#1694: Marine Links Obama’s Overseer to MI-3 Innholders Mall-In-the-Middle Attack, Canadian Contract Hit

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Canadian Governor General and Obama’s former Harvard University Overseer David Johnston, to an apparent MI-3 man-in-the-middle attack on the security systems of the Westgate mall in Nairobi by The Innholders’ Livery Company and the alleged contract killing of Canadian Border Services Agency liaison officer, Annemarie Desloges.

McConnell alleges that MI-3 agents embedded in the global retail landlord Westfield – a de facto Innholder with hotels in or adjacent to Westfield’s 119 malls targeted for these kind of MitM attacks – paid the former assistant commissioner of London’s Metropolitan police John “Hacker” Yates, to develop the al-Shabab false-flag story and thereby camouflage Johnston’s alleged deployment of Canadians and Americans to kill Desloges.


MI-3 = Supply-chain protection racket operated through Privy Purse and Livery Company patent pools
Marcy (Livery Company Liquidator Chip – VA Prisoner Medical Services – JABS – Asset Forfeiture Funds)
+ Inkster (RCMP Wandering Persons Registry – KPMG Consulting – Abusive tax shelter – Escrow frauds)
+ Interpol (Berlin 1942-1945 – Operation Paperclip – Foreign Fugitive File – William Higgitt – Entrust)
+ Intrepid (William Stephenson – GAPAN patent pool – MitM Pearl Harbor attack – Kanada Kommando)

MI-3 = Marine Insertion Intelligence and Investigation unit set up in 1987 to destroy above

McConnell notes that in Book 12, published at www.abeldanger.net, agents deployed by the Marine Insertion, Intelligence and Investigations (MI-3) group are mingling in various OODA modes with agents of the Marcy Inkster Interpol Intrepid (MI-3) protection racket based at Skinners’ Hall, Dowgate Hill.

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Nairobi mall shooting: 15 dead in Westgate shopping mall attack

Nairobi gun battle BBC reporter ordered to take cover

Reconstruction US Embassy Nairobi attack – Age of Terror – BBC

CTV News .. Canadians killed in mall attack mourned; Canada to close High Commission in Kenya
CTV National News: Another dramatic day in Nairobi

Kenyan military forces launched a major assault on the Westgate mall, freeing some hostages. Genevieve Beauchemin reports.

CTV National News: Canadian connection

Richard Madan has details on Canadian victims in the Nairobi mall attack and unconfirmed reports an Ontario man is one of the terrorists.

CTV National News: What is al-Shabab?
Ben O’Hara-Byrne has the story on the violent history of the extremist terrorist group al-shabab and their vow to attack on Kenyan soil.
CTVNews.ca Staff
Published Sunday, September 22, 2013 7:10AM EDT
Last Updated Sunday, September 22, 2013 11:10PM EDT

A second Canadian killed in an attack in an upscale mall in Kenya Saturday has been identified, while Canada will close its High Commission in Kenya.

Sources tell CTV News that Naguib Damji, a businessman from Vancouver, died in the attack at Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital.

Damji, 59, was visiting a cousin in Nairobi and was in the mall when the deadly attack began, sources say. Family members were initially told he died of a heart attack.


Two Canadians, including diplomat, killed in mall mass shooting in Kenya


Annemarie Desloges, left, and Naguib Damji, right, died during the attack in Nairobi, Kenya. 

The Canadian government said Saturday that Annemarie Desloges, a 29-year-old Canadian diplomat working in Kenya, also died in the attack, which began Saturday after Islamic militants stormed the mall.

The 29-year-old was stationed in Nairobi while working as a liaison officer with the Canadian Border Services Agency. She had been in Kenya for two years, and had previously worked at an embassy in New Delhi.

A spokesperson for the Department of Foreign Affairs said Sunday that two other Canadians were also injured.
Somalia’s al Qaeda-linked rebel group al-Shabab has claimed responsibility for the attack. 

