#1579: Marine Links Jolie Inglis Gorelick SES Pedo-Fem Hackers to Gareth Williams SOS S&M Mothers

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked

a pedo-fem hackers network, apparently set up by Angelina Jolie, John Inglis and Jamie Gorelick for U.S. Senior Executive Service (SES) control of the U.S. Deputy Attorney General’s office, to the murder of Gareth Williams, the GCHQ spy allegedly killed to protect HSBC money-laundering and drug-trafficking operations and sponsorship of a global S&M ‘kiddie porn’ extortion racket by Mothers of SOS Children’s Villages.

NSA Deputy Director John C Inglis – NSA Misconceptions

Virtual Pedophile Entrapment · Mau Mau Strong, Dohrn, Obamas, Marcy,
IMDb Gorelick & SES Hakes

Future FBI director

UK spy likely died inside a sports bag – 28Apr2012

GDIJ – Erotic Asphyxiation

Topic – Rihanna

Matt Taibbi: After Laundering $800 Million in Drug Money, How Did HSBC Execs Avoid Jail? [S&M extortion of SES and DOJ Pride by SOS Mothers]

MI6 spy death: Gareth Williams’ bondage fetish may be related to childhood, psychologists claim
The apparent interest in bondage and auto-asphyxiation shown by the MI6 spy Gareth Williams, may have been the only way he could let go of his emotions and feel in control of his life, psychologists believe.
 By Victoria Ward
3:45PM GMT 22 Dec 2010

Police said today that the MI6 spy had visited a series of bondage websites and visited a drag cabaret prior to his death. They also found a £15,000 collection of unworn women’s designer clothing in his wardrobe [He was trying to infiltrate Jolie-style S&M clubs  and track SOS ‘kiddie porn’ racket!].

Simone Bienne, a sexual therapist based in London, said that interest in bondage and sado masochistic fetishes subconsciously related to a childhood trauma.

She said: “The person tends to feel very guilty when receiving pleasure. But they have the opportunity, by surrendering themselves, to create a scene in which they are fully in control.

“Without realising it, they are recreating the feelings that they felt in the early part of their life but can change the ending. When in control, they feel accepted and nurtured.

“It allows them to feel absolved of any responsibility, guilt or worry. It’s about a struggle with life.””

Forensic classifications
Sexual Masochists
Class I: Bothered by, but not seeking out, fantasies. May be preponderantly sadists with minimal masochistic tendencies and/or non-sadomasochistic with minimal masochistic tendencies

Class II: Equal mix of sadistic and masochistic tendencies. Like to receive pain but also like to be dominant partner (in this case, sadists). Sexual orgasm is achieved without pain or humiliation.

Class III: Masochists with minimal to no sadistic tendencies. Preference for pain and/or humiliation (which facilitates orgasm), but not necessary to orgasm. Capable of romantic attachment.

Class IV: Exclusive masochists (i.e. Cannot form typical romantic relationships, cannot achieve orgasm without pain or humiliation).

Sexual Sadists

Class I: Bothered but don’t act out sexual fantasies.
Class II: Act on sadistic urges with consenting sexual partners (masochists or otherwise). Categorization as Leptosadism is outdated.

Class III: Act on sadistic urges with non-consenting victims, but don’t seriously injure or kill. May coincide with sadist sexual type rapists.

Class IV: Only act with non-consenting victims and will seriously injure or kill them. Difference between I-II and III-IV is consent.”

How are SOS Mothers chosen?

SOS Mothers are carefully chosen and trained. They are prepared to become involved in a painful process, if it is in the child’s interest. SOS Children looks for women whose personalities and ways of dealing with life are such that the children can easily relate to them. An SOS mother has a large influence on the children based on the relationship she builds with each one of them. She is also an expert, who by using her training is able to understand the children and their life stories.

What kind of training do mothers receive?

Training for SOS mothers depends on the cultural, social, and economic circumstances in each region. While it varies accordingly, each prospective SOS mother must complete two years of basic training, which includes both theoretical teaching and on-job-training. The theoretical teaching covers a variety of subjects, including education and psychotherapy [grooming] for trauma, housekeeping, nutritional science, and child development. On-job-training is done at individual SOS Children’s Villages.”

British spy agency taps cables, shares with U.S. NSA – Guardian
 LONDON | Fri Jun 21, 2013 11:45pm BST

(Reuters) – Britain’s spy agency GCHQ has tapped fibre-optic cables that carry international phone and internet traffic and is sharing vast quantities of personal information with the U.S. National Security Agency, the Guardian newspaper said on Friday.

The paper, which has in recent weeks been publishing details of top-secret surveillance programs exposed by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, said on its website that Snowden had shown it documents about a project codenamed “Tempora.”

Tempora has been running for about 18 months and allows GCHQ, which stands for Government Communications Headquarters, to tap into and store huge volumes of data drawn from fibre-optic cables for up to 30 days, the paper said.

The Guardian said Snowden had provided it with access to documents about GCHQ’s alleged cable-tapping operation as part of his effort to expose “the largest program of suspicionless surveillance in human history.”

For decades, the NSA and GCHQ have worked as close partners, sharing intelligence under an arrangement known as the UKUSA agreement. They also collaborate with eavesdropping agencies in Canada, Australia and New Zealand under an arrangement known as the “Five Eyes” alliance [allegedly used by Bill Clinton at Amec’s office in Melbourne for hacking the General Haig Bin Laden role playing game on 9/11!].

The latest Guardian story will likely put more pressure on British Prime Minister David Cameron’s government to reassure the public about how data about them is collected and used.

