#1573: Marine Links Kristine Marcy’s Mentor-Protégée Role-Playing Game to P&W Pentagon Bomb

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked his sister Kristine Marcy’s role in the alleged theft of Mentor-Protégée role-playing protocols for continuity-of-government exercises from the late Commerce Secretary Ron Brown’s office, to the late and former UTC president General Alexander Haig whose Global Guardian role-playing UTC protégées allegedly guided an A-3 Skywarrior twin-turbojet with Pratt & Whitney JT8D engines into the Pentagon’s U.S. Navy Command Center on 9/11.

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Leaked Video of Cruise Missile Hitting Pentagon on 911

“1994 Summarized from a report by Charles Smith (Softwar): Webb Hubbell, Ron Brown and Vince Foster were all assigned to encryption tasks involving chip technology. Janet Reno [an alleged extorted pedophile] Early in 1993 the Clinton administration set up a group of government agencies to review domestic encryption policy. This group adopted the name “Interagency Working Group” or IWG. This little social club of bureaucrats [allegedly including entrapped and extorted pedophiles deployed by Kristine Marcy from the Senior Executive Service] included members from the following agencies: CIA, BXA (Bureau of Export Affairs) FBI Dept. of Justice (ATR/FCS) NIST (National Institute For Standards and Technology) NSA Dept. of State Office of Management and Budget This “Interagency Working Group” met and wrote several reports on proposed Clinton administration policy and legislation. For example, the working group met in May of 1993. From that meeting a series of questions arose which were documented and distributed to members of the meeting. “How extensive need legislation or other controls be to ensure satisfactory levels of use of key escrow encryption?”, asked Geoffrey Greiveldinger from the Dept. of Justice. The suggested answer is, of course, blacked out as Secret by the NSA. However, the Interagency group would later write a secret report in November of 1993 which states: 

“MANDATE THE GOVERNMENT SOLUTION: Legislation to prohibit use of any encryption product in the United States that does not employ the chip designed by NIST/NSA/FBI…” Again, the legislation drawn up by the secret elite is blacked out as secret. This particular draft document is so heavily classified that even the government classification level was redacted by the NSA. You can see both memos at the SOFTWAR web site: nsa.html Did the IWG stop in 1993? The answer comes from inside the secret files of Ira Sockowitz. It is known that Ira Sockowitz walked out of the secured facility at the Dept. of Commerce with dozens of classified documents from the CIA, NSA, NSC and Dept. of State. In addition, Ira also took Secret memos and reports from the IWG. Here are just a few samples: * 3-8-96 Fax transmission from Ed Appel, Office of Intelligence, National Security Counsel (NSC) to Interagency Working Group (IWG) on Cryptographic Policy (1 p) sending a charter draft (3 pp). Classified as per DOC. * 3-13-96 Informal note from Ed Appel, National Security Counsel (NSC) to Interagency Working Group (IWG) on Encryption and Telecommunications re Escrow Agent Approval. NSC/DOC document. Classified as per DOC/NSC. * 2-9-96 Agenda for 2-9-96 meeting for IWG on Encryption and Sockowitz notes. DOC document. Classified as per DOC. * 1-31-96 Agenda for 1-31-95 meeting for IWG on Encryption and Sockowitz notes. DOC document. Classified as per DOC. So, Mr. Sockowitz met with the IWG as late as Feb. 1996. Thus, the IWG is still in business. There is One BIG problem with the IWG. One member agency is the CIA. The CIA is authorized to deal with foreign – NOT DOMESTIC – policy. This simple fact means that the CIA has consciously violated its charter and Federal law since 1993.”
Missing Pentagon Jet Engine
Identified? – A 727 JT8D

From Jon Carlson
Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry displays the Pratt & Whitney JT8D. These photos show that JT8D matches the Pentagon engine photographed at the crash site. Note the outlined bolt flanges for comparison purposes. The bolt flanges hold the sections of the engine together. Both engines have portions of the outer cover removed so the inner engine is clearly visible.
Fan tip diameter: 39.9 – 49.2 in
Length, flange to flange: 120.0 – 154.1 in
Make That A 737Jet Engine…
From J. Kaplowitz
Try 737.
They are all jet engine components (past and present) on the A-3 Skywarrior twin-turbojet airplane and on older versions of the 737. The USAF only has a few of the A-3s left in operation and what was formerly Hughes Aircraft, now Raytheon, has a fleet of them at Van Nuys, Calif. This type of turbojet engine has never been used on a Boeing 757, so the debate on “type of plane” can end there. This is a jet engine component with fan, not an auxiliary power unit (APU) as some have speculated or dropped into the conversation as disinformation.
What has been interesting is the level of “content blocking” that there is on the Internet where specific information regarding certain “jet engine components” such as those shown at the Pentagon have definitely been blocked. Our team had to take steps to go around the content blocks to get at the photos you are seeing regarding these rotor hub components.
That part has a specific UPN (Universal Part Number) and it cannot be found by looking for that UPN. Other measures were needed to find what you are seeing in these photos to circumvent what is apparently intentional content blocking. Someone has gone to considerable lengths to make sure that the actual components that were found at the Pentagon could not be found and it took my team over two years to hammer through such blocks to find three of these photos (Praxair and Evergreen) to verify the component.
Yes, Hughes aircraft had a fleet of them and was bought out by Raytheon. Hmm, that company is doing well for two reasons that I know of due to Bush war policy and even the move from Mode 4 to Mode 5 technology since the PRC got its hands on our top secret Mode 4 technology with that little Hainan Island incident and our Navy EP-3 that was forced down in April of 2001. As of Sept. 11, 2001, most air traffic controllers and National Air Guard units were not upgraded after the PRC got their hands on some of our most sensitive military technology.
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