#2327: Marine Links Lubitz Airbus Honeypot To Serco Black-Hand Patents, Crown Clinton Base-One Script

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net): United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the honeypot which framed Andreas Lubitz as an Airbus hijacker to Serco Black-Hand* patent pools and the British Crown’s and Clintons’ scripts developed by Base One Technologies which purport to explain how Germanwings Flight 9525 crashed into the French Alps.

pur·port verb pərˈpôrt/ 1. appear or claim to be or do something, especially falsely; profess. “she is not the person she purports to be” synonyms: claim to be, profess to be, pretend to be; appear to be, seem to be; be ostensibly, pose as, impersonate, masquerade as, pass for “this work purports to be authoritative”

Germanwings Pilot Andreas Lubitz Spiked Captain’s Coffee With Diuretic Drug To Make Him Leave Cockpit, Go To Bathroom: Report By c.silva@ibtimes.com on April 08 2015 12:18 PM EDT Before he took control of a plane full of passengers and crashed it into the French Alps last month, Germanwings pilot Andreas Lubitz might have spiked his captain’s coffee with a diuretic drug to make him leave the cockpit and go to the bathroom, the Mirror reported Wednesday. Lubitz, 27, researched diuretic drugs, which increase the need to urinate, online before he reportedly locked flight captain Patrick Sondenheimer out of the cockpit and crashed the plane on March 24, killing all 150 people on board. Prosecutors have been scouring Lubitz’s online records for clues as to why he took the plane down. He also researched “cockpit doors” and “suicide” days before crashing the plane, German prosecutors revealed last week. ‘ Lubitz reportedly used the username “Skydevil” to log on to his computer. He had recently completed Internet searches on “bipolarity,” “manic depression,” “migraines,” “impaired vision” and “acoustic trauma.””

Trimmable horizontal stabilizer US 7963485 B2 ABSTRACT A trimmable horizontal stabilizer is provided adjacent to the fuselage of an aircraft and has a predetermined aerodynamic profile. A movable elevator is arranged adjacent to the horizontal stabilizer. The horizontal stabilizer has a load-bearing structure which extends in the span direction and is firmly connected to the fuselage of the aircraft, and movable areas which are connected to the load-bearing structure such that they can move and can be moved independently of the elevator in order to trim the horizontal stabilizer by varying the aerodynamic profile. Original assignee Airbus Operations Gmbh

McConnell notes that, at the onset of WWII, Serco (formerly RCA GB 1929) provided Eisenhower’s communications staff with patented radio devices used to communicate with actors involved in “The Man Who Never Was” honeypot where the Crown deceived the Axis powers into thinking Operation Husky, the Allied invasion of Sicily, would take place elsewhere.

McConnell alleges Serco mentored a Clinton script on Base One honeypots for the Amalgam Virgo war game of June 2001 where the Black-Hand supplied men who never were with Crown patented devices including Boeing uninterruptible autopilots, for the precision strikes of 9/11.

McConnell notes Serco (the world’s largest air traffic controller) processed a 2 millionth patent application for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in March 2013 giving the Crown Black Hand access keys to patented devices including uninterruptible autopilots needed to cause, or to prevent, the Airbus crashes of AF Flight 447, QZ Flight 8501 and Germanwings 9525.

Black-Hand* – Serco navigators’ using the British Crown’s “Patent Rights to Track, Film and Kill” from the City of London’s Honourable Artillery Company 1537; The Master Mariners and The Air Pilots (formerly GAPAN) 1929, and The Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts 1638 – whose alumni include U.S. Presidents James Monroe, Chester Alan Arthur, Calvin Coolidge and John F. Kennedy and – perhaps – Barack ‘Down Low’ Obama.

McConnell (30 year airline and 22 year military pilot with 23,000 hours of safety) is offering his services as an expert witness to the families of Andreas Lubitz and fellow victims of the crash of Flight 9525 who may claim damages in a suit for identity frauds and wrongful deaths against Serco and its Black-Hand shareholders including Allianz, HSBC and Her Majesty’s Government.

