#2316: Marine Links Clinton’s Base-One FBI Wiper Key To Serco Black-Hand Patents, Benghazi BAE

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net): United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Hillary Clinton’s allegedly ongoing use of Base One Technologies’ honeypots and FBI Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) wiper keys to the Black Hand* navigators who apparently used Serco patent pools and BAE patented devices to control the Benghazi battlefield on 9/11/2012.

Hannity Benghazi Drone Caller 

McConnell notes that the FBI request for information from Libyans around the world on the individuals on the grounds of the U.S. Special Mission when it was attacked, does not mention the later mortar attack on the nearby CIA Annex where two former Navy SEALs, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, were murdered in view of a Black Hand Predator drone and where Serco’s drug-hub banker HSBC and battlefield-device patentee BAE allegedly stored weapons, drugs and cash.

Black Hand* – Navigators for Serco’s HSBC clients with “Patent Rights to Track, Film and Kill” from the City of London’s Honourable Artillery Company 1537; The Master Mariners and Air Pilots (formerly GAPAN) 1929, and The Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts 1638 – whose alumni include U.S. Presidents James Monroe, Chester Alan Arthur, Calvin Coolidge and John F. Kennedy and – perhaps – Barack ‘Choom Gang’ Obama.

McConnell believes that Base One provided Clinton with a State Department honeypot to stage the Benghazi attack and used the FBI’s Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to share the real-time information needed by the conspirators for a successful (?) outcome and to subsequently wipe Clinton’s server of any evidence which would otherwise identify the conspirators and their M.O.

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Hannity Benghazi Drone Caller 

Serco… Would you like to know more?

SWISSLEAKS – “HSBC developed dangerous clients:
 arms merchants, drug dealers, terrorism financers”
Clinton: My Email Server [allegedly slaved to 
the Base One war room] Will Remain “Private”
Copy of SERCO GROUP PLC: List of Subsidiaries AND Shareholders! (Mobile Playback Version) [Note that HSBC is Serco’s banker and, with Allianz and Her Majesty’s Government, one of Serco’s major shareholders] 

December 11, 2013
Benghazigate: Where are the Drone Videos?

By Bill Schanefelt and Gary Crowder
One of the most startling revelations of late was that Congress has not seen the videos made by the Predator/Reaper remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) that were flying during that event we now call Benghazigate.

This detail is one of many arising from the recent classified hearings held by the House Intelligence Committee in which five eye-witnesses to the event gave testimony for the first time (A discussion of the apparent impetus for these hearings may be found here.)

Early reports on the event do not reference overhead aircraft (Including the first “official” briefing and the first [pdf] “official” testimony.)

Sharyl Attkisson appears to have been the first journalist to (Caution-autoplay) report (20 Oct.) on those videos and aircraft a month after the event:

…an unmanned Predator drone was…over…Benghazi, and…[it] and other…aircraft apparently observed the final hours of the [event].

A few days later the CIA fed reliable Administration lapdog, David Ignatius, a timeline (A copy of which does not appear to exist on the interwebs) in which Ignatius reports:

11:11 p.m.: An unarmed…drone arrives….[It] had been diverted from a mission over Darnah (sic), about 90 minutes away. But without weapons, it can’t help much.

The, apparent, first “official” reference to drones appears in State’s ARB report (18 Dec,) on p.25 of the report:

…a remotely piloted…aircraft…arrived over the [Compound] shortly before [Woods’] team departed. A second…relieved the first, and monitored the eventual evacuation of personnel from the Annex…on…September 12.

The Senate Report offers just the same information about the diverted aircraft.

The first call for release of the video came on 2 November 2012 by Nick Mottern at Truthout.

…a remotely piloted…aircraft…arrived over the [Compound] shortly before [Woods’] team departed. A second…relieved the first, and monitored the eventual evacuation of personnel from the Annex…on…September 12.
The Senate Report offers just the same information about the diverted aircraft.

The first call for release of the video came on 2 November 2012 by Nick Mottern at Truthout.

The aircraft referenced in the reports were a part of an incredibly complex and remarkable system. Developed in combat over more than 15 years, this system of flyers, intelligence personnel, and operators team up in constantly-changing, global ways to support specific missions, frontline troops, and agents on the ground.

Most importantly, everything that is done is documented and preserved, and the data from almost every mission is recorded and logged. The video, audio, and mission details still exist RPAs almost always fly in direct support of a unit on the ground and in close coordination with a specified command center. All of these missions, both CIA and Air Force, are routed through common operations and intelligence hubs that are globally dispersed.

