#2215: Marine Links Boeing Serco Parking JABS to City Long-Range Hijack Alibis, Jarrett Friend Or Foe

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net): United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the Joint Automated Booking System (JABS) operated by Boeing and the Serco Parking Enforcement team in Chicago, to the City of London Police’s alleged development of alibis to camouflage the long-range hijacking of aircraft and Valerie Jarrett’s presentation of a friend or foe challenge to the late Captain Gerald DeConto – the Pentagon’s U.S. Navy Command Center duty officer who was murdered on 9/11.

Identification, friend or foe (IFF) is an identification system designed for command and control. …. In 1940, English engineer Frederic Calland Williams began work on the Mark III system at the Telecommunications Research Establishment, which was to become the standard for the Western Allies for most of the war. Mark III transponders were designed to respond to specific ‘interrogators’, rather than replying directly to received radar signals. The system also allowed limited communication to be made, including the ability to transmit a coded ‘Mayday‘ response. The IFF sets were designed and built by Ferranti in Manchester to Williams’ specifications. Equivalent sets were manufactured in the US, initially as copies of British sets, so that allied aircraft would be identified upon interrogation by each other’s radar.

McConnell alleges that Serco recruited Jarrett’s parents, James E. and Barbara Taylor Bowman, in Shiraz, Iran, trained them in London as long-range agents of the City Police and placed them in Chicago when Jarrett was five years old (1963) to develop what would become known as the Weather Underground terrorist organisation – essentially a long-range alibi service for the actors, producers and custodians of the City Police’s snuff-film archive.

McConnell believes that Serco ordered Jarrett, Chairman of the Chicago Transit Board from 1995 to 2003, to book Serco air traffic controllers and City long-range hijackers into Chicago – using alibis from Serco’s night and weekend parking-enforcement operations – and to prepare the Boeing headquarters offices and Nightwatch E4B aircraft to remotely coordinate the “friend or foe” attacks which paralyzed (?) DeConto and decapitated the U.S. Navy Command on 9/11.

McConnell notes that Serco appears to have given Bill Clinton a long-range alibi for the 9/11 attack by booking the disgraced Rhodes Scholar and former U.S. president into the Sheraton hotel in Port Douglas Queensland where he would/could have had a real-time view of Jarrett’s “friend or foe” attacks from a camera on the roof of the Pentagon City Sheraton Hotel on 9/11.

McConnell notes that the City Police cleared Serco’s “Fast and Furious” banker HSBC of Libor and money-laundering frauds after splitting fines paid by the bank into Jarrett’s Forfeiture Fund.

McConnell notes the City Police has just cleared Serco of offender-tagging frauds even though Jarret and her Chicago friends had access to the Joint Automated Booking System and the opportunity to position a small foreign faction for the on-the-tag snuff-film killing of JonBenét.

McConnell invites rebuttal of his deduction – explore at https://abeldanger.blogspot.com/ – that Serco parked a Joint Automated Booking System in Boeing’s Chicago headquarters and generate the long-range alibis used by the City of London Police to conceal the hijacking of Boeing aircraft and move Jarrett into her position as a de-facto friend or foe president of the United States.

Prequel 1: #2213: Marine Links Serco JABS for City Police to Val The Ripper Hull-House Parking, Robert Hanssen, JonBenét

Who In The Hell Is Valerie Jarrett And 
What Does She Have On The Obama’s 

Spider Man: Friend Or Foe Trailer 

9/11 – NO PLANES – Watch for proof – 

WIN News Queensland: September 11 
Bulletin (2001) 
9/11 No Plane Wreckage at Pentagon 

Serco… Would you like to know more? 

“”9/11 — An Inside Job,” 

Paul Andrew Mitchell,
B.A., M.S.,
Private Attorney General, 18 U.S.C. 1964

There is a HUGE amount of evidence of an inside job on 9/11.

For example, our Executive Summary to the U.S. Coast Guard achieved positive identification of the Pentagon murder weapons:

An A-3 Skywarrior hit just after an AGM missile was fired from under its port wing, to soften an entrance hole for the fuselage. A key debris photo shows 2 planar fuselage sections, one of which has a telltale re-fueling line along its horizontal length:

Very few jet aircraft have rectangular fuselages; and, of those only one has an external re-fueling line. All photos of A-3s that we have seen do show this external re-fueling line on every A-3 we have examined.

That A-3 was reportedly modified at a private airfield in Loveland, Colorado, using different crews to do different retrofits, e.g. avionics, weapons, remote-control, transponder beacon, etc.

