#2008: Marine Links Serco’s Red Switch Spot-Fixed Body Bags to London Company Ambush of Extortion 17

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco’s use of the Red Switch Network for spot fixing randomly-filled body bags at mass-casualty events, to certain investees of the London Company of Virginia and their alleged ambush of Extortion 17 – the Boeing CH-47 which crashed in Afghanistan on August 6, 2011.

McConnell claims that in 1994, former Serco CEO Chris Hyman began working with London Company of Virginia investees and members of White’s gaming club in London, including Nicholas Soames, David Cameron, Prince Charles and Tom Stacey, on the development of a White House Defense Red Switch Network for the spot fixing of body-bag counts at mass-casualty events.

Since 1994, McConnell’s Abel Danger research team has recognized Serco’s spot-fixed body-bag signature at a number of crimes scenes including the Murrah Building OKC on April 19, 1995 when 168 people were killed, including 19 children under age 6; at the WTC Twin Towers on 9/11 when about 3,000 people were killed including 343 members of the Fire Department of New York, and, Extortion 17 in Afghanistan on August 6, 2011 when 38 people were killed including 25 American special operations personnel, five United States Army National Guard and Army Reserve crewmen, seven Afghan commandos, and one Afghan interpreter (plus a working dog).

McConnell notes that the giveaway for Serco crimes involving the spot fixing of randomly-filled body-bag counts at mass casualty events, is that autopsies get bypassed, bungled or cancelled while Serco operatives override White House authority over the Defense Red Switch Network!

Corrections Corp of America – Felons plant or remove evidence, extort blue-team silence and hack the Defense Red Switch Network (DRSN) to override orders from legitimate commands;
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. – Equips cat-bond contract killers with semi-automatic pistols;
Alliant Techsystems Inc, (ATK) – Vaporizes evidence of contract hits with rocket-fuel arson;
Service Corp International – Destroys evidence of cat-bond hits in crematoria body bags;
White Mountains Insurance Group – Buffett cat-bond triggers – Fireman’s Fund contract hits.

McConnell suggests that families of victims should sue Serco and London Company operatives for damages in re the alleged wrongful death of people such as Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughan who appears to have died after a spot-fixing authority was relayed through the White House Defense Red Switch Network to specify the number (38) of randomly-filled body bags which should be brought back to the United States following the ambush of Extortion 17.

Prequel 1:
#2006: Marine Asks Quo Warranto Obama? In re Serco White House Override and Murder of Navy SEAL Vaughn

“Christopher Rajendran Hyman CBE (born 5 July 1963 in Durban, South Africa)[1] was Chief Executive of Serco Group plc from 2002 to October 2013.[2] … On graduation, he worked for Arthur Andersen. In 1989, he won an 18-month exchange with Ernst & Young in London, who employed him after four months.[1] Head hunted in 1994 by Serco, Hyman became European finance director, and in 1999 was made group finance director. [On Floor 47 of WTC#1 on 9/11 with the body-count operatives of Adjusters International!] In 2002, Hyman became chief executive.

Hyman was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in the 2010 Birthday Honours for services to business and charity.[3]

Hyman resigned from his role of Chief Executive of Serco on 25 October 2013 following allegations that Serco had overcharged government customers.[4]”

“Extortion 17 SEAL Team 6 Families Still Seek Justice & Answers
Larry Klayman March 4, 2014
Two and a half years after the tragic crash of a CH-47D Chinook helicopter in Afghanistan carrying 17 Navy SEALs, five Navy SEAL support, five National Guardsmen and three Air Force members on a mission named Extortion 17, the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform held a hearing originally designed to learn the causes of the crash.

By the time it was held, however, it had morphed into mostly just a testament to our fallen heroes. Among the dead on Extortion 17 were members of Navy SEAL Team VI, the force that masterfully killed Osama Bin Laden just 92 days before the fatal mission. It is thus no wonder that the Taliban – which had been alerted to their involvement in the death of bin Laden by Vice President Biden when he revealed their identities in the lead up to the 2008 presidential elections – viewed them as a rich and satisfying retaliatory target.

Among the questions several grieving family members had hoped would be answered by the congressional inquiry were:

Why the Obama administration disclosed the identity of SEAL Team VI after the death of Osama bin Laden, putting a target on the backs of the troops on Extortion 17 and their families.

Why the troops’ request of pre-assault fire was denied.

Why a less vulnerable helicopter was not used for the mission.

Why the “black box” of the helicopter was never found, with officials claiming an alleged flash flood.

Why seven Afghan commandos were substituted out within 30 minutes of the takeoff and why the seven Afghans’ identities who replaced the original Afghans are undisclosed.
Whether the Afghan commandos onboard compromised the crew of Extortion 17 as part of yet another example of Taliban infiltration and a green-on-blue attack.

Whether Afghan President Karzai “sold” the coordinates of Extortion 17 to the Taliban to get something in exchange.

Why a Muslim cleric at a ramp ceremony was allowed to damn the fallen soldiers to hell as infidels for not believing in Allah.

Why some of the family members were told that their sons had to be cremated when, after requesting autopsy reports, they discovered their sons to be completely intact?
One can view the entire hearing on C-SPAN.

