#1681: Marine Links KPMG Force-Placed Fraud, P-3 Insurers, to MI-3 Building #7, ‘Pull-it’ Firefighters

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). On the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 mass murders, United States Marine Field McConnell has linked force-placed frauds by the Worshipful Company of Insurers upon public-private partner (P3) clients of KPMG Consulting, to The Firefighters’ demolition of WTC #7 allegedly after receiving a packet-switched “Pull it” order via MI-3 war rooms on the 23rd Floor. 

McConnell claims that William ‘Intrepid’ Stephenson (1897 – 1989) used Livery Company public-private war rooms in Room 3603 Rockefeller Center during WWII and, post war, allegedly showed Kristine Marcy (McConnell’s sister) and Norman Inkster (RCMP and KPMG) how to deploy MI-3 Insurers and Firefighters for MitM attacks as experienced in the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management on the 23rd Floor of WTC#7 during 9/11 war games!


MI-3 = Global supply-chain protection racket operated through City Livery Company patent pools (108)
Marcy (Crown Agents’ bona vacantia – Prisoner Medical Services – JABS – DOJ Asset Forfeiture Funds)
+ Inkster (RCMP Wandering Persons Registry – KPMG Consulting – Abusive tax shelter and escrow fraud)
+ Interpol (Berlin 1942-1945 – Operation Paperclip – Foreign Fugitive File – William Higgitt – Entrust)
+ Intrepid (William Stephenson – GAPAN patent pool – MitM Pearl Harbor attack – Kanada Kommando)

MI-3 = Marine Insertion Intelligence and Investigation unit set up in 1987 to destroy above
McConnell notes that in Book 12, published at www.abeldanger.net, agents deployed by the Marine Insertion, Intelligence and Investigations (MI-3) group are mingling in various OODA modes with agents of the Marcy Inkster Interpol Intrepid (MI-3) protection racket based at Skinners’ Hall, Dowgate Hill.

Prequel 1:
#1675: Marine Links Pearce’s Force-Placed Insurance MindBox Frauds to MI-3 Pacific Rim Arson, WTC#7 Bomb

BBC edits Larry Silverstein pull it wtc7 lies kerry controlled fashion wtc 7

(Hey Sherlock!)

7 World Trade Center

 The History
 7, World Trade Center
 Built: 1985
Destroyed: 11 September 2001
47 Floors
Height: 174 m
Architect: Emery Roth & Sons
 7 WTC was built in 1985 as an addition to the World Trade Center, located across Vesey Street from the main compound.
Cantor/Seinuk Engineers, P.C., Engineer. Silverstein Properties, Inc., Current Owner.
The Owners

 Larry A. Silverstein was appointed a director of Westfield America in May 1997. Since 1979, Mr. Silverstein has been President of Silverstein Properties, Inc., a Manhattan-based real estate investment and development firm which owns interests in and operates over 10 million square feet of office space. Mr. Silverstein is a member of the New York Bar, and a Governor of the Real Estate Board of New York, having served as its Chairman. He is a trustee of New York University and is the founder and Chairman Emeritus of the New York University Real Estate Institute. He is Chairman of the Realty Foundation, Vice Chairman of the South Street Seaport Museum, and a board member of the Museum of Jewish Heritage.

New York, NY October 17, 2000: Blackstone Real Estate Advisors, the global real estate investment and management arm of The Blackstone Group, L.P., announced today that it has purchased, from Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association, the participating mortgage secured by 7 World Trade Center, a commercial office complex controlled by real estate developer Larry Silverstein”
Factsheet on Teachers Insurance and Annuity Associaion (TIAA) (note: Joseph W. Luik is probably the guy who brokered the deal for TIAA)

“But before the building can rise further than the substation, major financing issues have to be resolved by Larry Silverstein, who controls the long-term lease on 7 World Trade Center as well as the World Trade Center complex. The good news for Mr. Silverstein is that the company that insured 7 World Trade, Industrial Risk Insurers, has indicated that it will make a full payment under its $861 million [force placed Insurers’] policy. But it’s not clear whether Mr. Silverstein can use those proceeds to start building without first reaching an agreement with the mortgage holder on 7 World Trade Center, Blackstone Real Estate Advisors.”

“Bank of America reportedly holds the loan on 7 World Trade Center.”

