#1803: Marine Links MI-3 Le Reine to Harper Script-Kiddie Graphics and Serco FAA 9/11

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked a MI-3 Innholders Livery Company honeypot allegedly set up at Le Reine Élizabeth Fairmont Hotel in Montreal, to Laureen Harper’s script-kiddie graphics services which Serco alleged used in its Amalgam Virgo / Global Guardian scripts to trick Jane Garvey and Willie Card into allowing Serco to fly decoy-and-drone aircraft through FAA Contract Towers on 9/11.

McConnell notes that Serco (formerly RCA GB 1928) and the MI-3 Innholders used Bermuda’s Fairmont Hamilton Princess as a shadow-government honeypot hotel during WWII and while the Internet term script kiddie is new the profiles of triaged, scripted victims and black-hat and white-hat hackers are unchanged:

Royal Hawaiian Hotel and the triage of Pearl Harbor
Lawrence Hotel and the triage of JFK
Hôtel Ritz Paris and the triage of Princess Di
Sheraton Pentagon City Hotel and the 9/11 triage on the Pentagon Lawn
Edgeware Road Hilton Hotel and the 7/7 triage of Mohammad Sidique Khan
Abbott Gardens Hotel, Pakistan and the triage of Osama bin Laden
Hotel Inter-Continental Kabul and the triage of Seal Team 6
Charlesmark Hotel and the triage at the Boston Marathon
Tibesti Hotel and the 9/11/2012 triage of Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi
Residence Inn (Marriott) and the triage of Aaron Alexis in the Navy Yard
Holiday Inn Glasgow and the triage of police helicopter crash on Clutha pub
Regent Grand Hotel Bordeaux and the triage of Kok Lam’s Brilliant helicopter


MI-3B = Livery Company patent-pool supply-chain users of Privy Purse and Forfeiture Fund
Marcy (Forfeiture Fund – KPMG Small Business Loan Auction – Con Air Medical JABS)
+ Inkster (Privy Purse – KPMG tax shelter – RCMP Wandering Persons – Loss Adjuster fraud)
+ Interpol (Berlin ‘41-‘45 – Operation Paperclip Foreign Fugitive – William Higgitt – Entrust)
+ Intrepid (William Stephenson – GAPAN, Mariners patent pools – Wild Bill Pearl Harbor 9/11)
+Baginski (Serco Information Technologists Skynet sodomite mesh, KPMG Consulting Tillman)

MI-3 = Marine Interruption Intelligence and Investigation unit set up in 1987 to destroy above

McConnell’s Book 12 www.abeldanger.net shows agents in his Marine Interruption, Intelligence and Investigations (MI-3) group mingling in various OODA exit modes with agents of the Marcy Inkster Interpol Intrepid (MI-3) Livery protection racket based at Skinners’ Hall, Dowgate Hill.

Prequel 1:
#1802: Marine Links Mrs. Harper’s MI-3 Script-Kiddie Bombs to Serco Fairmont Canada Day

Prequel 2:
U.S. Contract Tower Association (PDF File)

Jane Garvey – First non-pilot FAA administrator and perfect Harper script kiddie for Serco’s FAA Contract Towers 9/11

Raul Regalado & Associates
Interview with Raul Regalado, Principal Consultant, Raul Regalado & Associates
So you came to Nashville six months before 9/11?
Yes. On 9/11/01 I was in Montreal Canada, along with many of my executive staff attending an aviation conference. Airport management from all over the world were there as well [Allegedly caught in the MI-3 Innholders honeypot]. We have never discovered if that was a significant coincidence or part of the plan to hit when airports didn’t have leadership on site. We immediately set up an Ops center in the Montreal airport. We had a CNN feed, the internet [Serco satellite Wi-Fi] and phone lines. Soon after we were able to set up a mini ops center in the hotel. There was a short window of civilian open air space a few days later and the Airport Authority chartered a private jet to bring us home. Partly as a result of getting home faster than many of the others, Nashville was one of first airports to reopen. We also had excellent staff able to move quickly and establish the procedures. But because other airports weren’t open yet it didn’t help a great deal.
What were some of the biggest issues you dealt with immediately after 9/11?

