#1530: Marine Links Amazon Gorelick’s Pedophile Database to Duffy’s Cold Squad Boston Bombs

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked a joint IMDb/OneDOJ pedophile-tracking database in the custody of Amazon director and former Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick, to a box-office (?) bribe apparently paid to silence the former CTV News Channel editor Mike Duffy re the alleged deployment of CTV Cold Squad crews and FBI Lab agents to taint evidence of pedophile actors and paroled inmates at the Boston bombing crime scenes. 

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CNN Amputee Actor – Boston Bombings


 Senate: Pam quits, Duff’s treatment & call to cops CTV News May 17, 2013

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0544104/  Cold Squad: Season 4, Episode 16 Predators (17 Mar. 2001) TV Episode  –  60 min   Crime | Drama | Mystery Your rating:   -/10  (awaiting 5 votes)  Reviews: write review A pedophile comes forward and confesses to the murder of a boy 20 years ago, and he then tries to claim the reward the parents had put up to find their boy’s killer. Director:  Jorge Montesi Writers: Julia Keatley (creator), Philip Keatley (creator), 2 more credits » Stars: Julie StewartTamara Craig ThomasGregory Calpakis | See full cast and crew
OneDOJ is a central database that allows local law enforcement to search and read federal criminal cases. This database holds records on cases, criminal investigations, criminal history, and personal details of other persons

Software [edit]

The software took about 18 months to develop. In 2006 it had about 1,000,000 entries, and was expected to triple by 2009.[2] The software was inspired by the September 11th terrorist attack onthe United States of America.[3] A memo that came out December 21, 2006 urged officials to put an aggressive plan into action to bring this database alive and current. In addition a committee was created to speed up the development of this database.[4] since the development, local agencies can request access to this database, which will allow them to view federal, and other state police files. Many federal agencies contribute to this database which include the Drug Enforcement AgencyFederal Bureau of InvestigationBureau of PrisonsATF, and various other local agencies. This database also allows agencies to keep ownership of their files.[5]
Criticism [edit]

The OneDOJ has run into some criticism. One person from the Civil Liberties Union said, “Raw police files or FBI reports can never be verified and can never be corrected.” Another concern is files and reports entered may have information on a person who hasn’t been accused, arrested or charged.[2]
Security Concerns [edit]

Many civil liberty organizations are concerned that the database is a privacy threat. The database includes information about suspects in federal cases, that local agencies get full access to.[1]Another security concern was brought up, because false information could be entered into the database, possibly diminishing the persons record, or giving the police a false lead [4] Officials say that all the information that is in the OneDOJ is already in another database that has a chance of being leaked, and the database is just making it easier for local agencies to come together to solve a crime.[1] Part of the fear may come from the congressional senate giving the Department of Justice a “D” on security.[3]
 “42 USC § 17611 – Establishment of National Strategy for Child Exploitation Prevention and Interdiction … 
(1) In general The Attorney General shall designate a senior official at the Department of Justice with experience in investigating or prosecuting child exploitation cases as the National Coordinator for Child Exploitation Prevention and Interdiction who shall be responsible for coordinating the development of the National Strategy established under subsection (a).The National Coordinator for Child Exploitation Prevention and Interdiction shall be a position in the Senior Executive Service.
(2) Duties
The duties of the official designated under paragraph (1) shall include—
(A) acting as a liaison with all Federal agencies regarding the development of the National Strategy;
(B) working to ensure that there is proper coordination among agencies in developing the National Strategy;
(C) being knowledgeable about budget priorities and familiar with all efforts within the Department of Justice and the FBI related to child exploitation prevention and interdiction; and
(D) communicating the National Strategy to Congress and being available to answer questions related to the strategy at congressional hearings, if requested by committees of appropriate jurisdictions, on the contents of the National Strategy and progress of the Department of Justice in implementing the National Strategy.”
[Gorelick’s OneDOJ/IMDb protegee] Francey Hakes served as the first-ever National Coordinator for Child Exploitation Prevention and Interdiction from January 2010 to March 2012. The United States Attorney General appointed her to the post, which was created by the U.S. Congress in the Protect Our Children Act of 2008, and which was housed in the Office of the Deputy Attorney General at the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, DC. As the first coordinator, Francey was responsible for creating the inaugural U.S. strategy addressing child sexual exploitation entitled, The National Strategy for Child Exploitation Prevention and Interdiction, which was submitted to the U.S. Congress in August 2010.  After submitting this first National Strategy to Congress, Francey was charged with its implementation. She lead multiple working groups across federal, state, local and international agencies, and regularly briefed the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General, drafted remarks for delivery by the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General, and helped prepare the Attorney General for testimony before the U.S. Congress. Francey also testified before the U.S. Congress and the United States Sentencing Commission, and briefed senior officials at the White House and on Capitol Hill. Francey was a prosecutor for more than 15 years, serving first as a state prosecutor then as an Assistant U.S. Attorney. Francey has held a Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information security clearance as part of her work on national security investigations [FBI Tainted Lab], and was lead counsel on dozens of trials. She received her bachelor’s degree in Political Science, with a Global Policy Studies Certificate, from the University of Georgia. Francey also holds a Juris Doctor from Ohio Northern University. She now runs her own consulting firm, Francey Hakes Consulting LLC, that provides advice in the field of child protection.”
“Two Conservative senators ordered Mike Duffy’s audit sanitized
CTVNews.ca Staff
Published Wednesday, May 22, 2013 2:28PM EDT
Last Updated Wednesday, May 22, 2013 11:31PM EDT

The order to sanitize an audit of Sen. Mike Duffy’s expenses came from two key Conservatives on the Senate’s internal economy committee: chair David Tkachuk and Carolyn Stewart Olsen, CTV News has learned.

The original version of the audit report said Duffy broke the rules when he declared a Prince Edward Island cottage as his primary residence and noted that the senator refused to co-operate with independent auditors.
Last Friday, CTV’s Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife reported that those damning notes were removed from the public version of the report that was tabled in the Senate.”

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