#1611: Marine Links Shenher Alternate-Reality Pig Farm to Haig CAI Pension Proxies, Henley Starnet Raid

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked S&M alternate-reality pig-farm games in Port Coquitlam, apparently scripted by former Vancouver Police Department Det. Const. Lori Shenher, to the alleged extortion of bcIMC pension-fund trustees by proxies of the late General Alexander Haig whose CAI Private Equity Group may have obtained S&M material to blackmail clients after RCMP Cpl. Frank Henley led a raid on Starnet premises on 20 August 1999.

McConnell alleges that one of Haig’s CAI proxies, Canadian Governor General David Johnston, exploited S&M content obtained for use in blackmail by the VPD-RCMP raid on Starnet by forcing men from Trenton AFB to burn the uniforms of Colonel Russell Williams – former head of airborne security for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and an Abel Danger suspect in the 1996 murder of JonBenet Ramsey.

McConnell notes that Williams, a pedophile psychopath, has been given a life sentence on a $60,000 per year pension arranged by another one of Haig’s CAI proxies, Paul Cantor, the former Chairman of the PSP Investment Board which manages the pensions of the RCMP, the Canadian Forces and the Reserve!

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CAI Equity Bookmaker Paul Cantor & Scriptwriter Lori Shenher’s Alternate Reality Game

The Pig Farm: Robert Pickton Serial Killer Documentary [Lynne Ellingsen talks about blackmail, then Cpl. Frank Henley comes on at 0:56:43]

Media Coverage of Starnet Raid – August 20, 1999 [Same RCMP cop – Cpl. Frank Henley – talks about the Starnet raid at 0:57 with the ‘Star Wars’ smirk]

9/11 Alexander Haig Had Inside Knowledge Of The World Trade Center Bombing [Through alternate reality game set up on Starnet servers confiscated by CAI proxies during RCMP/IRS raid of August 20, 1999 and transferred to in Salomon Building WTC#7]

bcIMC proxies!

Pickton Pig Farm Clan & The Guild Socialist Ensemble

Conspiracy Cafe

“Sadomasochism is the giving and/or receiving of pleasure—often sexual—from acts involving the infliction or reception of pain or humiliation. A subset of BDSM, practitioners of sadomasochism usually seek out sexual gratification from these acts, but often seek out other forms of pleasure as well. While the terms sadist and masochist specifically refer to one who either enjoys giving pain (sadist), or one who enjoys receiving pain (masochist), many practitioners of sadomasochism describe themselves as at least somewhat of a switch, or someone who can receive pleasure from either inflicting or receiving pain.

The acronym S&M is often used for sadomasochism, although practitioners themselves normally drop the & and use the acronym SM or S/M. 

Sadomasochism is not considered a clinical paraphilia unless such practices lead to clinically significant distress or impairment for a diagnosis.[1] Similarly, sexual sadism within the context of mutual consent should not be mistaken for acts of sexual violence or aggression.[2]

This is one case I haven’t looked into in much detail. I recall the arrest and the media shills heralding a creepy serial killer named Robert Pickton captured and a horrendous episode in criminal history laid to rest. What more could there have been? Perhaps the ineptitude of mass law enforcement on Canada’s west coast or much worse the complicity of many facets of police agencies involved in the case. Many say it under their breath. Few say it loud enough to be heard by others. I’m starting to come to the conclusion that the most plausible explanation for the events attributed to Robert Pickton were actions by some police to provide cover and concealment to the crimes if in fact they didn’t actually participate in the heinous acts.
In the CTV documentary, The Pig Farm [financed by CAI proxies], we have posted in the video section we see the classic dog and pony show. It’s not so much what they tell us but what they don’t tell us. They leave out many key facts that take us from the conclusion they wish us to draw namely that the police tried their best, but circumstances like bad witnesses and bureaucratic issues prevented them from fixing Pickton to the crimes. They tell us about the 1997 attempted murder charge against a prostitute known as ‘Stitch’ who was stabbed four times by Pickton. He lured her to his place and tried to handcuff her from behind. She fought back desperately stabbing Pickton too. Somehow the charges against Pickton were stayed because as a drug addict and prostitute ‘Stitch’ was an unreliable witness. I tend to believe even then Pickton was a protected individual. What if his deeds involved the high level politicos? They would have no trouble stopping an embarrassing trial.