The MQ-1B Predator system supporting the Libya operation would have consisted of a Launch and Recovery Element (In this case, Crete, where we believe the Predator was based) for forward based take-offs/landings and maintenance, a Ground Control Station for the mission crew at AFRICOM HQ or at CIA HQ or elsewhere, a defined set of supporting intelligence resources, and a global, satellite-and-ground-based fiber-optic communications architecture.

RPA allocations are hotly debated and ultimately decided by the Joint Staff. All told, the entire team in this operation would easily amount to dozens of Air Force/Agency personnel.

The RPA system with its supporting intelligence architecture is not perfect, but it is pretty damn good.

The Predators in question might have been supplied by a National Guard unit, and certainly would have been flown by CIA personnel.

Last May, a caller who claimed to be a member of a Predator RPA crew that flew over Benghazi on the night of the event detailed his actions during the event to Sean Hannity on his radio program here (Annoying Blaze pop-up for text version) and here (YouTube [Autoplay]) version, and here (Radio [Autoplay]) version (Starting at 16:30.)

The caller described in detail the drone’s arriving on scene above the Compound after the initial assault and then its subsequent moving to the Annex. He also then described the relieving of the drone his crew was operating by a drone being operated by another crew.

His extensive knowledge of RPA operations leaves no question as to his veracity, and he implies that he was active in the military at the time and supporting an “Agency.”

The key point of the revelation is that not just that audio and video tapes of those events exist; that audio and video record was available to multiple command centers, commanders, and decision makers in Crete, Europe, the US, and, indeed, around the world in real time during the events at the Annex.

We disagree with a reporter who said (Annoying pop-up ad): “Depending on where they were coming from, it could have taken hours more before they could start sending officials images of what was going on.”

That is simply not the way the RPA architecture works. Any US command center worldwide that routinely receives any RPA feed could have been provided, in a manner of minutes, access to the live Benghazi feeds, and that certainly would include the White House Situation Room.

Readers may easily recall that all of us were so very graciously provided with photos of Mr. Obama watching a live RPA feed from overhead the Pakistani Compound during the Bin Laden takedown — they were watching that takedown over the identical network being used over Benghazi.

Why, then, do you and we ask (rhetorically, surely,) can we not see similar photos of Mr. Obama and all of his National Security Band watching the RPA video on the night of Benghazi?

Devin Nunes (R-CA) asks about those videos here at 0:50 (Caution-autoplay) saying “just provide the videos.”

In pursuing this matter, among the questions that must be asked the next times that hearings are held are:

What mission was it that the Predators were supporting on the ground in Libya? Predators and Reapers are very valuable intelligence and attack assets and are highly coveted by combatant commanders. To have two operating in Libya almost a year after the major hostilities had ceased means that something was going on. What was it?

Many news reports confirm that the drones were flying over rebel camps near or in Derna at the very easternmost point in Libya.

There may or may not have been Special Forces on the ground near the observed areas, but we are not sure that this information needs to escape from the classified hearings.

What was the actual time the first drone went off its original station? What was the time (Ignatius says 11:11) after the initial assault when it arrived on station over Benghazi?

(The Hannity caller said he saw perhaps “hundreds” of people in the compound on arrival — that would be the mob after Woods and team departed, and his report does not comport with all other reports.)

What was the intelligence support that was provided to initiate the original mission? Who was the provider of the support?
Who gave the order to launch the Predator on the original launch? Who ordered the diversion? When was the diversionary order given?
These last questions bring closer attention to the role of then AFRICOM commander, Gen. Carter Ham, because much confusion exists about what he knew about the assault and when it was that he first learned about the assault and the drone operations.

The Hannity caller indicated that he knew in advance of his mission that there was an ongoing attack in Benghazi. We doubt that the launchers knew before launching that something “might be going down or is going down.” The timelines of events and of flight times do not support that contention.

Where, exactly, were the Predators based?

This basing location of the Predators is incidental, but important.

Given the normal flight speeds of Predators (100-120 knots), we suggest that the only logical basing location to support Benghazi operation would be Crete, probably based at Chania in western Crete ~2-3 hours flight time away (During the Libya war the US flew Predators out of western Crete.)

