#1612: Marine Links RCMP Paulson Alternate-Reality Pig-Farm Gigs to CAI Pension Proxies’ Starnet Vig

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson’s apparent role in alternate-reality games (gigs) at the Pickton Family’s B.C. pig farm, to the late General Alexander Haig’s CAI Private Equity Group and its pension-fund proxies who allegedly began sharing in the Starnet vig after the Vancouver raid of August 20, 1999.

McConnell alleges that Haig’s CAI proxies, including Canadian Governor General David Johnston, and Paul Cantor, former Chairman of the PSP Investment Board – the custodian of Paulson’s RCMP pension fund! – shared in Starnet vigs from online betting on the outcomes of S&M torture at the pig farm.

Prequel 1:
#1611: Marine Links Shenher Alternate-Reality Pig Farm to Haig CAI Pension Proxies, Henley Starnet Raid

Prequel 2:
#1601: Marine Links Paulson Starnet Pig-Farm Betting Key to Lac-Megantic Up-Down Body Count RCMP

CAI Equity Bookmaker Paul Cantor & Scriptwriter Lori Shenher’s Alternate Reality Game

Media Coverage of Starnet Raid – August 20, 1999 [Same RCMP cop – Cpl. Frank Henley – talks about the Starnet raid at 0:57 with the ‘Star Wars’ smirk]

bcIMC proxies!

Pickton Pig Farm Clan & The Guild Socialist Ensemble

The Pig Farm: Robert Pickton Serial Killer Documentary [Lynne Ellingsen talks about blackmail, then Cpl. Frank Henley comes on at 0:56:43]

9/11 Alexander Haig Had Inside Knowledge Of The World Trade Center Bombing [Allegedly through alternate-reality games set up on Starnet servers, confiscated by CAI proxies during a joint RCMP/IRS raid of August 20, 1999 prior to transfer into NYC’s Salomon Building (WTC#7) for ARG Global Guardian]

Conspiracy Cafe

“12. RCMP Sergeant (now Commissioner) Robert Paulson As a member of the RCMP’s Southwest Major Crime group, then Sgt.  Robert Paulson was extensively involved in the missing women’s investigations. His name appears hundreds of times in the documents disclosed to the Commission. According to Dep. Chief Evans, in March of  2000, Sgt. Paulson and Sgt. Davidson “approached Chief Superintendent  Bass with a proposal to create a coordinated effort to review the unsolved homicides and the Missing Women”.35 Despite these efforts, it would take another year before the JFO was formed.”

“Vigorish, or simply the vig, also known as juice, the cut or the take, is the amount charged by a bookmaker, or bookie, for his services. In the United States it also means the interest on a shark’s loan. The term is Yiddish slang originating from the Russian word for winnings, выигрыш vyigrysh.[1] 

Bookmakers use this practice to make money on their wagers regardless of the outcome. To minimize their risk, bookmakers do not want to have an interest in either side winning in a given sporting event. They are interested, instead, in getting equal betting on both outcomes of the event. In this way, the bookmaker minimizes his risk and always collects a small commission from the vigorish. The bookmaker will normally adjust the odds or the line, to attract equal action on each side of an event.”

“Bob Paulson, COM is the Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He previously served as the Deputy Commissioner, Federal Policing from November 2010 to 2011. He replaced the first civilian Commissioner William J. S. Elliott who is currently working with INTERPOL.

Paulson was born in LachuteQuebec and joined the Canadian Forces after high school [2] and later became a jet pilot.[3] Leaving the Forces in 1984, he entered Simon Fraser University in 1984 and later as an RCMP cadet.[4]

Paulson’s first posting was to Chilliwack Detachment. He spent the next 19 years in various RCMP postings in British Columbia before being transferred to National Headquarters in Ottawa.[5]

His Excellency the Governor General in Council [David Johnston, CAI Special Investor, who, with CAI proxied pension funds for the RCMP, financed Starnet platform development for alternate-reality gaming at the Pickton pig farm] , on the recommendation of the President of the Treasury Board, hereby

 (a)  pursuant to section 9 of the Public Sector Pension Investment Board Act, reappoints Paul Cantor [who, with CAI proxied pension funds, financed Starnet platform development for alternate-reality gaming at the Pickton pig farm] of Toronto, Ontario, as a director of the Public Sector Pension Investment Board to hold office during good behaviour for a term of one year; and

 b)  pursuant to subsection 14(1) of the Public Sector Pension Investment Board Act, after consultation with the board of directors of the Public Sector Pension Investment Board, the Minister of National Defence and the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, designates Paul Cantor of Toronto, Ontario, one of the directors of the Board, as Chairperson of the Public Sector Pension Investment Board to hold office during good behaviour for a term of one year; effective March 5, 2011.”

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PresidentialField Mandate

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  • holy jeez man. you did one hell of a good jb on this. In 1996 the rcmp announced they would have to clamp down on the internet in order to control the child porn that was appearing. being a computer professional with four little kids, i thought to help them out rather than lose the right to free movement on the internet. i trace routed a whole pile of porn, complete with pictures and addresses of the people putting it on there and we have been under attack by the pigs run by the man you refer to as 'Pig Farmer Paulson'.

    Please look at my link here –> http://gentiledefenseleague.org/2008/12/02/freedom-of-information-can-even-prayer-fix-this.aspx

    it does not surprise me at all that paulson took all the evidence to london to his masters.

    for twenty years we have been gang stalked by this government and have ample files under the freedom of information act to prove our case. the problem is that our foreign owned private british corporation that is passing itself off as our government is so filthy and corrupt that no amount of prayer is ever going to change anything.

    as a kid, i was in a group home in chilliwack (piggy paulsons old stomping ground). when i tried to say something about the social worker molesting the boys i got fifty across the bare ass with a razor strap. i shut my mouth, but fifteen years later the social worker, Bill MOrrow, was convicted of 74 counts of child molesting. now i know why it was so easy to get away with this shit.

    go to my site at http://GentileDefenseLeague.com to read about the legal attack Pig Farmers Paulson's minions launched against us to cover up their attempt to murder my family on my mining claim. i was unlawfully incarcerated for a year while the rcmp laid phoney charges after i made official complaints to the ombudsman and rcmp commission. they simply changed what i wrote in my complaints and charged me with what they wrote. and the courts? corrupt as you can possibly imagine and then some.

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