#1561: Marine Links Gareth Williams PRISM Procurement to Sister Marcy’s Pedo-Fem Transformation of FBI

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked GCHQ’s procurement of PRISM hacking software for murdered surveillance agent Gareth Williams, to his sister Kristine Marcy’s deployment of pedophile feminists (pedo-fems) to transform the FBI into a post-9/11 intelligence service, allegedly using child pornography ‘sting’ operations to entrap and extort citizens. 

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(F.B.I) Transformation

“Vincent Williams from the Metropolitan Police informed the Westminster Coroner’s Court that experts were agreed that it was impossible for Gareth Williams to have locked himself in. Williams’ date of death was estimated to have been in the early hours of 16 August, one week before he was found.[15]

Soon after the investigation started, the heads of the Secret Intelligence Service and Metropolitan Police met to discuss how the police would handle the investigation in light of the top secret nature of Williams’ work, and who would lead the investigation. Williams had recently qualified for operational deployment, and had worked with U.S. National Security Agency and FBI agents [allegedly on the use of Prism for pedo-fem entrapment and extortion of U.S. and U.K. citizens by NAPA President Kristine Marcy]. The U.S. State Department asked that no details of Williams’ work should emerge at the inquest. The Foreign Secretary, William Hague, signed a Public-interest immunity certificate authorising the withholding from the inquest of details of Williams’ work and U.S. joint operations.[12]

After launching an investigation, the coroner Dr. Fiona Wilcox said that there were no injuries on his body and no signs that he had been involved in a struggle; his body was also free of alcohol and common recreational drugs.[16][16][17][18] 

The Metropolitan Police considered his death “suspicious and unexplained”.[19] The FBI have also conducted their own investigation into the case.[20]
In December 2010, police released further details, stating that Williams had visited a number of bondage websites. An expert brought in to examine the bag in which Williams body was found, concluded Williams could not have locked it. A police spokesperson stated that: “If he was alive, he got into it voluntarily or, if not, he was unconscious and placed in the bag.”[21]
Subsequently, the police released an E-FIT photo of two people they were seeking, who were seen to enter the communal entrance of his home in June or July 2010.[21]
 FBI TRANSFORMATION — FY 2010  [NAPA Procurement Services Review Sub-Panel Kristine M. Marcy, Chair, whose pedo-fem associates allegedly made the 2010 decision to equip Gareth Williams with a GCHQ-back-doored copy of PRISM prior to a dead-double contract hit] … BACKGROUND

The Academy has been assisting the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) with its post-9/11 transformation efforts since 2002. An Academy Panel, chaired by former U.S. Attorney General Dick Thornburgh, directs the project. Sub-Panels with relevant subject matter expertise have been formed to devote specific attention to each of the different projects that compose the overall
transformation effort. These Sub-Panels collaborate with and report to the overall Panel about their activities. (See reverse for Panel and active Sub-Panel members.)

This effort has resulted in the publication of three formal reports: Transforming the FBI: Progress and Challenges (January 2005); Transforming the FBI: Roadmap to an Effective Human Capital Program (September 2005); and Transforming the FBI: Integrating Management Functions under a Chief Management Offi cer (September 2006). In addition, a variety of internal guidance papers have been prepared for the FBI regarding a broad range of specifi c issues. 

Academy recommendations that have been implemented by the Bureau include the employment of experts in administrative functions from outside the Bureau, the merger of the Training and Human Resources functions, the establishment of a Human Resources Service Center, the appointment of an Associate Deputy Director to act as the Bureau’s Chief Management Offi cer, substantial refinements to internal budget formulation and execution, and the dissemination of an Acquisition

Desk Guide.

The Academy continues to work with the FBI to accomplish its important mission of protecting the American people. During Fiscal Year 2009, the Academy Panel, utilizing two of its Sub-Panels, worked to strengthen the Bureau’s ability to accomplish its objectives. The Budget Process Sub-Panel provided the Bureau with assistance in budget development, fi nancial plan execution, and organization of the budget and fi nancial functions within the FBI. This included providing evaluations, assessments, analytical support, and implementation assistance to the Finance Division. 

The Procurement Services Sub-Panel provided consultation and direct guidance on organizational structure, annual acquisition planning, performance metrics, Acquisition Review Board processes, oversight mechanisms, staffi ng, and executive knowledge of procurement.

The Finance Division requested that the Academy Panel, Sub-Panels, and Study Teams continue assisting the Bureau during FY 2010 in implementing specifi c transformational changes to its budget and procurement processes.”
“Throughout the 1990s, the NSA developed a massive eavesdropping system codenamed ThinThread, which, Binney says, maintained crucial protections on the privacy of US citizens demanded by the US constitution. He recalled, “After 9/11, all the wraps came off for NSA,” as massive domestic spying became the norm. He resigned on 31 October 2001. Along with several other NSA officials, Binney reported his concerns to Congress and to the Department of Defense.

Then, in 2007, as then Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was being questioned on Capitol Hill about the very domestic spying to which Binney objected, a dozen FBI agents charged into his house, guns drawn. They forced aside his son and found Binney, a diabetic amputee, in the shower. They pointed their guns at his head, then led him to his back porch and interrogated him. Three others were raided that morning. Binney called the FBI raid “retribution and intimidation so we didn’t go to the judiciary committee in the Senate and tell them, ‘Well, here’s what Gonzales didn’t tell you, OK.'” Binney was never charged with any crime.” 
“Mrs. Wendy Smith joined Nat’l Security Associates WorldWide (NSAWW) as a Principal in February 2012. Mrs. Smith is recognized for her distinguished career supporting the Nation’s international trade, national security and law enforcement operations. Prior to joining [Kristine Marcy at] NSAWW, Mrs. Smith was a Project Director and Senior Advisor for the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA). There she worked predominantly on NAPA’s congressionally directed FBI Transformation Studies for oversight of the FBI evolution to a post 9/11 intelligence agency [for which Marcy was the From 2005-2010, she was one of two principal NAPA consultants to the FBI CFO and provided advice and implementation assistance in re-engineering FBI budget and financial management processes. Mrs. Smith also performed comparison studies of CFO functions and field operations in multiple law enforcement agencies. In 2011 she served as a Senior Advisor for a NAPA study to develop performance measures for the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s homeland security grants.”
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