Earlier this month, in response to questions about the secret U.S. data-monitoring program Prism, British Foreign Secretary William Hague told Parliament that GCHQ always adhered to British law when processing data gained from eavesdropping.

He would not confirm or deny any details of UK-U.S. intelligence sharing, saying that to do so could help Britain’s enemies.

“In line with long-standing practice we do not comment on intelligence matters,” a GCHQ spokesman said on Friday.

NSA spokeswoman Judith Emmel rejected any suggestion the U.S. agency used the British to do things the NSA cannot do legally. Under U.S. law, the NSA must get authorization from a secret federal court to collect information either in bulk or on specific people.

“Any allegation that NSA relies on its foreign partners to circumvent U.S. law is absolutely false. NSA does not ask its foreign partners to undertake any intelligence activity that the U.S. government would be legally prohibited from undertaking itself,” Emmel said.


The Tempora operation involves attaching intercept probes to transatlantic cables where they land on British shores from North America, the Guardian said.

That was done with the agreement of unnamed companies, which were forbidden from revealing warrants that compelled them to allow GCHQ access, it added.

Snowden made world headlines earlier this month when he provided details of NSA surveillance programs to the Guardian and the Washington Post.

In Washington, Snowden’s disclosures have ignited a political storm over the balance between privacy rights and national security, but the NSA has defended the programs, saying they have disrupted possible attacks.

In the wake of Snowden’s revelations, U.S. officials acknowledged that the NSA, with cooperation from internet and telephone companies, collected email on foreign intelligence suspects, including counterterrorism targets, as well as masses of raw data on calls made within the United States and overseas by subscribers to major telephone companies.

The content of messages of people in the United States – including U.S. citizens – sometimes are intercepted “incidentally,” officials have said, but rules require such intercepts to be purged unless U.S. authorities get court authorization.

(Reporting by Rosalba O’Brien and Michael Holden in London and Mark Hosenball in Washington; Editing by Andrew Roche and Peter Cooney)”
SOS Children’s Villages: Inca Ball
Your Excellency, ladies, gentlemen – and superb fund raisers!

May I thank you on behalf of SOS, and especially on behalf of SOS Children in Peru, for this wonderful and most generous cheque.

I want you to know that every penny of this incredible £150,000 will go to the children in the SOS Children’s Villages in Juliaca, Peru.  There will be no ‘skimming off’ or reduction of the funds. All of it will go to the SOS Childen’s Village in Juliaca and for the children in that Village.

£70,000 of the money raised is going towards the construction of a family home in the new SOS Village. The rest will be used to help with on-going costs for the Village which will soon provide a home for 108 children in 12 new homes and which is already open to the first few children. The area where the SOS Village has been built is one of the poorest in Peru with a large number of families left unable to support their children and so unhappily there are high rates of child abandonment. Your money will be so very much appreciated and is so very much needed.

When I was Chief Executive of HSBC I looked for a high quality, global, sustainable organisation which would care for the most vulnerable children in our midst everywhere – those I call ‘children alone.’ I found it very difficult indeed to source what I was determined to have: a transparent organisation, rooted in local communities, breaking cycles of deprivation, and providing a loving home, care, hope and opportunity for those who otherwise would have little of either. I found what I wanted in SOS Children’s Villages and HSBC agreed to help in a major way, and has just renewed this major support for another five years.

The more I knew of SOS, and the more Villages I visited around the world, the more committed I became to the organisation. When I retired from HSBC, SOS Children was the only organisation for orphans which I agreed to support, and I am very honoured indeed to be President. SOS continues to develop and the Family Strengthening programme – providing all the support systems to help families, in troubled circumstances, including child headed families, to remain together – is an enlightened and ground breaking programme and has been in operation in Juliaca for some years now.

May I thank you once again for this most generous gift. If you ever have another Inca Ball, I hope that you will not forget the SOS Children in Juliaca!
Dame Mary Richardson
25 February 2011-03-15
Canning House”
“HSBC and SOS Children’s Villages partnership
In November 2006, HSBC and SOS Children’s Villages announced a global five year partnership as part of Future First, The HSBC Education Trust’s new global initiative to reduce child poverty.

Future First
The partnership between SOS Children’s Villages UK and HSBC’s Future First programme will benefit thousands of orphaned, abandoned and destitute children in the 47 countries in which both organisations have a common presence. HSBC has pledged USD one million per year to SOS Children’s Villages UK for five years (2007 – 2011). These donations will be used to support SOS education, community development and family strengthening programmes.

Dame Mary Richardson, Chief Executive of the HSBC Global Education Trust, said of the partnership, “We think this is going to make a measurable difference in the lives of some of the most marginalised and impoverished members of society. HSBC believes financial institutions have a role to play in helping to integrate youth from disadvantaged backgrounds into the fabric of society, not only to improve the quality of their lives, but also so they can be fully active citizens who contribute to the economic prosperity of their local communities.”

A global partnership

In a number of countries, SOS Children’s Villages and HSBC have already been working together on a local level for a number of years. Countries where partnerships between the two organisations exist include: India, Jordan, Lebanon, Mauritius [Check wife of Andrew Peacock], Mexico, Pakistan and USA [With the Chicago Obama Outfit].

At SOS Children’s Village Irbid in northern Jordan, for example, The HSBC in the Community Middle East Foundation donated the construction costs for an SOS family house (named ‘HSBC House’) and continues to provide its annual running costs. HSBC has also provided the SOS Children’s Village with a PC and printer for its computer lab, and the children are regularly invited to HSBC events. HSBC employees have a very personal relationship with these children, which is beneficial for both groups. A similar scheme takes place between HSBC and SOS Children’s Village Ksarnaba in Lebanon.”

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