#1608: Marine Links bcIMC Alternate-Reality Pig Farm to Starnet Puppet Master, Da Vinci Cannibal Script

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the apparent staging of alternate reality games (‘ARG’) at the Pickton Family’s Port Coquitlam pig farm by or for bcIMC pension fund insiders and the CAI Private Equity Group, to the Vancouver Police Department’s alleged use of former Detective Constable Lori Shenher as the alleged Starnet Puppet Master / scriptwriter for Da Vinci’s Cannibal Inquest.

McConnell claims that the Vancouver Police Department paid Shenher to write Da Vinci’s Inquest ARG scripts to entrap the likes of B.C. Teachers’ Nancy Campbell and former CBC Chairman and B.C. Minister of Finance Carole Taylor, at cannibal raves at the pig farm and subsequently extorted the terrified women into supporting the use of bcIMC’s $90 billion revolving-credit account to launder members’ collection of B.C.’s phony carbon tax.

#1607: Marine Links Teacher Nancy’s Pension Pig-Farm VPD to Shenher Lesbian Scripts for Starnet ARG

CAI Equity Bookmaker Paul Cantor Luvs Lesbo VPD Lori Shenher’s

PPF Tribute Video for Carole Taylor [Spot bcIMC’s CAI special investor in phony carbon tax?]

Media Coverage of Starnet Raid – August 20, 1999

Puppet Master Trailer

Da Vinci’s Inquest 3rd Season Intro

Tim Ball on B.C. Carbon Tax, Climate Change Conference

“Carole Taylor, OC (born Carol Goss in 1945) is a Canadian journalist and former politician. She is currently serving as the Chancellor of Simon Fraser University since June 17, 2011. She previously served as British Columbia’s Minister of Finance from 2005 until 2008 in the government of Liberal premier Gordon Campbell.

Carole Taylor graduated from Weston Collegiate in 1964. She later attended Victoria College at the University of Toronto and graduated with a BA in English.

TV career[edit]

Taylor was Miss Toronto 1964, and co-hosted CFTO-TV‘s After Four, a show for teenagers. She later appeared on several other CFTO shows, including Toronto Today, Topic, and her own Carole Taylor Show. She and Percy Saltzman were the first co-hosts of Canada AM when the show premiered on CTV in 1972. She has also been the host of W-FIVE and Pacific Report. Her career in journalism lasted for over 20 years.

Political life [edit]

In Vancouver, she served as an independent member of Vancouver City Council from 1986 to 1990. She served as chair of the Vancouver Board of Trade from 2001 to 2002.

She was chair of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation from July 16, 2001, until March 14, 2005, when she resigned in order to seek the nomination of the British Columbia Liberal Party in that province’s 2005 election. On May 17, 2005, she was elected to Legislative Assembly of British Columbiain the 2005 election as the member representing Vancouver-Langara. On June 16, 2005, she was named Minister of Finance.

As the Minister of Finance, she signed up 100% of all BC public sector contracts before they were set to expire. Perhaps her most controversial achievement was the introduction of the first carbon tax anywhere in North America . [as allegedly dictated by bcIMC and Starnet Puppet Masters]

On November 30, 2007, she announced that she would not be running for re-election in the 2009 election. In one of her last acts as Finance Minister, Carole Taylor ended the corporate capital tax on banks—$100 million a year in government revenue. Upon leaving government, Taylor joined the TD Bank board where she stands to earn $145,000 to $300,000 per year.[1] She was courted to run for mayor of Vancouver in the 2008 municipal election, she announced on January 8, 2008 that she would not run.[2]

On December 18, 2008, she announced her resignation from the Legislative Assembly after accepting an appointment to a federal Ministry of Finance advisory panel.[3]

Da Vinci’s Inquest is a Canadian dramatic television series that aired on CBC Television from 1998 to 2005. While never a ratings blockbuster, seven seasons of thirteen episodes each were filmed for a total of ninety-one episodes.

The show, set and filmed in Vancouver, stars Nicholas Campbell as Dominic Da Vinci, once an undercover officer for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, but now a crusading coroner who seeks justice in the cases he investigates.

The cast also includes Gwynyth Walsh as Da Vinci’s ex-wife and chief pathologist Patricia Da Vinci, Donnelly Rhodes as detective Leo Shannon, andIan Tracey as detective Mick Leary.

Da Vinci’s Inquest was loosely based on the real life experiences of Larry Campbell, the former chief coroner of VancouverBritish Columbia, who was elected mayor of that city in 2002. The part of Da Vinci, however, was written specifically for actor Nicholas Campbell

Elements of the series storylines were also taken [by Starnet Puppet Master Shenher for an alternate reality game based on] …. sociopolitical issues faced by the real-life Vancouver, such as the plight of the homeless, the controversy over a designated injection site for drug users, the idea of establishing a red light district, and the disappearance of homeless women and sex workers-similar to the case of Robert Pickton.

Awards [edit]

Nicholas Campbell received the Gemini Award for Best Performance in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role for his work on the series and has guest-starred in American shows such as Monk and T.J. HookerDonnelly Rhodes also received a Gemini Award for Best Actor in 2002 and the Earle Grey Award in 2006. The series was critically acclaimed as the best television series in Canada after winning the Gemini Award for Best Dramatic Series for five of its first six seasons. When Da Vinci’s Inquest completed its seventh and final season, it was continued in 2005 as Da Vinci’s City Hall. In 2002 actress Keegan Connor Tracy won a Leo Award for her guest appearance in Inquest and was brought back again in 2005.”

“Filmography by TV series for
“Da Vinci’s Inquest” (25 episodes ) 
… aka “Coroner Da Vinci” – Canada (French title) (dubbed version)
Too Late for Mr. Early (30 September 2001) – technical advisor  
Oppenheimer Park (14 October 2001) – technical advisor  
Banging on the Wall (21 October 2001) – technical advisor  
Cheap Aftershave (28 October 2001) – technical advisor  
Ugly Quick (4 November 2001) – technical advisor  
Birds Have Been at Her (11 November 2001) – technical advisor  
Shoulda Been a Priest (18 November 2001) – technical advisor  
Sixes and Sevens (2 December 2001) – technical advisor  
Be a Cruel Twist (6 December 2001) – technical advisor  
Simple, Sad (13 January 2002) – technical advisor  
Pretend You Didn’t See Me (20 January 2002) – technical advisor  
Gather Up All the Little People (21 January 2002) – technical advisor  
In the Bear Pit (21 January 2002) – technical advisor  
Ass Covering Day (3 November 2002) – technical advisor  
A Big Enough Fan (10 November 2002) – technical advisor  
Run by the Monkeys (17 November 2002) – technical advisor  
At First It Was Funny (1 December 2002) – technical advisor  
Dizzy Looking Down (8 December 2002) – technical advisor  
God Forbid We Call It What It Is (12 January 2003) – technical advisor  
Doing the Chicken Scratch (19 January 2003) – technical advisor  
For Just Bein’ Indian (26 January 2003) – technical advisor , Writer (written by)  
Dogs Don’t Bite People (2 February 2003) – technical advisor  
The Ducks Are Too Depressing (9 February 2003) – technical advisor  
Everybody Needs a Working Girl (23 February 2003) – technical advisor  
You Got Monkey Chatter (23 February 2003) – technical advisor”

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