Ottawa is now looking into allegations that one of the armed militants is a 24-year-old from Ontario, CTV News has learned.

An unverified Twitter account that claimed to be linked to al-Shabab named one Canadian and six Americans in a list of those involved in the attack. The account has since been suspended, but the FBI is now actively investigating the claims.

While the reports are unconfirmed, Canadian officials have denounced the attack by Islamic militants that has left at least 68 dead and injured 175 others.

Speaking briefly to reporters in Woodbridge, Ont., Prime Minister Stephen Harper said the Canadian government condemns “as strongly as we possibly can this cowardly act,” and offered his assurances that the government will do “everything we can to fight terrorism.”

He also said the thoughts and prayers of all Canadians are with victims’ family and friends and everyone affected by the attack.

In a statement released Saturday, Harper said acts of terror cannot be allowed “to go unpunished.”
“Terrorist attacks like this seek to undermine the very values and way of life that Canadians cherish, and they reinforce the need for us to continue taking strong actions to protect the safety of Canadians no matter where they are in the world,” the statement read.

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said security at Canadian diplomatic posts in Kenya has been heightened and he has offered Canada’s sympathies and support in the fight against terrorism to his counterparts in the country.

“The fight against terrorism is the great struggle of our generation, and it does require us to collaborate together,” Baird said during an event in Toronto on Sunday.

The government said late Sunday the High Commission of Canada in Nairobi will be closed on Monday.
Victims remembered 

The Canadian public service community mourned the loss of Desloges, who had been shopping with her husband, Robert Munk, at the time of the attack. Munk was injured, but has since been released from the hospital.
The Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers said it was devastated by the loss of one of its members.

“Annemarie was one of our bright young lights, and hers was a career brimming with promise,” president Tim Edwards said in a statement. “Today we grieve the loss not only of a warm and intelligent friend and colleague, but a lifetime’s potential tragically unfilled.”

Edwards described Desloges, who came from a “foreign service family,” as a true professional who possessed a strong work ethic and expressed herself with poise and confidence beyond her years. 

Meanwhile on Facebook, Damji was described as a “great” and “kind” man.

“I’ll never forget the way his face would light up with joy when he told stories of our family’s history and origins. A beautiful human being,” wrote one person.

Hostages rescued

Kenya’s military said late Sunday it had rescued most of the remaining hostages in the mall after security forces launched a “major assault” on the mall in order to end the two-day standoff between the Islamic militants and the Kenyan military.

In the wake of the Nairobi attack, Ottawa updated its travel advisory to Kenya to the highest level, warning foreigners to avoid public places for the next 24 to 48 hours.

With files from The Associated Press and The Canadian Press

Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/world/canadians-killed-in-mall-attack-mourned-canada-to-close-high-commission-in-kenya-1.1465284#ixzz2fjKdyyAU

United States – President Barack Obama called his Kenyan counterpart, Uhuru Kenyatta, the next day to express his condolences.[18] The White House issued a statement that read: “The United States has offered its full support to the Kenyan government to bring to justice those responsible for “this heinous act.” according to a statement released by the White House. National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden said: “We will continue to stand with the Kenyan people in their efforts to confront terrorism in all its forms, including the threat posed by Al-Shabaab. This cowardly act against innocent civilians will not shake our resolve.”[48]Secretary of State John Kerry released a statement that read: “Today’s terrorist massacre of so many innocents is a heartbreaking reminder that there exists unspeakable evil in our world which can destroy life in a senseless instant. … Although we have no reports of any Americans killed today, we have lost a member of our own State Department family: the wife of a foreign service national working for the U.S. Agency for International Development.

