#2005: Marine Links Serco’s White House Override to Extortion Red Switch 17

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco’s apparent development of a Pentagon C4I facility to override the White House incumbent’s orders, to an alleged use of the Defense Red Switch Network (DRSN) to authorize the ignition of rocket-fuel bombs on Extortion 17 – the call sign for the aged non-specialized Boeing CH-47 which crashed in Wardak province, Afghanistan killing 30 Americans and 7 Afghans on August 6, 2011.

McConnell claims Serco director and former NSA Intelligence Director Maureen Baginski began working with London Company of Virginia investees in 1994 on the development of a Pentagon C4I-DRSN facility which would allow them to override White House orders and spot fix body counts at crime scenes associated with catastrophe bond (a.k.a. cat bond) insurance frauds.

McConnell believes Baginski and London Co founder Stephen M. Goddard used a no-autopsy body-bag and DRSN override strategy for the Murrah Building (OKC) bombs of April 19, 1995.

London Co investees with crime-scene access to Serco Defense Red Switch Network

Corrections Corp of America – Felons plant or remove evidence, extort blue-team silence and hack the Defense Red Switch Network (DRSN) to override orders from legitimate commands;
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. – Equips cat-bond contract killers with semi-automatic pistols;
Alliant Techsystems Inc, (ATK) – Vaporizes evidence of contract hits with rocket-fuel arson;
Service Corp International – Destroys evidence of cat-bond hits in crematoria body bags;
White Mountains Insurance Group – Buffett cat-bond triggers – Fireman’s Fund contract hits.

McConnell will encourage the families of victims to sue Maureen Baginski and Stephen Goddard and their Serco and London Company colleagues for damages in re the wrongful deaths which allegedly resulting from a bogus, overridden authority – tied to the White House incumbent and relayed over the Pentagon’s Defense Red Switch Network – to destroy Extortion 17 with rocket-fueled incendiaries and kill everyone on board.

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#2004: Marine Links Serco Crime-Scene DSN to London Co Virginia and DeConto Body Bag

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Serco’s Air Force Solutions

TrentoVision 5.9.13 – Navy SEAL Extortion 17 EXPOSED – Obama Failures

“On 6 August 2011, a U.S. Boeing CH-47 Chinook military helicopter, call sign Extortion 17, was shot down while transporting a quick reaction force attempting to reinforce an engaged unit of Army Rangers in Wardak province, west of Kabul, Afghanistan.[6][7] The resulting crash killed all 38 people on board—25 American special operations personnel, five United States Army National Guard and Army Reserve crewmen, seven Afghan commandos, and one Afghan interpreter—as well as a U.S. military working dog.[8][9][10][11] It is considered the worst loss of U.S Military life in a single incident in the Afghanistan campaign, surpassing Operation Red Wings in 2005 (Note: during Operation Red Wings, on 28 June 2005, a Chinook helicopter carrying a U.S. Navy SEAL team was shot down by a RPG round as it attempted to extract U.S. troops on the ground).[12]”

“Virginia Funeral Home Allegedly Abuses Bodies of Arlington-Bound Veterans

Service Corporation International
[London Company of Virginia investee] facility accused of letting bodies rot in unrefrigerated storage

04/05/2009 | ConsumerAffairs
By Truman Lewis

A former reporter and bureau chief for broadcast outlets and … Read Full Bio→
Email Truman Lewis Phone: 866-773-0221

The bodies of veterans headed for burial at Arlington National Cemetery were often left to rot in unrefrigerated garages and hallways of a Northern Virginia funeral home operated by Houston-based Service Corporation International (SCI), the nation’s largest chain of funeral homes, The Washington Post reported.

National Funeral Home in Falls Church, Va., acts as a regional clearing house for four other SCI-owned funeral homes in Virginia and Maryland. The facility is so overwhelmed that bodies brought there for embalming, cosmetic treatment and storage are often stacked and left in hallways, unrefrigerated storage rooms, a garage and other inappropriate storage areas, according to a former employee who complained to state officials and reporters.

Former trooper Steven Napper complained for months to his employers about conditions at the funeral home. He documented his complaints with photos and detailed notes, eventually turning to state authorities and the Post when SCI failed to act, the newspaper reports said.

Napper said that at times, as many as 200 leaking, decomposing corpses were left in makeshift quarters, an account substantiated by the son of a retired Army colonel who insisted on accompanying his deceased father’s corpse to the funeral home.
Ronald Federici, 53, a child neuropsychologist, said he followed a removal van carrying his father’s body and was surprised by the “horrific stench” of decomposition that wafted out from a garage door behind the funeral home.

“Bodies were lying buck naked all over the place. There was no dignity whatsoever. It was disgusting, degrading and humiliating,” Federici told the Post.

