#2255: Marine Links MDA Drone-Over-Crime-Scene Debt To Serco Black-Hand Super Bowl Threat

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net): United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates’ (MDA) development of a drone-over-crime-scene service for debt collectors to the threat of attacks involving dead-fan life-insurance and/or spot-fixing frauds by Serco’s Black Hand extortionists at Super Bowl XLIX.

Black Hand* – Livery company captains or journeymen with “Privy Seal Licenses to Kill, Burn and Bribe” for the City of London’s Honourable Artillery Company 1537, The Master Mariners and Air Pilots (formerly GAPAN) 1929 and The Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts 1638 – whose alumni include U.S. Presidents James Monroe, Chester Alan Arthur, Calvin Coolidge and John F. Kennedy and – just perhaps – Barack Hussein Obama.

McConnell alleges that in 1962, the late pedophile Lord Privy Seal and commander of the Honourable Artillery Company, Lt. Col. Edward Heath, outsourced the U.K.’s four-minute warning system, the NPL cesium clock and Telstar timing to Serco’s Black Hand debt collectors who could then synchronize spot, shoot, snuff, spin and spoil operations in the United Kingdom and United States to within 1 μs of each other (previous efforts were only accurate to 2,000 μs).

McConnell claims that Serco CEO Rupert Soames and his brother, former U.K. Minister of Defense Nicholas Soames developed the MDA drone-over-debt recovery service with the late General Alexander Haig by enforcing no-fly zones in Iraq and having Saddam Hussein agree to pay $64 billion of UN Oil-For-Food revenues into Black Hand escrow accounts in New York.

McConnell claims that Serco – C4I navigator for U.S. Air Force Space Command – tested MDA drone-over-debt recovery services during the June 2001 Amalgam Virgo exercise where the Air Force stood down for 30 hours of “Blue Air” time while Black Hand captain Russell Williams, guided a droned aircraft along ad hoc waypoints in a simulated attack on the Capitol Building.

McConnell notes that Rupert Soames, former CEO of Aggreko, appears to have set up a Black Hand spot-fixing debt-collector fraud at Super Bowl XLVII (‘Blackout Bowl’) when a 34 minute power out hit the stadium while Aggreko continued to supply power to the TV spread betters.

McConnell notes Soames appears to be preparing a MDA drone-for-debt attack on the Super Bowl XLIX stadium in Glendale, Arizona, where rival (?) drones won’t be allowed within 30 miles of the stadium from an hour before game time until well after the game is over.

McConnell invites rebuttal of his allegation that MDA and its investors are offering a drone-over-crime-scene service to support Serco’s Black Hand debt collectors at Super Bowl XLIX.

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CNET Update – Super Bowl a no-drone zone, while ads swarm on social

No Drone Zone

Serco Fire Services 

Serco… Would you like to know more? 

No drones: FAA only wants pigskin in the air at Super Bowl 
By Doug Criss, CNN
Updated 5:03 PM ET, Sat January 31, 2015
Story highlights
FAA releases video reminding everyone that the Super Bowl is a “No Drone Zone”
On Super Bowl Sunday, the FAA will establish a virtual no-fly zone around the stadium
(CNN)Headed to the Super Bowl this weekend? Bring your money, foam finger and tickets — heck, even bring your face paint — but please leave your drone at home.

At least that’s what the Federal Aviation Administration wants.

The FAA released a 15-second video on YouTube Wednesday reminding everyone that the Super Bowl is a “No Drone Zone.”

The video features pictures of football fans tailgating and cheering in the stands, with a narrator imploring people “don’t spoil the game” by bringing drones. It ends with the hashtag #nodronezone.

On Super Bowl Sunday, the FAA will establish a virtual no-fly zone around the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, where Super Bowl XLIX will be played. Unmanned aircraft, such as drones, won’t be allowed within 30 miles of the stadium from an hour before game time until well after the game is over, according to an FAA statement.