Attacks like this can’t change who we are, a people committed to peace and justice for all, but rather must reaffirm our determination to counter extremism and promote tolerance everywhere. As we prepare to bring the world’s leaders together at the United Nations next week, we are reminded again in tragedy of our common humanity.”[66] State Department’s spokeswoman Marie Harf said that its citizens were reportedly among the injured and also condemned the “senseless act of violence. We have reports of American citizens injured in the attack, and the U.S. embassy is actively reaching out to provide assistance.”[14] National Security Advisor Susan Rice wrote on Twitter: “Despicable & cowardly terrorist attack on innocents in #Nairobi today. US stands firmly w/ Kenyan ppl in fight against terrorism, al-Shabaab.”[67]

“Global retail landlord Westfield has beefed up its security with the appointment of the former assistant commissioner of London’s Metropolitan police, John Yates.

Westfield confirmed the appointment and the expectation is that he will move to Australia and take up the position in November.

Mr Yates resigned from Scotland Yard in July 2011 after being embroiled in the phone hacking scandal that engulfed Britain and led to the closure of Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World newspaper.

He was criticised for failing to reopen a police inquiry into the extent of phone hacking at the newspaper in 2009.

At the time, he was dubbed ”Yates of the Yard” by the British press following his involvement in cases with high media profiles.


An investigation by Britian’s Independent Police Complaints Commission cleared Mr Yates of all allegations of misconduct or corruption.

After leaving the Met, he took a six-month position in Bahrain as an adviser to the government on police reform.

In January he moved to a senior role at the private security firm G3, part of the Good Governance Group, which was an adviser for the 2011 wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

His appointment comes as Westfield raised $1.6 billion this week with the sale of a 90 per cent interest in seven malls in the US, which were considered non-core. Westfield is to use the funds for its global development pipeline as it looks to boost its presence in new markets.”

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/business/former-uk-police-chief-to-run-westfield-security-20130920-2u53z.html#ixzz2fj4YshAk

Reuters .. Analysis: Nairobi attack may trigger tighter security at malls worldwide
By Ilaina Jonas and Mark Hosenball
Sun Sep 22, 2013 7:48pm EDT

(Reuters) – The deadly attack on a high-end Nairobi shopping mall on Saturday put the safety of malls around the world into the spotlight and could trigger moves to improve security and make it more visible.

“They’re obviously going to ramp up security,” said Malachy Kavanagh, a spokesman for the International Council of Shopping Centers, a U.S.-based trade group of mall and shopping center owners, adding that he expected the U.S. government’s Department of Homeland Security to reach out to the heads of corporate security for all American malls following the events in Kenya.

Some of the changes that may be made include bringing in off-duty police officers into the mall, putting more non-uniformed security officers into uniform, and more closely coordinating with local police departments.

Islamist militants were holding hostages on Sunday at a shopping mall in Nairobi, where at least 68 people were killed and 175 wounded in an attack by Somalia’s al Shabaab group. Those killed included Kenyans, Dutch, British and Chinese citizens and diplomats from Canada and Ghana. Some U.S. citizens were wounded, though the final toll is still far from clear.

The Westgate mall has several Israeli-owned outlets and is frequented by prosperous Kenyans and foreigners.
“Shopping centers and retailers will have to spend more money on security,” Irwin Barkan, CEO of African mall developer BGI LLC, said in a phone interview from Ghana where he is based. BGI, based in the U.S., is developing properties in West Africa.

“I hope it doesn’t get to the point where it is like getting into an airport,” Barkan said ahead of a trip to Nairobi for the African Hotel Investment Forum this week.

Kavanagh said that U.S. shoppers have indicated they do not want to go through this type of security line with metal detectors and other security machines.

Following the attacks on New York’s World Trade Center and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. on September 11, 2001, the trade group surveyed mall shoppers about their views on such ideas. “Unless there was an immediate threat, by and large they said ‘no’,” he said.


U.S. counter-terrorism officials and experts have privately expressed worries for years – since even before the September 11, 2001 attacks – that U.S. shopping malls and other public spaces, including public transport systems, were vulnerable to attacks.

Juan Zarate, a former White House counter-terrorism advisor and author of “Treasury’s War”, a new book on the subject, told Reuters that one of the major concerns for counter-terrorism officials is that there could be imitators of this type of “soft target” attack.

