#1863: Marine Links Mycroft MI-3 to Clinton Common Purpose Body Bags, Serco Benghazi, Sandy Hook Tags

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Mycroft Warrants issued to agents of the MI-3 Innholders Livery Company, to the Hillary Clinton operatives who apparently used Common Purpose body bags to remove Serco-tagged bodies from the September 2012 crime scenes associated with the Arkancidal murders of American citizens in Benghazi and the lone-gunman killing of children and teachers at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown CT.

McConnell recognizes a Mycroft Warrant as a writ issued by a competent but blackmailed or extorted officer, usually a judge or magistrate, who permits an otherwise illegal act (such as the spoliation of evidence at crime scene investigations, or, the omission of autopsies which might expose pedophiles’ murder-for-hire, or, the tracking of blackmailers in pre-positioned triage teams) and affords the person executing the writ protection from damages if the act is performed.

MI-3 = Kristine Marcy (sister) + Norman Inkster + Interpol + Intrepid (William Stephenson)

McConnell claims Serco root companies extorted Mycroft warrants from the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) and used a GMT-based telegraph call center in London’s Langham Hotel to blackmail pedophile Innholder guests in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States.

McConnell notes that whilst Serco’s pedophile blackmailers have controlled prison/hotel-based crime scenes for centuries, the 90’s integration of MI-3 Mycroft warrants, Serco tags and Common Purpose un-autopsied body bags required the criminal collaboration of his sister Kristine “Con Air” Marcy, Cressida “Common Purpose” Dick and Hillary “Travelgate” Clinton.

McConnell claims that in September 2010, Serco director Maureen Baginski and Clinton used Mycroft Warrants to authorize the use of Common Purpose body bags and triage tags which allowed MI-3 Innholders to bypass autopsies and return sanitized bodies to loved ones for burial.

McConnell invites key word Googlers to read excerpts below and ask why “The List of Sherlock Innholders – The Wrist That Didn’t Bleed” book has a new title at https://abeldanger.blogspot.com/

Prequel 1:
#1862: Marine Links Mycroft MI-3 Dick to Serco’s Gareth Williams Fairmont Tag and the Common Purpose Body Bag

Michael Savage: Ambassador Stevens Raped and Sodomized Before Murder.

Sandy Hook Massacre A CLOSER LOOK

Hillary Clinton, Benghazi “What’s The Difference?” Four Dead Americans

On the night of September 11, 2012, a heavily armed group of between 125 and 150 gunmen attacked the American diplomatic mission at Benghazi, in Libya, killing U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and another diplomat.[6] Several hours later in the early morning of the next day, a second assault targeted a nearby CIAannex in a different compound about one mile away, killing two embassy security personnel. Ten others were injured in the attacks which were strongly condemned by the governments of Libya, the United States, and many other countries throughout the world.

Many Libyans praised the late ambassador and staged public demonstrations against the militias that had formed during the civil war to oppose leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.[7][8][9] The Libyan government also began attempts to disband many of the groups.[10]The United States increased security worldwide at various diplomatic and military facilities and began investigating the attack.[11][12]
At various times between September 11 and 17, eight other diplomatic missions in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe were subject to protests and violent attacks in response to an inflammatory video, Innocence of Muslims. The role of the video in the Benghazi attack quickly became an ongoing matter of dispute in the American political arena. Initially, it was reported[13] that the Benghazi attack emerged from a spontaneous protest against the video. Subsequent investigations by the U.S. State Department; by the House of Representatives committees on Armed Services,Foreign AffairsIntelligencethe Judiciary, and Oversight and Government Reform; and by the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence determined that there was no protest and that the attack was a planned terrorist attack launched by Islamist militants.

The debate over the events before, during, and after the attack featured heavily in the 2012 US Presidential election. In the following months, several congressional and administrative investigations were launched, some of which are still currently ongoing, and the topic remains a matter of great controversy, including the CIA‘s presence and role at the diplomatic mission.

On August 6, 2013, it was reported that the U.S. had filed criminal charges against several individuals, including militia leader Ahmed Abu Khattala, for alleged involvement in the attacks.[14] To date, a few arrests have been made (none by the FBI); as of January 2014, no one has yet been prosecuted.”