The driver of the van Federici followed was Keith Stringfield, 36, a licensed funeral director. Stringfield told the Post he and other drivers were instructed to leave bodies in the garage if the coolers were full. Stringfield said he has spoken to state investigators about conditions at the facility.

“You don’t leave a body uncovered. You don’t let a body leak. You don’t leave a body on a stretcher in the garage,” Stringfield said in thePost report.

Arlington National Cemetery refuses to accept coffins for burial if they are emitting an odor or leaking fluids, but Napper said the funeral home got around the problem by covering bodies with an industrial-strength deodorant. What was happening “just wasn’t right,” said Napper, who has since found a job at a locally-owned funeral home.

A spokeswoman for the Virginia Board of Funeral Directors said the agency could not confirm that it was conducting an investigation and could not discuss specific allegations.

It would not be the first state investigation of the facility. In June 2008, it was cited for keeping inadequate records and an unsanitary preparation room, and for operating without a license or manager, according to the Virginia Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers’ Web site. The funeral home was fined $13,000 and placed on probation for three years.

An SCI spokesman said the company’s policies call for the “highest standards and professional behavior” and “would not tolerate” the kind of behavior Napper and others described.

In a 2001 class action lawsuit in Florida, relatives of three people buried in Jewish cemeteries accused SCI of desecrating remains — breaking open burial vaults and dumping the contents in the woods, crushing vaults to make room for others, mixing body parts from different individuals and digging up and reburying remains in locations other than the plots purchased.

The lawyer handling the case for the families, Neal Hirschfeld, said he had heard from hundreds of other families who were concerned about their deceased relatives’ treatment in five South Florida cemeteries controlled by SCI.

“We’ve already heard from more than 500 other families who are wondering what might have happened to their loved ones,” Mr. Hirschfeld told The New York Times. “It’s hard to describe how painful and difficult it has been for families to hear that they scooped up remnants of people whose spaces they needed and tossed them in the woods.”
In one case cited in the lawsuit, a former gravedigger at a West Palm Beach SCI cemetery said he had been told to dig up the grave of Hyman Cohen and to throw anything he dug up in the woods in back of the cemetery. Among the remains found in the woods have been bones, a burial shroud and a Star of David necklace. The plot was then used for the burial of Frances Gold, the gravedigger said.

The lawsuit was blamed for the apparent suicide of an SCI funeral home manager, Peter Hartmann, 45, found slumped over in his company-owned car in his parents’ garage in December 2001. Hartmann’s wife said he was distraught over the lawsuit and the alleged mishandling of remains by his employer.

Decreased competition

In 1999, SCI agreed to sell three of its Jewish funeral homes in New York City after the state attorney general charged that the company dominated the market for Jewish funeral services.

SCI had been acquiring independently owned Jewish funeral parlors in the city for nearly 30 years, and as competition has decreased because of its acquisitions, has been charging higher fees for services and caskets, then-attorney general Eliot Spitzer said.

“It’s difficult enough to bury a loved one without having to pay unfairly high prices on top of it,” Spitzer said.

Founded in 1962, SCI operates 1,500 funeral homes and 400 cemeteries in 46 states, eight Canadian provinces and Pureto Rico. Its Web site boasts of “robust cash flows” that it says have enabled the company to provide “North America’s finest death care services.””

“My Morning at Arlington Cemetery with the men of Extortion 17…By Fred Brownbill
by Fred Brownbill on May 18, 2014 in Activists, Constitution Legal Watch, Military affairs.


Saturday, May 17th, 2014 dawned as a beautiful day in our Nations’ Capital, Washington DC. A lot was happening there. I had attended the historic Operation American Spring the day before with Colonel H Riley and it was about to enter Day 2 and a much larger crowd was expected and in fact materialized. I had one thing on my mind though and that was a visit to Arlington Cemetary. I needed to do something I had to do, infact had needed to do for about two years, and that was to visit the graves of the 16 SEALs killed in Extortion 17 on August 6th, 2011 in Afghanistan. Their final resting place is in Section 60.

Entrance to Arlington National Cemetary

I arrived and parked my rental car and walked through the entrance. A great feeling of deep, inner peace came over me as I exited the welcome center and stepped onto the Nations’ most hallowed ground, but it was to be short lived. The sun was beaming down strongly as I took the long walk to section 60. The heat was not enough though to dry out the wet ground and my shoes were soon covered in that light brown mud but I will not clean it off. There were many people meandering around. Some sat in deck chairs at a grave site of a family member, lost in their dreams and memories. Others were crying quietly, hugging one another, remembering better and happier times. Others were just walking, looking shocked at the vast number of grave stones that just appeared to go on for miles and miles. Others in a state of amazement at the beauty that is Arlington.

view behind the extortion 17 grave stones.

