#2039: Marine Links Serco SIMAS Timelines to MH 17 – Buk and Cargo of Corpses After Cat IIIc

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net): United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco director Maureen Baginski’s apparent manipulation of timelines for asset movements logged into the U.S. Security Incident Management Analysis System (SIMAS), to the collision of a Buk missile with the Boeing 777-200ER of MH Flight 17 in east Ukraine on July 17 and the cargo of corpses allegedly stored on Diego Garcia after a Cat IIIc landing of 777-200ER of MH Flight 370 on March 8.

McConnell notes that Serco insiders trialed the ‘willing suspension of disbelief’ in a cargo of corpses on the BBC’s audience for Sherlock in ‘Scandal in Belgravia’ and he alleges that former NSA / FBI intelligence director Baginski manipulated SIMAS times so a Buk missile launcher and MH Flight 17 could be perceived by the sheeple as close enough in space and time to explain a rain of bodies on the peasant village below!

Prequel 1: #2037: Marine Links Serco’s Boeing-Missile Waypoint to Obama’s Red Switch Wag the Dog and SIMAS Times for Buk

Prequel 2:
#2015: Marine Links Red-Switch Serco Emirates Simulators to MH 370 patsy pilot’s Cat IIIc

Are you really so obvious? – Sherlock BBC
Uploaded on Feb 8, 2012 Sherlock/Mycroft conversation at the flight of the dead.

Scene from “The Scandal in Belgravia”. Property of BBC.

RAW BREAKING NEW : MH 17 Malaysian Plane Crash 
POSSIBLY shot by Russian : found bodies scattered

Bodies rained down on Ukraine village after plane disaster
Fri, Jul 18 09:03 AM EDT
By Anton Zverev
ROZSYPNE Ukraine (Reuters) – First came the loud explosion that made buildings rattle: then it started raining bodies.

One of the corpses fell through the rickety roof of Irina Tipunova’s house in this sleepy village, just after Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 exploded high over eastern Ukraine, where pro-Russian separatists are fighting government forces.

“There was a howling noise and everything started to rattle. Then objects started falling out of the sky,” the 65-year-old pensioner said in front of her grey-brick home.

“And then I heard a roar and she landed in the kitchen, the roof was broken,” she said, showing the gaping hole made by the body when it came through the ceiling of the kitchen in an extension to the house.

The dead woman’s naked body was still lying inside the house, next to a bed.

About 100 meters (330 feet) from Tipunova’s home, dozens more dead bodies lay in the wheat fields where the airliner came down on Thursday, killing all 298 people on board.

Still visibly shaken by her experience, Tipunova said: “The body’s still here because they told me to wait for experts to come and get it.”

Another local resident in her 20s who refused to give her name said she ran outside after hearing the plane explode.

“I opened the door and I saw people falling. One fell in my vegetable patch,” she said.

It was not only bodies that fell from the sky. Chunks of metal, pieces of luggage and other debris came crashing down to the ground in this agricultural area about 40 km (25 miles) from the border with Russia.

The front of the plane fell in a field of sunflowers about one km (1000 yards) from Tipunova’s home. Debris, bodies and body parts were scattered for miles around.
Rescue workers say they have found most of the corpses, some of them largely intact, others mangled. Some have been piled together but others lie where they fell, the place identified by sticks placed in the ground with white cloth attached.

Some of the corpses have been wrapped in almost transparent plastic sheets, the corners held down with small mounds of soil or stones. Pairs of uncovered legs poke out from under some of the sheets, and at least one had a red carnation on top.

Among the dead were many women and children, including a boy of about 10 still lying beside the cockpit, his small body covered by a plastic sheet.

Much of the scene was in chaos 24 hours after the plane was brought down. Abandoned shoes lay all around, with boxes of tablets that spilled out of a medical cabinet, empty suitcases and articles of clothing strewn over the fields.

In an effort to clean up some of the carnage, body parts have been washed off the pot-holed road where they fell to the earth, along with parts of the fuselage and wings showing the red and blue Malaysia Airlines logo.

Emergency workers, few in numbers on Thursday, had arrived in force by Friday, setting up base in two large tents. Journalists and local residents wandered largely unimpeded through the ashes and charred wreckage.

Rebel fighters in combat fatigues watched the proceedings nervously. Kiev has accused them of shooting down the plane, but they have denied this and are pledging not to prevent an international investigation going ahead.

The constant sound of mortar fire and shooting in the distance served as a reminder of the conflict raging between the separatist rebels and the government forces who are trying to quell their three-month old revolt against rule from Kiev.

