#1860: Marine Links Mycroft MI-3 Angel Tree Arsenal to Navigator Serco Clock, Madam Lanza Glock

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the Mycroft arsenal of weapons in the custody of the MI-3 Innholders Livery Company and Angel Tree pedophile blackmailers, to Serco’s alleged use of an Obamacare call-center Navigators clock to synchronize the movements of a Glock 250SF machine pistol through the Mount Washington Omni Hotel in New Hampshire with the furloughs of Garner C.I. prisoners who appear to have shot Madam Nancy Lanza and her son Adam on December 13th or 14th 2012.

McConnell recognizes a Mycroft Warrant as a writ issued by a competent but blackmailed or extorted officer, usually a judge or magistrate, who permits an otherwise illegal act (such as the spoliation of evidence at crime scenes, the withholding of pediatric autopsy reports to conceal pedophile murder-for-hire and the deployment of blackmailers in pre-positioned triage teams) and affords the person executing the writ protection from damages if the act is performed.

MI-3 = Kristine Marcy (sister) + Norman Inkster + Interpol + Intrepid (William Stephenson)

McConnell claims Serco root companies Mycroft warrants from the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) and used a GMT-based telegraph call center in London’s Langham Hotel to blackmail pedophile Innholder guests in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States.

McConnell notes that whilst Serco’s pedophile blackmailers have controlled prisons and hotels for centuries, integration of MI-3 Mycroft arsenal with Serco Navigators clock only began after his sister Kristine Marcy sent Madam Anne Dunham and son Barack Obama to build a Prison Fellowship / Angel Tree base (a.k.a. al-Qaeda!) at the Lahore Hilton, Pakistan, in the 1980s.

McConnell claims that Serco director Maureen Baginski used Serco tags, Navigator clock and call-center chairs to synchronize the movements of an MI-3 Mycroft Angel Tree arsenal through the Omni Hotel, Garner prison, Sandy Hook fire hall and DMORT morgue where Wayne Carver allegedly had Madam Lanza et al corpses sufficiently shot up to make identification and CSI impossible.

McConnell invites key word Googlers to read excerpts below and ask why “The List of Sherlock Innholders – The Wrist That Didn’t Bleed” book has a new title at https://abeldanger.blogspot.com/

Prequel 1:
#1859: Marine Links MI-3 Mycroft Angel Tree to Serco Madam Lanza BCC and Carver Phony Autopsies

Adam Lanza’s Pic W/Glock, Dr. Carver Autopsy Stats

Adam Lanza House Fake Set Up Scene Photos

Connecticut Shooter Adam Lanza’s Guns Were Registered To Mother Nancy Lanza: Official
By MATT APUZZO and PETE YOST 12/15/12 09:15 PM ET EST
NEWTOWN, Conn. — The gunman in the Newton, Conn., school shooting was prepared for a massacre: An official with knowledge of the investigation tells The Associated Press three weapons were found inside Sandy Hook Elementary School and a fourth weapon was found outside. These weapons are critical evidence as investigators try to unravel why Adam Lanza killed 20 children and six school workers Friday after killing his mother at their home. The official was not authorized to speak on the ongoing investigation and spoke only on condition of anonymity.

The murder weapon:

_ Bushmaster .223-caliber: lightweight with a high capacity, it also is popular with law enforcement and the military, and is commonly seen at shooting competitions. Two men convicted in a series of sniper killings in the Washington, D.C.-area in 2002 used a Bushmaster .223-caliber rifle that they fired from the trunk of a car at randomly picked victims. Some models have a detachable magazine that can hold up to 30 rounds. The medical examiner in Connecticut said it appeared all the children and school staff were shot with the same high-powered rifle, some repeatedly, some at close range.

Also found in the school:

_ Glock 10 mm: a larger and more powerful weapon than the widely popular 9 mm, it is in many respects similar to the 9 mm. It is a lightweight and comparatively affordable weapon that is often used for target shooting and for personal protection.

_ Sig Sauer 9 mm: considered an upper-tier, quality product, it’s comparatively expensive, and its range of uses include elite military and police units.

The Bushmaster and two other weapons were found near the body of Lanza, who killed himself at the school.