Officials instructed Benghazi hospital to list Stevens as “John Doe”
 U.S. officials gave instructions for Benghazi Medical Center to use a “John Doe” pseudonym on the death certificate of Ambassador Christopher Stevens after he died of asphyxiation in the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attacks on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya. That’s according to a U.S. official speaking on condition of anonymity because the official isn’t authorized to speak publicly on the matter. The reason for the pseudonym, says the official, was to avoid drawing undue attention to the importance of the victim as Americans rushed to figure out how to recover Stevens’ body and return it to the U.S.

The official provided the most complete accounting yet of Stevens’ whereabouts and passing in the eight and a half months since his death.

According to the official, U.S. officials aren’t certain to this day whether Stevens was still alive when local Libyans made cell phone video recordings of his body being carried or dragged from the U.S. mission, possibly by looters. And they still don’t know exactly who transported him to the Benghazi Medical Center where they say medical personnel attempted resuscitation, unsuccessfully, for about 40 minutes (90 minutes, according to published accounts from a Libyan doctor). When pieced together with previously provided information, this is how the search for Stevens is said to have unfolded, according to the official:

On Tuesday, Sept. 11, around the 10 p.m. hour (4 p.m. ET), State Department Information Officer Sean Smith’s body had been pulled from the burned out U.S. mission, but nobody was able to locate Stevens in the smoky building. In the 11 p.m. hour (5 p.m. ET), a group of Libyans, possibly looters, found Stevens and pulled him out of the U.S. mission. Somebody transported him to Benghazi Medical Center where CPR was attempted. Initially, it’s believed that doctors did not know who Stevens was. An unidentified man speaking Arabic used a cell phone Stevens had in his possession to call the U.S. embassy in Tripoli (the number was programmed into the phone). He seemed to want Americans to come to the hospital to retrieve Stevens, but U.S. officials were suspicious. The hospital was known to be under the influence of hostile militia and Embassy officials sensed a possible trap, so they opted not to attempt to send a U.S. rescue team now waiting at Benghazi’s airport.

A familiar local to whom Americans refer as “Babakar” sent word to the U.S. embassy that Stevens had, indeed, passed away. Babakar sent some of his associates to recover Stevens’ body at the hospital. When hospital officials asked what name should be entered on the death certificate, U.S. officials relayed the message to use “John Doe.” Babakar’s associates eventually transported Stevens’ body to the airport where it was turned over to Americans.

Stevens’ body was flown from Benghazi to Tripoli, Libya’s capital the morning of Wednesday, Sept. 12 and President Obama was informed of the Ambassador’s death. That night, a C-17 military aircraft carrying Stevens’ body and three other American victims arrived in Ramstein, Germany. On Friday, Sept. 14, the victims’ bodies arrived in the U.S. at Andrews Air Force base for a ceremony. Stevens’ body was then taken to an FBI facility in Dover, Del., for an autopsy which revealed he died of asphyxia, presumably from smoke inhalation. Officials found no internal damage, no indication of assault and no mistreatment of his body. Stevens was then transported to a funeral home on Saturday, Sept. 15 and cremated, at his family’s request.

© 2013 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.”

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014 | Posted by Harold Saive
Sandy Hook Gun Grab Scandal Breaks Wide Open Under New Investigation
Added 2/26/2014:  BREAKING: Social Security Records Show No Deaths in Alleged Sandy Hook Massacre.  Manual search of the Social Security Death master file lists reveals no deaths and no victims in the alleged Sandy Hook murders  *** Continue
By Harold Saive and Wolfgang Halbig – 2/25/2014
Just this morning, I received a call from the National Rifle Assocition (NRA) asking for my support to protect assaults on the second amendment of the US Constitution.

Aware that my remarks were recorded for “quality control”, I responded that my willingness to donate is based on the NRA’s tangible support of Wolfgang Halbig in his quest to demand justice in the coverup of the alleged Sandy Hook shooting.
I continued:

“With all the evidence available, we need to know why the NRA decided to cave on their duty to actively challenge the government’s story through demanding a prompt investigation of dubious events. It should be no secret to the NRA that the alleged Sandy Hook massacre is being used as a pretext to federal gun-grab legislation. Failure to protect their membership and the American people on this probable contrived event is a betrayal to those members who pay dues and rely on the NRA to protect the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution.”