(Writing by Timothy Heritage; Editing by Peter Graff)”

“Now rebel commander blamed for downing MH17 says ‘bodies aren’t fresh’ claiming corpses at crash site have been ‘dead for days’

Igor Girkin claimed corpses around the wreckage died before plane took off
Pro-Russian rebel said they were drained of blood and decomposing
He was said to be one of the laughing rebels who filmed the attack
Tweeted after the attack: ‘We warned you – do not fly in “our sky”.’

PUBLISHED: 22:15 GMT, 18 July 2014 | UPDATED: 03:36 GMT, 19 July 2014
The rebel commander blamed for shooting down flight MH17 has made bizarre claims that bodies at the crash site ‘aren’t fresh’.

Pro-Russian separatist Igor Girkin has claimed corpses near the debris died days before the plane took off.

According to rebel website Russkaya Vesna, the leader was told by people at the scene in eastern Ukraine that ‘a significant number of the bodies were drained of blood and reeked of decomposition.’

Girkin, also known as Strelkov and allegedly a former Russian intelligence agent, also suggested that a large amount of blood serum and medications in the wreckage.
The information has not been confirmed but the commander said: ‘Ukrainian authorities are capable of any baseness.’

He was said to be among the laughing rebels that filmed the plane as it crashed
Footage is said to have captured him gleefully bragging: ‘That was a blast – look at the smoke!’ while a fireball rose from the debris.

The extraordinary footage – apparently filmed by the shooters themselves – charts the terrible final moments of the doomed airliner.

A voice believed to be that of Strelkov – dubbed ‘Igor the Terrible’ – announces: ‘The plane was hit!’ He adds: ‘Look at those black spots, these are the parts, flying … it was a blast … look, look, black smoke!’

As a pall of smoke was seen coming from the crash site, he wrote a triumphant war cry on Twitter, saying: ‘We warned you – do not fly in “our sky”.’

The Malaysia Airlines Boeing-777 was shot down Thursday, killing all 298 people aboard.
Shortly after the passenger plane was downed, Strelkov – seen smirking in propaganda photos – tweeted a boastful message claiming responsibility.

At the time, he apparently believed he had shot down an Antonov-26 military plane of the Ukrainian Air Force, saying it landed near a mine named Progress.

His chilling message read: ‘In the area Torez we just hit down An-26, it’s lying somewhere in the mine ‘Progress’.

‘We warned you – do not fly in ‘our sky’. And here is the video confirmation of the “bird dropping”.

‘Bird fell near the mine, the residential sector was not disturbed. Civilians are not injured.’

Later as the horror became clear, the tweet was deleted.

Strelkov, who minutes earlier had been boasting about his ‘military’ success, seems to have gone to ground once he realised his catastrophic mistake.

A man of mystery with at least three names, Strelkov believed by Ukraine to be a serving Russian colonel in the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) of the country’s army – a charge firmly denied by Moscow.

He commands pro-Russian forces now in control of Sloviansk in eastern Ukraine, but his enemies suspect he is a direct agent of the Kremlin.

“U.S. Embassies: World Wide Spy Platform
By Wayne Madsen -Via: Online Journal
With revelations that U.S. embassies in Oslo, Copenhagen, and Stockholm have carried out spying operations against the host citizens of Norway, Denmark, and Sweden from the respective embassies, comes news to WMR that the system carrying out the secret surveillance — the Security Incident Management Analysis System or SIMAS – not only also spies on citizens of the two Nordic partners of Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, namely Iceland and Finland, from U.S. embassies in Reykjavik and Helsinki, respectively, but spies on individuals from all U.S. embassies and consulates around the world — from Santiago, Chile, and Canberra, Australia, to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, to Maputo, Mozambique.
The Finnish paper, Helsingin Sanomat, is reporting that the Finnish Security Police (SUPO) has asked U.S. authorities about the activities of SIMAS in Helsinki. One nation that has adopted a sanguine reaction to the U.S. embassy spy program is Denmark, described by one intelligence insider as a “zone of control” for U.S. surveillance activities in Scandinavia. The cooperation between the U.S. and Denmark in surveillance operations began under Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen and it was one of the reasons he was rewarded by Washington with the job of Secretary General of NATO.
The Norwegian and Swedish governments have demanded answers to questions from U.S. authorities about SIMAS spying but State Department spokesman P. J. Crowley, a retired Air Force colonel who has historically been assigned by the CIA to oversee the Clintons, whether at the White House or, now, at the State Department, claimed that the government of Norway had been informed by the United States of SIMAS surveillance from a Surveillance Detection Unit (SDU) located in a building near the U.S. embassy in Oslo.

