#1765: Marine Links MI-3 Marcy Peg-Boy Madams to Innholders’ Lexington Pentagon Bombs

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked his sister Kristine Marcy’s deployment of peg-house madams for the MI-3 Livery Companies, to the Innholders’ use of peg boys – allegedly groomed (?) over decades past at a homosexual pedophile brothel in Chicago’s Lexington Hotel – to execute the bombing of the Pentagon in 1972 and 2001.

McConnell claims that his sister took over the role of Lady Mary Stephenson – the late wife of MI-3 founder William ‘Intrepid’ Stephenson – as director of British Security Coordination offices in (RCA) Serco-equipped Innholders’ hotels soon after her covert visit to a Chicago peg house in 1966.

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Abel Danger Mischief Makers – Mistress of the Revels – ‘Man-In-The-Middle’ Attacks (Revised)

McConnell further claims that his sister’s MI-3 agents used a virtual floating matrix of Lexington peg-house madams to deploy Bernardine Dohrn and Michelle LaVaughan Robinson in a joint venture with Bill Ayers and Barack Obama for the coordinated bombings of the Pentagon in 1972 and 9/11 respectively.

McConnell claims that in 1984, his sister ordered Femme Comp Inc., a company funded through the U.S. Small Business Administration, to partner with Bernardine Dohrn at Sidley Austin and a Chicago women’s construction [spoliation] company and remove any evidence of MI-3 Innholders’ use of the Lexington Hotel as a peg-house entrapment brothel for male and female pedophiles.


MI-3B = Livery Company patent-pool supply-chain users of Privy Purse and Forfeiture Fund
Marcy (Forfeiture Fund – KPMG Small Business Loan Auction – Con Air Medical JABS)
+ Inkster (Privy Purse – KPMG tax shelter – RCMP Wandering Persons – Loss Adjuster fraud)
+ Interpol (Berlin ‘41-‘45 – Operation Paperclip Foreign Fugitive – William Higgitt – Entrust)
+ Intrepid (William Stephenson – GAPAN, Mariners patent pools – Wild Bill Pearl Harbor 9/11)
+Baginski (Serco Information Technologists Skynet sodomite mesh, KPMG Consulting Tillman)

MI-3 = Marine Interruption Intelligence and Investigation unit set up in 1987 to destroy above

McConnell’s Book 12 www.abeldanger.net shows agents in his Marine Interruption, Intelligence and Investigations (MI-3) group mingling in various OODA exit modes with agents of the Marcy Inkster Interpol Intrepid (MI-3) Livery protection racket based at Skinners’ Hall, Dowgate Hill.

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#1763: Marine Links Lady Mary’s Peg Boy Princess to MI-3 Innholders Pearl Harbor, JFK

Judicial Watch September 11 Pentagon Video — 2 of 2

Weather Underground Bombs the Capitol, Pentagon, and State Department


 The Untouchables http://www.imdb.com/video/screenplay/vi1450115097/ [Note Kristine Marcy controls the IRS through peg house madams in the United States Senior Executive Service]

Marcy Peg House Madam Justice 
Lexington peg boys!

Al Capone’s peg! 

 Al Capone’s Interview in Chicago (Claud Cockburn): 1930 
Al Capone’s Interview in Chicago (Claud Cockburn): 1930

Spoliation of evidence

In 1974, William Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, Jeff Jones and other members formed the Prairie Fire Organizing Committee, the publishing arm of the Weather Underground Organization. The name was inspired by mass murderer Mao Zedong who said, “a single spark can set a prairie fire.” Its first book was Prairie Fire: The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-imperialism. In this book, William Ayers admits that he is a communist,
“We are a guerrilla organization. We are communist women and men, underground in the United States for more than four years.”

Prairie Fire is dedicated to Sirhan Sirhan, Robert F. Kennedy‘s assassin.

Interestingly, the book lists Sirhan Sirhan, Robert F. Kennedy’s assassin, among many other now-obscure ’60s-era radicals, criminals and revolutionaries on the dedication page.

Ayers and his fellow co-authors brag about their numerous acts of domestic terrorism, and provide a handy list detailing not only each crime but in most cases the justification for each crime as well. 

Ayers and his fellow co-authors brag about their numerous acts of domestic terrorism. 