Michael Steinbach, the FBI’s assistant director of counterterrorism said Super Bowl security is a huge task. “The Super Bowl, like any large public event — the FBI starts planning along with [Airbus Cassidian 9-1-1 public safety answering points] local law enforcement, authorities on the ground, and DHS months and months beforehand,” he said.

The uptick in the use of drones adds one more wrinkle to security planners’ jobs. But according to Steinbach, it’s the FBI’s job to focus on stopping the threat as opposed to trying to react to specific tools terrorists may use. “I’m concerned about drones, I’m concerned about guns, I’m concerned about bombs, cars — that’s just the tool. I’m more concerned about the actor, I’m more concerned about the threat.”

The FAA is waging an education campaign on drone safety after several incidents of drones getting too close to commercial aircraft. FAA Administrator Michael Huerta has said pilots have reported up to 25 cases per month of drones flying above the regulated limit of 400 feet, with some flying as high as 2,000 feet in the air.

Huerta said the FAA is working to educate people about the dangers of flying drones that high, because enforcement of rules on the small, unmanned aerial vehicles can be difficult.

Drones are sparking security concerns as well. Earlier this week, a government employee crashed his drone on the grounds of the White House. President Barack Obama and the first lady weren’t at home at the time. No one was injured, and the Secret Service is investigating.”

CNN’s Wesley Bruer contributed to this report.”

“Super Bowl XLVII earned many nicknames, including the “Bro Bowl”, “Harbaugh Bowl”,[19][20]”HarBowl”,[21] “Super Baugh”,[22] “Brother Bowl”,[23] and “Superbro”,[24] as this was the first Super Bowl featuring brothers as opposing head coaches: Baltimore’s John Harbaugh and San Francisco’s Jim Harbaugh, whose clubs previously met in a 2011 Thanksgiving Day game, which John Harbaugh’s Ravens won 16–6,[25] and the first time that brothers had met as rival coaches in the NFL. Due to a power outageaffecting half the stadium during the third quarter,[26] the game has also become known as the “Blackout Bowl”.[26]”” 
“MDA’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Services

MDA has a rich history of achievement in unmanned remote sensing in space, air, ground, and sub-surface environments.
MDA currently delivers fully-operational turnkey UAV services to ISAF forces in Afghanistan. Deployed and operational since January 2008, the services provide an “unblinking eye in the sky” protecting ISAF troops.

Our unique and flexible Persist-INT™ Airborne Surveillance Services provide by-the-hour unmanned airborne surveillance for operational missions, whenever and wherever required.

MDA’s world-class UAV services are also available for commercial applications and industries including Oil and Gas, Utilities, Search and Rescue, Forestry, and Global Climate Change.

Discover how MDA can support your mission, and join other satisfied customers and agencies from around the world in benefiting from MDA’s UAV Services.

For more information on MDA’s extensive capabilities, please see MDA.”

“Military pushes for killer drones 
LOD, Israel – The Canadian military wants to purchase unmanned aerial vehicles that can attack targets as the U.S. military does now in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan with its hunter/killer Predator drones, a move that has sparked interest from as far off as Israel. 
LOD, Israel – The Canadian military wants to purchase unmanned aerial vehicles that can attack targets as the U.S. military does now in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan with its hunter/killer Predator drones, a move that has sparked interest from as far off as Israel.

Project JUSTAS, which could cost as much as $750 million and would give the Canadian military a capability that only a handful of other countries possess, has caused a buzz at Israel Aerospace Industries and its Canadian partner, MacDonald Dettwiler of Richmond, B.C.

The Joint Unmanned Surveillance Target Acquisition System project was outlined in a letters of interest notice published by Public Works Canada this fall. The LOI sought feedback by early this month on “this forthcoming requirement … to provide intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, target acquisition and all-weather precision strike capabilities in support of Canadian Forces operations worldwide.”
Lt.-Col. Alex Tupper, director of air requirements for UAVs in Ottawa, said that the LOI was something like “a market survey … . Before we go before the government with this project we want a really good idea of what the industry can do about cost, schedules, risk and technical feasibility.”

