Ted Cruz for what?

03 May 2014 | angrymanspeaks

You know. I don’t care if you are Black or Asian or Muslim or Gay or what or who you are, as long as you own it.

I do prefer those guys who just say “I’m gay” to those who attempt to hide it behind an uber-masculine persona or conservative presidential run….

I knew a guy once who claimed he was half-Arab. Everyone knew his father was a black guy called “Stretch” who lived round the block. His mom never tried to hide it. But he insisted that his dad was an Arab from Lebanon.

I always pitied this guy because he wasn’t proud of who and what his father was. He had to live with his lies and the shame of denying his father all his life to be able to maintain that charade. His grandmother encouraged it and backed up his lies as well.

What that must do to a person inside I don’t wish to contemplate, but I am sure it isn’t good. It must warp one’s sense of perspective and make you doubt yourself all the time.

The thing is that I can respect anyone who respects themselves, but I can never respect a person who tries to pretend to be what they are not because they believe themselves, that what they are, is something to be ashamed of.

I don’t wish to be, or see my country be, a victim of Ted Cruz’s self-loathing. Give me a good honest gay man who knows who he is and wants to increase the freedom of Americans. Ted is living in a make-believe world, where nobody will notice that he stands against his own nature by his repulsive dedication to the very people who would see gay people persecuted and who consistently chose to publicly ridicule those people and disenfranchise them.

There is nothing that says “presidential material” about a man who can’t even come to terms with his own sexuality.

There is nothing that says “presidential material” about a hypocrite.

I find Ted Cruz no more palatable than I found Herman Cain or Michele Bachmann or Marco Rubio.

Each is a person who has turned away from their own heritage and their own people, to form an affiliation with a Republican Party openly dedicated to the oppression and disenfranchising of those who are just like they are.

Ted Cruz may even be a double offender. Hispanic (ish) and gay.

People of such low character have brought down the walls of great cities.

What might they do to a nation already embattled over such questions?



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