Among the bombings by Ayers’ group listed in the book:

Haymarket police statue, Chicago
Chicago police cars
New York City police headquarters 
Marin County Courthouse
Long Island City Courthouse 
Departmentof Corrections, San Francisco
Office of California Prisons, Sacramento
Department of Corrections, Albany NY 
103rd Precinct of New York City police
Harvard Center for International Affairs
U.S. Capitol
MIT research center 
The Pentagon
Draft and recruiting centers
ROTC buildings
ITT Latin America Headquarters
National Guard Headquarters, Washington D.C.
Presidio Army Base and MP Station, San Francisco
Federal Offices of Health, Education and Welfare, San Francisco [10] [11] [12]

Today, Ayers and his wife — fellow former Weather Underground fugitive Bernardine Dohrn — live in Hyde Park, where they moved after surrendering in 1980.

In a 2001 interview with the New York Times, an unrepentant Ayers said, “I don’t regret setting bombs” and “I feel we didn’t do enough.” Ayers later claimed that he was quoted out of context, and that he meant that he felt that he had not done enough to oppose the war in Vietnam, which he defined as “[an] illegal, murderous, imperial war.” [18]

Ayers has claimed that his actions were not terrorist acts.[19] He has stated that according to the official definition of both the U.S. and the U.N., terrorism consists of violent acts intended to intimidate or coerce a populace into a political end, and that his actions were intended to draw attention to and combat the state terrorism of the U.S. in the Vietnam War. In his autobiography, Fugitive Days, Ayers claimed that his bombing of the Pentagon prevented aerial bombardments in Vietnam for several days, which he defined as terrorism. In this regard, Ayers has implied that he prevented terrorism rather than caused it.

Asked if he would do it all again, Ayers stated, I don’t want to discount the possibility.

Ayers rebellion against authority also extended to sexual morality. He stated that that the Weathermen tried to smash monogamy, and engaged in fornication, including for Ayers, homosexual relations with his best [peg boy] male friend. [20]”

“In 1986, television reporter and talk show host Geraldo Rivera took a national television audience into what was then one of the last remaining landmarks of the Chicago crime era and the reign of Al Capone — the old Lexington Hotel at the corner of Michigan Avenue and 22nd Street. Rivera was in search of lost treasure, a fortune that Capone had allegedly left behind in secret vaults in the hotel. 

Earlier in the 1980’s, a local women’s construction company had investigated the possibility of restoring the hotel, which was by then merely a shadow of its former self. As they searched the building, they discovered a shooting gallery that had been used by Capone’s cronies for target practice and dozens of secret passages and stairways, including one behind Capone’s medicine chest. The passages led to hidden tunnels that connected taverns and whorehouses on the Levee and to the immediate west. The tunnels had been designed to provide elaborate escape routes from police raids and attacks by rivals.”

December 6, 2009 | 3:31 pm 

Nice spin.

“In any intellectually honest argument, we need to recognize that having the “right” to marry someone we would never be able to love or want to have sex with or have a romantic relationship with is not a “right” to marry at all. We might as well go back to the olden days when our daddy’s picked out our husbands based on who would give him the most money. Please refrain from being purposefully dense. “~roro

OK I’ll make you a deal. As long as you don’t pull the fact that young children play house in preschool as emulation of adult ‘normal’ relationships and then go on to model themselves thusly, I’ll try to be less “dense” in seeing that people get married for a variety of reasons under the radar. Deal?
Dr. J, 

Here are some terms from this website of gay vernacular that I neither started nor manage: http://www.glinn.com/news/gaygloss.htm 

“[BRI, Bring out, “To aid and abet the coming-out process”, “Usually refers to an `experienced’ gay man initiating a sexual relationship with a younger man who has never had homosexual sex.” 

“[BUN, Bunker shy, “A young man afraid of being forced into homosexual sex.”, “From an early nineteenth-century prison term.”

“[CAT, Catamite, “Originally, since the 1500s, a young boy or man kept by an older man for sexual purposes; now, any male bottom in anal sex.”, “Related terms are bronco and peg boy.” 

“[CD, cute Daddy, “usually used to refer to an attractive man with children.”

“[CHE, Cherry Queen, “Likes to initiate virgins.”

“CHI, Chicken Queen, “Prefers sex with young boys or men.”

“CHICK, chickenhawk, “an older gay man who prefers chicken.”

“[HIT, hit, “homo in training.”, “A young gay man who may or may not be aware that he’s gay.” 

So apparently the term “chicken” I stand corrected. Although there was a link to a definintion that describe older men scanning younger men of unknown sexual-preference for ultimate sexual encounters so a “chickenhawk” isn’t necessarily as benign as one might think.

Read more at http://themoderatevoice.com/55121/new-york-senate-rejects-same-sex-marriage/#tgdP7CXjTDGtHpSW.99


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