We have always operated under a lot of federal regulations. Most airports are owned independently, by local governments, so we didn’t rely on the federal government for anything to carry out our responsibilities; it was incumbent on us to figure out how to implement their regulations. We had several significant challenges. Our biggest challenge at the time was a “silo’d” organization and we needed to figure out how to fix that so we could effectively deal with everything else. Obviously, there was significant economic fallout and we had to take measures to ensure economic viability. As you know, congress took measures to take security away from the FAA and created TSA—a true game changer. It increased our costs significantly (more people, more security. The Feds recapture their expenses from the airlines.) There were no conversations between the federal agency and local airports; there were discussions with industry associations in DC about how to make this work but local implementation concerns weren’t a priority. Interestingly and problematically, since the FAA security leadership had lost the confidence of others, few transferred into TSA so TSA leadership came from the FBI, Secret Service, and other law enforcement so it was a highly disciplined, defensive mentality.”
The Queen Elizabeth Hotel (French: Le Reine Élizabeth; official English name Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth) is a grand hotel in Montreal,Quebec. Completed in 1958, it was built by the Canadian National Railway and managed for many years by Hilton Hotels. CN Hotels were later sold toCanadian Pacific Hotels, which is now known asFairmont Hotels and Resorts. With 1039 rooms and 21 floors it is the largest hotel in the province of Quebec, and the second largest Fairmont hotel in Canada after the Royal York in Toronto, which has 1365 rooms.

Located at 900 René Lévesque Boulevard West, in the heart of Montreal, it is connected to Central Station and to the underground city.

The hotel reached worldwide fame when John Lennon and Yoko Ono, who had been refused entry into the United States, conducted their Bed-In in Room 1742 at the hotel between May 26 and June 2, 1969. “Give Peace a Chance” was recorded in this room on June 1 by André Perry. This song is the first solo single issued by Lennon, and became an anthem of the American anti-war movement during the 1970s. It peaked at #14 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #2 on the British singles chart.

The NHL Entry Draft was also held at the hotel ten times between 1963 and 1979.
In 1970, the Quebec government moved its centre of operations into the Queen Elizabeth in the midst of the October Crisis [Le Reine became a shadow-government base in the ‘70s!].

There was controversy over naming the hotel: Quebec nationalists wanted it called Château Maisonneuve in honour of Montreal’s founder, Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve. CN’s president, Donald Gordon, insisted it be named for the queen, who had unexpectedly come to the throne in 1952 while the hotel was still on the drawing boards.

The French name, Le Reine Élizabeth, may appear startling because of the use of the masculine article le. The article does not apply to the feminine noun Reine but to the understood masculine noun Hôtel.”

 “She [Laureen Harper] went to Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary planning to become a journalist [and wittingly or unwittingly, to be trained as a script-kiddie mentor]. Realizing writing wasn’t her forte, she switched to photography, showing a talent for computer-generated graphics. After graduation, she made her African pilgrimage, travelling with a youth group. Her letters home told tales of insects, water rations, even a run-in with guerrilla soldiers. ..  Teskey found a job as a graphic artist for GTO Printing. .. Teskey soon found herself drawn to the fresh energy and excitement of Reform, the grassroots conservative party born out of disillusionment with Mulroney conservatism. She designed communication materials for the party, including a poster for Reform MP Deborah Grey who had taken Stephen Harper to Ottawa as her assistant. Yet Teskey’s and Harper’s paths didn’t cross until a Reform party assembly in Saskatoon in 1990. The couple was more forcefully introduced by Cynthia Williams, Harper’s former fiancée, who met Teskey when the two worked at GTO. .. ” Not long after, Teskey was helping Harper with graphics for his M.A. thesis. The couple bonded over a shared zeal for smaller government and a love of cats. .. That the rumpled [script kiddie] Harper had “project” written all over him is believed to be part of the appeal for the can-do Teskey.  .. When Stephen Harper took on his old mentor Hawkes again in the 1993 election, Teskey was by his side, designing signs that defied party specs. .. In December 1993, a month after his win, the couple, surrounded by a handful of family and friends, were married by a justice of the peace in their house in Calgary’s Scenic Acres neighbourhood. Harper found a furnished studio apartment in Ottawa while Teskey stayed in Calgary, building her graphic design and desktop publishing business. Teskey was known for being on the cutting edge of technology. “She was talking about the Internet before anyone knew what it was,” says Williams [that’s allegedly because she was hired by MI-3 Inkster to set up hotel-based Wi-Fi honeypots in say Calgary’s Fairmont Palliser Hotel to entrap and mentor script kiddies].

 “The Fairmont Palliser, (formerly known as the Palliser Hotel) is a hotel of the Canada-based Fairmont Hotels and Resorts chain. The historic [peacock term] hotel is located in downtown Calgary, Alberta on 9th Avenue South adjacent to the Calgary Tower and Palliser Square. It is among the city’s oldest and most luxurious hotels.

