#2252: Marine Links Serco Black-Hand Navigators To Obama No-Fly Drones, Benghazi Wrongful Death

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net): United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco’s Black-Hand* Navigators to Obama’s alleged use of Air Force drones to establish a no-fly zone in Benghazi on 9/11/2012 and allow the wrongful death of U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, at the hands of contract killers hired through the Blue Mountain security team by Hillary Clinton’s former aides at the Department of State.

Black Hand* – Livery company captains or journeymen with “Privy Seal Licenses to Kill, Burn and Bribe” for the City of London’s Honourable Artillery Company 1537, The Master Mariners and Air Pilots (formerly GAPAN) 1929 and The Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts 1638 – whose alumni include U.S. Presidents James Monroe, Chester Alan Arthur, Calvin Coolidge and John F. Kennedy and – just a hunch – Barack Hussein Obama.

McConnell alleges that in 1962, the late pedophile Lord Privy Seal and commander of the Honourable Artillery Company, Lt. Col. Edward Heath, outsourced the U.K.’s four-minute warning system, the NPL cesium clock and Telstar timing to Serco’s Black Hand journeymen who could then synchronize navigation, hit and burn operations in the United Kingdom and United States to within 1 μs of each other (previous efforts were only accurate to 2,000 μs).

McConnell claims that Serco CEO Rupert Soames and his brother former U.K. Minister of Defense Nicholas Soames developed Black Hand / Airbus no-fly drone maneuvers after France withdrew in 1998 from the air patrols with the United States and the United Kingdom intended to stop Iraqi aircraft from flying inside zones north of the 36th parallel and south of the 33rd.

McConnell claims that Serco – the C4I navigator for U.S. Air Force Space Command and the world’s largest air traffic controller – tested no-fly drone technologies during the Amalgam Virgo exercise of June 1-2, 2001 when the enemy – the United States Air Force! – was tricked into standing down for 30 hours of “Blue Air” time while Serco’s Black Hand Navigators guided a droned aircraft along ad hoc waypoints in a simulated attack on the Capitol Building.

McConnell claims that Obama authorized a US Air Force Predator drone – apparently operated by Serco/Airbus Black Hand Navigators out of RAF Oakhanger – to maintain a no-fly zone from above the consulate while Ambassador Stevens was being taken away to be unlawfully killed with images of his torture allegedly back-hauled to the White House via the Air Force drone.

McConnell invites rebuttal of his allegation that Obama authorized Serco’s Black-Hand Navigators to use Air Force drones to establish a no-fly zone in Benghazi on 9/11/2012 and is therefore responsible for the wrongful death of U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens.

Prequel 1: #2251: Marine Links Super-Bowl Threat To Serco Black-Hand Navigators, Airbus No-Fly Drones

Prequel 2: Marine Links Clinton to Blue Mountain’s Special Anal Service and Ambassador Bodyguard

As terrorists attacked the consulate in Benghazi, a US Predator drone allegedly operated by Serco/Airbus Navigators for RAF Oakhanger maintained a no-fly zone from above

Obama Linked to Benghazi Attacks
Impeach Obama for Criminal Complicity in Murder 
of U.S. Ambassador 
Gregory Hicks disagrees with Clinton on Libya 


Serco… Would you like to know more? 

US ‘too slow’ to act as drone’s cam captured Libya horror

October 21, 2012 |
The United States had
an unmanned Predator drone over its consulate in Benghazi during the attack
that slaughtered four Americans — which should have led to a quicker military
response, it was revealed yesterday.

“They stood, and they
watched, and our people died,” former CIA commander Gary Berntsen told CBS

The network reported that the drone and other reconnaissance aircraft observed the final hours of the hours-long siege on Sept. 11 — obtaining information that should have spurred swift action.

But as Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three colleagues were killed by terrorists armed with AK-47s and rocket-propelled grenade launchers, Defense Department officials were too slow to send in the troops, Berntsen said.

“They made zero adjustments in this. You find a way to make this happen,” he fumed.

“There isn’t a plan for every single engagement. Sometimes you have to be able to make adjustments.”

The Pentagon said it moved a team of special operators from Central Europe to Sigonella, Italy — about an hour flight from Libya — but gave no other details.

