#2048: Marine Links Serco Offender’s Game to Spot-Fix Tags of Unknown Provenance for Bait and Switch Donetsk

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net): United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the Serco Offender’s Game to the spot-fixed tagging of live or dead bodies of unknown provenance which have been moved through recent bait and switch crime scenes near Donetsk.

Readers should check collages, articles and links below which suggest that the Serco Offender’s Game is run by bookmakers for spread bettors including Serco CEO Rupert Soames, of White’s Club (founded London 1692) and involves bait and switch exercises (7/7, Sandy Hook) or decoys (MH370) going live and crime scenes being seeded with tagged bodies of unknown provenance to fix the spot.

Prequel 1: #2047: Marine Links Serco Soames to Experts of Unknown Provenance in a Donetsk 777 Bait and Switch

Prequel 2: #2024: Marine Serco Red Switch to White’s Club Tagger, Cameron’s Underground Bombs

7/7 – Understudy in Terrorist Drills, Serco Tags,
Portable Morgues & No Autopsies
#MH17 Instructed by Air Traffic Controllers to
Divert Route before Crash
Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot
“MH17: Identification process cause of delay in sending bodies home
KIEV: The processes to go through to identify the bodies from the Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash was a reason for the delay in sending the remains home.

Malaysian Police Disaster Victims Identification (DVI) commander ACP Hussein Omar Khan said the Malaysian team in Kharkiv also found different human body parts, such as legs and arms, together with the bodies in body bags.

He said that due to the decaying condition of the bodies, the Netherlands authority had to take DNA samples from the bones of the victims.

“It is time consuming and the experts will also use the dental record and other methods to verify the victims’ identity.

“These may take up two or three weeks to complete. So it is impossible that the identification can be completed before Aidilfitri,” said Hussein, who is involved in the process of scanning and tagging of the MH17 victims’ bodies at Kharkiv.
Flight MH17 was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur when it went down in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, near the Russian border on Thursday, with 298 people on board.

National Security Council principal assistant secretary Lt Col Mohd Sakri Hussain said there were cases of human body parts that were put with other bodies in one body bag [spot fixed – gedditt?] to make the body look “complete.”
“So there is complication to verify which body parts belong to the right victims and this is the challenge that requires more time for Netherlands,” he said.

Furthermore the number of the bodies were huge, said Mohd Sakri.

A total of 282 bodies and 87 body parts had arrived in Kharkiv, about 500 km from Ukraine capital, Kiev on Monday.

For the past three days, some of the victim bodies had been scanned for any booby traps and tagged in Kiev before the bodies were flown to Netherlands for DVI before being released to the loved ones.

The scanning and tagging process in Kharkiv are expected to finish this Friday. – Bernama””


Immediately after the shoot down, foreign people entered the control tower at Kiev Borispol Airport which was monitoring flight MH17 and removed the normal workers and started doing their jobs. These “replacements by force” were obviously put there to front the official story. The normal control tower staff then reported the presence of two fighter jet escorts via Twitter:
17 jULY
10:21 “Kiev Authorities, trying to make looks like an attack by pro-Russian”
10:24 “warning! It can be a downing, Malaysia Airlines B777 in ukraine, 280 passengers”
10:25 “Warning! Kiev have what they wanted”
10:25 “[Miitary] has taken control of ATC in Kiev”
10:27 “The Malaysia Airlines B777 plane disappeared from the radar, there was no communication of any anomaly, confirmed”
10:30 “Plane shot down, shot down, shot down, no accident”
10:31 “Kiev have what they wanted, I said in the first tw [Tweets], Kiev is responsible @ ActualidadRT”
10:35 “An accident that is not quite normal, they are threatening us in the same tower of Kiev airport”
10:35 “they will take from our phones and others stuff at any moment”
10:38 “Before They remove my phone or they break my head, shot down by Kiev”
11:12 “We have confirmation. Plane downed, Kiev authorities already have the information, downed, we are calm now”
11:13 “What are doing foreigners with kiev authorities in the tower? Gathering all the information”
11:15 “When possible I´ll keep writing”
11:48 The B777 plane flew escorted by Ukraine jet fighter until 2 minutes before disappearing from the radar,
11:54 “If kiev authorities want to tell the truth, It´s gathered, 2 jet fighters flew very close minutes before, wasn’t downed by a fighter”
12:00 “Malaysia Airlines B777 plane just disappeared and Kiev military authority informed us of the downing, How they knew?”
12:00 “7:00 minutes after [plane disappeared], the downing was notified, later our tower was taken with foreigner staff, they still here ”
12:01 “all this is gathered in radars, to the unbelieving, shot down by kiev, here we know it and military air traffic control also”
13:15 “Here the military commanders manage and support it could be military following other orders , but no, the pro-Russian”
13:29,.“Interior Minister knew what the fighters were doing in the area, the defense minister didn’t.”
13:31 “Military confirm It was Ukraine, but still does not know where the order came from”
13:36 “Days ago I said here, kiev military wanted to rise against the current president, this may be a way, ordered by timoshenko [following timishenko orders]”
13:38 “The fighters flew close to 777, up to 3 minutes before disappearing from the radar, just 3 minutes”
13:43 “Airspace closed”
13:45 “Airspace is closed, more downings feared”
15:17 “military control now officially [say] the plane was shot down by missile”
15:23“Government has the official report signed by the control military authorities in Kiev,,,, [plane] shot down”
15:26 “The report indicates where the missile had come out [from], and specified is not from the selfdefence in rebel areas”
15:34 “Military radar collected data from missile fired to the plane, civilian radars didn’t”
15:36 “military high command did not gave the order to fire the missile, someone screw it ine the name of ukraine”
15:38 “For those who do not know, Let’s say, there are military under the orders of the defense minister and military under the orders of Interior Minister”
15:38 “The military under the orders of Interior Minister knew what happened all the time .”
16:06 “Military commanders here (ATC) control tower, confirm that the missile is from the ukranian army,”
16:07 “military commanders that knew it and others didn´t ,”
16:08 “290 dead innocent people. What a useless war, where patriotism is bought with money”
16:09 “The way the control tower was taken minutes after & knowing all the details, made ​​us think that they [made it]”
16:10 “The face of the soldiers who came later saying [what you just did], no chance for doubts”
16:12 “Such is the decline that military who came first accompanied by foreigners came to us asking us to tell their version”
16:13 “Our response was, these radars do not collect the launching of missiles, the military ones does, there were no doubts””