“Like the 2008 attacks in Mumbai, terrorist cells are learning that they can have strategic impact with dramatic terror focused on soft targets having significant psychological and economic effects,” Zarate said.
In November 2008, 10 gunmen went on a three-day killing spree in Mumbai, attacking two luxury hotels, a train station and a Jewish center, among other places in the Indian city.

In the United States, a source at one of the biggest mall owners said that the company is constantly focused on safety and security, not just after events such as the one in Kenya. The source said that shoppers can see some elements of security, while others are not visible. 

Dan Jasper, a spokesman for Mall of America, a large private mall in Bloomington, Minnesota, said in a statement that “We constantly monitor events and adjust plans accordingly. The safety and security of our guests remains a top priority.”

Westfield America declined comment, saying that it does not comment on security. Australia’s Westfield Group owns nearly 100 shopping centers in Australia, New Zealand, Britain and the United States. Simon Property Group, the largest owner of U.S. mall and outlet centers and owner of outlets in Canada, Malaysia, Japan, Korea and Mexico, also declined to comment.

(Writing and additional reporting by Caroline Humer Editing by Martin Howell and James Dalgleish)” 

 “Interpol – Secretary-General Ronald Noble strongly condemned the assault by “suspected al-Shabab militants” and pledged full support to Kenyan authorities in their investigation, offering to deploy an Incident Response Team consisting of specialised forensic officers, counter-terrorism experts, operational assistants and analysts.[47]”

“The Westfield Group is an Australian shopping centre group undertaking ownership, development, design, construction, funds/asset management, property management, leasing, and marketing activities. The multinational company is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and has interests in and operates one of the world’s largest shopping centre portfolios with investment interests in 103 shopping centres across Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Brazil, encompassing around 23,000 retail outlets and total assets under management in excess of A$63 billion.[2] ..

United States[edit source | editbeta] Since entering the United States market in 1977, Westfield has aggressively acquired, renovated and expanded many mall properties in order to draw wealthier consumers from longer distances. In May 2001, Westfield paid US$127 million for a 99-year lease on the retail area beneath the New York World Trade Center. In September 2003 the Westfield Group received US$17.3 million as a party in the insurance claim following the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.[8] On 18 February 2006, the Los Angeles Times reported that Westfield, “the largest owner of shopping centres in California and the world”, had agreed to acquire 15 stores from Federated Department Stores, all but three in southern California.[9] Westfield has also financed large advertising campaigns to increase awareness of its Westfield brand. On 9 May 2006, Westfield announced the sale of 8 centres in the United States, in an effort to divest themselves of “non-strategic assets since they no longer fit within our investment criteria nor are they in our long-term redevelopment plans”.[10] Since then, the company disposed 5 centers, including four out of the remaining five “Westfield Missouri” malls, and the high end “Shops at ‘Westfield’ North Bridge.””

http://www.masterinnholders.co.uk/whos-who.htm Jason has worked for the Rocco Forte Collection since 1999, initially as Resident Manager at the Balmoral, followed by a similar role at The Lowry Hotel in Manchester. He spent a short time at Brown’s as Hotel Manager before taking the General Manager’s position at The St David’s Hotel & Spa in 2002. He moved back to the Lowry as General Manager in 2006 when the St David’s was sold.

But his earlier career is far more interesting! After some years working as a carpenter for an interiors company, he joined the London Hilton on Park Lane as a member of its engineering team. He then spent time as Chief Engineer at the Café Royal and as Estates Manager at Brocket Hall.

Jason’s personal commitment to training is exemplary and his membership gives the Master Innholders another strong and respected voice in the North West. He is very proactive with local schools, colleges and universities, working on a range of practical based projects. He has also implemented a wide range of development programmes for his management team and supervisors in each of the hotels where he as worked. Jason moved to Dubai in late 2009 where he is GM at The Palace The Old Town. He was appointed Regional General Manager for Armani Hotels and Resorts in 2012.

Active member: the Manchester Hotelier Association
Member: European Hotel Managers Association
Freedom of the City of London”

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