24 Members of Parliament in the UK are accused pedophiles – zero arrests

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  • Immune? Moral health disease? The law applies to everyone. How could one claim to be protecting the public at large ( governments only purpose) then claim they are "immune" or vaccinated against crimes against the public at large themselves? Courts should be signing orders for arrest and the police carrying out the arrests. What are the laws for the pleasure of the government workers or the benefit and need of the people? Perhaps when they are arrested a mirror should be strapped to their face so they get the idea.

  • More people should be pressuring the courts to sign arrest orders; the courts won't do it own their own (I think you know that). It's like the bloke in the video says. Government can have a useful purpose beyond "protection": they can coordinate large-scale utilities (water and electricity distribution; road planning and construction; distribution of new money as a citizen dividend to boost purchasing power and productivity, instead of loan favoritism). But again, people need to demand co-ownership and take responsibility, because governments these days don't serve the people properly, they largely serve bankers and industrialists (plutocrats). We are all paying a price for our abdication of responsibility, I feel. We can do better.

  • Very brave and the outfit is even smarter looks just like a goon , the terrible thing about this disgusting horror is even the intel services are involved . He is 100% correct you cannot have different laws for different people and then bang on about equality . They are taking the world to a new level in lies and decption with Russia , lets not forget whie they state every country's borders should be respected at the same time they are interferring in every country via the UN with the green fraud and chapter 4 of their charter which states they can invade any country without that country's permission . The Russians have a nasty past and most of what is going on today is cultural Marxism =they are behind destroying the west .

  • 'The Russians'? You mean the communist Jews from places like Brooklyn and London who had the Romanovs killed and installed their International agents to rule with terror? Your geopolitics need a brush-up, methinks — Russophobia is so 1950s. Satanic Judaists, not 'Russians', are destroying the West.