On November 4, Crowley was asked at a State Department press conference about his earlier statement that Norway had been informed about SIMAS. The question and answer session:
“Q . . . on Monday when I asked you, you said that the Norwegian Government was aware of these activities. They say they are not. So who’s lying here?”
A. “I’m, we, the security of our Embassy involves cooperation between our security officials and Norwegian security officials. Ill just stand by those words.”
Q. “But why have you hired a building outside Norwegian your Embassy in Norway, in Oslo, and filled it with Norwegian police officers and also Norwegian military officers?”
A. “That’s a better question to ask our Embassy. I haven’t been there in a while, so I can’t provide you any insight.”
Q. “But just to follow up. But both the State Department in Norway and also the Justice Department in Norway said they’re not aware that you have some activities outside your Embassy building. Why haven’t you informed the Norwegian Government?”

A. “Well, look, embassy diplomatic posts all over the world are ripe targets for a terrorist attack, whether they’re U.S. embassies, whether they are the embassies of other governments. It is right and proper that we would take appropriate steps to protect our diplomatic posts anywhere around the world, and we would expect any government to do the same, whether it’s somewhere over out overseas or here in the United States. So we have a program [SIMAS] where we look carefully to make to evaluate if we believe our Embassy is under observation and potentially under threat. We share that information across the United States Government. But as appropriate, we share that information with our host government partners. The essence of addressing this challenge which confronts the United States and other countries in the West is the very kind of intelligence cooperation and law enforcement cooperation that has been a hallmark of our alliances for a number of years. So how much the host nation government knows about specific activities, I can’t say. But everything that we do is fully consistent with our security arrangements that we have with any host nation government anywhere in the world, including Norway.”

Q. “Can I just follow up? Is there written agreements about this –”

A. “I can’t say. At this point, I would just defer further questions back to our Embassy in Norway.”

Media reports that U.S. embassy spying on civilians has been going on for the past 10 years, since 2000. A State Department Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) submitted on January 5, 2010, states “The Security Incident Management and Analysis System (SIMAS) is a worldwide Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS) web-based application, which serves as a repository for all suspicious activity and crime reporting from U.S. Diplomatic Missions abroad (all U.S. embassies and consulates). Department of State personnel, including Diplomatic Security personnel, regional security officers, and cleared foreign nationals, enter Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) into SIMAS as a central repository for all physical security incidents overseas. SIMAS Reports typically contain a detailed narrative description of the suspicious activity prompting the report, available suspicious person(s) and vehicle descriptors, and other identification data as may be available (e.g. photographs). Reports also indicate date, time and location of suspicious activity, and may include amplifying comments from relevant Bureau offices.”
In other words, SIMAS is global and, in some cases, cleared nationals of foreign nations have access to the SIMAS system. The State Department was recruiting local foreign nationals to work with SIMAS in Accra, Ghana; Bujumbura, Burundi; and Sydney, Australia. Even U.S. citizens abroad are subjected to being subjected to spying by SIMAS. The PIA also states: “SIMAS collects and maintains the following types of PII [personally-identifiable information]on members of the public, foreign nationals, U.S. government employees, and contractors who are identified as being directly or indirectly involved in or associated with suspicious activities and/or criminal allegations near USG property. All types of information may not be collected on each specific group of individuals. However, it may be possible for all forms of PII to be collected on an individual.”

Translating the government gobbledygook language, while SIMAS is not authorized to collect certain types of data on groups or individuals, when it comes to each individual, anything is fair game.
At the very least, SIMAS contains data on: gender, race, height, weight, eye color, skin tone, hair color, hair style, images, age or estimated age, body type (build), scars, marks, tattoos, name, address, date of birth, telephone number, father’s name, and mother’s name, citizenship status and Information.

SIMAS data is also shared with the Central Intelligence Agency, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Justice, Department of Agriculture, Department of Treasury, Department of Defense (including the National Security Agency), National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Department of Energy, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Department of Health and Human Services, the Capitol Police, and all other US embassies and consulates around the world.

Although the PIA states that SIMAS data is retained by the Diplomatic Security Bureau according to a set retention schedule and is not shared for purposes other than crime and terrorism prevention, the same cannot be said for the other agencies that access and retain SIMAS data, including the CIA, FBI, and NSA.

The State Department PIA concludes that “SIMAS has been designed to minimize risk to privacy data.” That is hard to believe considering the global access permitted to the system, as well as the fact that not only do a dozen or more U.S. agencies have access to the data but so also do foreign nationals.

So, if you are in Winnipeg or Warsaw, Lusaka or Lisbon, or Malabo or Paramaribo, and you stroll past the U.S. embassy or consulate, “smile, you’re on clandestine camera and now in the SIMAS database.”

“Department of State Magazine: National Visa Center The Department of State puts out a monthly publication highlighting work and stories of their teams. In the May issue, the support that Serco provides at the National Visa Center in Portsmouth New Hampshire is highlighted as the “Office of the Month”. Click here to read the clipping from magazine.”

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222
David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation
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