#1555: Marine Links Bilderberger Fast & Furious Bank to Cameron Snuff-Film Archive, Canada Square

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the Bilderbergers’ Fast & Furious bank HSBC, to a D2 Banking snuff-film archive, allegedly created as part of an HSBC global extortion racket by David Cameron former Carlton Director of Corporate Affairs (1994-2001), at 8 Canada Square, Canary Wharf.

#1455: Marine Links Cameron’s Dirty Fast & Furious Serco Banker to Front-Running Cyprus Fraud

Grassley: HSBC Should Face Criminal Charges

Ben Swann: What The Media Isn’t Telling You About The Drug War


Woman leads Mexican cartel operations

Comey House of Death 

Outrageous HSBC Settlement Proves the Drug War is a Joke
POSTED: December 13, 3:25 PM ET  .. If you’ve ever been arrested on a drug charge, if you’ve ever spent even a day in jail for having a stem of marijuana in your pocket or “drug paraphernalia” in your gym bag, Assistant Attorney General and longtime Bill Clinton pal Lanny Breuer has a message for you: Bite me.

Breuer this week signed off on a settlement deal with the British banking giant HSBC that is the ultimate insult to every ordinary person who’s ever had his life altered by a narcotics charge. Despite the fact that HSBC admitted to laundering billions of dollars for Colombian and Mexican drug cartels (among others) and violating a host of important banking laws (from the Bank Secrecy Act to the Trading With the Enemy Act), Breuer and his Justice Department elected not to pursue criminal prosecutions of the bank, opting instead for a “record” financial settlement of $1.9 billion, which as one analyst noted is about five weeks of income for the bank.

The banks’ laundering transactions were so brazen that the NSA probably could have spotted them from space. Breuer admitted that drug dealers would sometimes come to HSBC’s Mexican branches and “deposit hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, in a single day, into a single account, using boxes designed to fit the precise dimensions of the teller windows.”

This bears repeating: in order to more efficiently move as much illegal money as possible into the “legitimate” banking institution HSBC, drug dealers specifically designed boxes to fit through the bank’s teller windows. Tony Montana’s henchmen marching dufflebags of cash into the fictional “American City Bank” in Miami was actually more subtle than what the cartels were doing when they washed their cash through one of Britain’s most storied financial institutions.”
“5. Douglas Flint, chairman of HSBC Douglas Flint, chairman of HSBC, is also all over Bilderberg. Guest lists suggest that Flint attended the event in 2011 and 2012. By comparison, HSBC chief executive Stuart Gulliver appears to have given the event a pass.”
The Guardian …. Bilderberg group summit: Cameron attendance at ‘cliche fest’ damned Nicholas Watt, chief political correspondent
The Guardian, Friday 7 June 2013 19.17 BST
Tory MP Douglas Carswell accuses prime minister of joining ‘unaccountable clique of Davos men’ at luxury hotel in Watford

David Cameron has been accused of joining the “unaccountable clique of Davos men” after he attended the secretive Bilderberg group meeting at the luxury Grove hotel in Watford, a move that raised questions about his pledge to lead Britain’s most transparent government.

Douglas Carswell, the Tory MP who campaigns for transparency in government, said the prime minister was taking part in a “cliche fest” whose participants had helped crash the global financial system. Davos is the town in Switzerland that hosts an annual meeting of global political and business leaders.

Cameron came under fire after Downing Street said it was acting in an open manner by publicising his attendance at the annual Bilderbergmeeting in advance. The prime minister’s spokesman, who said heads of government of countries hosting the annual Bilderberg meeting were usually invited to attend, said it would be a private event and that civil servants would not accompany Cameron.

Ministers are usually expected to be accompanied by civil service note-takers when they meet business leaders. Henri de Castries, the chairman and CEO of Axa Group, is the Bilderberg chairman.

The prime minister’s spokesman said: “He will participate in a discussion around domestic and global economic issues. He feels it is an opportunity to discuss economic issues with senior ministers, businesspeople and academics.”
Downing Street said it would not publicise any details of the meeting: “It is a private meeting so we are not going to go into any further details.”

“On a wider point the prime minister has always been clear about the importance of transparency which is why this government has taken a number of steps in terms of publishing more data, more information about meetings.”