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Prequel 2: Episode #78 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘The Friendly Skies’, host Patrick Henningsen with guest Field McConnell

The Man Who Never Was 1956 Trailer 

“Bill Clinton met the Queen on more than one occasion, including a service in 1994 [year the State Department launched Base One Technologies as a builder of honeypots to catch the Clintons’ enemies both domestic and foreign] marking the 50th anniversary of the D Day landings in Normandy and tea at Buckingham Palace in 2000 Bill Clinton, accompanied by his wife Hillary and daughter Chelsea, talks to the Queen at Buckingham Palace on 14 December 2000” 

Authorities: Plane distress call ’emergency, emergency’

Serco… Would you like to know more? 

SWISSLEAKS – “HSBC developed dangerous clients: 
arms merchants, drug dealers, terrorism financers” 

Copy of SERCO GROUP PLC: List of Subsidiaries AND Shareholders! (Mobile Playback Version) [Note that HSBC is Serco’s banker and, with Allianz and Her Majesty’s Government, one of Serco’s major shareholders ] 

Killer pilot Andreas Lubitz ACCELERATED
INTO Alps mountain, data from doomed plane’s second black box recorder reveals
2015 | UPDATED: 12:19 GMT, 3 April 2015  

Killer pilot
Andreas Lubitz accelerated the doomed Germanwings jet into the mountain,
data from the second black box recorder revealed today. French air accident
investigators said the 27-year-old used the automatic pilot to put the plane
into a descent and repeatedly adjusted the controls to speed up the aircraft.”

“The Man Who Never Was is a 1956 Second
World War
 war film, based on the book of the same name by (Lt.
Cmdr.) Ewen Montagu
 and dramatising actual events.
The film was
directed byRonald Neame and starred Clifton
Gloria Grahame and Robert
. It is about Operation Mincemeat, a 1943 British
Intelligence plan to deceive the Axis powers into
thinking OperationHusky, the Allied invasion of Sicily, would take
place elsewhere. It was entered into the 1956 Cannes Film Festival.[1] Nigel
Balchin’s screenplay won the BAFTA for that year. …  Lieutenant Commander Ewen
 (Clifton Webb) in the British Navy during World War II,
becomes involved in a scheme to fool the Nazis. It entails locating a corpse,
establishing an identity for it as an intelligence officer called Martin, and
having the body float in the water just off the coast of Spain, with military
identification and letters in its pockets that describe a forthcoming invasion
of Greece by the British.[2] After
the operation is carried out and the body is recovered by German intelligence
officials, a Nazi spy (Stephen Boyd) is dispatched to London under orders to
discover whether the information found on the corpse is genuine.”

“Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower (pronounced /ˈzənhaʊər/eye-zən-how-ər; born David
Dwight Eisenhower; October 14, 1890 – March 28, 1969) was the 34th President of the United States from
1953 until 1961.
He was a five-star general in the United States Army during World War
 and served as Supreme Commander of
the Allied Forces in Europe; he had
responsibility for planning and supervising the invasion of North Africa in Operation
 in 1942–43 and the successful invasion of France and Germany in 1944–45 from
the Western Front. In 1951, he became the
first supreme commander of NATO.[2] He
was the last U.S. President to have been born in the 19th century.”

“David Sarnoff (Belarusian: February 27, 1891 – December
12, 1971) was an American businessman and pioneer of American 
radio and television. Throughout most of his career he led
Corporation of America
in various capacities from shortly after its founding in 1919 until his
retirement in 1970.

He ruled over an
telecommunications and consumer
 empire that
included both RCA and NBC, and became one of the largest companies in the
world. Named a Reserve 
Brigadier General of the Signal Corps in 1945,
Sarnoff thereafter was widely known as “The General”.
[1] ….