Upon reaching the correct section I made my way towards the front and eventually found that which I was looking for seven rows in. I started to read the tombstones and looked down the row from left to right, counting out the 16 I wanted to visit. A huge blackness, sadness came over me as I knew I was looking at the graves of real American heroes, each and every one of them. I knelt down at the first stone which mentioned the Extortion 17 with the words: ” HERE LIE THE MEN OF EXTORTION 17, BELOVED FATHERS, HUSBANDS, BROTHERS AND SONS.” Tears began to well up and soon were pouring freely down my cheeks. The memory of the brothers I lost in the Rhodesian Terrorist War I fought in for 7 years from 1973 to 1980, came down and images of the many faces I had not seen for so many years appeared as if by magic to me. I felt some measure of guilt that I was here and they were gone, killed by an enemy of the same political bent that I was fighting once more, only here in my new adoptive Country, America. My brothers in arms did not have an Arlington, in fact they lay in a land now renamed Zimbabwe, a Marxist, corrupt country run by a man almost as evil as Barack Hussein Obama, where their sacrifice was in vain, with all their relatives probably now residing in countries all over the world, the graves unkept, unloved and unattended.

Some of you, hopefully very few, will be asking, “What is or was Extortion 17?” Extortion 17 was the call sign of an aged, non specialized Boeing CH-47 that was provided to a team of Level 1 Assetts. 30 Americans were crowded onto that chopper plus seven Afghans who were put on, unrecorded and known, at the last minute. You have to understand that the Taliban has infiltrated the Afghanistan National Army and accounted for approximately 25% of its number. The chances that these seven late add on Afghan Army soldiers were enemy combatants was therefore high. Having said that our warriors including 16 SEALs, hurried on board, understanding that the risks were higher than normal in their line of work, but nothing, even the threat of certain imminent death, would stop them from hurrying to the rescue of their Spec-Ops Army Ranger Brothers in Arms who had been involved in an intense three hour gun battle against the Taliban at a village where a suspected high ranking al Qaeda terrorist was holed up in the mountainous region of that desolate, cruel, prehistoric land. The Americans were tasked to arrest this man and bring him in alive. The Chinook, with our men on, was being covered by two Apache attack helicopters which were refused permission to fire upon the many men with weapons seen running out to attack the Chinook because there was a possibility that so called innocent civilians may be hurt.

(We also know that Vice President Joe Biden outed SEAL Team 6 a few months prior after the apparent capture and death of Osama Bin Laden May 6th. Central Intelligence Agency Director Leon Panetta and this cowardly, disgusting, treasonous Administration led by a fellow Kenyan Muslim, usurper Barack Hussein Obama, thought this would garner them some good will from an American Public. What it did was place every member of that highly specialized and up to that moment secretive Team and their family at risk. It is known that one of the members, Aaron Vaughn, told his family to remove all traces of SEAL news and him from their Social Media and to tell other families to do the same. They had all just become targets thanks to this Obama Administration and their loose tongues and selfish desires of self glory, self-adoration and greed.)

That fateful night, August 6th, 2011, a date that should be remembered by every American, that unprotected old CH-46 was ambushed by Taliban terrorists using threeRPG (Rocket Propelled Grenades), exploding and crashing to the ground killing 30 American soldiers and some Afghans. This was the largest, single loss of life for the Navy SEALs and in the Afghan war to that date. The enemy knew they were coming, they knew the helicopter was unprotected without the specialized equipment and advanced weaponry that the choppers that normally carry our top tier warriors had, and knew it was vulnerable. These al Qaeda terrorists knew our ROEs and deliberately use civilan positions to shoot at American troops, knowing that they cannot shoot back. It is treason America, and this and the other deaths are murder. Murder by this Administration and their crazy foreign military policies and ROEs.

A Chinook similar to that shot down in Afghanistans that fateful day.

I hold every single member of this sick, evil, corrupt, Marxist, Islamic loving Obama Administration responsible for this tragedy.

It was announced by the Administration that all bodies were to be cremated as they were unrecognizable, although pictures taken at the site and viewd by the families showed bodies perfectly recognizable, one even still holding his weapon. WHY? Further signs to me of a cover up by this Administration.

The next thing that families of these brave young American warriors had to deal with was the transfer of 8 caskets from Afghanistan to Dover, Delaware, cloaked in the flag of theIslamic Republic of Afghanistan as opposed to the stars and stripes. Why would this happen? Ask yourselves as I have many times and I cannot come up with any other answer than political correctness, dictated by this Administration, to make it look like Afghanistan cared and to somehow promote Islam as a main stream religion as ooposed to what it actually is, an evil cult of putrid hate. It was outrageous, absolutely outrageous and heads should have rolled that day of anyone involved in that decision. We should never, ever, in a million years, ever treat our military heroes in such a disgusting, callous fashion.