It was not clear the make of the weapon found outside the school.

Investigators are combing gun shops and ranges in the area, and looking into the ownership of the weapons involved. Lanza’s mother had legally registered four weapons, and his father had two.

Three other guns have also been recovered, but it was not clear where they were found, the official told AP. They were a Henry repeating rifle, an Enfield rifle and a shotgun.

Also unclear is which gun the 20-year-old Lanza used to take his own life or his mother’s. The Lanzas autopsies are scheduled for Sunday.
Yost reported from Washington. Associated Press Writer Mark Scolforo in Harrisburg, Pa., also contributed to the story.”

Garner CI – Religious Services Newtown, CT Gender: Male Population: 183 Inside Journal Distribution: 100 Pen Pals: 1 Angel Tree Children: 133

The Prison Fellowship annual fund-raising dinner Thursday night at the Los Angeles Hilton Hotel will feature a talk by Barry Minkow, an assistant pastor at Chatsworth’s Church at Rocky Peak who served prison time for swindling $26 million from investors in his ZZZZ Best carpet cleaning business in the 1980s. Prison Fellowship was founded by ex-Watergate convict Charles Colson. Cost: $75. (310) 671-5463.”

Serco on Thursday agreed to repay the Government £68.5m. The scandal concerned the Ministry of Justice being charged for tagging people who were found to be dead, back in prison or overseas. Both Serco and G4S are currently being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office.”

NPL’s atomic clock revealed to be most accurate in the world [Serco switches all call centers controlled by its blackmail agents to Stratum Zero to co-ordinate triage killing of expert witnesses while disrupting timing signals to legitimate first responders and sabotaging CSI]

Date : 06 September 2011

The atomic clock at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), managed and operated by Serco, has been identified as the most accurate long-term timekeeper in the world. The caesium fountain clock that helps keep a standard international time would only lose or gain less than a second in some 138 million years.

The clock, known as ‘NPL-CsF2’, is used as the primary frequency standard for the measurement of time in the UK and contributes to International Atomic Time and Universal Coordinated Time – the worldwide timescales used for global communications, satellite navigation and time stamping of financial transactions.

NPL scientists and partners from Pennsylvania State University, USA, evaluated the clock with physical measurements and mathematical models and have published their results in the scientific journal Metrologia.

Krzysztof Szymaniec, the leader of the project at NPL, said: “The first atomic clock was demonstrated at NPL in 1955 and we have led research into providing ever more accurate time keeping since then. By combining our own measurement expertise with that of our colleagues at Penn State, we have shown that timekeeping at NPL continues to be some of the most advanced in the world. The achievement is not just about international bragging rights; better standards lead to better technology”.

NPL is a world leader in the analysis of clock and time transfer data, and is making a key contribution to the development of the timing infrastructure of the Galileo satellite navigation system. Serco has operated NPL, the UK’s National Measurement Institute under a Government Owned Contractor Operated model (GOCO) contract since 1995. It is our responsibility to maximise the positive impact of NPL’s mission in science and technology, for business and government.

For more information, contact Serco:

Charles Carr 

Communications Director, Serco Defence Science and Nuclear
Tel: +44 (0) 771 819 4381
Download PDF [PDF, 33 KB] (Please note: this link will open the page in a new browser window)”

In a 2004 BBC article entitled “Al-Qaeda’s origins and links”, the BBC wrote:
During the anti-Soviet jihad Bin Laden and his fighters received American and Saudi funding. Some analysts believe Bin Laden himself had security training from the CIA.[1]

Robin CookForeign Secretary in the UK from 1997–2001, believed the CIA had provided arms to the Arab Mujahideen, including Osama bin Laden, writing, “Bin Laden was, though, a product of a monumental miscalculation by western security agencies. Throughout the 80s he was armed by the CIA and funded by the Saudis to wage jihad against the Russian occupation of Afghanistan.” His source for this is unclear.[2]
In conversation with former British Defence Secretary Michael Portillo, two-time Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto said Osama bin Laden was initially pro-American.[3] Prince Bandar bin Sultan of Saudi Arabia, has also stated that bin Laden once expressed appreciation for the United States’ help in Afghanistan. On CNN’s Larry King program he said:[4]
Bandar bin Sultan: This is ironic. In the mid-’80s, if you remember, we and the United – Saudi Arabia and the United States were supporting the Mujahideen to liberate Afghanistan from the Soviets. He [Osama bin Laden] came to thank me for my efforts to bring the Americans, our friends, to help us against the atheists, he said the communists. Isn’t it ironic?