That is the only logical field in the area. That location partially explains why they were unarmed (it is a civil field,) and the other explanation being the complexity of Greek politics. Malta or Italy/Sicily would be almost twice as far away, greatly reducing the on-station time for the missions.

The answers to these questions would go a long way in providing the American people a better understanding of the events on the night of September 11-12, 2012 in Benghazi.

However, the core question remains: Where are the videos?

These videos and audio chats have never been publicly released, and, to our knowledge, they have never been provided to Congress.
Any claim of classification is patently absurd. They could be declassified by a competent authority in less than an hour by deleting audio and masking data on the screen.

A good place for the House Intelligence Committee to start asking these, and other, questions would be the Hannity caller and the Commanding Officer of whatever unit it was that owned the drones for which he was a sensor operator.

There are too many people who saw the events in Libya as they unfolded on that night and next morning for those events to be forever covered up: It is all on tape.

Many of these young airmen will talk about that tape, apolitically, if given the chance.

We sincerely hope that the Committee will give them this chance.

Bill is retired, his profile as Steamboatman, Field Director, Skipper, and Hotelier may be found on LinkedIn, and he may be argued with at bilschan@hotmail.com. Gary is a retired USAF Colonel currently residing in Austin, Texas, and he may be reached at crowderg@hotmail.com.”

USA POLITICS Did Hillary Clinton destroy evidence in ‘wiping clean’ her email server? 
Friday was the deadline for Hillary Clinton to respond to a congressional subpoena for emails and documents related to the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya. She provided nothing since her email server had been wiped clean.
By Brad Knickerbocker, Staff writer
MARCH 28, 2015″
“The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation appreciates that the Libyan people and the government of Libya have condemned the September 11, 2012 attacks on U.S. Special Mission personnel and facilities in Benghazi, Libya The FBI is now asking Libyans and people around the world for additional information related to the attacks, which resulted in the deaths of four Americans, including the U.S. ambassador to Libya. We are seeking information about individuals who were on the grounds of the U.S. Special Mission when it was attacked. [Doesn’t mention the CIA Annex where Serco Black Hand navigators and BAE allegedly stored drugs, cash and weapons] These individuals may be able to provide information to help in the investigation. We need your help to solve this crime. If you have any information, text or e-mail BenghaziTips@ic.fbi.gov or submit information confidentially at https://forms.fbi.gov/benghazi-en.”

The FBI Announced Successful Deployment of its Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) .. Washington, D.C. August 03, 2005 — The FBI announced that it has successfully completed deployment of its Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). The deployment of PKI is critical to the FBI’s Sentinel program, as PKI’s enhanced security features enable the FBI to move towards an automated, paperless case management system, which further enables information sharing with law enforcement partners and members of the Intelligence Community .. PKI was deployed to 33,000 desktop computers and has made advanced security features available to 28,000 FBI employees, task force members, and contract employees. This deployment was made possible through an effective partnership between FBI management and PKI contractor Northrop-Grumman Information Technology and its subcontractors PEC, Entrust, and BAE. Through this partnership, the PKI capability was delivered ahead of schedule and under budget. PKI provides individuals with a Digital Identity, eliminating the need for “wet” signature hard copies. This new capability allows for digital signature approval, which further supports the FBI’s goal of developing Sentinel, a fully automated information management system.”

The Patent Description & Claims data below is from USPTO Patent Application 20110023132, System and method for generating target area information of a battlefield using information acquired from multiple classification levels. East Northport NY US omitted US HANSEN Eric Babylon NY US omitted US GOLD Jack L. East Meadow NY US omitted US SEOBARRAT Surrendra Huntington Station NY US omitted US BAE SYSTEMS PO BOX 868 NASHUA NH 03061-0868 US BAE Systems Information and Electronic Systems Integration Inc. 02 Nashua NH US .. PRIORITY CLAIM This application claims priority to U.S. Provisional Application Ser. No. 61/271,454 filed Jul. 21, 2009 entitled “SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING TARGET AREA INFORMATION IN A BATTLEFIELD USING INFORMATION ACQUIRED FROM MULTIPLE CLASSIFICATION LEVELS”, attorney docket number 1433-19 PROV, the entirety of which is hereby incorporated by reference. The invention was made with United States Government support under Contract No. W15P7T-07-C-P427 awarded by The United States Department of the Army. The United States Government has certain rights in this invention.”