It had been purchased as part of a fleet of A-3s now owned by Raytheon, a major DOD contractor.

One USAF pilot I know told me that Captain Gerald F. DeConto was on the telephone to Gordon England, Secretary of the Navy, requesting authorization to engage the incoming, because
the Pentagon’s automatic fire control system had been fooled by a “friendly” transponder beacon.


As the highest ranking officer in the Naval Command Center, DeConto and his staff must have been tracking that incoming on their in-house radar systems, and realized that the incoming jet had a friendly transponder, because the fire control system had NOT activated itself.

While England kept Captain DeConto on the telephone, evidently stalling him, DeConto and his staff were killed by the missile warhead and subsequent impact of the A-3.

The Boeing 757 seen by many eyewitnesses was timed to fly over the Pentagon at precisely the moment of the A-3’s impact. It landed at National, into the waiting arms of 94 ground crew who had infiltrated Dulles and National airports.

They were later deported for falsifying Social Security applications and violating immigration laws [as arranged by Serco’s ‘foreign faction’ team in the National Visa Center since 1994]

“9/11 FIRST PERSON: Reverberations were felt Down Under
Sep. 10, 2011

I was planning to write travel pieces on Port Douglas and Moorea for The Associated Press, for whom I was working as a national editor in New York City at the time. I made contact with a reporter from the local newspaper who had written a story the day before about Bill Clinton being in Port Douglas for a few days of R&R after speaking engagements in Sydney and Melbourne. Among other things, the reporter told me Clinton would be having dinner with friends that night at the chic Salsa Bar and Grill.

So, my wife and I decided to saunter by there on the way back from the Iron Bar to our hotel. Sure enough, we spotted him at a table with three dining companions.

After we had had our fill of gawking from the street and had resumed our walk back to the hotel, we saw him being hustled out of the restaurant and into a waiting car. That was shortly before 11 p.m., Port Douglas time — around 9 a.m. in New York City — some 14 minutes after the first plane flew into the World Trade Center.

We didn’t think much of Clinton’s hasty exit at the time. But the next morning when we sat down for breakfast, it began to make sense why he was in such a hurry in such an unhurried place.

Our young Aussie waitress greeted us warmly, then asked, “You are Americans, aren’t you?” When we said yes, she said, “I guess you two aren’t doing too well this morning.”

“Identification friend or foe
An IFF test set used for testing transponders on aircraft
Model XAE IFF kit, the first radio recognition IFF system in the U.S.
Identification, friend or foe (IFF) is an identification system designed for command and control. It enables military and national (civilian air traffic control) interrogation systems to identify aircraft, vehicles or forces as friendly and to determine their bearing and range from the interrogator. IFF may be used by both military and civilian aircraft.

IFF was first developed during World War II. The term is a misnomer, as IFF can only positively identify friendly targets, not hostile ones. If an IFF interrogation receives no reply or an invalid reply, the object cannot be identified as friendly, but is not positively identified as foe. There are many reasons that friendly aircraft may not properly reply to IFF.

IFF is a tool within the broader military action of “Combat Identification (CID), the process of attaining an accurate characterization of detected objects in the operational environment sufficient to support an engagement decision.” The broadest characterization is that of friend, enemy, neutral, or unknown. CID not only can reduce fratricide, but also contributes to overall tactical decision-making.[1]
Radar coverage of the Chain Home system by 1939.

With the successful deployment of radar systems for the defence of the British Isles, the British were immediately confronted with difficulty in distinguishing friendly aircraft from hostile ones; by that time, aircraft were flown at high speed and altitude, making visual identification impossible, and the targets showed up as featureless blips on the radar screen.

Already before the deployment of the radar system, the RAF had implemented a tracking system for directing their own forces; aircraft were tracked by triangulating their position from fixed positions, using intermittent “pip-squeak” signals from each aircraft.[2] This system was used during the Battle of Britain to track ‘friendly’ formations. It used the standard HF radio fit of RAF fighters, plus a control box that essentially contained a timer, so that a pre-arranged signal was ‘squawked’ at given intervals – to be picked up by the HF/DF tracking stations.