“Fitch placed classes of Banc of America LL, Inc. Series 2001-7WTC on Rating Watch Negative due to the increased likelihood that the building will be rebuilt in the near future, using insurance proceeds. The transaction is secured by the beneficial ownership interest in a trust that owns a loan secured by certificates owned by Blackstone Real Estate Partners III LP through related entities representing ownership interest in another trust secured by four mortgages originally totaling approximately $449.4 million on a leasehold interest in 7 World Trade Center. It now appears, due to the urgency to rebuild the ConEd substation, that 7 WTC will be rebuilt in the near future and that, in effect, the bondholders may take on the increased risks of construction lending. It is still possible that bondholders will be repaid prior to construction, because the existing mortgages have a relatively high interest rate and less expensive financing alternatives may be available. Due to political forces surrounding the continued viability of lower Manhattan, Fitch believes that the city will use its best efforts to aid Silverstein in attracting high quality tenants to the building. However, Fitch believes that the cash flow that existed prior to the destruction of 7 WTC will not be replicated, particularly due to the projected substantial reduction in building size.”
“According to BestWire, Employers Reinsurance Corp’s Industrial Risk Insurers has agreed to pay a claim for 7 World Trade Center, but a final price has yet to be settled. Some of the insurance proceeds will be used to pay off bondholders who bought part of the building’s US$383 million mortgage. Larry Silverstein, the building’s developer and leaseholder of the WTC twin towers, has said the claim for 7 World Trade Center will be US$861 million [Force-placed Insurers fraud on KPMG P3 where borrowers insures for $383 million mortgage and lender for $861 million]

“The Worshipful Company of Insurers is one of the 108 Livery Companies of the City of London.

The Company was formed and became a Livery Company in 1979, on the same day as the Actuaries’ Company. The Company is not just a society for those related to insurance and reinsurance but it also supports general charities and the education of students studying in the insurance field, and assists the relief of members, retired members or members suffering hardship, and the wives, widows, children, orphans and others depending upon them.

The Insurers’ Company ranks 92nd in the Companies’ order of precedence. Its motto is Omnium Defensor, Latin for Protector of All.

The Company is based at The Insurance Hall on Aldermanbury, near London Wall, a building owned and managed by the Chartered Insurance Institute and shared with the Worshipful Company of Firefighters.”
Global Infrastructure & Projects

KPMG Corporate Finance LLC (“KPMG”) has provided cutting edge, industry-leading advice for Public Private Partnerships (“PPP”) and major infrastructure project transactions on a global basis for over 15 years. Our team of seasoned professionals has been involved in the evolution of PPP financial and contractual frameworks. KPMG has extensive background with various government entities, dynamic PPP bidders, and financial organizations active in the PPP market space around the globe and in the developing United States market.

On a global basis, KPMG is a known industry leader and has advised on over 1,700 PPP transactions with a value of over US$285 billion. KPMG Corporate Finance is now the preeminent PPP financial adviser in the United States and has acted as financial adviser (or received mandate) on 3 PPP projects (TxDOT, INDOT, and Riverside County) worth over US$9 billion.

KPMG professionals provide deep PPP experience covering various sectors including:


The procurement of major infrastructure projects is complex, highly competitive, costly and time-consuming. As an independent adviser, KPMG can establish or react to the most competitive environments by utilizing:
Global reach and diverse experience of over 2,200 Corporate Finance professionals

Deep knowledge of the global and US PPP markets

Ability to receive world-class experience and knowledge on various tax, transaction, accounting and due diligence issues from the world-wide resources of KPMG LLP International.

Experienced, non-biased perspective on the broad portfolio of financial tools available to clients

Implementation of best practice project processes to corporate and government clients

Comprehensive technical skills required for a successful financial close
Practical advice on the complexities of refinancing and other complicated financial issues.

KPMG provides best-in-class solutions because we understand the stakeholders of the PPP industry.

KPMG has successfully assisted government authorities to develop PPP project parameters, developed effective PPP policies, and implemented several PPP projects. KPMG has deep experience in balancing an investor’s desire for profit with governmental requirements of high quality public assets and services.
KPMG also has successfully advised a large number of bidders on privately financed PPP and infrastructure projects. KPMG has assisted private sector clients by the development of successful and creative bidder strategies, negotiation of financial terms, and creation of optimal capital structures.

KPMG has crafted a suite of service offerings for the Public (PDF)andPrivate (PDF) Sectors to provide comprehensive advice for successful Projects.”

EXCLUSIVE: 911 system cost overruns audit reveals $24 million wasted
Controller John Liu’s audit was ‘stupid,’ said Mayor Bloomberg. Now his own review of the project uncovers poor bookkeeping led to as much as $24 million in overpayments.

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 2013, 2:04 AM
Less than a year after Mayor Bloomberg derided an audit of the 911 system as “stupid,” his own review revealed poor bookkeeping that resulted in up to $24 million in unnecessary payouts.

The KPMG review, commissioned by the Mayor’s Office of Citywide Emergency Communications, concludes that contractor Hewlett-Packard was overpaid for upgrades of the emergency call system between 2005 and 2012. The mismanagement resulted in as much as $11.5 million in unnecessary payments for 217 invoices and 5,850 time sheets.

The entire cost overrun over seven years was set at $24 million.

