#1553: Marine Links Peacock-Clinton ANZUS Coup d’état to IMDb and Howard JABS United 93

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Andrew Sharp Peacock and Bill Clinton’s plans for an ANZUS-wide coup d’état to the alleged deployment of IMDb actors with the Nortel Joint Automated Booking System (‘JABS’) for the hijack of United Airlines Flight 93 and the ultimately failed attempts to kill Australian Prime Minister John Howard and U.S. President George Bush on 9/11.

United 93 Official Movie [IMDb] Trailer

Peacock and Clinton allegedly used IMDb / JABS actors including Ben Sliney to camouflage United 93 crime scene

Peacock ‘deeply regrets’ drink-driving
By Neil McMahon with Jano Gibson and AAP
September 14, 2005 – 1:58PM
 … The maximum penalty for a mid-range blood alcohol content (0.08 – 0.15) for a first time offender is a nine-month jail term and a $2200 fine.
Outside the court, Mr Peacock said he was grateful for Ms Gilmour’s comments.

“I deeply regret what happened,” he said. “I’m very grateful for the generous remarks [Ms Gilmour] made about me.”

Mr Peacock was leader of the Liberal Party twice in the 1980s and early 1990s, losing two elections to Labor prime minister Bob Hawke.

He served as the Australian ambassador to the US under the Howard Government and is now the chairman of Boeing in Australia. [Google Strangler’s Suite + Clinton  + QRS 11]

“Ben Sliney Actor Trivia:  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2214842/ Personally issued a nationwide grounding of all air traffic in the moments following the crash of United Airlines Flight 175 into the second tower of the World Trade Center, during the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Later, when American Airlines Flight 77 struck the Pentagon, he ordered all inbound flights to land immediately, regardless of their final destinations.”

http://neighbors.whitepages.com/search/neighbor_search/3604-Mount-Bonnell-Rd/Austin,-TX-78731-5831 “The center house with the chimney is at 3604 Mount Bonnell Road.  In Chapter 16 our jet will leave Atlanta heading to Missouri but get re-dispatched by Hammer MacCheese to surveil this address in Austin.  The beauty of this location is xxx  was ‘in the area’ during 25-28 May and have the proof when the video of Memorial Day shows up. Andrew Sharp Peacock was an Australian involved in the planning of 9/11 [with the Clinton-Assange hack of Nortel JABS in Melbourne] . I will need at least three top notch Dangerettes to have a triangular surveillance of the property. .. Andrew and his wife Penne will have a cow when they see they are tied to 9/11. Aussie Peacock and his society wife from Washington DC will learn to loathe Abel Danger.”

“John Howard addresses a joint meeting of Congress, June 12, 2002
By ANDREW GLASS | 6/12/12 4:38 AM EDT
On this day in 2002, Australian Prime Minister John Howard addressed a joint meeting of Congress in the House chamber.

Howard had been scheduled to appear before Congress on Sept. 12, 2001. His address to the lawmakers was postponed, however, because of the terrorist attacks that had occurred the previous day. Since Howard’s visit marked the first joint meeting since those events, access to the House floor was restricted to members of Congress and top administration officials. Family members and staff were excluded. Following a long-standing tradition, Cabinet members and the diplomatic corps also attended.

Howard, just the second Australian premier to address a joint congressional meeting, stressed his nation’s close relationship with the United States, built, he said, on a foundation of shared Western values. They included, he said, “a belief that the individual is more important than the state; a belief that strong families are a nation’s greatest resource … and a belief that decency and hard work define a person’s worth, not class or race or social background.”

Turning to the Sept. 11 attacks and the just-launched war in Afghanistan, Howard pledged Australia’s military support. He invoked for the first time a Cold War-era security pact among Australia, New Zealand and the U.S. known as ANZUS.”
“Notably on September 11, 2001 John HowardPrime Minister of Australia kept his appointment and attended a defiant joint session of Congress and was acknowledged with a standing ovation. John Howard describes this occasion as a “moving moment.””

“Mr Howard was visiting the US when planes crashed into the towers of New York’s World Trade Center, the Pentagon and into a field in Pennsylvania.
On September 11, Mr Howard was in his Washington hotel, only a few blocks from the White House, when the first attack happened. He was speaking to reporters when the plane hit the Pentagon.

“While we were doing the news conference, the third plane, Flight 77, drove into the Pentagon. We pulled back the curtains and we saw the smoke rising, and we knew then, beyond any argument, that this was a concerted terrorist attack on the US,” Mr Howard said.

The day before the attacks, on September 10, 2001, Mr Howard had his first meeting the US president at the time, George W Bush. They spent four hours together starting what became a strong political alliance and a lasting personal friendship.

This union led Australia into the war in Afghanistan and later Iraq.”

“Why the Libs won’t change their chief BY:PETER VAN ONSELEN, CONTRIBUTING EDITOR  From: The Australian  January 12, 2013 12:00AM … When Andrew Peacock initiated a coup against John Howard – whose unpopularity at the time exceeded even Abbott’s at present – – the difficulties of rolling a Liberal leader led those accumulating numbers for Peacock to insist caucus members sign a petition in order to lock them in. It was a clinical execution that was kept secret from Howard until the last minute, yet even then Howard’s numbers in the leadership ballot exceeded expectations.”

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