They leave out the role of Cpl. Mike Connor who believed Lynn Ellingsen was lying about seeing Pickton butchering a woman in the barn. He is very upset with Cpl. Frank Henley who accepted the lie and halted the investigation into Pickton. Cpl. Connor was promoted off the case. He still staked out the Pickton farm on his own time in the hope of catching him in the act. That is the mark of a very sincere policeman.
In the video Cpl. Henley speaks for himself. He reveals much. From the very first Henley knows she saw the butchered body. She described the inside of the corpse. “It’s gross.” “It’s yellow,” were her words. Only someone familiar with the anatomy would know that. Henley had seen many autopsies. He knew. He says it haunts him now. Ellingsen lied because she was blackmailing Pickton to support her drug habit. She disappeared before a lie detector test. Cpl. Henley took the unusual step of asking superiors to allow him to meet Pickton on the farm. That seems very strange. He would go alone to meet a suspected serial killer on his own turf. That is very brave. However, what if he had been there before and was worried a fingerprint or DNA sample might be found [cf. Russell Williams uniforms and JonBenet DNA]. It could be explained away innocently after the visit.
You see everybody knew Willie Pickton. He bought his vehicles at the Vancouver Police Auctions. In the video they said he worked at them. That means he had a regular relationship with the police. The video omits the drinking establishment he ran called Piggie’s Palace. A good night would see 1,800 patrons. They included the mayor. The place was even a registered charity called The Good Times Society raising money for women’s groups. With all the drugs and prostitutes it must have been quite the good time. Of course now no one admits going there especially the police. Most damning Willie was called The White Knight in the video for helping the dispossessed. The security at the place was called White Knights Security Services. If I may digress to the latest RCMP scandal with the cop in bondage scenes the Kilted Knight. That seems to be a key word at the farm – Knight. That cop had a role in the investigation too and leads me to consider the possibility of actual police involvement.
One of the main little jewels they include and then leave out, the wooden stake to the heart, is the role of Insp. Kim Rossmo. He was Canada’s fist Ph.D. cop. He devised a serial criminal profiler program. He screamed not only smoke but fire. His superiors refused to listen. They walled him out. They fired him. He is suing for wrongful dismissal. How is it the man most likely to solve the case was removed from it by the ‘old boys’ network? Maybe it wasn’t his academic credentials. Maybe it was he didn’t cavort with prostitutes or profit from narcotics trafficking. As they said in the video it was a $200 million dollar industry about town. So at this point two of the best cops to solve the case are removed from it. In Fact Cpl. Connor was even concerned his file would be ‘lost’ after he was promoted out.
I would speculate that Piggie’s Palace, the pig farm and The Good Times Society may have played a crucial role in laundering some of the $200 million of drug money in the area. Willie was rich. No one would think twice except me.
The veteran detective, Ron Lepine, suggests there were too many suspects to investigate. Despite Willie having committed a crime with the exact method of operation required and being caught would seem to put him on the short list. I might suspect the list of suspects was juiced up as another example of person(s) on the inside protecting Pickton. A few dozen blind alleys would serve the purpose. As an old hand there was something we used to call The Ways and Means Act. There was no such thing, but in exceptional circumstances you made the law necessary to save lives yourself. It was the last resort of a decent copper. Sometimes it meant you sacrificed your career to save a life.
The most damning piece of evidence prior to the S & M antics concerns the allegations ofRCMP Cpl. Catherine Galliford who is suing the force for years of tortuous sexual harassment including senior management. She was assigned to the missing women case. She reported that investigators routinely engaged in sexual liaisons, watched porn, harassed her, and left work early to drink and party. The quotes stopped short as to whether the location was actually Pickton’s Piggie’s Palace. That is immaterial since they surely weren’t investigating Pickton. Cpl. Galliford was told that her colleagues’ sexual fantasy involved the following: “They wanted to see Willie Pickton escape from prison, track me down and strip me naked, string me up on a meat hook and gut me like a pig,”
EXCUSE ME! The lead investigators investigating Pickton had sexual fantasies about stringing women up on meat hooks and gutting them like pigs. This is first hand eye witness testimony from a serving RCMP officer. Cpl. Galliford also stated they knew from 1999 that Pickton was the real deal and they did NOTHING! Galliford said top Mounties had “enough evidence for a search warrant” of serial killer Robert Pickton’s farm in 1999. Cpl. Galliford was the RCMP’s TV spokesperson in the region. That’s quite an honour. She is no loose screw. She was and still should be a fine and dedicated officer.
That takes us to the next issue the S & M bondage. RCMP Cpl. Jim Brown has been outed as a source for despicable violence against women posting images on line. He was brought to theattention of RCMP management in 2010. He claimed his escapades were consensual private adult liaisons. He claimed they were on a flash drive. No they were posted on line. He also blogged he was a serving RCMP officer. The images were pulled. However, they included holding a knife to a woman’s throat, holding a severed head, and hogtying women with an erection. EXCUSE ME! They not only have fantasies, they act them out. It is reasonable to ask. Did they do it for real at the Pickton farm. If they did, they are so sure of themselves they can even role play in public. The whole lot should be fired. The claims of Cpl. Galliford are more than sufficient in any labour forum.
At the beginning of The Pig Farm they say it’s difficult to understand how Willie Pickton the kid who failed Grade 2 and 3 could have done all this alone. I would tend to agree. I believe he had at least help from person(s) in the police. At worst we have a serial S & M murder ring. Willie’s part may have been body disposal. He was being protected. The hard part would be to prove it. Hopefully the DNA evidence is preserved. Every copper involved should be tested. Perhaps it’s so bad and so systemic that the only option is to DISARM, DISBAND, AND FIRE THE WHOLE LOT and rebuild from scratch. They have soiled and tarnished the whole concept of law enforcement in Canada. We live with the myths and the illusions. That is not enough. We need good, decent coppers to serve and protect. These individuals are Sodom and Gomorrah. We have no use for this.