The 25-page report was completed last November but not released publicly. It was obtained by the Daily News through a Freedom of Information Law request.

City Controller John Liu, who conducted the audit that the mayor mocked, saw vindication. “This audit very clearly lays out fraudulent billings,” he said.
The new 911 system audit found significant overpayments. And the system has been controversial.

The errors read like an accountant’s nightmare:

• Hours claimed on Hewlett-Packard invoices were greater than the hours approved in time sheets, costing as much as $4 million.
• Underqualified contractors were paid more than they deserved, projecting to $3.4 million in unnecessary costs.
• Documentation was often unavailable, leaving KPMG unable to determine whether the price tag on services provided was appropriate.

The emergency communications office said it agreed with the KPMG findings, and would “strengthen the invoice review process.”

Liu has for more than a year tangled with Bloomberg over the upgrade of the 911 system, which is overdue and overbudget. During the summer, 911 was prone to crashes.

The full upgrade of the 911 system, initially projected to cost $1.2 billion, has ballooned to more than $2 billion.

Liu, who is running for mayor, claims Hewlett-Packard owes taxpayers $163 million for overbilling uncovered in the audit conducted by his office last year.
Bloomberg last year called Liu’s charges against Hewlett-Packard “intellectually dishonest” and “stupid.”

Liu’s auditors found Hewlett-Packard charged the city $192 an hour for menial tasks like opening a door for visitors.

But a Bloomberg spokesman, Kamran Mumtaz, insisted Liu’s audit contained “purposeful misrepresentations” and said that the KPMG analysis did not change that.

“We said at the time of the controller’s audit that we disagreed with most of its findings, and that still remains true today,” Mumtaz said.

Hewlett-Packard’s $380 million contract overseeing systems in the 911 call center in Brooklyn actually came in $34 million under budget, Mumtaz noted.
The mayor’s own review of the company’s billings is ongoing.”

During World War II, President Franklin D. Roosevelt establishes a federal Office of Civilian Defense (OCD) and names New York City Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia director.

With the rise of the Cold War, New York’s OCD is formed on April 18, 1950. Under the New York State Civil Defense Law, the Mayor appoints a City Director of Defense to prepare the city for an atomic attack. As part of its mission, OCD also helps residents prepare for an enemy air attack and coordinates civil defense programs with nearby counties and cities.

The Mayor’s Emergency Control Board (MECB) is established. The Mayor serves as chairman and the board comprises commissioners of several agencies, including the Fire and Police Departments, the MTA, and Health and 

Hospitals Corporation.

OCD is renamed the Office of Civil Defense and Disaster Control (OCDDC). Some components of the OCD are transferred to the Department of Public Works, the New York City Police Department (NYPD), and the City’s municipal radio station, WNYC.

MECB begins the development and implementation of a disaster management system which would enable the City to meet the impact of all types of disasters, including a civil defense situation. The MECB advises the Mayor in times of crisis, charting a course of action and taking steps to implement the decisions of the Mayor. It also formulates and activates the City’s disaster management system.

Later the OCDDC and the MECB are combined into the Office of Emergency Control Board – Civil Defense, which focused on the day-to-day planning toward the development and maintenance of a total disaster management system.
The functions of the former OCD, which were first transferred to the Department of Public Works, the NYPD, and WNYC Radio, are formally transferred to the Police Department. The Police commissioner is appointed interim coordinator of the Office of Emergency Services – Civil Preparedness.
The Office of Emergency Services – Civil Preparedness is renamed the Office of Civil Preparedness. The Police commissioner is appointed director. He reports to the Mayor and serves as the local director of civil defense.
The Police commissioner is appointed Director of the Mayor’s Emergency Control Board, which meets when convened by the Mayor, or when called into committee session by the director.
The Office of Civil Preparedness is renamed the Office of Emergency Management, which falls within the NYPD.
By executive order, the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management is created [as a public-private partnership with MI-3 by KPMG Consulting’s forensic partner  Norman Inkster on 23rd floor of WTC#7]. The director reports directly to the Mayor, and serves as the local director of civil defense.
In a referendum held in late 2001, voters overwhelmingly elect to elevate the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management to departmental level status. In 2002, the agency is renamed the Office of Emergency Management and headed by a commissioner who reports to the Mayor.

In late 2006, the Office of Emergency Management moved into a new headquarters at 165 Cadman Plaza East in Brooklyn. The new facility replaces the agency’s former headquarters destroyed on September 11, 2001. The building balances state-of-the-art technology with progressive sustainable design elements. It is the first “green” agency headquarters in New York City.

OEM continues to educate the public about emergency preparedness. Programs like Ready New York, Community Emergency Response Teams, and Citizen Corps reach more New Yorkers every day through public outreach, volunteerism, and strategic partnerships.