Corporate media and their army of pseudo-journalists began selling the public on the tragedy of the mass shooting committed by yet, another lone gunman – this time at Sandy Hook elementary school on Dec 14, 2012.

But as time goes by, inconsistencies including numerous instances of foreknowledge continue to create a mountain of doubt. Growing public skepticism combined with earned trust by non-corporate, alternative media is the most likely reason the FBI has now “classified” evidence in the shooting. The act of classifying evidence is designed to provide a fire-wall of secrecy and FOIA denials to effectively “cover-up” incriminating details that could send many officials to jail.

The answer to one important question is now subject to cover-up by virtue of being “classified”:

“What are the names of the police who pronounced the children dead at the scene before licensed physicians and personnel, authorized to make such decisions, had a chance to examine the victims?”

A New Investigator, Wolfgang Halbig is determined to break the silence on the Sandy Hook Coverup.

His credentials and involvement in school tragedies qualifies him to help lead us to the truth.

Law enforcement: Florida State Trooper, US Customs Agent.

Education: teacher, assistant principal, principal.

Current school safety expert. Trained key personnel at over 4,000 US school districts, and over 3,500 school safety officers.

Halbig’s conclusion after ten months of motivated investigation:

“In my professional opinion, Sandy Hook was a scripted event… in planning for maybe two, two and a half years.”

The case for exposing the critical irregularities around the events of the alleged Sandy Hook shooting massacre are gaining national attention.

Halbig interviewd on Infowars Feb 20th, 2014
vimeo – Veterans Today – 

Efforts to silence Halbig were launched by plain clothes sheriff detectives from Lake County, Florida who visited him in December, 2012.

Citing no authority, they threatened him with criminal charges out of Connecticut if he didn’t stop “harassing” public officials with repeated phone calls and FOIA requests.

Halbig is demanding subpeona and/or arrest of leaders involved in Sandy Hook based on questions that reveal serious transgressions of procedure, ethics and law.

His FACEBOOK PAGE is a platform for pubic exchange with more questions raised every day.

Halbig: I must share with you that I pray to God everyday for the sake of my grandchildren that I am wrong about the Sandy Hook School Shooting Massacre on Dec 14, 2012.

But when you have two plain cloth Homicide Detectives show up at my home and threatend me by telling me that the CT State Police will have me arrested if I do not stop asking questions about the Sandy Hook Shooting it changed everything for me and my family.

Once we get the truth about just the first 16 questions I will go away and live out my retirement in peace.

They started it. As they say let the game begin.

Feb 25, 2014 – Good morning everyone and now lets look at two more huge questions that hopefully someone helping to solve this puzzle might have. If you do please let me and all of us know. You must stay focused on the 16 questions not 911 or Boston that is what they the government is counting on. They want this country to be fragmented because if they can keep us divided then they control us.

Sandy Hook Justice Puzzle – 16 simple questions ever changing that MUST require an answer.

Please stay focused on the first 16 questions then we go to the next ten questions and then we go to the videos and police reports.

1. Who directed the New Haven FBI field offices to classify the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting on Dec 14, 2012?

2. Why and for what reason would the FBI classify the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting when they did not classify the Columbine shooting which also was a Mass casualty shooting incident?

3. Who on Dec 14, 2012 was the Incident Commander as required by the Federal Emergency Management Administration in directing the Mass Casualty Shooting Incident at the Sandy Hook Elementary School?

• Who on Dec 14, 2012 at the Incident Command Center made the ordering of Porta Potties a high priority since they were delivered within 3 hours of the school shooting? Never ever heard off.
• Who ordered those Port Potties from Southbury, Ct?
• When I called the Porta Pottie Company after searching for over a week as to who and when they were ordered I was told that it is classified and they are not allowed to share that information with me.
• The next morning I received a phone call from the Southbury Police Department at my home telling me not to call that company again since I was harassing them.
• High priority for toilets but not for Life Star Trauma helicopters or paramedics.