The reality was I recall information about a Reserve RCMP Constable investigating missing native women. He was ordered to stop his investigation. The claim included the fact the police drove some of the women to the farm.

Informed Capital
CAI is finding new venture capitalists from an old boys network
National Post Business, July, 2000
Rod McQueen

In August 1998, Maple Leaf Foods Inc. tried to spin off its only retail food subsidiary, Country Style Food Services Inc., by taking it public, but the Russian currency crisis spooked stock markets and nobody wanted to buy donuts or anything else. Enter CAI Capital Corp., a partnership based in New York that was willing to invest $22 million for an 82% bite of Country Style. Management remained, but rather than the 15 new outlets of previous years, Country Style will open 30 new shops this year and 50 in 2001. The company may also become a sector consolidator by acquiring competitors.

Beyond money, CAI provided Country Style with something even more important – expertise. “I have telephone numbers for people I can talk to that I didn’t have before. They can open doors for me,” says Garry Macdonald, president and CEO of Country Style. “They’re very professional and very astute, they don’t charge management fees and their involvement at the board level was very attractive.” CAI-designated directors on Country Style’s board include Dennis Frezzo, former president of Tricon Canada, Pepsi’s franchising arm, and David Culver, former chairman of Alcan Aluminium Ltd. “They don’t get involved in the day-to-day running of the business, which is a healthy way to have it.”

CAI isn’t your average investor/corporate mentor so much as a vehicle for corporate continentalism, raw power and personal networking. CAI was founded in New York in 1990 by seven individuals, including two partners from Salomon Brothers Inc. [based out of WTC#7 earmarked for destruction on 9/11]: Peter Gottsegen, who had been in charge of international investment banking, and Dick Schmeelk, who’d spent 40 years advising governments in Ottawa, seven of the provinces and numerous companies. Also part of the initial group were Peter Restler, former senior vice-president of Shearson Lehman Brothers, Leslie Daniels, former president of Burdge, Daniels & Co., and Culver.

The seven partners pooled US $10 million of their own money and then sought others who would be prepared to invest and advise. Because of their previous interest in Canada and the fact that the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement was just coming into effect, they decided to focus on Canada. Their first investment was a 40% stake in Bio-Research Laboratories Ltd., of Montreal, previously part of a money-losing Crown corporation, Connaught Labs [dirty blood]. The initial challenge was to change a culture where status depended upon the number of employees. When Culver first visited Bio-Research, the incumbent CEO looked out his office window and said, “That’s what I like to see, a full parking lot.” Replied Culver, “We like a full bank account and a half-empty parking lot.”

Four CAI investors, including Culver and Walter Wriston, the former chairman of Citibank, were placed on the Bio_Research board and oversaw a $6-million expenditure on computerization, a substantial sum given the $29 million in annual revenues the company had at the time. A new marketing campaign was launched and, when CAI exited four years later, the U.S.$11.5 million investment had tripled.

Of CAI’s two funds, the $150-million Fund One is now closed. Fund Two has about half its $200 million invested and more target companies are being sought. The original seven partners supplied about $14 million for Fund Two and another 35 individuals kicked in a similar amount. For them, the usual due diligence is almost unnecessary; 12 institutional investors have provided the remaining $170 million. Patient money flows from pension funds for the provinces of British Columbia [Shenher’s VPD] and Alberta as well as Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board, corporate pension funds at Bank of Nova Scotia, Canada Life and Clarica Life, and U.S. funds such as GE Capital Equity Holdings and U.S. Steel Carnegie Pension Fund [and PSP Investment Board for RCMP, Canadian Forces and the Reserves].