Initially, the Great Depression caused RCA to cut costs, but Zworykin’s project was protected.
After nine years of Zworykin’s hard work, Sarnoff’s determination, and legal
battles with Farnsworth (in which Farnsworth was proved in the right), they had
a commercial system ready to launch. Finally, in April 1939, regularly
scheduled, electronic television in America was initiated by RCA under the name
of their broadcasting division at the time, The National Broadcasting Company
(NBC). The first television broadcast aired was the dedication of the RCA pavilion
at the 1939 New York World’s Fairgrounds and was introduced by Sarnoff himself.
Later that month on April 30, opening day ceremonies at The World’s Fair were
telecast in the medium’s first major production, featuring a speech by
President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the first US President to appear on
television. These telecasts were seen only in New York City and the immediate
vicinity, since NBC television had only one station at the time, W2XBS Channel
1, now WNBC Channel 4. The broadcast was seen by an estimated 1,000 viewers
from the roughly 200 televisions sets which existed in the New York City area
at the time.

The standard approved
by the 
National Television System Committee (the NTSC) in 1941 differed
from RCA’s standard, but RCA quickly became the market leader of manufactured
sets and NBC became the first television network in the United States,
connecting their New York City station to stations in Philadelphia and
Schenectady for occasional programs in the early 1940s.

Meanwhile, a system
developed by 
EMI based on Russian research and Zworykin’s work was adopted
Britain and the BBC had a regular
television service
 from 1936
onwards. However, 
World War II put a halt to a dynamic growth of the
early television development stages.

World War II[edit]

At the onset of WWII,
Sarnoff served on
Eisenhower’s communications staff, arranging
expanded radio circuits for NBC to transmit news from the 
invasion of France in June 1944. In France, Sarnoff arranged for the restoration of the Radio France station in Paris that the Germans destroyed and oversaw
the construction of a radio transmitter powerful enough to reach all of the
allied forces in Europe, called 
Radio Free Europe. Thanks to his communications skills and
support he received the
Brigadier General‘s star in December 1945, and thereafter was
known as “General Sarnoff.”
[8] The star, which he proudly and frequently wore, was buried with

Sarnoff’s anticipated
that post-war America would need an international radio voice explaining its
policies and positions. In 1943, he tried to influence Secretary of State
Cordell Hull to include radio broadcasting in post-war planning. In 1947, he
lobbied Secretary of State George Marshall to expand the roles of 
Radio Free Europe and Voice of America. His concerns and proposed solutions were eventually seen as

[Base One Technologies, Ltd. is a DOMESTIC
BUSINESS CORPORATION, located in New York, NY and was formed on Feb 15,
1994.This file was obtained from the Secretary of State and has a
file number of 1795583]
Expertly researches, designs, and develops information
security policies that protect your data and manage your firm’s information
technology risk at levels acceptable to your business. Performs architectural
assessments and conducts both internal and external penetration testing. The
results of these efforts culminate in an extensive risk analysis and
vulnerabilities report. Develops and implements multi-layer Information
Security Solutions, practices and procedures. We deploy Intrusion Detection
Systems (IDS) and IP Security with VPN solutions using Cisco routers, Frame
Relay, firewalls, address and port translation, obscurity standards and
authentication technologies (AAA, 3DES, TACACS, etcŠ), to enhance and meet the
level of Data Security required for global organizations. Conducts IT Security
and Risk Assessment in Federal government as well as security testing,
implementing security for multiple platforms and operating systems around the
world. Ability to conduct business process analysis to provide technical
security countermeasures, risk management and data communications security
planning for large organizations. Provides computer security integration for
web server and traditional client-server based applications. We secure
environments up to as many layers as required by our clients’ policies, industry
practices, and regulating bodies – including the desktop and user experience as
required. Develops, implements and supports Information Security Counter
measures such as honey-pots and evidence logging and incident
documentation processes and solutions.”