The parents of the SEAL team members murdered were invited to a briefing on the disaster that was Extortion 17 and one of the many questions asked by the berieved family members was why on earth had the massive amount of fire power not been directed at the village where the al Qaeda terrorists were knowingly hiding and they had not been blown to pieces. The three-star Admiral, Robert Harward, a lackey of the Obama Administration, looking them unblinkingly in the eyes, explained that a drone strike or similar was not used because, “we need to win their hearts and minds of the Afghan peoples.” Seriously, this was from a three star Admiral whose service had just suffered such huge, irreplaceable losses.

The Rules of Engagement (ROE) put in place by this Administration was and still are a death sentence to our military and unless changed, we will continue losing the lives of our fine serving men and women. They are in place for a specific reason. Obama does not want our men and women to win, period. These ROE include the restrictive and life-threatening counterinsurgency (COIN) rules of engagement policy changes made early on in 2009 after Obama took power in a flurry of election fraud, that tied the hands of our brave warriors and forms of political correctness supported by the new look, weak, liberal and progressive, pathetic and some (me) say treasonous, spineless, politically motivated military brass. Many losses in Afghanistan and other areas of combat where American troops are involved can be directly shown to be a result of these crazy ROEs.

I left Arlington that afternoon after several more hours of looking around, reading grave stones and after visiting the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior. I was humbled, sad, overcome with emotion but proud that I have known and fought alongside men, many like the inhabitants of that hallowed ground and have been fortunate and honored enough to know several Navy SEALs I can call friends and other fine American warriors, whose names are legendary among the Spec Ops world, like Army Ranger Hall of Fame members Mad Max Mullen and Gary L O’Neal, two close friends, members and supporters of the Save America Foundation.

Mad Max Mullen and my wife Marty at the annual Ranger Hall of Fame induction, 2013.

Gary L O’Neal. Army Ranger Hall of Fame member, special ops legend.
God Bless America and to those warriors killed in these actions I say, “Thank you for your service men, your tour of duty is complete and others stand ready and willing to take up the load and walk in your path. America will never forget you or stop loving you. Your bravery will forever be an example to others and your love of America was obvious.”
My Opinion America, Fred Brownbill.”

“Job: Network Engineer II NC50095752

This posting has expired and is no longer available.
Job Description
Functional Area:
Operations & Maintenance


Serco North America is looking for an Engineer/Technician for the Red Switch at the Pentagon in Washington DC. The Defense Red Switch Network (DRSN) is a secure/non-secure conferencing network that provides mission critical voice and data communications for operational commands, senior level DoD and Office of the Secretary of Defense leadership to plan and implement wartime and peacetime operations. The work center is responsible for maintaining the DRSN and its sub-systems on a 24/7 basis with rotating shifts. DRSN support will cover overall maintenance tracking and reporting outage isolation responsibilities at Pentagon and remote locations; switch operation and administration; scheduled, unscheduled, corrective maintenance, fault isolation and restoration at remote locations; DRSN telephone installations, relocations, removals and replacements; all DRSN cryptographic device configurations, operation and maintenance; system and office upgrades; and system accreditation for all IAW DISA guidance and technical manuals.

Job Description:

•Position requires an active TS/SCI security clearance

•High School or equivalent with 8 to 10 years of general experience or 2 to 4 years with accredited undergraduate college degree
•Completion of ESI SDS and/or RSU Switch or a Digital Small Switch (DSS) maintenance training certification is preferred
•Strong customer relations skills and overall communications skills are mandatory
•O&M or engineering experience with DRSN systems in particular is highly desirable
•Cryptographic training in KG-194, 94, 84, 81 and KIV-7 highly desirable
•Experience with test equipment such as: Fireberd test units, oscilloscopes and multimeters are desirable
•Will also consider candidates with applicable Tech Control, SATCOM, Wide Band and Circuit experience

Serco is an equal opportunity/affirmative

Required Skills and Experience:

2+ to 5 Years
4 Year Degree

Employment Type: Full time

Job ID: 50095752

Serco Inc. is a leading provider of professional, technology and management services focused on the federal government. We advise, design, integrate and deliver solutions that transform how clients achieve their missions. Our customer-first approach, robust portfolio of services and global experience enable us to respond with solutions that achieve outcomes with value. Headquartered in Reston, VA, Serco Inc. has approximately 9,000 employees with annual revenue of $1.5 billion and is part of a $6.6 billion global business that helps transform government and public services around the world.

Serco recognizes that our employees are our most valuable asset. Our successes directly relate to our employees. At Serco, we listen, respect and support our employees and through continuous training, development and information-sharing, we advance talent internally, enhancing career growth and progression which enables not only our employees to excel but enables our customers to excel as well. Our employees personally can make a difference. It is not just a job at Serco; at Serco, we offer career opportunities. We invite you to become part of our dynamic team”

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation

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