#1550: Marine Links Sister SOS Pedo-Fem Forfeiture Fund to HSBC Chairman Moe, Comey House of Death

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked United States Marine Field McConnell has linked his sister, Kristine Marcy, alleged deployment of HSBC asset forfeiture funds in a pedophile-feminist (pedo-fem) organization of SOS Children’s Villages in 132 countries, to HSBC’s hiring of former U.S. Deputy Attorney General James Comey to help cover up HSBC’s role in the mass murders in the Juarez ‘House of Death’.

McConnell claims his sister was introduced to HSBC SOS pedo-fem forfeiture racket during a 1966 visit to Hull House in Chicago and, further, that she used DOJ Asset Forfeiture Funds to help the genocidal Canadian Maurice ‘Chairman Moe’ Strong (cousin of late Anna Louise Strong), to build an HSBC SOS pedo-fem organization in China for the entrapment and extortion of leaders of the Chinese Communist Party and the People’s Liberation Army.

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#1548: Marine Links Marcy Alien Mothers’ Pedo-Fem Villages to Comey Fast & Furious Bank 

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Chairman Moe’s Triple Agents – Obimbo, Obomba & Songbird

Largest Money Laundering Fine Ever! Digging Deeper into HSBC

Strong, Chairman Moe cousin, trained by Jane Addams in HSBC pedo-fem entrapment and extortion at Hull House, after which she allegedly applied the techniques to control Chairman Mo during & after the Long March.

Sex abuse cases in China prompt concern, online campaign: ‘Teacher, leave those kids alone’
Published June 03, 2013
Associated Press

BEIJING –  Suddenly all kinds of people in China are offering to sleep with the headmaster.

The unusual outpouring is in response to a recent spate of sex abuse cases, including that of a school principal who spent the night in a hotel room with four underage girls. Artists, activists, university students and police officers are photographing themselves — some nude and provocatively posed, some angry and menacing — with the message:

“Principal, get a room with me. Leave the young students alone.”

The online campaign — mixing performance art, satire and outrage — has tapped into public anger over sexual abuse against children. It’s a problem in China partly because of a lack of sex education and partly because Chinese society has become unmoored from traditional strictures after decades of rapid economic change and social change.

Attitudes toward sex have become more lax, especially noticeable among powerful officials, often found to be cavorting with very young mistresses and prostitutes. Children are prone to the abuse because they have not been adequately prepared, and can be easily intimidated by teachers and other authority figures.”

General information on China At present there are ten SOS Children’s Villages, nine SOS Youth Facilities, ten SOS Kindergartens, one SOS Hermann Gmeiner School, two Social Centers, and two SOS Vocational Training Centres in China.  SOS Children’s Villages has been working in the Socialist People’s Republic of China since the mid-1980s, when an agreement was signed with the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs. The organisation has continued to work in China and is now supporting children, young people and families in ten locations throughout the country. Since 2001, the organisation has also been present in Lhasa in the autonomous region of Tibet [SOS forfeiture funds allegedly used by Marcy and Strong to entrap and extort Tibetan leaders into collaborating with leaders of the Chinese Communist Party and the People’s Liberation Army]. The world’s second-largest economy China is the world’s fourth largest country and the most populous with over 1.3 billion inhabitants. The biggest city is Shanghai with 16.5 million and the capital Beijing is home to 12.2 million inhabitants. Since the death of Mao in 1978, China has undergone an astounding economic transformation. Alongside this economic development, there has been an increase in demonstrations for more democracy “

[Evidence that SOS funding from Marcy/HSBC  forfeiture is being used to groom children for pedo-fem entrapment in Mexico and China]  All SOS Mothers must prepare for their tasks through a theoretical basic training course lasting at least 3 months and follow continuous further training afterwards. Topics covered during initial training include but are not limited to:
• Environmental education
• Intercultural education – education for peace
• Health education
• Musical education
• Pedagogy
• Developmental psychology
• Special and therapeutic pedagogy
• Personality development
• Specific issues and concerns:
− Forms of violence in families
− Neglect
− Sexuality/sex education/birth control
− Sexual abuse
− The process of growing independent in children and adolescents
− Current problems of adolescents
− School problems
− The value of the biological parents’ position seen through the eyes of a child
− Contacts to and co-operation with the biological parents
• Housekeeping, cookery, nutrition, care of the household
• Legal principles and state institutions for the placement of children and adolescents”

The House of Death … The Observer Sunday December 3, 2006

Janet Padilla’s first inkling that something might be wrong came when she phoned her husband at lunchtime. His mobile phone was switched off. On 14 January, 2004, Luis had, as usual, left for work at 6am, and when he did not answer the first call Janet made, after taking the children to school, she assumed he was busy. Two weeks later she would learn the truth.

‘It was love at first sight for Luis and me, and that’s how it stayed, after two years dating at school and eight years of marriage,’ says Janet. ‘We always spoke a couple of times during the day and he always kept his phone on. So I called my dad, who owns the truckyard where he worked and he told me, “he hasn’t been here”. I called my in-laws and they hadn’t seen him either, and they were already worried because his car was outside their house with the windows open and the keys in the ignition. He would never normally leave it like that.’

Luis Padilla, 29, father of three, had been kidnapped, driven across the Mexican border from El Paso, Texas, to a house in Ciudad Juarez, the lawless city ruled by drug lords that lies across the Rio Grande. As his wife tried frantically to locate him, he was being stripped, tortured and buried in a mass grave in the garden – what the people of Juarez call a narco-fossa, a narco-smugglers’ tomb.

Just another casualty of Mexico’s drug wars? Perhaps. But Padilla had no connection with the drugs trade; he seems to have been the victim of a case of mistaken identity. Now, as a result of documents disclosed in three separate court cases, it is becoming clear that his murder, along with at least 11 further brutal killings, at the Juarez ‘House of Death’, is part of a gruesome scandal, a web of connivance and cover-up stretching from the wild Texas borderland to top Washington officials close to President Bush [including Deputy Attorney General Comey’s staff with alleged custody of the HSBC DOJ Asset Forfeiture Funds used by Marcy since 1984 to build the SOS pedo-fem organization worldwide]

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