#1541: Marine Links Amazon Gorelick United 93 JABS to Figliuzzi’s Sandy Hook Casting Call

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked former 9/11 Commissioner and Amazon director Jamie Gorelick’s use of the Nortel Joint Automated Booking System (JABS) in the casting of Ben Sliney in the GE-Vivendi movie ‘United 93’, to the casting call apparently made by GE Assistant Chief Security Officer and former FBI Assistant Director, Frank Figliuzzi, for Wayne Carver to act as a spokesman/coroner in the handling (?) of the bodies of 20 children and 6 adult female victims of contract killings allegedly staged at, or near, the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, on December 14, 2012.

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#1539: Marine Links Gorelick JABS to FBI Anthrax Anna and Delisle Hangouts for Lesbian Hedge Funds

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#1523: Marine Links Marcy Reno Gorelick JABS to Misprision of Treason by FBI Labs – 10/22/96

911 Commissioner AmBushed! New 911 Investigation?

‘Dead Doubles’: FBI Uncovers a Spy Sleeper Cell – Modern Spies – Episode 1 – BBC Two

Head of the FBI’s Counter Intelligence, Frank Figliuzzi explains how a seemingly normal American couple were really part of a group of Russian spies who had spent more than a decade infiltrating influential policy circles in the US.


Festival de Cannes : projection du film Vol 93
[Festival de Cannes : projection du film Vol 93] 

Medical Examiner:”Magnificent THING”

[Jamie Gorelick and Kristine Marcy allegedly used Nortel JABS and the Internet Movie Database in murder-for-hire casting calls to help Frank Figliuzzi stage the murder of JonBenet Ramsey on Christmas Day 1996]http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2506426/ Modern Spies (2012)
60 min  –  Documentary  –  2 April 2012 (UK)

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License to kill? How close are real spies to the Bournes and the Bonds? Peter Taylor looks at the world of the modern day secret agent, and reports on how things are sometimes drastically exaggerated or the truth.

Title: Modern Spies (2012)
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Credited cast:
Himself – ‘Curveball’ Informant
Cynthia Murphy
Himself – Former FBI Head of National Security
Himself – Head of FBI Counterintelligence
Himself – British MP
Himself – Head of FBI Cyber Security
Herself – CIA Recruiter
Himself – FBI Director
Anna Chapman
Himself – FBI Legat Attache to Estonia
Himself – Narrator
Himself – Former Chief of Staff to Sec. State Colin Powell


License to kill? How close are real spies to the Bournes and the Bonds? Peter Taylor looks at the world of the modern day secret agent, and reports on how things are sometimes drastically exaggerated or the truth.
Frank Figliuzzi’s Overview
Director Corporate Investigations; Assistant Chief Security Officer at The General Electric Company
Assistant Director at FBI
The University of Connecticut School of Law
Fairfield University
452 connections
Frank Figliuzzi’s Experience
Director Corporate Investigations; Assistant Chief Security Officer
Public Company; 10,001+ employees; GE; Oil & Energy industry
August 2012 – Present (10 months) Fairfield, CT
Assistant Director
Government Agency; 10,001+ employees; Law Enforcement industry
August 1987 – August 2012 (25 years 1 month)
Led all FBI counterintelligence investigations worldwide.
Frank Figliuzzi’s Skills & Expertise
Frank Figliuzzi’s Education
The University of Connecticut School of Law
Juris Doctorate, Law
1984 – 1987
Fairfield University
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), English Literature (British and Commonwealth)
1980 – 1984”
FBI denies Russian spy tried to sexually entice US cabinet official. On April 1, British newspaper The Independent quoted C. Frank Figliuzzi, the assistant FBI director for counterintelligence, saying that the recently discovered Russian illegals spy ring, which included Anna Chapman, was “getting close enough to a sitting US cabinet member that we thought we could no longer allow this to continue”. Now the FBI says that Figliuzzi “was misquoted”, and that “there is no allegation or suggestion in the complaint that Anna Chapman or anyone else associated with this investigation attempted to seduce a US Cabinet official”.”
Sandy Hook Pictures Would Change Debate
January 30, 2013|Frank Harris III
“The mutilated face of the victim was left untouched by morticians at the mother’s request. She said she wanted ‘all the world’ to witness the atrocity.”

Jet Magazine, Sept. 15, 1955, on the open-casket funeral of 14-year-old Emmett Till.

The wounds were “very devastating,” said Connecticut’s chief medical examiner, H. Wayne Carver II at the press conference following the Sandy Hook shootings in December.

The worst he had seen.

Pictures of the facial features of the dead children were shown to the families rather than allowing them to see their children right away.

First responders were traumatized and needed time off, which leaves one imagining the grisly scene that could so unravel those trained to work in traumatic scenes.