Fighter jets and Specter AC-130 gunships — which could have been used to help disperse the bloodthirsty mob — were also stationed at three nearby bases, sources told the network.

When the attack began, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Martin Dempsey and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta “looked at available options, and the ones we exercised had our military forces arrive in less than 24 hours, well ahead of timelines laid out in established policies,” a White House official told the network.

Even as the administration continues to vow that the perpetrators will be brought to justice, the man identified by witnesses as a ringleader in the attack continues to walk the streets of Libya without fear of arrest.

Ahmad Abu Khattala has admitted being at the consulate during the horrific attack but has yet to be questioned by any Libyan authorities.

Abu Khattala spoke to a New York Times reporter Thursday from a hotel patio as he sipped a strawberry frappe and mocked the US and Libyan governments.

“These reports say that no one knows where I am and that I am hiding,” he boasted. “But here I am in the open, sitting in a hotel with you. I’m even going to pick up my sister’s kids from school soon.”

Lax security at the consulate was an open secret.

Stevens wrote a cable in June that there wasn’t enough security at the consulate, and he noted there had been a recent spike in attacks against “international organizations and foreign interests,” ABC News said.

The ambassador wrote another cable in August that read, “A series of violent incidents has dominated the political landscape during the Ramadan holiday.”

Stevens said that the incidents were “organized” and that the Libyan security force had “not coalesced into a stabilizing force and [provided] little deterrence.”

Several requests for additional security in Benghazi were made to the State Department prior to the attack. They were all rejected.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton tried to deflect blame from President Obama last week, saying the decision not to beef up guards was her responsibility.

“I’m in charge of the State Department’s 60,000-plus people all over the world [at] 275 posts,” she told CNN.

“The president and the vice president wouldn’t be knowledgeable about specific decisions that are made by security professionals. They’re the ones who weigh all of the threats and the risks and the needs and make a considered decision.”

The attack has become a major issue in the presidential campaign, with Mitt Romney saying Obama’s failure to safeguard the consulate highlights his failure in foreign policy.

Romney has also hammered Obama for failing to immediately label it a terror attack and the administration for changing its story about whether the attack was a protest over an anti-Islamic movie or a coordinated strike.

The tragedy — and alleged security lapses leading up to the attack — will likely be brought up at tomorrow’s final presidential debate.

The 90-minute debate will be moderated by Bob Schieffer of CBS News. Schieffer has listed five subject areas, with more time devoted to the Middle East and terrorism than any other topic.”

“Our [Serco] Americas segment provides information technology (IT), professional, and management services primarily to the U.S. federal government, including every branch of the military, key federal civilian government such as the Department of Homeland Security, and the intelligence community.

Americas revenue grew by 1.7% to £455m (2.6% growth excluding currency effects), representing 21% of Group revenue (1H 2009: 23%), reflecting organic growth in our portfolio and a lower number of new contract starts in the period.

In the Americas, we continued to see demand for programme management services for the intelligence community, command and control (C4I) solutions for the Air Force, and logistics sustainment activities for the Army supporting the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. We are seeing a high level of bidding activity, with over US$3bn of bid proposals submitted.
A key focus for our Americas business in the first half was to identify opportunities for collaboration across our business units, and to ensure an integrated approach
that leverages the full range of our capabilities and expertise across our entire customer base. Examples include expanding the use of our Command, Control, Communications and Computer skills, which we currently provide to the Air Force Space Command and the US Navy, across all branches of the military, to the Department of Homeland Security, and to the intelligence community. We are also using our enterprise architecture capabilities developed with the Air orce Space Command to support other Department of Defense agencies and commands, and exploring opportunities to use our economic cost analysis expertise with the US Air Force and in the intelligence community, and to expand our logistics support to additional military bases.”

“Left To Die: Obama Knew Benghazi Attack Was Terrorism But Did Nothing
Oct 25, 2012 | 4:16 PM

Oct. 25, 2012 – A new video (below) shows how the Obama Administration was more than merely negligent in the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens and four others in the deadly attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya on Sept. 11, 2012. Email from the doomed U.S. consulate just before and during the attack show that the attack was not a simple protest. Real-time video of the attack was watched in the White House situation room.  Obama, it seems, intentionally left the U.S. consulate in Benghazi vulnerable and easy pickings for terrorists. That’s a strong statement, but they received repeated requests for more security from Stevens in the months leading up to the Sept. 11 attack. Instead of listening to the ambassador and giving him more security staff, security was actually decreased.

