#1628: Marine Links Jason McLean’s Signal Systems Spot-Fix CSI to Obama’s Benghazi Snuff Film Live

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Jason McLean’s alleged use of Signal Systems’ (SS) repeaters for spot-fixed betting on phony CSI (crime-scene investigation) events, to the Blue Mountain Security manager, whose company apparently provided guards for the Benghazi compound to set up an interactive live snuff film with images back-hauled via drone so that Barrack Obama could watch Ambassador Chris Stevens being raped and sodomized on 9/11 2102.

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They all lied…and this one picture* is the proof
Posted on July 1, 2013 by Diane Sori
As new information is finally starting to leak out about what really happened in Benghazi on that fateful night of September 11, 2012, NOTHING is more telling than this one single photograph…for this photograph proves that Ambassador Christopher Stevens did NOT die of smoke inhalation in the embassy compound as was claimed by the Obama administration, but was taken alive, raped, sodomized, and God only knows what else…and Barack HUSSEIN Obama, Hillary Clinton, and all those in their vile orbit knew this from day one and all bold-faced lied.

Third, fast forward to September 10th, when al-Qaeda head honcho Ayman al-Zawahrin publicly called on Libyans to seek revenge for the killing of a Libyan al-Qaeda leader, and that the next morning, September 11th, Libyan so-called ‘police officers’ who were supposed to be helping guard the compound were seen taking pictures of the inside of the compound. In fact, Ambassador Stevens sent an e-mail to DC that morning stating that he found this picture taking “troubling” and received NO reply. Now add in that on the afternoon of September 11th, the Blue Mountain Security manager, whose company also provided some of the guards for the Benghazi compound, sensed something was wrong and put out an alert via radio and cellphone [supplied by McLean’s Signal Systems to control CSI], and according to media reports, there were roadblocks and check points set up well in advance of the attack because of his alert. 

Fourth, our response to all this was to send up an unarmed surveillance drone over the consulate compound about 90 minutes AFTER the attack started…the very drone through which Barack HUSSEIN Obama watched our people being slaughtered…which of course he claimed he NEVER did. And if you believe that I’ve got some swamp land to sell you, because (and this is my belief alone) this man had to make sure Stevens was killed one way or the other so his ‘secret’ would be safe…so rest assured he saw it all.” 

“Production Services [of Jason McLean’s Signal Services] We work closely with film crews in British Columbia and have a clear understanding of the communication and data management services they require on set, on location, and in their production offices. Our radio services include Motorola and Icom set radios plus an extensive Trunked Radio Network specifically designed for film units shooting in the Lower Mainland and beyond. This network now extends radio coverage to Richmond, Tsawwassen, Ladner, Delta, and Langley. We also provide fully managed Cisco telephones and networks which enables immediate set-up and deployment for [snuff] film crews and production offices [anywhere in the world]. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive range of video conferencing services. Options in this area include boardroom rentals at Vancouver Film Studios equipped with video conferencing equipment, and/or portable video conference units which can be delivered and installed at any site having an active internet connection [as in Benghazi 9/11].” 

JASON D.D. MCLEAN Jason McLean is President and Chief Executive Officer of the McLean Group, a Vancouver-based family business active in real estate, the film and television industry [Signal Systems CSI management], and charter aviation. 

Prior to joining the McLean Group, Jason worked as Special Assistant in the Office of the Prime Minister of Canada (2000-2002), primarily leading advance teams to Africa, China, the United States and Europe in preparation for NATO and APEC meetings, G8 summits, and other major trade and diplomatic consultations.
A lawyer by trade, LLB (UBC) 1999 and BA (UBC) 1995, Jason was called to the Bar of British Columbia in 2000. He is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s Owner President Management Program and holds the ICD.D designation from the Institute of Corporate Directors. 

In addition to his corporate board appointments, Jason has been a Director of the Vancouver Board of Trade since 2005, and in 2010-2011 served as Chair. 

Jason is currently serving on the Dean’s Advisory Committee for the National Centre for Business Law at UBC, and is a past board member and chair of the finance committee for the Vancouver Police Board (2008-2011) [when he killed CSI into the Starnet online gaming and interactive pig farm S&M].
In 2009, Jason was the recipient of a Top 40 Under 40 Award from Business in Vancouver.”

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