With the introduction of radar, researchers endeavoured to integrate a working IFF system with the radar system. Initial patents for both passive and active radar IFF were filed in the UK by Robert Watson-Watt in 1935 and 1936 respectively. By 1938, researchers at Bawdsey Manor had come up with ‘reflectors’ mounted on the aircraft designed to reflect the Chain Home wave frequencies – giving friendly forces a distinctive profile on the radar screens. The design, however, proved impractical, as other difficult-to-control factors, including the angle of the incident radar beam with the plane’s flight-path, influenced the magnitude of the reflected signal making a consistent friend or foe designation hard to achieve.[3]

The first active IFF transponder (transmitter responder) was the ‘IFF Mark I’ and was put into operation in 1939. On receipt of an interrogation from the Chain Home radar system (20-30 MHz), consisting of a radar distinctive ‘peaked’ pulse tuned to a specific frequency, the unit would respond with a signal of steadily increasing amplitude, allowing the radar operators to identify it as friendly.

Flaws in the Mark I version, including the need to constantly adjust it during flight, were rectified somewhat with the Mark II sets; these could also be interrogated by alternate frequency band transmissions, including those from mobile sets in use with the navy and army.[4]

In 1940, English engineer Frederic Calland Williams began work on the Mark III system at the Telecommunications Research Establishment, which was to become the standard for the Western Allies for most of the war. Mark III transponders were designed to respond to specific ‘interrogators’, rather than replying directly to received radar signals. The system also allowed limited communication to be made, including the ability to transmit a coded ‘Mayday’ response. The IFF sets were designed and built by Ferranti in Manchesterto Williams’ specifications. Equivalent sets were manufactured in the US, initially as copies of British sets, so that allied aircraft would be identified upon interrogation by each other’s radar.”

“City of London Police
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The City of London Police is the territorial police force responsible for law enforcement within the City of London, including the Middle and Inner Temples. The force responsible for law enforcement within the remainder of Greater London, outside of the City, is the Metropolitan Police Service, a separate organisation. The City of London, which is now primarily a financial business district with a small resident population but a large commuting workforce, is the historic core of London, and has an administrative history distinct from that of the rest of the metropolis, of which its separate police force is one manifestation.

The City of London area has a resident population of around 7,400.[2] There is a daily influx of approximately 300,000 commuters into the City with an additional 300,000 cars passing through the “Square Mile” each day, along with thousands of tourists.[4]

The police authority is the Common Council of the City, and unlike other territorial forces in England and Wales there is not an elected commissioner replacing that police authority by way of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011.[5]

With 1,310 employees, including 750 full-time police officers, 70 special constables and 39 police community support officers,[1] and three police stations (at Wood Street (also the headquarters), Snow Hill, and Bishopsgate), the City of London Police is the smallest territorial police force in England and Wales, both in terms of geographic area and head-count.[6] The Commissioner since December 2010 is Adrian Leppard, QPM, who was formerly Deputy Chief Constable of Kent Police.

History of policing in the City[edit]

Policing in the City of London has existed since Roman times. Wood Street police station, also headquarters of the City Police, is built on part of the site of a Roman fortress, which may have housed some of the first police in the City.[7]

Prior to 1839, the responsibility for policing in the City was divided between day and night, primarily under the two Sheriffs. It was these officers responsible for ensuring the Night Watch was maintained. Policing during the day eventually came under the City Patrol, which evolved into the City Day Police, which was modelled on the Metropolitan Police. In 1838, the Day Police and Night Watch [Modern name for Boeing E4Bs allegedly used by Jarrett to impute friend or foe challenge to DeConto in Pentagon] were merged into a single organisation. The passing of the City of London Police Act 1839 gave statutory approval to the force as an independent police body, heading off attempts made to merge it with the Metropolitan Police.[8]

During 1842, the City Police moved its headquarters from Corporation’s Guildhall to 26 Old Jewry, where it remained until it was relocated to Wood Street in 2002.[7]


The City Police is organised into five Basic Command Units:[9]
Economic Crime Directorate
Crime Directorate
Uniformed Policing Directorate
Information and Intelligence Directorate
Corporate Services Directorate

Because of the City’s role as a world financial centre, the City of London Police has developed a great deal of expertise in dealing with fraud and “is the acknowledged lead force within the UK for economic crime investigation.”[10] The Economic Crime Directorate includes:

Dedicated Cheque and Plastic Crime Unit (DCPCU)
Overseas anti-corruption Unit (OACU)
Insurance Fraud Department (IFED)
National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB)
Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU)

“Jarrett was born in Shiraz, Iran, to American parents James E. Bowman and Barbara Taylor Bowman. One of her maternal great-grandfathers, Robert Robinson Taylor, was an architect who is sometimes cited as the first accredited African American architect.