From the early days of the Republic, Congress and the federal courts grappled with the government’s rights to own or use patents it issued. Courts rejected the British “Crown Rights” rule that allowed the sovereign to practice whatever patents it issued. Instead, the federal government was conceptualized as a legal person on par with any other persons with regard to issued patents. But, this simple rule presented challenges as complexities arose in three intertwined patent rights scenarios. The first involved inventions by government employees. The second revolved around government and government contractor use of patents held by private citizens. And the third involved inventions by federal contractors and their employees arising under federal funding. While these three scenarios seem quite distinct today, nineteenth and early twentieth century courts often treated them as overlapping. The confusion was not resolved until the mid-twentieth century when a combination of executive branch and Congressional legislation set the roots of current government patent policy. This Article reviews the history in detail and illuminates current government patent policy debate occurring through such seemingly diverse cases as Stanford v. Roche and Zoltek Corp. v. United States.”

Serco Processes 2 Millionth Patent Application for U.S. Patent and Trademark Office 
March 19, 2013 RESTON, VIRGINIA – March 18, 2013 – Serco Inc., a leading provider of professional, technology, and management services to the federal government, announced today that their Pre-Grant Publication (PGPubs) Classification Services team recently processed their 2 millionth patent application for the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). Each application was also processed within the contractually required 28-day window.”

Base One Technologies

Expertly researches, designs, and develops information security policies that protect your data and manage your firm’s information technology risk at levels acceptable to your business.

Performs architectural assessments and conducts both internal and external penetration testing. The results of these efforts culminate in an extensive risk analysis and vulnerabilities report.

Develops and implements multi-layer Information Security Solutions, practices and procedures. We deploy Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and IP Security with VPN solutions using Cisco routers, Frame Relay, firewalls, address and port translation, obscurity standards and authentication technologies (AAA, 3DES, TACACS, etcŠ), to enhance and meet the level of Data Security required for global organizations.

Conducts IT Security and Risk Assessment in Federal government as well as security testing, implementing security for multiple platforms and operating systems around the world.

Ability to conduct business process analysis to provide technical security countermeasures, risk management and data communications security planning for large organizations.

Provides computer security integration for web server and traditional client-server based applications. We secure environments up to as many layers as required by our clients’ policies, industry practices, and regulating bodies – including the desktop and user experience as required.

Develops, implements and supports Information Security Counter measures such as honey-pots and evidence logging and incident documentation processes and solutions.” 

111 Eighth Avenue 
New York, NY 10011
Base One Technologies, Ltd. is a DOMESTIC BUSINESS CORPORATION, located in New York, NY and was formed on Feb 15, 1994. This file was obtained from the Secretary of State and has a file number of 1795583.

This business was created 7,695 days ago in the New York SOS Office and the registered agent is C T Corporation System that does business at 111 Eighth Avenue , New York in New York.

After conducting a search for principals and owners of Base One Technologies, Ltd., we were able to find 2 owners and/or executives. Their information is listed below.

This file was last updated on May 14, 2013. 
Liza R Zaneri 
Chief Executive Officer 
15 Irving Place
New Rochelle, NY 10801 
Liza R Zaneri 
Principal Executive Office 
15 Irving Place
New Rochelle, NY 10801 
Registered Agent
C T Corporation System 
NEW YORK, NY 10011 

“SOURCE: Base One Technologies 
September 02, 2008 09:00 ET

Base One Technologies, Inc. Continues Operations in Government Space

NEW ROCHELLE, NY–(Marketwire – September 2, 2008) – Base One Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has sold its affiliate, Base One Technologies Ltd., to Apptis Inc. Base One Technologies, Inc. will continue to compete in the government space as an 8(a), HubZone and Woman Owned Small Disadvantage Company. Base One Technologies, Inc. is an IT Engineering and Technical Services company founded in 1994. Base One has a Top Secret Facilities Clearance and specializes in: Enterprise Architecture, Network Infrastructure Support, Data Security, Software & Database Services, Disaster Recovery & Contingency Planning, and Independent Validation & Verification. Base One is a privately-held organization with headquarters in New Rochelle, NY. For more information visit: www.base-one.com.

About Base One Technologies

Base One Technologies, Inc. is an IT Engineering and Technical Services company certified as an 8(a), Woman Owned, SDB, HUBZone Business. Founded in 1994, Base One has a Top Secret Facilities Clearance and specializes in: Enterprise Architecture, Network Infrastructure Support, Data Security, Software & Database Services, Disaster Recovery & Contingency Planning, and Independent Validation & Verification. Please visit www.base-one.com for more information.

