#1574: Marine Links General Bin Laden Role-Play GyroChip to Clinton’s Melbourne Alibi, Wrongful Death of Chic

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked
the ‘role-playing’ GyroChip (QRS 11) allegedly used for the General Alexander Haig – Bin Laden Group’s decoy and drone maneuvers during the continuity of government exercise, Global Guardian, to the Melbourne alibi developed for Bill Clinton to insulate him from the wrongful death of Captain Chic Burlingame, USNA ’71, who was tricked into Operating American Flight 77 on 11 September, 2001 in a manner so surreptitious that even BGen. Paul Knox, NDANG, his supervisor at the Pentagon, was unaware of the nature of his selection to skipper 77.

Five members of the Naval Academy Class of 1971 had sensitive posts and two of the five have died in the line of duty: Al Shauffelberg and Chic Burlingame. As a Classmate to both Al and Chic, a Naval Aviator/Marine Pilot from Annapolis ’71 whose post involves OODA LOOPS, is working to bring justice, comfort and closure to survivors of Chic Burlingame, Pat Tillman, Michael Hastings and (redacted). On a steamy July night in early July, 1971, VAdm James Calvert, USNA ’43 and Superintendent of the U S Naval Academy charged the 1384 young midshipman to be “accountable” in their careers leading U S Navy sailors and U S Marines. Al and Chic were accountable until their deaths. That leaves three to finish the task.

LCdr Schaufelberger, USNA ’71

Captain Burlingame, USNA ’71 

The OODA LOOPER believes that sloppy communications has exposed the General Bin Laden Octopus of treason artists: Marcy, Gorelick, Jolie, Clinton (F), Inglis, Peacock, Comey and Clinton (M).

When someone’s ‘wingman’ is taken out, his flight leader will pay back in kind.

Check six, traitors. 

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