Her father, a pathologist and geneticist, ran a hospital for children in Shiraz in 1956, as part of a program where American physicians and agricultural experts sought to help communitize developing countries’ health and farming efforts. When she was 5, the family moved to London for one year, later moving to Chicago in 1963.[4] Her parents were both African-American; on the television series Finding Your Roots, genealogical research and DNA testing indicated that Jarrett also has French, Scottish, and Native American ancestry.[5] As a child, Jarrett spoke Persian and French.[6] In 1966, her mother was one of four child advocates that created the Erikson Institute. The Institute was established to provide collective knowledge in child development for teachers and other professionals working with young children.[7]

Jarrett graduated from Northfield Mount Hermon in 1974. She earned a B.A. in psychology from Stanford University in 1978 and a juris doctor (J.D.) from the University of Michigan Law School in 1981.[8]

In 1983 Jarrett married William Robert Jarrett, son of Chicago Sun-Times reporter Vernon Jarrett. She attributes her switch from a private to a public career to their daughter Laura’s birth and her own desire to do something that would make their daughter proud.[9]

To one reporter’s emailed question about her divorce, she replied, “Married in 1983, separated in 1987, and divorced in 1988. Enough said.”[9] In a Vogue profile, she further explained, “We grew up together. We were friends since childhood. In a sense, he was the boy next door. I married without really appreciating how hard divorce would be.”[9]”

Valerie B. Jarrett is Senior Advisor and Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Engagement. Prior to her current position, she served as Co-Chair of the Obama-Biden Presidential Transition Team, and Senior Advisor to Obama’s presidential campaign.

Jarrett became the President and Chief Executive Officer of The Habitat Company on January 31, 2007. She had served as Executive Vice President of Habitat for 12 years. Prior to that, Jarrett served for eight years in Chicago government as Deputy Corporation Counsel for Finance and Development, Deputy Chief of Staff for Mayor Richard M. Daley, and Commissioner of the Department of Planning and Development. Before her city government service, Ms. Jarrett practiced law with two private law firms.

Prior to joining the Obama administration, Jarrett served as a Director of corporate and not for profit boards, including Chairman of the University of Chicago Medical Center Board of Trustees, and Vice Chair of the University of Chicago Board of Trustees, and the Chicago 2016 Olympic Committee. She was a Director of the Local Initiative Support Corporation, The Joyce Foundation, and a Trustee of the Museum of Science and Industry.

From 1995 to 2003, Jarrett served as Chairman of the Chicago Transit Board. Jarrett also served as Chairman of the Board of the Chicago Stock Exchange from April 2004 through April 2007. She was a Director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago from January 2006 through April 2007. Jarrett served as Finance Chair for President Obama’s 2004 run for the U.S. Senate.

Jarrett received her B.A. from Stanford University in 1978 and her J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School in 1981″

“Prisons and justice[edit]

In Britain Serco supplies electronic tagging devices for offenders and asylum seekers.[24] It runs four prisons, a Young Offenders Institution and a Secure Training Centre.[25] It has also operated two Immigration Removal Centres since 2007.[26][27] Serco is also responsible for the contracted-out court escort services in the south-east area (formerly a role undertaken by HM Prison Service).[28]

In September 2013, Serco was accused of extensive sexual abuse coverups of immigrants at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre prison in Bedfordshire, England [29] In August 2014, Serco was criticised for using immigrant detainees as cheap labour, with some being paid as little as £1 per hour.[30] The decision to give the firm a new £70 million eight-year contract to run Yarl’s Wood has been criticised. Natasha Walter, of Women for Refugee Women, said “Serco is clearly unfit to manage a centre where vulnerable women are held and it is unacceptable the government continues to entrust Serco with the safety of women who are survivors of sexual violence.”[31]


Serco holds defence contracts worldwide including the UK Government’s first modern outsourced contract for the maintenance of the UK Ballistic Missile Early Warning System at RAF Fylingdales;[32] contracts are also held for the operation and maintenance of RAF Brize Norton,[33] RAF Halton[34] and RAF Northolt[34] in the UK and RAF Ascension Island in the mid-Atlantic.[34] Serco also provides support services to garrisons in Australia.[35] Serco also manages many aspects of operations at the Defence College of Management and Technology in Shrivenham.[36] Serco is one of three partners in the consortium which manages the Atomic Weapons Establishment.[37]Serco also has a 15-year contract worth £400 million to provide facilities management services to Dstl.[38]

Serco Marine Services is responsible for fleet support at the three main UK naval bases, HMNB Portsmouth, HMNB Devonport andHMNB Clyde.[39]

