#1560: Marine Links Obama’s Dead Double SOS Shtick to Gareth Williams PRISM and the Figliuzzi Hit

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Michelle Obama’s terrorist shtick in which hired ‘Mothers’ and ‘Aunties’ apparently groom dead-double assassins at SOS Children’s Villages, to the August 2010 contract hit of Gareth Williams, allegedly arranged after a hack of GCHQ PRISM Internet communications by former Assistant Director for FBI Counterintelligence, Frank Figliuzzi.

Alleged Obama-deployed SOS-groomed dead-double assassins of Gareth Williams



 ‘Dead Doubles’: FBI [Figliuzzi] Uncovers a Spy Sleeper Cell – Modern Spies (BBC)

Coroner Rules MI6 Spy Gareth Williams Probably Killed Unlawfully (BBC)

“The Telegraph … Was MI6 spy-in-a-bag Gareth Williams killed by ‘secret service dark arts’?
Gareth Williams, an MI6 spy found dead inside a locked holdall could have been killed by someone who specialised in “the dark arts of the secret services”, a coroner was told. 

Mr O’Toole said this suggested that: “The unknown third party was a member of some agency specialising in the dark arts of the secret services, and perhaps evidence was removed from the scene post mortem by an expert in those dark arts.”

Outside the hearing, he said the family did not know whether the “third party” might have belonged to a British or foreign agency, raising the possibility that one of Williams’ own MI6 colleagues could have been involved, either in his death or the alleged cover-up.

He said Williams’ family did not know what his work involved, but had now been told that “he had attended two operational development courses and with effect from March 18, 2010 he could be operationally deployed [for retro-hacking with PRISM]”.

He said MI6 had issued a “bland statement” that his death was unrelated to his work and that the risk to him was “low” but added: “To properly explore the circumstances of the death we do need to know something of the deceased’s work.”

The coroner said she would “follow the evidence” wherever it led.

Williams was last seen alive on Aug 15, 2010, but he was not reported missing until Aug 23, when the human resources manager at GCHQ, called Scotland Yard.

The delay meant two post-mortem examinations were unable to pinpoint the time or cause of death, though the bachelor is thought to have been dead for about a week.

Dr Wilcox said the most likely cause of death was either oxygen depletion or hypercapnia – a build-up of carbon dioxide inside the bag.

But the Williams family believe the delay in raising the alarm may have been a deliberate part of a cover-up.

Mr O’Toole also said there was no evidence of “covert entry” to the flat, but an expert had been unable to make a thorough examination of the front door in situ because it had already been removed from the frame, along with the lock.

The inquest was also told that a man and a woman of “Mediterranean appearance” who had visited the flat in the weeks before the death, and who were the subject of a police witness appeal, had now been identified and ruled out as a “red herring”. [Alleged decoys for SOS Dead Double assassins]

As Hague defends spies, expect another ‘hissy fit’ from Clegg
Despite Big Brother scare, most Tories are on side over national security: but Clegg’s a different story

 Hague made it clear on yesterday’s Andrew Marr Show that he will not shine a light on the activities of GCHQ, for fear of alerting terrorists to what the authorities are up to. But he will give MPs an assurance that whatever they are doing, they are meeting the legal requirements set down by Parliament, which means that he has to authorise it each time GCHQ wants to use a bit of the US-shared info from Prism.

Don’t expect to hear much dissent in the House this afternoon. David Davis, the former Tory leadership challenger, might raise a few grumbles about Big Brother (he fought a by-election on the issue), but his view hasn’t much support on the Tory backbenches.

Even Douglas Alexander, Labour’s shadow foreign secretary, made it clear on Today that he is only looking for assurances that the UK’s spooks are operating within the law. Wee Dougie knows that, in two years’ time, he could be signing the chits to approve GCHQ using the NSA’s e-mail intercepts. So he’s not going to throw a spanner in the works now.

The real dissent will come from the Liberal Democrats who have been holding the line against a so-called Snooper’s Charter being introduced in this Parliament, in the form of the Data Communications Bill, which would allow the spooks to see into the networks of contacts between suspected terrorists.

Nick Clegg, the Lib Dem leader and Deputy Prime Minister, has been accused of operating the coalition by “hissy fit” after blocking both the Bill and the attempt to increase the number of kids that child minders can legally look after. David Cameron has assured MPs that the Data Bill is not dead, and will be brought forward. After the Snowden revelations, the Mole sees another “hissy fit” coming from Clegg. “ 

“The method Bill Ayres used (birth certificates of dead babies) to get new SSN’s is not owned solely by Ayres nor was it copyrighted by him. Back around 1991 Lawrencia Bembenek used this same method to get the fake ID she used when she escaped from prison and was on the run in Canada. This method of creating new ID’s is hardly new and probably criminals have been doing it for years before Ayres did. So…maybe Ayres didn’t help Barry out with a new ID and SSN 30 years ago. Maybe it was the Typical White Woman granny and maybe she botched it by selecting the wrong person…that is an 87 year old man and now Barry and thugs are trying to play catch up in covering the blunder.”

Michelle Obama’s Spain trip: The inside story why she went
By Lynn Sweet on August 9, 2010 8:42 AM | 132 Comments

WASHINGTON–Michelle Obama and daughter Sasha returned from Spain on Sunday, a vacation at a lavish hotel on the Mediterranean coast that triggered her first controversy since becoming first lady. I’m told she made the trip because she promised one of her closest friends, a longtime Chicago pal who just lost her father, she would spend time with her.

Mrs. Obama is the most popular figure in the Obama orbit — and turned around her image from the 2008 presidential campaign by adamantly staying away from any kind of controversy, focusing on safe issues: combatting childhood obesity and helping military families.

The Spain trip generated coverage on the networks and cable news shows and other national outlets — including columns and posts I wrote — raising questions about public perception and taxpayer costs.

A ritzy vacation in Spain while the U.S. faces tough economic times was off-message — as was highlighting the beaches in Spain after urging Americans to head to Florida’s Gulf Coast to help out the tourism industry impacted by the BP oil spill. (The first family flies to Florida this weekend.)

But the reason Mrs. Obama made the trip — and other facts, not rumors about the travel — are important in knowing the whole story and understanding why she made the call to go.

First, some numbers. Mrs. Obama did not travel with 40 friends, a number used by some news outlets.

She vacationed with two women, one of them a longtime Chicago pal, Anita Blanchard, who is the obstetrician who delivered Sasha and Malia. Blanchard is married to Marty Nesbitt — President Obama’s buddy and the treasurer of Obama’s presidential campaign fund.

There was one other woman. Total: four daughters among the three women. They paid for their hotel rooms and other personal and travel expenses.

The trip involved six White House advance staffers and two East Wing staffers, deputy Chief of Staff Melissa Winter and Mrs. Obama’s personal assistant, Kristen Jarvis, according to Mrs. Obama’s spokeswoman Catherine McCormick Lelyveld.

Mrs. Obama does travel with significant security — and in a trip like this, three shifts of uniformed and plain-clothes agents and military personnel flew with her on a big Air Force 757. No matter where she goes — domestic or international — any first lady gets protection and she does not decide how many agents are needed.”

SOS Children’s Villages has been present in Spain since the late 1960s and currently works with families and children in eight locations on mainland Spain and in the Canary Islands. In 1981, SOS Children’s Villages Spain was founded and since then has been responsible for the organisation’s work in the country. SOS Children’s Villages runs a variety of programmes in order to meet the needs of children, young people and families in the local communities.  At present there are eight SOS Children’s Villages, seven SOS Youth Facilities, eight SOS Social Centres and one SOS Vocational Training Centre in Spain.”
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