“AirAsia Flight QZ8501: Mysterious Chinese Man Predicted [Black Hand] Disappearance
Two Weeks Ago
Gopi Chandra Kharel December 29, 2014 13:18 IST In an eerie
blog post about two weeks ago, a mysterious Chinese man had warned that
an AirAsia plane was going to disappear or meet a tragic
end. And about a fortnight later, AirAisa flight QZ8501 disappeared from the
air traffic control radar system on the morning of 27 December. The 
post has gone viral on social media and discussion forums such as Reddit, with people reacting in astonishment
on how the person could have predicted it. The man behind the post apparently
explains that the same people who brought down MH370 were going to attack
another Malaysian airlines flight or an AirAsiaplane. The post alleges
that an organisation called “The International Black Hand” is behind
the disappearance of the airplanes. Black Hand is the term that is understood
to be a metaphor for the shadowy organisation that does its work behind the
scenes.. “Black Hand hijacked and shot down MH370 and MH17. This has pretty
much killed the 6th largest airline — Malaysian airline,” the post
read, according to a loose translation by a Reddit member…”

the early days of the Republic, Congress and the federal courts grappled with
the government’s rights to own or use patents it issued.
Courts rejected
the British “Crown Rights” rule that allowed the sovereign to practice whatever
patents it issued. Instead, the federal government was conceptualized as a
legal person on par with any other persons with regard to issued patents. But,
this simple rule presented challenges as complexities arose in three
intertwined patent rights scenarios. The first involved inventions by
government employees. The second revolved around government and government
contractor use of patents held by private citizens. And the third involved
inventions by federal contractors and their employees arising under federal

2005, avionics supplier, 
Honeywell, was
reported to be talking to both Boeing and 
Airbus about
fitting a device aimed at preventing a 9/11-style hijack.
On 16 April 2003, Honeywell filed
US7475851 B2, Method and apparatus for
preventing an unauthorized flight of an aircraft
Airbus and BAE Systems, had been working on the project with
Honeywell. Development sped up after the September 11, 2001 attacks.”

“SOURCE: Base One Technologies September 02, 2008 09:00 ET Base One
Technologies, Inc. Continues Operations in Government Space NEW ROCHELLE,
NY–(Marketwire – September 2, 2008) – Base One Technologies, Inc. is pleased
to announce that it has sold its affiliate, Base One Technologies Ltd., to
Apptis Inc. Base One Technologies, Inc. will continue to compete in the
government space as an 8(a), HubZone and Woman Owned Small Disadvantage
Company. Base One Technologies, Inc. is an IT Engineering and Technical
Services company founded in 1994. Base One has a Top Secret Facilities
Clearance and specializes in: Enterprise Architecture, Network Infrastructure
Support, Data Security, Software & Database Services, Disaster Recovery
& Contingency Planning, and Independent Validation & Verification. Base
One is a privately-held organization with headquarters in New Rochelle, NY. For
more information visit: 
www.base-one.com. Contact Information: Liza R. Zaneri Base One Technologies 914
633-0200 x205 “

“Serco’s Office of Partner Relations (OPR) helps facilitate our aggressive small business utilization and growth
 Through the OPR, Serco mentors four local small businesses
under formal Mentor Protégé Agreements: Three sponsored by DHS (Base One
, TSymmetry, Inc., and HeiTech Services, Inc.,) and the
fourth sponsored by GSA (DKW Communications, Inc.). Serco and HeiTech Services
were awarded the 2007 DHS Mentor Protégé Team Award for exceeding our mentoring

“Yarl’s Wood migrant ‘can sue government over prescribed drug’ 1 April
A migrant who claims her psychosis was triggered by medication given
to her at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre is to be allowed to sue the
government. The 36-year-old from
Nigeria, known as GB, was given an anti-malarial drug while detained for
outstaying her visa. ..  ‘Heard
voices’ The Bedfordshire facility
houses up to 400 women under threat of deportation. The woman, who came to the UK in 2010 and detained in June 2012, said she was prescribed the drug by a local GP contracted by
Serco to provide medical cover
A few weeks later she complained of hearing voices
[cf. Aaron Alexis with
Serco Common Access Card in Navy Yard]  and the centre’s mental health team concluded
she was sectionable and lacked capacity.
She was given an anti-psychotic drug and specialist care before being
released with residence and reporting requirements.”

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year
airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well
blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation

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