the Regency dandy Beau Brummell, George IV, William IV, Edward VII and Winston Churchill’s son, Randolph. Prince Charles is a member and held his Bollinger champagne-fuelled stag night at the club before his wedding to Lady Diana Spencer.

Prince William is said to be a member.

The club has also attracted its fair share of rogues.

White’s was implicated in the great ‘Cambridge Spies’ scandal. Some have claimed that the recruitment and subsequent movements of Guy Burgess, Donald Duart Maclean, Kim Philby and Anthony Blunt were orchestrated from the club’s bar.

Meanwhile, in his novels Evelyn Waugh used the club as the model for ‘Bellamy’s,’ the home of ‘grandee and card sharper, duellist and statesman.’

Certainly, gambling has always been part of the fabric of White’s. In William Hogarth’s 1733 series of cautionary paintings – The Rake’s Progress – the rake is driven mad by losing his fortune at the gaming tables of White’s.”

“Defence Serco supports the armed forces of a number of countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, United States and Australia, working across land, sea, air, nuclear and space environments. Our mission is to deliver affordable defence capability and support to the armed forces. We work in partnership with our customers in government and the private sector to address the cost of defence, both financial and social, delivering affordable change and assured operational support services.

Click here to view a summary of Serco’s defence solutions

In the UK and Europe:

Serco manages the UK Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) as part of a consortium with Lockheed Martin and Jacobs. AWE is one of the most advanced research, design and production facilities in the world, developing the sophisticated materials, quantum physics and computer modelling vital to the safe and effective maintenance of the UK’s nuclear deterrent. AWE experts also play a leading role in nuclear non-proliferation and international nuclear security.

We enable the Royal Navy to move in and out of port at HM Naval Bases Faslane, Portsmouth and Devonport for operational deployment and training exercises. Managing a fleet of over 100 vessels, we operate tugs and pilot boats, provide stores, liquid and munitions transportation and provide passenger transfer services to and from ships for officers and crew.

We provide facilities and information systems support to the MoD’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), the UK government’s leading defence research establishment, including a £400m programme to rationalise the Dstl estate. We also provide facilities management services to the Defence Estates in support of the UK military presence in Gibraltar.

Serco provides extensive engineering and maintenance support to UK military aviation, including to the Fleet Air Arm and Royal Air Force, working on over 16 military aircraft types, in addition to the logistical support services at RAF bases across the country, including Brize Norton, Lyneham and High Wycombe, the Headquarters of Air Command.

Our space and security specialists provide spacecraft operation and in-theatre support to the Skynet 5 secure military satellite communications network; we maintain the UK’s anti-ballistic missile warning system at RAF Fylingdales and support the UK Air Surveillance and Control System (ASACS); Serco also supports the intelligence mission of the MoD and US Department of Defence at RAF Menwith Hill.

Serco enables the training of national security personnel through its services at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, the MoD’s world class institute responsible for educating the military leaders of tomorrow; we train all of the RAF’s helicopter pilots at the advanced training facility at RAF Benson; and we manage the Cabinet Office’s Emergency Planning College, the government’s training centre for crisis management and emergency planning.

In the UK, we also developed an approach that combines the introduction of windfarm friendly radar technology at RRH Trimingham, Staxton Wold and Brizlee Wood that has enabled >5GW windfarm development projects, which are equally important to the Department of Energy and Climate Change to meet its commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the Ministry of Defence”

“8(a) Business Development Program[edit]