Larry King: How ironic. In other words, he came to thank you for helping bring America to help him.

Bandar bin Sultan: Right.

According to author David N. Gibbs “a considerable body of circumstantial evidence suggests … direct Agency support for Bin Laden’s activities.”[5] Both Bin Laden and the CIA “held accounts in the Bank for Credit and Commerce International (BCCI).”[5]“Bin Laden worked especially closely with Gulbuddin Hekmatyar[6] who Gibbs calls “the CIA‘s favored Mujahiddin commander”. Gibbs quotes Le Monde as saying bin Laden was “recruited by the CIA” in 1979,[5][7] Associated Press as saying a former bin Laden aide told them that in 1989 the U.S. shipped high-powered sniper rifles to a Mujahiddin faction that included bin Laden,[5][8] and Jane’s Intelligence Review as stating Bin Laden “worked in close association with U.S. agents” in raising money for the Mujahiddin from “vast family connections” near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.[5][9]
Former FBI translator and Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, interviewed by Brad Friedman on the The Mike Malloy Show on June 2009 has stated : “I have information about things that our government has lied to us about. I know. For example, to say that since the fall of the Soviet Union we ceased all of our intimate relationship with Bin Laden and the Taliban – those things can be proven as lies, very easily, based on the information they classified in my case, because we did carry very intimate relationship with these people, and it involves Central Asia, all the way up to September 11.”[10]

Obama Administration Defends Serco, Firm With $1.2 Billion Obamacare  [Navigators’] Contract, Amid U.K. Probe
Reuters  |  Posted: 07/16/2013 5:40 pm EDT
By David Morgan

WASHINGTON, July 16 (Reuters) – The Obama administration on Tuesday defended a decision to award outsourcing company Serco Inc a $1.25 billion contract to help implement new online health insurance exchanges after word the contractor’s parent company was under investigation in Britain.

Serco Inc, U.S. subsidiary of Serco Group Plc, will help review and process paper applications from consumers who apply for subsidized insurance coverage through federally operated exchanges in 34 states, according to the 12-year contract awarded by the Department of Health and Human Services.

“Serco is a highly skilled company that has a proven track record in providing cost-effective services to numerous other (U.S.) federal agencies,” said Brian Cook, a spokesman for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, the HHS agency overseeing implementation of the exchanges.

“The selection met all of the requirements for a full and open competition, and the timing enables us to be ready for marketplace open enrollment starting on Oct. 1.”

Serco Inc officials were not immediately available for comment.

Last week, Britain placed its contracts with Serco Group and another firm under review. Serco is one of the British government’s biggest suppliers and runs services from prisons and immigration centers to transportation. An audit showed it was charging for prisoner-related services it did not provide.

The probe by Britain’s chief procurement officer could raise more questions about the effort to implement the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, often called Obamacare.

The insurance exchanges have come under mounting attack from opponents of the healthcare law, including Republicans, while doubts grow about the administration’s ability to launch the markets with limited staff and funding.

The administration is hoping for a smooth roll out of the exchanges, online marketplaces that are scheduled to begin offering private coverage to millions of uninsured Americans in less than 80 days.

U.S. contractors with foreign parents are required to notify the Defense Contract Audit Agency if their parent operations are involved in any wrongdoing relating to billings, according to officials. The administration said CMS has not been informed of any such notice being given.

British officials say the probe of Serco Group, an outsourcing company, could produce initial findings for the British Cabinet within weeks, with a final report likely in months.

Serco Inc, headquartered outside Washington in Reston, Virginia, employs about 8,000 people in 45 states. Its work for HHS will be undertaken at sites in Arkansas, Alabama and Kentucky, the administration said.

The contract requires the U.S. subsidiary to operate a mail room to intake insurance applications. Company employees will also review documents to ensure authenticity, identify potential problems and notify consumers of issues or missing documentation.”

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222
David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation
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