4. Who and Why did they not request the Life Star Helicopters knowing that children and school staff are seriously injured and clinging to life?

5. Who and Why did they not allow the Paramedics and the EMT’S inside the Sandy Hook School to treat the seriously injured or those children and school staff clinging to life?

6. Who declared all 18 children and six school staff members legally dead within the first 8 minutes?

7. Who was the Certified Environmental Bio-Hazard Decontamination company contracted by the Newtown Public Schools to remove 45-65 gallons of blood, skull fragments, brain tissues, bodily fluids, blood soaked carpets and any other decontaminated are a inside the Sandy Hook School?

8. Why does an off duty Lt from the Newtown Police Department refuse to leave his off duty work assignment at a construction site on Dec 14, 2012 when hearing that shots have been fired at the Sandy Hook Elementary School?

9. Who at the Newtown Public Schools notified all of the parents in writing as required by CT law that had children attending the Sandy Hook Elementary School as well as every school staff member every school year of all the potential life threatening chemical hazards. The school had high levels of lead paint throughout the entire school, Asbestos in the ceiling time and floor tile, asbestos in the insulation and most of all the school had very high levels of PCB?

10. Who provided the urgent medical care to the two children who were not transported to the Danbury Trauma Center until an hour after the school was deemed safe for that 15-mile drive?

11. Who treated those two children who had been shot multiple times like three to 11 times since they did not allow the paramedics and EMT’S inside the Sandy Hook Elementary School?

12. Why did the parents of the two children who died at the Danbury hospital not allow their children to donate their organs to other children waiting for the gift of life?

13. What happened to the 500 children and 60 school staff members from Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec 14, 2012?

14. Who was the police officer calling into the Newtown Police dispatcher stating in his words that he has multiple weapons, he has a rifle and a shotgun and who has the rifle and the shotgun as the chain of evidence should show that was found in classroom eight (8)?

15. Why would a police officer by the name of Lt Vangehle at 9:45:21 am on Dec 14, 2012 from the Newtown Police Department after finding a kindergarten female child in the hallway make her go into room eight (8) and leave her? Room eight is a gruesome crime scene with dead children and school staff. Why?

16. Why would two CT State Troopers enter room ten (10) at 9:55:31 am on Dec 14, 2012 which is a gruesome crime scene with dead bodies of children and school staff and tell a kindergarten boy who they find in the bathroom who’s name is redacted and tell them so it must be more than one to stay and they will be both back when it is safe?

Please all focus on those 16 questions then we will move to the next ten questions.

Thanks, Wolfgang”

Scotland and Leadership in UAE 13 July 2012 Common Purpose in Scotland recently organised a day on leadership for 48 young women post-grads from universities across the UAE, who were in Dundee for a summer school at the Al Maktoum HE College. The Chief Constable of Tayside Police, the Development Director of ‘M’ Technologies (Glasgow, London, Chicago), the Chief Executive of Aberlour Childcare Trust Scotland, and the Vice President HR for Fairmont Group Europe took part in the discussions which explored attitudes to leadership, best attributes of leaders, and how people become leaders. A fantastic day all round!”

Common Purpose in Scotland started back in 1992 and since then, over 2,300 people have graduated from our courses.

People who have completed a Common Purpose course in Scotland include: Rick Clark, Group Finance Director, Reservoir Group; Habib Malik, Head of Islamic Relief Scotland; Pat Armstrong, Executive Director, Association of Chief Officers of Scottish Voluntary Organisations; Brendan Dick, Managing Director, UK Regions, BT plc; Julie Proctor, Chief Executive, Greenspace Scotland; Richard Bissland, Managing Director, 999 Design; Janet Brown, Chief Executive, Scottish Qualifications Authority; Anton Colella, Chief Executive, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland; Audrey Gillespie, Regional Operations Director, Scotland & NW England – Premier Inns/Whitbread Group; and Janet Halliday, Director of Research & Development, Ferring Controlled Therapeutics Ltd.