IN REAL TIME: An excellent report by Peter Ferrara at Forbes.com (Oct. 25) notes that documents released by the House Oversight Committee show that on Sept. 11, “the White House situation room starts receiving emails at about 1 pm that the mission is under hostile surveillance. The only response was that the Pentagon sends a drone armed with a video camera so that everyone in Washington can see what transpires in real time, as it happens, at the White House, at the State Department, at the Pentagon, at the CIA.”

 You may recall that in the hours and days after the attack, Sec. of State Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both blamed the violence on spontaneous protests in response to an anti-Muslim video. This, we now know, was not true.

Worse yet, Clintion and Obama were lying. Theyknew that it was a well-planned terrorist attack and not an ordinary protest that got out of hand.

“The drone documents no crowds protesting any video,” continues the Forbes report. “But at 4 pm Washington receives an email from the Benghazi mission that it is under military style attack.”

The subject of that email: “U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi Under Attack.”

The email from the consulate in Benghazi said that the consulate was “under attack.” It said nothing about any protests. “Ambassador Stevens, who is currently in Benghazi, and four COM personnel are in the compound safe haven,” said the email.

“Just one hour flight time away were U.S. Air Force bases,” says
Forbes, “that could have been rousted in minutes to send fighter
planes and attack helicopters that could have routed the attackers in minutes
of fighting.” Officials in Washington watched the events in real
time. No help was sent. “Obama went to bed,”noted BeforeItsNews, “knowing that the embassy was
under attack and then went to a fundraiser in Las Vegas the next morning.”


“The 60Minutes’ Benghazi segment with Lara Logan aired on Oct.
27, 2013 and reignited the Benghazi controversy once again.
It included
interviews with former US Embassy Libya DCM Gregory Hicks, and Green Beret
Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Andy Wood. We’ve heard from Mr. Hicks previously
and blogged about it here: “This
Week With George Stephanopoulos” Features Former Embassy Tripoli DCM
Gregory Hicks
 and Benghazi
Hearing: No Kaboom as Promised, But More Details Fill Up the Dark Space
of Sadness

But we haven’t heard
previously from this Morgan Jones fellow. That’s apparent helping to keep U.S. diplomats
and military leaders safe for the last decade.” He was reportedly the “security
chief for Blue Mountain Security” in charge of the Libyan guard force.

Shortly after the
segment aired, Media Matters cited Fox News correspondent Adam
Housley as having said that he had previously spoken to the man “a number of
times and then we stopped speaking to him when he asked for money.”

The same day that the
60 Minutes segment aired, Los Angeles Times’ Richard A. Serrano reported that two of theDOJ’s key witnesses in the
2012 Benghazi terrorist attack were summoned to the Oversight Committee earlier
in October and “grilled for hours in separate legal depositions” conducted in “a highly guarded and secret interviews.”  The report identified the
Diplomatic Security agents as Alec Henderson, who was stationed in Benghazi,
and John Martinec, then based in Tripoli. Henderson was reportedly interviewed
on Oct. 8 for eight hours and Martinec was interviewed for five hours on Oct.
10.  The report further says that Oversight Committee chairman Darrell
Issa earlier had also demanded access to a third agent, David Ubben, who was
seriously injured in the Benghazi attack. According to LAT, Mr. Issa learned
the identities of the three agents from Gregory Hicks, the former deputy chief
of mission in Libya, who testified before the committee in spring.

On a related note, did
you hear that Senator Graham is exceptionally pissed about Benghazi and has
promised to block “every appointment in the US Senate” until the Benghazi
survivors are produced?   Apparently, he did not know that two DS agents
were right next door on October 8 for legal depos that lasted for altogether 13
hours.  Pardon me? Is it purely coincidental that there are bad news in
the polls, and that a primary is potentially a headache? Well, is it?

In any case, on
October 28, Julia Frifield, the State Department’s Assistant Secretary for
Legislative Affairs responded to Senator Graham’s previous September 24 letter
concerning the Benghazi survivors availability.  Read the response here.