Carswell told the Guardian: “Given the dreadful state that most European countries are in – and given the appalling public policy failures that landed us in this mess – you would have thought the least our ruling elite could do is discuss these issues in public. This is only going to add to the idea that we are governed by an unaccountable clique of Davos men.

“I am sure in reality they will be recycling all the cliches you can find in the FT and the Economist. I don’t think that great leaders like Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan attended the Bilderberg.”

Carswell added that Eurosceptics were likely to be concerned that the prime minister was interested in hearing from a group whose steering committee included five prominent European integrationists – the ex-chancellor Kenneth Clarke, the Belgian aristocrat and former European commission vice-president Viscount Étienne Davignon, the former British ambassador to the EU Lord Kerr of Kinlochard, the former Irish EU commissioner Peter Sutherland and the former European Central Bank president Jean-Claude Trichet.

Carswell said: “I am absolutely not a conspiracy theorist but it is striking that the grandees invited to this self-selecting little clique all tend to regurgitate the same failed orthodoxies. It doesn’t matter whether it is the same failed orthodoxy of Europeanism or the fallacy that cheap credit and low interest rates can make us rich – they are the same washed-up ideas of the last 20 years. It is a cliche fest.”

Cameron and Nick Clegg pledged when they formed the coalition to lead the most transparent government to date. The coalition agreement said: “The government believes that we need to throw open the doors of public bodies, to enable the public to hold politicians and public bodies to account.”

The ministerial code, published by the government in September 2010, said ministers’ external meetings would be published on a quarterly basis. It says: “Ministers meet many people and organisations and consider a wide range of views as part of the formulation of government policy. Departments will publish, at least quarterly, details of ministers’ external meetings.”

No 10 said it did not believe that civil servants would accompany the prime minister. It took Downing Street five hours to confirm this. It said that the meeting would be recorded “in the usual way”.

Cameron’s attendance brings to three the number of British ministers at this year’s summit. George Osborne is also attending and Kenneth Clarke is a member of the steering committee. The Bilderberg group says the costs of the meeting are the responsibility of the steering group, whose members include former Barclays chairman Marcus Agius, the CEO of the defence manufacturer EADS, Thomas Enders, and the Goldman Sachs International chairman, Peter Sutherland.

The group says: “There is no detailed agenda, no resolutions are proposed, no votes are taken, and no policy statements are issued.””
“Through his paternal grandmother, Enid Agnes Maud Levita, Cameron is a lineal descendant of King William IV by his mistress Dorothea Jordan. This illegitimate line consists of five generations of women starting with Elizabeth Hay, Countess of Erroll, née FitzClarence, William and Jordan’s sixth child,[12] through to Cameron’s grandmother (thereby making Cameron a 5th cousin of QueenElizabeth II).[13] Cameron’s paternal forebears also have a long history in finance. His father Ian was senior partner of the stockbrokers Panmure Gordon, in which firm partnerships had long been held by Cameron’s ancestors, including David’s grandfather and great-grandfather,[8] and was a Director of estate agent John D. Wood. David Cameron’s great-great-grandfather Emile Levita, a German Jewish financier (and descendant of Renaissance scholar Elia Levita), who obtained British citizenship in 1871, was the director of the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China which became Standard Chartered Bank in 1969.[13] His wife, Cameron’s great-great-grandmother, was a descendant of the wealthy Danish Jewish Rée family on her father’s side.[14][15] One of Emile’s sons, Arthur Francis Levita (died 1910, brother of Sir Cecil Levita),[16] of Panmure Gordon stockbrokers, together with great-great-grandfather Sir Ewen Cameron,[17] London head of the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, played key roles in arranging loans supplied by the Rothschilds to the Japanese Central Banker (later Prime Minister) Takahashi Korekiyo for the financing of the Japanese Government in the Russo-Japanese war.[18][and their descendants carried on tradition by funding the F&F gun-walking contract hits]
“The Next Generation of Private & Corporate Banking

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“Before the end of this decade every individual around the world will have the convenience and guaranteed security of one stop D2-Banking, which will become second nature to its customers as they enjoy the ability to store and access data and finances from anywhere at anytime without fear of being hacked or plagued by malicious software.” 

DK Matai, Executive Chairman, mi2g

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