Getting powerful people matters as much as the commitments for cash. “We’re a real alternative to mutual fund investing, which is quarter-to-quarter,” says Restler. “When we ask people if they want to become investors, we’ve had very few say ‘no.'” Individual investors include such luminaries as Peter Bentley, chairman of Canfor Corp., Paul Cantor, chairman of Russell Reynolds Associates [and former chair of PSP Investment Board for RCMP, Canadian Forces and the Reserves], Lynton Wilson, chairman of BCE Inc. [Sponsored the alternate reality documentary CTV’s ‘The Pig Farm’], Raymond Garneau, chairman and CEO of Industrial-Alliance Life Insurance Co., General Alexander Haig, secretary of state in the Ronald Reagan administration, John McArthur, former dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Business, and Guy Saint-Pierre, chairman of SNC-Lavalin Group Inc., former Noranda Forest Inc. chairman, Adam Zimmerman and Michel Fortier, senior vice-president and director, Merrill Lynch Canada Inc. Networking goes well beyond the inner circle. CAI sponsors a dinner every two months for investors and local business leaders. In April, John Roth, president and CEO of Nortel Networks Corp. [allegedly with Macdonald Dettwiler & Associates built the Starnet ARG command center in WTC#7 after the 1999 raid in Vancouver] addressed the seven principals, 20 of CAI’s investors and 30 of Toronto’s business elite.

In addition to Country Style, CAI’s investments have included Livingston International Inc., Canada’s largest customs broker, and Sunquest Vacations Ltd. CAI’s money allowed tour operator Sunquest to buy two new A320s rather than continue paying a major airline 14 cents a seat mile or a charter operator nine cents. With its own aircraft, Sunquest flies passengers for less than six cents a seat mile, enabling CAI investors to double their money in a year.

CAI also paid $26 million in 1996 for a 75% interest in Zalev Metals Inc., a Windsor, Ont., scrap metal business. CAI investors who joined the Zalev board included Roy Bennett, former chairman and CEO of Ford Motor Co. of Canada, and Darcy McKeough, former treasurer of Ontario. CAI sold its stake in 1998 for about $50 million, a 36% annualized return. “We don’t fancy ourselves as managers,” says Gottsegen. “We’re just there to try and help.”

That’s good because the payoff is painfully slow. Fund One, now ten years old, has repaid 86% of the investors’ contributions but there are still four companies to sell before there is a positive return. “For returns of 20% to 25% annually they’re willing to become involved in a lock-up vehicle like this as part of their overall asset allocation,” says Restler. For the 35 investors who have each put in an average of about $300,000, that nest egg could become more than $2 million. Not to mention the ongoing networking along with the growing net worth.”

thestaar.com ….. Russell Williams collects pension yet owes $8,000 in victim fines
Russell Williams — convicted murderer, rapist and recipient of $60,000 a year in military pension — has apparently not paid $8,000 in victim surcharge fines.

By: Valerie Hauch Staff Reporter, Published on Tue Mar 08 2011
Russell Williams, the convicted murderer, rapist and former Canadian Forces colonel who is collecting a $60,000 annual military pension, has apparently not paid $8,000 in victim surcharge fines.

CTV reports that a collection agency is trying to get the money from Williams who is serving two life sentences in Kingston Penitentiary after being convicted for the first-degree murders and rapes of two Ontario women, as well as sexual assaults and more than 80 fetish-related burglaries.

“He has a pension — most offenders don’t have pensions,’’ said Steve Sullivan, executive director of Ottawa Victims Services. Normally, judges waive the victim surcharge in these cases, he said, usually because the convicted criminals don’t have the money to pay it.

“He would certainly be aware of this surcharge,’’ said Sullivan. “It was part of his sentence, he owes the money. If he has the ability to pay it and it’s a conscious choice not to pay, it certainly raises questions whether there’s any remorse.”

The $8,000 that Williams owes would go to the Ontario Victim Services Secretariat which funds various services for crime victims, like rape crisis centers.

Working in victim services, Sullivan says he finds it a “little tough to swallow’’ that Williams is getting a $60,000 military pension.

In May 2010, Williams and his wife, Mary Elizabeth Harriman, split their real estate holdings, leaving Williams as the sole owner of the couple’s cottage in Tweed, bought for $178,000 in 2004. Harriman was listed as the sole owner of the couple’s Ottawa townhouse, purchased in 2010 for $693,819.”

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