“Serco Receives “Supplier of the Year” from Boeing for Enterprise Architecture Expertise
Reston, VA (PRWEB) May 19, 2011
Serco Inc., a provider of professional, technology, and management services to the federal government, has been recognized as Supplier of the Year by The Boeing Company in the Technology category for its state-of-the-practice Enterprise Architecture solutions. The Boeing Supplier of the Year award is the company’s premier supplier honor, presented annually to its top suppliers in recognition of their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. This year’s 16 winners represent an elite group among more than 17,525 active Boeing suppliers in nearly 52 countries around the world. This selection was based on stringent performance criteria for quality, delivery performance, cost, environmental initiatives, customer service and technical expertise. This is the second time Serco has been recognized as Supplier of the Year by Boeing. In January 2011, Serco also received the Boeing Performance Excellence Gold Award in recognition of the Company’s performance excellence. … Serco’s Enterprise Architecture Center of Excellence is based in Colorado Springs, CO. The team provides a variety of services in support of Boeing’s business units as well as research and development efforts. Serco’s architecture employs object-oriented (OO)/Unified Modeling Language (UML) to define, design and satisfy defense agencies’ mission-critical requirements, including Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I). This approach improves system developer’s understanding of operational requirements and how best to integrate enterprise operations and systems for the optimal fulfillment of C4I and other operational needs.”

MH17: Vladimir Putin is given ‘one last chance’ as world fury mounts over downed flight

Dutch PM describes armed rebels’ behaviour in blocking access to crash site as ‘revolting’Bodies of MH17 passengers stored in rail wagons as pressure on Russia mounts – live updates
Shaun Walker in Kiev, Oksana Grytsenko in Grabovo, and Philip Oltermann in Berlin
The Observer, Sunday 20 July 2014
Global leaders rounded on Vladimir Putin on Saturday night as armed separatists continued to block international inspectors attempting to identify and repatriate bodies at the Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash site in eastern Ukraine.

Amid reports that pro-Russia rebels accused of shooting down the plane had removed corpses themselves and were looting credit cards and other possessions belonging to some of the 298 victims, Mark Rutte, the Dutch prime minister, said that Putin had “one last chance to show he means to help [rescuers recover the bodies]“.

Rutte vented his anger following what he called a “very intense” conversation with the Russian president. Referring to allegations that bodies of the passengers, including 193 Dutch nationals, were being treated with contempt and allowed to rot at the scene, he said: “I was shocked at the pictures of utterly disrespectful behaviour at this tragic spot. It’s revolting.”

David Cameron called for the EU and the west to change its approach to Russia if Putin does not alter course on Ukraine following the tragedy. The prime minister said: “This is a direct result of Russia destabilising a sovereign state, violating its territorial integrity, backing thuggish militias, and training and arming them. We must turn this moment of outrage into a moment of action.”

Following reports about attempts to use victims’ credit cards, Dutch banks said that they were taking “preventive measures” and that any losses suffered by relatives of the dead would be paid back. TheDeTelegraaf newspaper said: “The government must make clear to the world that we are beside ourselves with rage.”

Speaking about the British government’s priorities Philip Hammond, the foreign secretary, said: “Our focus now is on securing the site so there is a proper international investigation to identify the cause and the perpetrators and bring them to justice, and making sure the victims are dealt with with proper dignity and respect.”

The US secretary of state, John Kerry, also stressed in a phone call with the Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, that investigators must get full access to the crash site.

The situation there descended into chaos on Saturday as “experts” of unknown provenance moved bodies decomposing in the baking heat from fields to the roadside, and used bags to collect body parts. A spokesman for the OSCE, Michael Bociurkiw, said: “Some of the body bags are open and the damage to the corpses is very, very bad – it is very difficult to look at.”

It was a horrific scene and came despite huge pressure on Moscow to force the rebels to allow proper access to the site. The Ukrainian government accused the separatists of removing 38 bodies from the site to a morgue in rebel-held Donetsk. But as politicians and newspapers across the world lay blame for Thursday’s tragedy at the door of pro-Russia separatists and Vladimir Putin personally, the Kremlin has remained defiant. Putin has said Ukraine is to blame, and Russia’s defense ministry issued a list of 10 questions for Kievon Saturday, insinuating that it was a Ukrainian missile that downed the plane, while the self-declared prime minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Alexander Borodai, told Russian television that the entire event had been a setup by Ukrainian authorities.

Yours sincerely,
Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222
David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation
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