On October 29, Mr.
Morgan’s book, The Embassy House published by an imprint
of Simon & Schuster went on sale; available in hardcover, Kindle
and Audible; the cheapest edition via Kindle currently selling at $10.99.

Previously, in
September 2013, Deadline reported that Thunder Roadhas acquired The Embassy House to
use as the basis for a feature about the 2012 attack on the American diplomatic
mission in Benghazi, Libya,
“The film will be
written by Taylor
, whose adaptation of Comancheria has Marc Forster attached.
Thunder Road is producing Sheridan’s script Sicario, and they’ve set him to
script a look at Benghazi that is one part Black Hawk Down and another Lawrence
Of Arabia. //UK-based Luke Speed of the Marjacq Agency repped the book and Gersh’s
Bob Hohman and Bayard Maybank and Elevate repped the scribe. Thunder Road used
its own resources to buy the book and will fund development, and hasn’t yet
enlisted a studio.”

Also in September, The
Hollywood Reporter says that HBO has optioned another book, Under
Fire: The Untold Story of the Attack in Benghazi, with Jerry Weintraub on board
to executive produce.  Under Fire is authored by former DSS Agent and
Stratfor VP Fred Burton and Samuel M. Katz and is “Based on the exclusive
cooperation of eyewitnesses and confidential sources within the intelligence,
diplomatic, and military communities” according to the book’s Amazon page.

If they start filming
soon, will the movies be ready in time for the 2nd anniversary of the attack or
the 2014 election?

On October 31, WaPo’s Karen
DeYoung threw some more fuel on the Benghazi fire:

“[I]n a written
account that Jones, whose real name was confirmed as Dylan Davies by several
officials who worked with him in Benghazi, provided to his employer three days
after the attack, he told a different story of his experiences that night.

In Davies’s 2 1 /
2-page incident report to Blue Mountain, the Britain-based contractor hired by
the State Department to handle perimeter security at the compound, he wrote
that he spent most of that night at his Benghazi beach-side villa. Although he
attempted to get to the compound, he wrote in the report, “we could not get
anywhere near . . . as roadblocks had been set up.”

On November 1, The
Cable’s John Hudson reported that Star
Benghazi ‘Witness’ May Not Have Been an Actual Witness

“In contrast with the
60 Minutes account, which saw him knocking out terrorists with the butt end of
his rifle and scaling a 12-foot wall the night of the attack, the Blue Mountain
report has Jones at his beach-side villa for the majority of the night. Despite
an attempt to make it to the compound, Jones wrote that “we could not get
anywhere near … as roadblocks had been set up.”

Further The Cable
points out that “the book titled The
Embassy House
was published by Threshold Editions, an imprint of Simon &
Schuster, which is a part of CBS Corporation, which owns 60 Minutes — a fact
not disclosed in the 60 Minutes story.

Oh, dear …. is that
what’s called cross promotion or something?
On November 2, The
Daily Beast’s Josh Rogin and Eli Lake reportedthat Dylan Davies, aka: Morgan Jones denied writing
the incident reportcited by Karen DeYoung’s report in WaPo.  The
Daily Beast had obtained a copy of the Blue Mountain Group 4-page incident
report that lists Dylan Davies, “PM” as the “Name of Person Reporting.” The
report is dated 13:00 hours, September 14, 2012, unsigned and the published
copy does not include any indication whether the report was emailed or faxed to
the Blue Mountain Group. See for yourself here via Josh Rogin/ScribD.

The Daily Beast report
described Jones/Davies as a “Benghazi Whistleblower” and says that “Davies said
he did not know who leaked the report to the Post but said he
suspected it was the State Department, an allegation that could not be
independently corroborated.” More below:
“A State Department
official confirmed it matches the version sent to the U.S. government by
Davies’s then-employer Blue Mountain Group, the private security company based
in Britain, on Sept. 14, 2012, and subsequently provided to Congressional
committees investigating the Benghazi attacks.

Davies said he believed there was a coordinated campaign to smear him. This
week, Media Matters, a progressive media watchdog, sent a public letter to CBS
News asking it to retract the 60 Minutes Benghazi piece on the basis of the
Washington Post article. On the Fox News Channel, reporter Adam Housley claimed
on air this week that Davies asked for money in exchange for an interview.
Davies denied this charge. 60 Minutes has stood by its reporting.”