While the offensive-capable drones would not be in service prior to Canada’s scheduled withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2011, IAI and MDA received a $100-million contract in August for an undisclosed number of Heron surveillance drones to provide intelligence to Canadian combat troops in Afghanistan. The aircraft weighs about 1,000 kilograms and can fly for about 40 hours at an altitude of 10,000 metres.
The contract followed publication of the report by former deputy prime minister John Manley which recommended that Canada withdraw its troops from Afghanistan if serious shortcomings in aerial reconnaissance were not urgently addressed.

“From micro UAVs to strategic and tactical UAVs, we don’t leave any niche open,” said Shmuel Falik, IAI’s marketing manager, before conducting a tour of a hangar at Ben Gurion Airport, where toylike UAVs weighing only a few kilograms were parked beside others that were bigger than a Cessna. “We are looking to take care of all Canada’s needs, international and domestic.”

If the Canadian government approves Project JUSTAS, IAI and MDA hope to sell Canada the much larger Heron TP, a 4,650-kilogram drone with the same wingspan as a Boeing 737 and powered by a Canadian-built Pratt & Whitney turbo prop engine. The Heron TP can carry a 1,000-kilogram payload and stay aloft for 36 hours at an altitude of about 15,000 metres. As well as possessing a lethal strike capability, the aircraft could be used in a pure surveillance role over battlefields and for long-range Arctic and maritime patrols.

The Israeli and Canadian partners hope that their current Heron contract will help them to get a foot in the door before Canada formally seeks bids for an even more capable multi-purpose drone next year.
“What this contract gives us is a lot of experience with UAVs, with the concept, the supply chain, the logistics, support,” said David Hargreaves, vice-president of integrated information solutions for MDA, which is providing technical support for the drones that are being leased. “It fits with other things that we do such as radars, satellites and reconnaissance.”

The main rivals for the JUSTAS contract are expected to be California-based General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, which makes the Predator, and another Israeli company, Elbit Systems.

However, Tupper said the air force expected other bidders, too, adding that “in our minds there is no front-runner whatsoever.” Falik of IAI, said: “At the tactical level you have a lot of competitors because the entry ticket is a lot lower than for the strategic level. When you get to the strategic level there aren’t many companies with viable solutions.”

Training on the Herons that Canada leased for Afghanistan was conducted with Israeli experts and MDA technicians at CFB Suffield, Alta., and has involved troops slated to deploy to Kandahar early next year. “From all reports that I have received from a wide variety of sources, we’re satisfied that the objectives have been met,” Tupper said of the Herons’ performance so far.

MDA is to send a team of Canadian technicians to Afghanistan to maintain the Herons. Missions will be pre-programmed by air force personnel who will then monitor the flights from computer consoles on the ground.
Missions can be changed by sending data to the UAV’s on-board computers if, for example, troops as far away as 200 kilometres from technicians on the ground have something that they want looked at.
© (c) CanWest MediaWorks Publications Inc.”

“The 2013 Super Bowl in New Orleans was interrupted with a 34-minute power outage, which was eventually determined to have been caused by an electrical relay device that ironically was installed to protect the Superdome equipment in the event of a cable failure between the switchgear and the stadium.

Aggreko says it kept its power running throughout the 2013 game in New Orleans despite the power disruption elsewhere in the stadium. Aggreko was responsible for the CBS media compound as well as the international broadcast and a large part of the halftime show, all of which operated with no reported outages.

In December 2013, Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG) said it is partnering with the NFL Environmental Program to provide green power for the 2014 Super Bowl. For every megawatt hour of electricity used to power the event, PSEG will purchase and retire one renewable energy credit (REC).”

“Working on a long-term [C4I2SR and drone] engagement for the Air Force Space Command (AFSPC), Serco needed a third-party solution for administration and security for their classified and non-classified SharePoint environments. With a command of 40,000 users and a SharePoint installation that included one farm with five frontend servers, Serco required a tool to help them support everything from the Help Desk to SharePoint developers and site collection administrators”
Yours sincerely,
Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222
David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation
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