Serco provides air traffic control services at international airports in the United Arab Emirates[40] and at some smaller airports in the United States and Canada.[41][42] Since 2004 Serco have also had £5m a year from the US government to manage airports in Iraq.[43]Serco also operate Scatsta Airport on Shetland.[44] In June 2010 Serco signed a £4 million contract to operate all air traffic control services for Coventry Airport.[45]
Prisons and justice[edit]

Serco runs partly privatised Hünfeld Prison in Hesse, Germany.[68]

In Australia, Serco runs Acacia Prison in Western Australia[69] and Borallon Correctional Facility in Queensland[70] as well as the national contract for immigration detention centres, including Christmas Island and the Villawood detention centre in Sydney.[71][72]

The Union of Christmas Island Workers highlighted the systemic failure by Serco to manage the Christmas Island Immigration Reception and Processing Centre. The centre detains a large number of refugees including 1,000 children.[73] Under Serco, there has been an increase of deaths in custody, self-harm, and of Serco staff beating prisoners. As well, there has been a deterioration of facilities leading to the decline of the physical and the mental health of detainees and of staff. Ombudsman Allan Asher said on the Australian radio show AM, “In the first week of June when I visited Christmas Island, more than 30 incidents of self-harm by detainees held there were reported”.[73] Serco, in a staged memo leaked to The Australian, blamed the detainees for “creating a culture of self-harm”, in order to use it as a “bargaining tool”.[73] The former manager of the Serco run detention centre stated the centre was grossly understaffed whereby it was “typically 15 staff members short every day”.[73]

In Auckland, New Zealand, Serco runs the Mount Eden Prison remand prison[74] and in March 2012 was awarded the contract to build and operate a 960-bed prison at Wiri.[75]

Serco has a contract with the City of Chicago, Illinois, to enforce parking meter regulations.[76]”

“Valerie Jarrett “There Will Be Hell to Pay” for Obama’s Critics 18Nov, 2012by Dave Hodges
It was shocking when President George W. Bush stated “you are either with us, or you are with the terrorists.” Senior White House Advisor, Valerie Jarrett, has taken these words to a significantly more dramatic level when she stated that “there will be hell to pay” for Obama’s critics in the second term.

Iranian-born Communist sympathizer Valerie Jarrett and Barack Obama’s Senior White House Adviser is strongly rumored, from multiple sources, that just prior to the recent general election, to have issued a clear threat against the rank and file members of the American public who do not support Pres. Obama. Allegedly Jarrett said “After we win this election, it is payback time. For those who supported us, there will be rewards, for the ones who opposed us, they will get what they deserve. There will be hell to pay. Congress won’t be a problem for us this time. With no election to worry about, we have two judges ready to go.”

Although allegations against Jarrett for having said the statements are sourced in multiple outlets, I can find no audio recording of the statements by Jarrett. Nor, can I locate an actual official transcript for these alleged threats against Americans who would dare not to support the President. However, in the theater of “actions speak louder than words,” it is highly likely that Jarrett did indeed utter these threats, given her extreme Communist leanings and her very un-American past.

Valerie Jarrett comes from a family which intermarried with the Bill Ayers family. Yes, that would be the Weathermen Underground terrorist leader, Bill Ayers. That would be the same Bill Ayers who told FBI informant, Larry Grathwohl, “that when we take over the United States, and that we will forcibly detain 50 million Americans in re-education camps in which they will probably have to murder 25 million American citizens who cannot be re-educated.” Grathwohl repeated the Ayers statement on the August 18th edition of The Common Sense Show. This is the same Valerie Jarrett family which was also involved with Frank Davis the former head of the Communist Party in the United States. This is the same Frank Davis who Joel Gilbert exposed as Obama’s real father. Additionally, the Jarrett family is also affiliated with other so-called “Red Diaper Babies” in which this young group of intellectual elites called for a communist takeover of the United States in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. For those that know their history, you will remember that the same people engage in terrorist acts involving the detonation of explosive devices in which people died, including a San Francisco police officer. Bill Ayers wife, Bernardine Dorne served a prison term for her participation with this group. And we also know, that Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorne, close friends of Jarrett to this day, funded President Obama’s Harvard education. These facts have led many to believe that Valerie Jarrett is making the major decisions in the White House.

I prefer the judge a rabid dog by its bite potential and not the volume of its barking. The bite potential of the Obama administration, in a nothing-to-lose second term, is the most frightening thing I have ever considered. Below is just a partial list of whether, or not, we should take Jarrett’s words seriously.