Media Matters and Fox
News in a coordinated smear campaign?  If I were drunk at 10 o’clock in
the morning, that still sounds crazy bad.

The Blue Mountain
Group was snared early on in the Benghazi controversy. Remember that time when
the State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland said
 three days after the attack: “I can tell you that at no time
did we contract with a private security firm in Libya – at no time.”  That
turned out to be false. This was covered by Danger Room in September 2012:
 Feds Hired British Security Firm to Protect Benghazi Consulate.
The contract is a
curious one, of course, since security in the State Department falls under
the Worldwide Security Protection (WSP) program which has core funding for
the protection of life, property, and information of the agency. WSP
funding supports not just domestic facilities but also  worldwide
guard force protecting overseas diplomatic missions and residences.
 Defense Industry Daily has a list of contractors for the 5-year $10 billion WPS
security contract inked in 2010.  The Blue Mountain Group is not on that
list.  One wonders, given the presence of OGA in Benghazi, if this was in
fact an OGA contract, though  the paperwork does say it is a State
contract. Or it is possible that none of the WPS contractors are allowed to
operate in Libya, so State had to procure services from another provider?
 But then, that does not explain why three days after the attack, the
State spokesperson was adamant that “at no time did we contract with a private
security firm in Libya.”

A redacted copy of the
Blue Mountain Group contract has now been released after a FOIA by Judicial
Watch and can be read/downloaded here.
One thing
more. On October 14, 2012, UK’s The Telegraph reportedabout Blue Mountain, described as a small British
firm based in south Wales:
“Blue Mountain, which
is run by a former member of the SAS, received paper work to operate in Libya
last year following the collapse of Col Muammar Gaddafi’s regime. It worked on
short term contacts to guard an expatriate housing compound and a five-star
hotel in Tripoli before landing the prestigious US deal.

But Blue Mountain’s local woes appears to have hampered a coordinated response
by the compound’s defenders when the late assault kicked off.
Darryl Davies, the
manager of the Benghazi contract for Blue Mountain, flew out of the city hours
before the attack was launched. The Daily Telegraph has learned that relations
between the firm and its Libyan partner had broken down, leading to the
withdrawal of Mr Davies.

Abdulaziz Majbiri, a Blue Mountain guard at the compound, told the Daily
Telegraph that they were effectively abandoned and incapable of defending
themselves on the night of the attack.”

So far, no one has
gone back to clarify or straighten out that story.
And because the
Benghazi controversy simply refuses to die, CNN isreporting that a CIA operatives will testify
behind closed doors at a classified Benghazi hearing on the week of November

Then yesterday,
Politico reported that Rep. Jason Chaffetz  “slammed
the source behind a report that revealed the real name of a British security
agent in Benghazi, which was published in The Washington Post.”
“I don’t know who did
it, but to release a covert agent’s name to endanger his life should be an
absolute outrage in this town,” Chaffetz said Monday on Fox New’s “Fox and
Friends” when asked if he thought the White House was behind the leak.

I was seriously
looking for something like this to pop up because … hey, it’s too attractive to
pass up if you want some screen time.  But now Morgan Jones/Dylan Davies
is not only a “whistleblower”  he is also a “covert agent”?

Well, I’ll be …. the
Oversight Committee hearing is coming soon.
Have you noticed that
Benghazi is not only a popular subject with politicians; it has also gained
popularity in the Amazon marketplace? The Benghazi tragedy has spawned not just books but also bumper stickers, a
Benghazi album from Moon Records, Cover Up (The Benghazi Song), a Benghazi
Memorandum Book,a Benghazi Record Book, whatevs.  There are also
Benghazi cartoons, mousepads, coffee mugs, coasters, bottles, tshirts, a
pinback button, and a Benghazi memorial license plate. There are more
Benghazi-branded products available via Cafepress.com including
 Benghazi underwear and panties; don’t  miss the Benghazi Blame and Good Riddance classic thongs. Benghazi products are
also available at Zazzle.com; don’t miss the doggie
clothing line
If you’re renovating,
there is even a Benghazi light switch cover for a 2 plug outlet.