Local organisations that have recently placed people on courses in Scotland include: Aberdeen Harbour Board; TAQA Bratani Limited; the Scottish Government; City of Edinburgh Council; APEX Scotland; Scottish Natural Heritage; The Premier Property Group Ltd; Student Loans Company; Turning Point Scotland; Rolls-Royce; Scottish Crime & Drug Enforcement Agency; Glasgow Housing Association; Radisson Hotels [Clinton’s Travelgate Racket with Carlson Wagonlit Travel and Kristine Marcy’s Nortel JABS]; Aberlour Childcare Trust; Stirling Council; British Red Cross; Laing O’Rourke Scotland; Al Maktoum College of Higher Education; Fairmont St Andrews Hotel.

Open courses offered in Scotland range from those for young people at secondary school, higher and further education, through to early/middle management, and senior managers / executives.  We also offer customised workshops and courses for organisations looking to create something more bespoke for their staff teams. Whether open courses or customised, we are always deliberately cross-sectoral in those we involve to ensure diversity of input and broaden participants’ vision. [Allegedly introducing and compromising them with LGBT honeypots including the webcast of Angel Tree child pornography over the MI-3 Innholders’ hotel Wi-Fi]

What is Focus?

A leadership programme for established leaders from all sectors and backgrounds based in places that are dispersed or more remote.

Over six days participants examine their locality and the world that surrounds it. They explore a range of real-life leadership challenges – based in anything from a prison to a casualty unit; a trading floor to a production plant; a rehab centre to a radio station – in small groups, learning constantly from each other, the contributors and the experience of operating in very unfamiliar situations.

The result is that participants develop an understanding of how their area really works, the impact of their decisions and become more effective leaders at work and in wider society.”

Serco referred to Serious Fraud Office over electronic tag overcharging scandal
The Serious Fraud Office has been handed a dossier on private security firm Serco following allegations the taxpayer has been overcharged by millions of pounds for electronic tags.
By David Barrett, Home Affairs Correspondent
6:15PM BST 26 Sep 2013

The Ministry of Justice said it had passed details of an internal audit to investigators, who will now consider whether criminal charges should be brought against the company.

Financial crime experts are already looking into the way a rival company,G4S, handled its electronic tagging contracts after the firm refused to co-operate with ministers’ requests.

A statement from the Ministry of Justice said: “The SFO will consider whether an investigation is required into either or both suppliers.

“As in any other case, the decision as to whether an investigation is launched rests with the SFO.”

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Serco employees are alleged to have falsified documents to make it look like prisoners had been delivered to court on time.

Earlier this year Chris Grayling, the Justice Secretary, revealed both firms had charged the government for tagging offenders who had died, were back in prison, had had their tags removed or had left the country.

Although there were typically 15,000 offenders on a tag at any one time in England and Wales, sources have indicated G4S and Serco had been charging for 18,000 – meaning one in six was spurious. [MI-3 Mycroft had a Serco capability of supplying Common Purpose with at least 3,000 tagged body bags to bypasss autopsy procedures at Clinton Arkancide crime scenes]

Spending on electronic tagging has run to £700 million since G4S and Serco were handed the contracts by the previous Labour government in 2004.
A spokesman said the existing tagging schemes would continue as normal while the investigation takes place.”

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222
David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation
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  • Words can hardly describe the outrage I feel over Sandy Hoax. I was initially shocked by the news coverage of the coroner or medical examiner. My initial response was WTF, where did they find that asshat? I was always under the impression that someone with the honor of Dr. attached to their name would be of superior intelligence. That clown would not have been able to work as a janitor at the Sandy Hook school. The interview of grieving parent Robbie Parker did it for me since his disgusting performance made me want to have a few minutes with the POS to teach him about feeling as I broke his face. Fucking crisis actor douche bags! My wife and I lost a teenager to a bad crowd who caused her to run away from home and turn her into a heroin addict. My wife and I were so distraught I used to have to run and hide at work so I could break down and cry in private and one morning my wife was under so much stress that when she arrived at work stepped out of her car in the parking lot with the engine running and in gear. As she walked into her work in a daze her car went across the parking lot and hit another vehicle. Our tear stained faces, sorrow and disheveled look was genuine unlike the fucking scum crisis actors. I hope that karma deals them all a generous hand.