“After World War II began (and over the objections of Sir Stewart Menzies, wartime head of British intelligence) now-Prime Minister Winston Churchill sent Stephenson to the United States on 21 June 1940, to covertly establish and run British Security Coordination (BSC) in New York City, over a year before U.S. entry into the war.

BSC, with headquarters at Room 3603 Rockefeller Center, became an umbrella organization that by war’s end represented the British intelligence agencies MI5, MI6 (the Secret Intelligence Service, or SIS), SOE (Special Operations Executive) and PWE (Political Warfare Executive) throughout North America, South America and the Caribbean.[citation needed]

Stephenson’s initial directives for BSC were to 1) investigate enemy activities; 2) institute security measures against sabotage to British property; and 3) organize American public opinion in favour of aid to Britain. Later this was expanded to include “the assurance of American participation in secret activities throughout the world in the closest possible collaboration with the British”. Stephenson’s official title was British Passport Control Officer. His unofficial mission was to create a secret British intelligence network throughout the western hemisphere, and to operate covertly and broadly on behalf of the British government and the Allies in aid of winning the war. He also became Churchill’s personal representative to U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt.[citation needed]

Stephenson was soon a close adviser to Roosevelt, and suggested that he put Stephenson’s good friend William J. “Wild Bill” Donovan in charge of all U.S. intelligence services. Donovan founded the U.S. Office of Strategic Services (OSS), which in 1947 would become the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). As senior representative of British intelligence in the western hemisphere, Stephenson was one of the few persons in the hemisphere who were authorized to view raw Ultra transcripts of German Enigma ciphers that had been decrypted at Britain’s Bletchley Park facility. He was trusted by Churchill to decide what Ultra information to pass along to various branches of the U.S. and Canadian governments.[citation needed]

The Princess Hotel in Bermuda, home to British Imperial Censorship during the war, and to Sir William Stephenson after the war.

While it was was still neutral, agreement was made for all trans-Atlantic mails from the USA to be routed through the British colony ofBermuda, 640 miles off the North Carolina coast. Airmails carried by both British and American aircraft were landed at RAF Darrell’s Island and delivered to 1,200 censors of British Imperial Censorship, part of BSC, working in the Princess Hotel, who examined letters for secret communications before resealing them to leave no indication that they had been read. With BSC working closely with the FBI, the censors were responsible for the discovery and arrest of a number of Axis spies operating in the US, including the Joe K ring. After the war, Stephenson lived at the Princess Hotel for a time before buying his own home in Bermuda. [10]

Under Stephenson, BSC directly influenced U.S. media (including newspaper columns by Walter Winchell and Drew Pearson), and media in other hemisphere countries, toward pro-British and anti-Axis views. Once the U.S. had entered the war in Dec. 1941, BSC went on to train U.S. propagandists from the United States Office of War Information in Canada. BSC covert intelligence and propaganda efforts directly affected wartime developments in BrazilArgentinaColombiaChileVenezuelaPeruBolivia,ParaguayMexico, the Central American countries, BermudaCuba and Puerto Rico.

Stephenson worked without salary. [citation needed] He hired hundreds of people, mostly Canadian women, to staff his organization and covered much of the expense out of his own pocket. His employees included secretive communications genius Benjamin deForest “Pat” Bayly and future advertising wizard David Ogilvy. Stephenson employed Amy Elizabeth Thorpe, codenamed CYNTHIA, to seduce Vichy French officials into giving up Enigma ciphers and secrets from their Washington embassy.[11] At the height of the war Bayly, a University of Torontoprofessor from Moose Jaw, created the Rockex, the fast secure communications system that would eventually be relied on by all the Allies.[12]

Not least of Stephenson’s contributions to the war effort was the setting up by BSC of Camp X in Whitby, Ontario, the first training school for clandestine operations in Canada and North America. Some 2,000 British, Canadian and American covert operators were trained there from 1941 to 1945, including students from ISO, OSS, Federal Bureau of InvestigationRoyal Canadian Mounted PoliceUnited States Navy and Military Intelligence, and the United States Office of War Information, among them five future directors of what would become the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.[citation needed]

Camp X graduates operated in Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy and the Balkans) as well as in Africa, Australia, India and the Pacific. They included Ian Fleming (though there is evidence to the contrary), future author of the James Bond books. It has been said that the fictional Goldfinger‘s raid on Fort Knox was inspired by a Stephenson plan (never carried out) to steal $2,883,000,000 in Vichy French gold reserves from the French Caribbean colony of Martinique.[13]

BSC purchased from Philadelphia radio station WCAU a ten-kilowatt transmitter and installed it at Camp X. By mid-1944, Hydra (as the Camp X transmitter was known) was transmitting 30,000 and receiving 9,000 message groups daily — much of the secret Allied intelligence traffic across the Atlantic.[citation needed]”

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