Regrettably, few of these questions were answered at the hearing. A statement by one of the coached witnesses produced by Obama’s military establishment testified that a post-crash investigation avoided questioning any Afghan military personnel. Our clients believe that the mission was indeed compromised by the Afghans who were inexplicably switched out 30 minutes before Extortion 17 took off. Given the number of green-on-blue attacks, whereby our Afghan “allies” turn on our servicemen and kill or wound them intentionally, it is likely Extortion 17 was set up. See “Pentagon official defends ill-fated SEAL mission.”

Of the five witnesses present at the hearing, including political appointee Garry Reid, the principal deputy assistant secretary of defense, four were strictly involved in mortuary affairs. In fact, a few of them had only been in his position for a year or two. As emphatically pointed out by the one congressman who showed some desire to learn the truth, John Mica from my home state of Florida, the military brass who could have been put on the carpet to tell the truth were conspicuously not called to testify. And, as for our clients, some of the families of our fallen heroes were barred from testifying after being promised they could have their say.

Notwithstanding the other unanswered questions, a real investigation into the possibility of Afghan complicity cannot be avoided. It is possible that the corrupt president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, sold out our best and brightest to placate the Taliban. Recently, Karzai has secretly met with the Taliban in an attempt to negotiate behind the backs of the U.S. and other allies. It is also more than likely that Karzai financially benefited from any such “transaction,” as he is a notorious criminal who has stashed away in various foreign banks boatloads of money, gained from misappropriating and stealing American and other assets and monies.

At the outset of the hearing, Sub-Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz addressed the families, many of whom attended the hearing with me, by saying that one of its purposes was to dispel the “myths” about the fatal crash of Extortion 17. Regrettably, the only myth that was dispelled is that Congress had the ability and fortitude to take on a corrupt military establishment that is running interference for the commander in chief, Barack Hussein Obama, whose rules of engagement facilitated the deaths of the crew of Extortion 17. These rules of engagement barred pre-assault fire on the mission and thus prevented the crew from engaging the enemy before it engaged them. In short, these rules of engagement put the protection and well-being of Muslim insurgents and the civilian Islamic population, which the terrorists use as human shields, before our own troops.

While the families are grateful to the committee and Rep. Chaffetz for holding a hearing, it did not produce the necessary answers to their questions. It was instead rife with Obama Defense Department lies and prevarication. The families now must seek justice for their sons by filing suit to hold Karzai, his terrorist-dominated country, the Taliban and Iran, which pays bounties for U.S. servicemen killed in the war, accountable and to bring justice and closure to this catastrophe.
*Get the details in BETRAYED – The Shocking True Story Of Extortion 17 As Told By A Navy SEAL’s Father

Read more at http://freedomoutpost.com/2014/03/extortion-17-seal-team-6-families-still-seek-justice-answers/#rQpoMAHGf5xCxJd1.99

“White’s is a gentleman’s club in St James’s Street, London. It is the oldest and most exclusive gentleman’s club in London.[1][2] It gained a reputation in the 18th century for both its exclusivity and the often raffish behaviour of its members. Notable current members include Charles, Prince of Wales, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Conrad Black and Tom Stacey. British Prime Minister David Cameron was formerly a member for fifteen years but resigned in 2008, despite his father Ian Cameron having previously been the club’s chairman, over the club’s refusal to admit women.[3][4][5][6][7] White’s continues to be a men-only establishment; the only exception being made during a visit by Queen Elizabeth II in 1991.[7] White’s is a member of the Association of London Clubs.[8] …

The club was originally established at 4 Chesterfield Street, off Curzon Street in Mayfair, in 1693 by an Italian immigrant named Francesco Bianco as a hot chocolate emporium under the name Mrs. White’s Chocolate House. Tickets were sold to the productions at King’s Theatre and Royal Drury Lane Theatre as a side-business. White’s quickly made the transition from teashop to exclusive club and in the early 18th century, White’s was notorious as a gambling house and those who frequented it were known as “the gamesters of White’s.” Jonathan Swift referred to White’s as the “bane of half the English nobility.”[9]

In 1778 it moved to 37-38 St James’s Street. From 1783 it was the unofficial headquarters of the Tory party, while the Whigs’ club Brooks’s was just down the road. A few apolitical and affable gentlemen managed to belong to both. The new architecture featured a bow window on the ground floor. In the later 18th century, the table directly in front of it became a seat of privilege, the throne of the most socially influential men in the club. This belonged to the arbiter elegantiarum, Beau Brummell, until he removed to the Continent in 1816, when Lord Alvanley took the place of honour. It was here that Alvanley bet a friend £3,000 as to which of two raindrops would first reach the bottom of a pane of the bow window. It is not recorded whether he won his bet.[7]

This was not the most eccentric bet in White’s famous betting book. Some of those entries were on sports, but more often on political developments, especially during the chaotic years of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars. A good many were social bets, such as whether a friend would marry this year, or whom.

Despite the club’s refusal to admit women as members, one of its best known chefs from the early 1900s was Rosa Lewis,[10] a model for the central character in the BBC television series The Duchess of Duke Street.[11]

Prince Charles held his stag night at the club before his wedding to Lady Diana Spencer in 1981.[7]”

“You see Watson but you do not observe”

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation

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