Contact Information:
Liza R. Zaneri
Base One Technologies
914 633-0200 x205

“Serco’s Office of Partner Relations (OPR) helps facilitate our aggressive small business utilization and growth strategies. Through the OPR, Serco mentors four local small businesses under formal Mentor Protégé Agreements: Three sponsored by DHS (Base One Technologies, TSymmetry, Inc., and HeiTech Services, Inc.,) and the fourth sponsored by GSA (DKW Communications, Inc.). Serco and HeiTech Services were awarded the 2007 DHS Mentor Protégé Team Award for exceeding our mentoring goals.” http://www.dtic.mil/whs/directives/corres/pdf/100515p.pdf

“Where in the world is Hillary Clinton’s server? POSTED AT 2:01 PM ON MARCH 20, 2015 BY NOAH ROTHMAN .. It was less than two weeks ago that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton assured the nation that her “homebrew” email server was safely secure in her home in Chappaqua, New York. She insisted that the hardware was fortified behind a locked door and had a Secret Service detail mentoring it night and day, as though the greatest security threat that system faced was via a physical attack by a team of cartoonish cat burglars…. Now, working with publicly available tools that map network connectivity, experts have established that the last “hop” before the mail server’s Internet Protocol, or IP, address (listed as is Internap’s aggregator in Manhattan (listed as [allegedly linked to the Serco/Base One war room in the Bronx]” 

“Opened in 1994 as the successor to the Transitional Immigrant Visa Processing Center in Rosslyn, Va., the NVC centralizes all immigrant visa preprocessing and appointment scheduling for overseas posts. The NVC collects paperwork and fees before forwarding a case, ready for adjudication, to the responsible post.

The center also handles immigrant and fiancé visa petitions, and while it does not adjudicate visa applications, it provides technical assistance and support to visa-adjudicating consular officials overseas.

Only two Foreign Service officers, the director and deputy director, work at the center, along with just five Civil Service employees. They work with almost 500 contract employees doing preprocessing of visas, making the center one of the largest employers in the Portsmouth area.

The contractor, Serco, Inc., has worked with the NVC since its inception and with the Department for almost 18 years.

The NVC houses more than 2.6 million immigrant visa files, receives almost two million pieces of mail per year and received more than half a million petitions from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) in 2011. Its file rooms’ high-density shelves are stacked floor-to-ceiling with files, each a collection of someone’s hopes and dreams and each requiring proper handling.

The NVC also preprocesses the chief of mission (COM) application required for the filing of a petition for a Special Immigrant Visa (SIV). Such visas, for foreign nationals who have performed services for the U.S. government in Iraq and Afghanistan, require COM concurrence before the applicant can file a petition with USCIS. The NVC collects the requisite documents from such applicants and, when complete, forwards the package to the U.S. embassies in Baghdad or Kabul for COM approval”

“Update on Serco’s Strategy Review including the Contract & Balance Sheet Reviews; capital structure and funding; latest trading and outlook 
Date : 10 November 2014 

… Strategy Review: Serco’s future to be as an international B2G business. A successful, innovative and market-leading provider of services to Governments. Core sectors: Justice & Immigration, Defence, Transport, Citizen Services and Healthcare.

In the Americas Division, our work for the US Affordable [Obama] Care Act (ACA) has begun an expanded first option year. Other awards in the period included: career transition services for US soldiers; health outreach services for the US Naval Reserve; deployable medical systems solutions also for the Navy; and two contracts for fleet maintenance services for commercial clients. In total, the ACA and all other awards in the period are valued at over $550m. Meanwhile, our contract supporting the Department of State’s National Visa Center and Kentucky Consular Center (NVC/KCC) came to an end during the period, as did some Acquisition and Program Management support work for US intelligence agency customers. C4I2TSR services for the US Air Force and Naval installation task order work under the Sea Enterprise frameworks are also reducing. …

For further information please contact Serco:

Stuart Ford, Head of Investor Relations T +44 (0) 1256 386 227
Marcus De Ville, Head of Media Relations T +44 (0) 1256 386 226
Jonathan Glass, Brunswick T +44 (0) 207 404 5959
Analyst and institutional investor meeting…….

Download PDF [PDF, 387 KB] (Please note: this link will open the page in a new browser window)”
Yours sincerely,
Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222
David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation

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