The NDAA, ushered in by Obama allows the government to “disappear” and murder American citizens without due process of law. Under the President, FEMA camps have become operational. This alone, gives the President the power to carry out Jarrett’s threat of “hell to pay..” for Obama non-supporters.
The National Defense Resource Preparedness Executive Order permits Obama to declare martial law, seize all critical assets in the country including food, and this can be done just on Obama’s say so.

Under Obama’s watch, we have 50 million Americans on food stamps, and the economic numbers are the worst that they have been since the Great Depression and they are getting worse.

With the passage of Obamacare we have socialized almost 20% of the economy and have instituted death panels with promise to euthanize the elderly and other infirm people in the same manner as they are doing in Great Britain.

Prior to the election, I stated that some of us (Obama’s detractors) would not be around in four years if he was elected. I have never wanted to be more wrong in my life as there is no doubt that America has been not only been hijacked by an immoral group of international bankers who are plundering our country’s assets and resources, but we are being ruled by the bankers’ puppets who are proving to be ruthless Communist dictators who will not hesitate to “purge” their political opponents in the same manner as Stalin and Hitler. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, mix a little Zionism in with the ruling elite banking cartel, and now all of you have a pretty good idea of what we are up against.”

[Chicago] S04 Preliminary Investigations [long range alibis before crime is committed] 
S04-01 Preliminary Investigations
GO/SO S04-01-01 Alternate Response Section Procedures S04-01-02 Chicago Public Schools-Entering During Closed Hours/Notifications
S04-01-03 Landlord-Tenant (Lockouts)/Innkeepers-Guest Disputes
S04-01-04 Involuntary Delivery Of A Controlled Substance S04-01-05 Financial Exploitation Of Elderly Or Disabled Persons
GO/SO S04-02 Crime Scene Protection And Processing S04-03 Investigations
S04-03-01 Digital Recording Of Homicide Interrogations
S04-03-02 Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center 

S04-03-03 Release Of Medical Information
S04-03-04 Interviewing Patients At Cook County Hospital
S04-03-05 Temporary Release of Inmates From Cook County Jail
S04-03-06 Eavesdropping Devices 

S04-03-07 Chicago Transit Authority Transit Pass [Jarrett tracking] 
S04-03-08 Chicago Transit Authority Photographic Surveillance System [Jarrett tracking] 
S04-03-09 Investigative Resource – Parking Violation Data [Serco Integrated with JABS] 
S04-03-10 Vehicle Theft and Wanted Vehicle Procedures
S04-03-11 Protection of Department M”

“Serco in the clear: City of London Police find no evidence of any “corporate-wide conspiracy”
by Guy Bentley
Outsourcing firm Serco has finally received some good news after a disastrous year.

After being asked last year to conduct an investigation into whether Serco staff had been misleadingly recording prisoners as ready for court when they were not, the Crown Prosecution Service has accepted the view of the City of London Police and put Serco in the clear.

No charges will be brought against Serco or their staff. It was also found that the information gathered for the City of London Police was sound enough to conclude that there was “no evidence of any corporate-wide conspiracy or an intention to falsify figures to meet the DRACT contract requirement by senior Serco management or at the board level of the company”.

The City of London Police will not be continuing their investigation. The controversy began after the police were asked to investigate allegations of fraud at the FTSE 250 company over a £285m prison contract with the ministry of Justice last year.

The Public Accounts Committee recently called for the brake up of big private-sector contracts for government services after documenting the failures of companies such as Serco and G4S.

Last month, Serco chairman Alastair Lyons announced his intention to step down. His last year at the company was characterised by slew of profit warnings and “operational mis-steps”.”

“JABS has nine major interfaces – five external and four internal. The first is a generic interface between JABS and a law enforcement agency’s booking stations. The second is the interface between JABS and IAFIS. The third is the JABS web interface between JABS and an end user. The fourth is the internal web service and web interfaces between JABS and USMS. The fifth interface is internal and provides a daily FTP push to OneDOJ (a criminal law enforcement data repository). The sixth interface is internal and provides data to OCDETF via e-mail with file attachments. The seventh interface is internal and provides data to DEA via e-mail with file attachments on a monthly basis. The eighth interface is external and provides data to ACTIC via FTP to a JCON-hosted FTP server with file attachments on a weekly basis. The ninth interface is external and interfaces with the query tool to the Chicago Police Department’s Investigative Resources System [and Jarrett in the West Wing office in the White House].

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation

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