The 8(a) Business Development Program assists in the development of small businesses owned and operated by individuals who are socially and economically disadvantaged, such as women and minorities. The following ethnic groups are classified as eligible: Black Americans; Hispanic Americans; Native Americans (American Indians, Eskimos, Aleuts, or Native Hawaiians); Asian Pacific Americans (persons with origins from Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Japan, China (including Hong Kong), Taiwan, Laos, Cambodia (Kampuchea), Vietnam, Korea, The Philippines, U.S. Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands (Republic of Palau), Republic of the Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, Samoa, Macao, Fiji, Tonga, Kiribati, Tuvalu, or Nauru); Subcontinent Asian Americans (persons with origins from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, the Maldives Islands or Nepal). In 2011, the SBA, along with the FBI and the IRS, uncovered a massive scheme to defraud this program. Civilian employees of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, working in concert with an employee of Alaska Native Corporation Eyak Technology LLC allegedly submitted fraudulent bills to the program, totaling over 20 million dollars, and kept the money for their own use.[26] It also alleged that the group planned to steer a further 780 million dollars towards their favored contractor.[27]”

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation

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  • The children of the wealthy or connected are targeted by the satanists above/below them. They have distinct types they go after. The parents of these kids are frequently killed or severely compromised if they know too much. His greatest source of revenue, and/or corporate power is who did it. There is also strong evidence against a local insane "pastor" who may have become involved with the mother to gain access to the child, as was the case with the McCann's. Exact same type. There are others, exactly like them. Diana confronted family re the barber. So they killed her. Grace Kelly, the same. They film these monstrosities, these filth soaked demons and use it to blackmail their other compromised filthy stooges. The end of them all will be achieved when one of these films is released by AI. Feed all of this evidence into predictive algorithms and it will tell you exactly who did it, and why. There is no human reasoning with the evil psychopath. They are beyond human intervention. "At the very top of their Government sits a nest of depraved paedophiles that control every aspect of their society" russian intelligence 1959. also "If not for the compromised paedo sadists ***** and ***** and ********* the Wars in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan would never have been possible" This IS how they get away with ripping nations blind and all manner of criminality. They are the criminal empire. Great work, as always…. The human race will not survive these psychopathic animals for another 50 years.

  • Some additional facts I found during research:

    —-Diana's driver was French Intelligence
    —-Diana was monitored by every intelligence agency on the planet in the 30 days prior to her death, including the US
    —–Diana confronted senior royal regarding abuse of very young people, killed in car assassination in August 1997, by a drugged intelligence agent driver. The French waited hours to render medical aid, basically allowing her to bleed to death.
    —–Former head of senior UK intelligence agency was confronted for extreme crimes against children by CIA's Colby who was assassinated in his canoe in april 1996. I believe both these people were assassinated to cover for the same cabal of child killers.
    —–75% of MP's PM's and HOL are level three and above
    ——-Louis Freeh, tasked with ending, or clearing the investigation into Penn State, was nearly killed in a car accident and has not been seen in public since, probably a year ago

    Dead "finders" investigators
    Dead "franklin" investigators
    Dead UK investigators
    Dead Penn State investigators
    Dead saville investigators
    Dead doutroux investigators


    There is evidence of four separate male dna profiles in evidence, but none of them match the Ramsey family members. There was speculation that the brother did it. As he was only 8 or 9 years old at the time of her murder, I doubt an 8 year old had the upper body strength to have struck the child so hard it cracked her skull from stem to stern. She was stun gunned. I think the parents were drugged at their Christmas Party, which is why the Mom still had the same clothes on the next morning when they discovered the child. This would explain why they did not hear anything. The parents and the brother were drugged. Who did it? Did they ever run the dna through all employee databases. Yes. You know, corporate and government dna databases? Yeah. This was a man who used the mother to get to the child or a "business associate/benefactor" of John Ramsey's. I think these kids are killed as a part of a blackmail ring. McCann's from Britain their child was targeted while they were on holiday in Portugal. Look to Jerry McCann's business associates or a man who targeted her mother with friendship to gain access to the child. No trace of the child was ever found. 2M children disappear across the EU, every year. Many of them end up as child brides and child brothel workers. The same thing is happening to kids from South America being trafficked over our borders, every day.

    Franklin was used to blackmail congress into passing unconstitutional laws and laws codifying usury.
    How many paedos does it take to pull a nine 11? Wow that many?
    From the level of folk killed over this proves, prima facie; that the cesspool is the tip top of the pyramid of rot….