In the contentious debate over the banning of assault-style rifles, I think about what we have seen — pictures of the smiling faces of the Sandy Hook schoolchildren when they were alive and well; and what we have not seen — what a Bushmaster .223-caliber rifle does to the bodies of first-graders.

Finding descriptions of what a Bushmaster rifle does to the human body is a challenge. There was, however, this from the Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine — a 2006 study, the “Pathology of Gunshot Wounds”:

“Exit wounds from high-powered rifles may be large because of the high velocity and kinetic energy of rifle ammunition (Figure 5). Stellate-shaped exit wounds, which in rifle wounds occur over soft tissue as well as over bony surfaces, are common and may resemble contact entrance wounds.”

We hear of their power and their destructive capabilities. We recoil in horror of what we imagine.

It’s been said that the mind can conjure up greater terror than what the eyes can actually see. That may or may not be true. Although I have imagined the trembling fear in the eyes and hearts of the young victims, and while I am moved by President Barack Obama’s hanging a painting from one of the victims in the private study of the Oval Office as a reminder in the fight for a ban against this particular weapon — I just don’t think it’s enough.

It’s not enough when the National Rifle Association and its supporters quickly shift from the shootings at Sandy Hook to their Second Amendment rights. It’s not enough because the further in time we move from that December slaughter, the more the faces of the victims will slowly fade for the public.

Already, the NRA and its supporters have moved on beyond the slaughter as if it were just another of the daily shootings in America. For the gun control advocates, it will be remembered with diminishing flickers.

Yes, Sandy Hook was a turning point, a watershed moment in the fight for some sensible gun control. But what is needed, as unthinkable as it may seem, is for some parent to step forward as Mamie Till did nearly 60 years ago when her 14-year-old son Emmett was brutally murdered in Mississippi.

She refused to let the nation regard it as another murder.

She refused to let the nation imagine the brutality that was done.
She refused to let the picture of a smiling boy taken the previous Christmas serve as the sole reminder.

She held an open-casket funeral and allowed no make-up to cover what was done.

She said she wanted the nation and the world to see just exactly the type of violence that was done.

The picture shocked the nation and galvanized a movement.
As the rhetoric over banning assault-style rifles revs up, it is important to show exactly what these weapons do. It is important to show what is at stake.

It would be shocking, sickening, disturbing and just about every other adjective one could possibly conceive to describe something horrendous as the slaughter of children.

But what we have not seen needs to be seen because sometimes the imagination is just not enough.

Frank Harris III is chairman of the journalism department at Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven. He can be reached at harrisf1@southernct.edu.”
C. Frank Figliuzzi Appointed as Assistant Director of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division

Washington, D.C. February 07, 2011
FBI National Press Office(202) 324-3691

Director Robert S. Mueller, III has named Connecticut native C. Frank Figliuzzi assistant director of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division. Mr. Figliuzzi has been the division’s deputy assistant director since November 2010.

“Frank is a seasoned investigator and an experienced manager, and he knows the threats the FBI and our country face. He’s well-suited to lead our Counterintelligence Division and keep our nation safe from those individuals and groups that would do it harm,” said Director Mueller.

Mr. Figliuzzi was appointed an FBI special agent in August 1987 and assigned to the Atlanta Division, where he worked terrorism and foreign counterintelligence investigations. In 1992, he was promoted to the National Security Division at FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C., with responsibility for oversight of economic espionage matters.In 1995, Mr. Figliuzzi was named supervisory senior resident agent of the Palo Alto Resident Agency in the FBI’s San Francisco Division. His office, near Silicon Valley, led the FBI in investigations of foreign-sponsored thefts of trade secrets. In 1997, Mr. Figliuzzi was tasked to lead one of the FBI’s first squads exclusively devoted to crimes against children.

In 1998, Mr. Figliuzzi was promoted to unit chief in the Office of Professional Responsibility at FBI Headquarters. He adjudicated allegations of serious misconduct against FBI personnel. In 1999, Mr. Figliuzzi was appointed assistant special agent in charge of the FBI’s Miami Division, where he led the white-collar crime branch and its successful investigations of public corruption and corporate fraud. Following the September 11, 2001, attacks, Mr. Figliuzzi was selected to head FBI Miami’s new counterterrorism branch. He led the South Florida Joint Terrorism Task Force and was on-scene commander following the anthrax murder in Boca Raton, Florida.

In August 2004, Mr. Figliuzzi was promoted to inspector and led teams that assessed FBI operations around the world. In December 2005, Mr. Figliuzzi became the FBI’s chief inspector. He then served as the special agent in charge of the Cleveland Division from 2006 to 2010.

Mr. Figliuzzi has a Juris Doctor with honors from the University of Connecticut School of Law, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature from Fairfield University. He is a graduate of the John F. Kennedy School of Government’s program for senior executives [Kristine Marcy’s lesbian SES and Small Business hedge fund] in national and international security at Harvard University.”

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