And now my grey matter
is seriously hyperventilating and need to drown itself in sorrow.”

on a long-term
[C4I2SR and drone] engagement for the Air Force Space Command
(AFSPC), Serco needed a third-party solution for administration and security
for their classified and non-classified SharePoint environments.
With a
command of 40,000 users and a SharePoint installation that included one farm
with five frontend servers, Serco required a tool to help them support
everything from the Help Desk to SharePoint developers and site collection

“What You Should Know About Creating Seamless Regional Public Safety
Communications Networks
Author: Karen Fink,
Airbus DS Communications
Copyright: 9-1-1
Magazine, Feature Content,
Date: 2014-09-12
Florida is the third
most populous state in the U.S. with over 19 million residents, and is
projected to continue growing – and aging – at a steady rate over the next
decade providing public safety officials the mandatory task of not only
managing growth, but being concerned about functionality and efficiency of
their emergency communication networks. Events such as the terrorist attacks on
9/11, Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, Sandy Hook school shooting and Boston
Marathon bombing have highlighted the need for interoperable mission critical
public safety communication across agencies, jurisdictions, and borders.

At a recent symposium
on public safety communication hosted by Airbus DS Communications in Tampa,
public safety and emergency management officials gathered to learn more about
new technologies available to enable them to create interoperable
communications networks.  New technologies such as Next Generation 9-1-1
(NG9-1-1), Project 25 (P25), and Long Term Evolution (LTE) can connect
municipalities, enable interoperable communications between agencies, and
improve operations while reducing overall costs to the community. Among the
symposium’s key takeaways and what you need to know about implementing improved
communication systems:

interoperability is both a key to lowering total cost of ownership and enabling
inter-agency/inter-jurisdiction public safety communications. Chances are good
that different municipalities and even public safety agencies (like police,
fire, EMS) within the same municipality use different equipment that may or may
not talk to one another, making inter-agency communication difficult if not
impossible.  That’s why it is critical to find vendors committed to
providing open, non-proprietary systems that will work with other vendors’
components, as long as they are compliant with the same standard.

One of the four
requirements of NG9-1-1 is to integrate and interoperate with public safety
entities beyond the PSAP.  Other PSAPs, EOCs, DHS, and emergency
management entities will be able to interconnect to the NG9-1-1 network and
system, as well as acquire and pass data between all entities.
Across the U.S. more
and more public safety agencies are beginning to regionalize by uniting across
their geographical boundaries to share resources and become more efficient.
Regionalization, including 9-1-1 call taking and P25 land mobile radio
services, also helps them keep pace with the latest technologies needed to protect
and serve.

Today, we are seeing more systems evolving from a standalone silo to a regional one. A recent regionalization success story that would be a perfect model for Florida’s exploding communities looking to build a regional public safety network is the Northern Tier Regional Communications Project — a group of ten counties in Pennsylvania including Clearfield, Jefferson, Elk, Cameron, McKean, Clarion, Warren, Crawford, Forest and Erie. The Northern Tier counties set out to replace their aging 9-1-1 systems in 2011 with the state’s first regional public safety network, which went live in 2013. By forming the regional network, the counties saved $2.3 million upfront and more than $250,000 in annual maintenance costs. 

What are the first steps to look at for counties that may want to regionalize? First, create a bond with the people with whom you work every day. Building trust is crucial in creating a regionalized system where you share control with others.

Step two is having political buy-in. Meet with each 9-1-1 director and county commissioner and explain in detail how the system will work.  Once you get political buy-in, you have a project that can move forward.
Finally, it is very important to keep everyone, including elected officials and the media, apprised of what you are doing. Emergency responders and of course, residents, want to know there is still going to be someone there to personally answer the phone.

“Many counties all over Florida and the country are realizing there is a finite amount of money for emergency 9-1-1 centers,” explained Bob Freinberg, CEO of Airbus DS Communications. “Through regionalization, counties can fund what they need with a significant cost saving. Plus, they find that by working together they not only increase the services they can provide their citizens but the survivability of their centers as well.”

Karen Fink is a Regional Sales Manager with Airbus DS Communications.  Karen oversees the southeast region of the US.  She has been with Airbus DS Communications
(formerly Cassidian Communications) for five years and has worked in the public safety industry – including 911 communications – for 15 years.”

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation

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