When the Canadian Pacific Railway pushed west in 1883, Calgary was essentially a mounted police post and trading center. With an influx of tourists, mainly en route to Canadian Pacific’s Banff Springs hotel, a hospitality spot in Calgary was an essential link.
Groundbreaking for the building started on May 12, 1911, on property owned by the Canadian Pacific Railway.[1] It was built by P. Lyall and Sons Construction Company with materials such as stone, steel, reinforced concrete and brick at a cost of $1,500,000.
The hotel opened on June 1, 1914.[2] Like all of the flagship Canadian hotels in the Fairmont chain, it was built by the Canadian Pacific Railway and was a property of Canadian Pacific Hotels and Resorts (CP Hotels) until the company purchased Fairmont and changed their name to Fairmont Hotels and Resorts in 1999.”

Globally, Serco has over 70,000 employees and revenues of $6 billion per year. We provide a wide range of outsourced operational services to public and private sector organizations around the globe. Our competitive advantage is managing people, processes, technology and assets more effectively than our clients and our competitors. We focus on large, complex and bundled operational services that are usually mission-critical to our clients.

We provide these services in areas such as transportation, facilities management, nuclear assurance, correctional services, military support, education and government administration. For example, we:

Operate over a dozen railways with over 3,000 km of rail lines
Operate 18,000 km of roadway management systems globally
Operate armed forces bases around the world for various governments
Maintain light and heavy military ground vehicles and military aircraft
Screen and categorize all U.S. Patent applications
Train helicopter pilots for the U.K. Coast Guard
Employ the 1,000+ scientists who run the UK’s nuclear deterrent program
Calibrate radiation dose dispensing for chemotherapy treatment across UK
Operate anti-terrorism port surveillance around the world for the U.S. Navy
Are the world’s largest non-government operator air traffic control centers
Operate prisons and hospitals
Manage prisoner release and parolee monitoring programs
Collect money from all the parking meters in many U.S. cities
Provide early missile launch detection covering most of Europe
Run the official Greenwich Mean Time atomic clock!
Employees of Serco include Railcar Mechanics, Nuclear Scientists, Janitors, Helicopter Pilots, Doctors, HVAC Technicians, Engineers, Air Traffic Controllers, Prison Guards, Radar Technicians and many more. Serco’s people include a mix of union and non-union employees. About 75% of our work is in the public sector.
Serco’s Business in Canada

In Canada, we:

Operate all the DriveTest Driver Examination and Licensing Centers in Ontario
Operate all non-military operations at the Goose Bay Armed Forces Base
Provide Air Traffic Control and system maintenance for the NATO Fighter Pilot Training Facility in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan
Provide recreational and accommodation services for the Canadian Border Security Agency Training Center in Rigaud Quebec
Certify all Licensed Security Guards and Private Investigators in Ontario
Designed and provided startup operation of the Canada Line LRT control centre in Vancouver
Supply Electronic Supervision systems for parolee monitoring (a.k.a. ankle bracelets) for the provinces of Ontario, Alberta, BC and Newfoundland/Labrador
 “Serco’s Office of Partner Relations (OPR) helps facilitate our aggressive small business utilization and growth strategies. Through the OPR, Serco mentors four local small businesses under formal Mentor Protégé Agreements: Three sponsored by DHS (Base One Technologies, TSymmetry, Inc., and HeiTech Services, Inc.,) and the fourth sponsored by GSA (DKW Communications, Inc.). Serco and HeiTech Services were awarded the 2007 DHS Mentor Protégé Team Award for exceeding our mentoring goals.”
 “Base One Technologies – Corporate Strategy – We are a Government Certified Women-Owned Business We practice Diversity Recruitment and Staffing for IT positions .. Because of our affiliations we have access to pools of resources among more diverse groups & individuals. We work with a large pool of minority professionals who specialize in IT skills. We are able to have access to these resources through our status as a D/MWBD firm and our affiliations. These affiliations assist us in working with resources among more diverse groups & individuals. We are also partnered with firms that are 8A certified as Minority firms, Disabled Veteran firms, Native American firms, Vietnam veteran firms, women owned firms. Our hub zone location keeps us close to the professional organizations of great diversity. We are active in recruiting from and networking with these community organizations of local IT professionals. This has given us access to a large pool of diversity talent. .. This is why Base One Technologies concentrates on diversity recruitment in the belief that a diverse team gives us a greater advantage in creating cutting edge solutions. … Information Security Planning is the process whereby an organization seeks to protect its operations and assets from data theft or computer hackers that seek to obtain unauthorized information or sabotage business operations. ..Key Clients Benefiting From Our Information Security Expertise: Pentagon Renovation Program, FAA, Citigroup, MCI.Base One Technologies .. Develops, implements and supports Information Security Counter measures such as honey-pots and evidence logging and incident documentation processes and solutions.

PresidentialField Mandate

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