#1491 Marine Links Kristine Marcy Small Business Hybristophiliacs to Cisco RV180W Boston Bombs

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked his sister Kristine Marcy’s apparent deployment of hybristophiliacs through the United States Small Business Administration, to the Cisco RV180W Multifunction VPN Router allegedly used by a Cisco GLSEN* team to trigger the Boston Marathon bombs.

Hybristophiliac: Someone sexually aroused by their partner’s violent sexual behavior.

GLSEN* = Cisco’s Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network, headed up by Canadian Rick Moran

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Boston Bombing Manhunt: Bloodied Body of Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

The Mentalist 5×16 ‘There Will Be Blood’ CTV Promo #2 [Uses Cisco RV180W Multifunction VPN Router to coordinate actors in blood, gore and sex scenes] 

Marcy allegedly moved Homolka through NORAD JonBenet crime scenes with the Nortel/Cisco Joint Automated Booking System


Deputy administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), which provides small businesses with access to capital and government contracts, counseling and training, and disaster relief [sic]. 

Cisco Small Business RV180W Multifunction VPN Router Wireless router 4-port switch Gigabit LAN
802.11b/g/n desktop


How Reddit is investigating the Boston Marathon bombings Many Redditors know their stuff, especially when it’s related to technology.
By Leslie Meredith, TechNewsDaily
Thu, Apr 18 2013 at 12:07 PM ….

The bomb Redditor ericnot posted an analysis of the bomb components. Using police photos showing parts of the bomb found on the sidewalk, he matched them to parts for remote-controlled toys. He concluded that triggers made from those parts, were “not very sophisticated” and, therefore, not necessarily the work of an engineer or even an electronic hobbyist. He also said there’s more that still needs to be found, such as the car’s shell, wheels and motors. “Knowing it was a short-range remote, and not a cell phone or a timer trigger, certainly makes studying those crowd photos seem crucial,” he said. Earlier this morning, reports from unnamed officials claimed egg timer devices were likely used.” 

Figure 1. Cisco RV180W Multifunction VPN Router (Front Panel) [Allegedly used in SNAP Gap hack] 


• Affordable, high-performance Gigabit Ethernet ports enable large files and multiple users 
• Versatile device can function either as a wireless router, wireless bridge, or wireless repeater 
• Wireless-N access point provides highly secure untethered connectivity 
• IP Security (IPsec) site-to-site VPN helps enables secure connectivity for remote employees and multiple offices 
• Built-in secure policy index (SPI) firewall, robust authentication, and access control safeguard sensitive business data 
• Easy to set up and use with wizard-based configuration 

In a dynamic business environment, your network needs to be more powerful, flexible, and accessible than ever. Your employees need the ability to stay connected to the people and services they need – inside and outside the office. And your network needs the agility to meet constantly changing business needs. 

The Cisco RV180W Multifunction VPN Router delivers highly secure broadband connectivity, high-speed wireless networking, and remote access for multiple offices and remote workers. Built for maximum flexibility, it delivers a comprehensive combination of business-class features and ease of use in a scalable solution that is priced for small businesses. 

The Cisco RV180W features a built-in 4-port Gigabit Ethernet managed switch that lets you connect network devices and transfer files and data at high speed, providing the power and performance you need to keep multiple employees productive. Intelligent quality of service (QoS) features let you prioritize network traffic to keep critical network applications like voice and video running at their best.  

To provide untethered connectivity to employees throughout the office, the Cisco RV180W also includes support for wireless-N technology. This multifunction device can serve either as a wireless router, wireless access point, wireless bridge, or repeater, providing investment protection and flexibility when business needs change. You can get started using the RV180W in the way that best meets your needs, then change modes, and repurpose the solution as your business and network grow, resulting in maximum return on your technology investment. 

For employees who need to connect from home, on the road, or from remote offices, the Cisco RV180W features integrated enterprise-class encryption and authentication, including support for IPsec and Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) VPN client connections and IPsec gateway-to-gateway VPN tunnels.

Advanced virtual network support lets you set up wireless guest access hotspots to provide highly secure connectivity to clients and visitors. Easy to set up and use right out of the box, both solutions feature simple wizard-based configuration to get you up and running in minutes. 

The Cisco RV180W VPN Router is a cost-effective way to provide business-class performance, security, and reliability your employees need today, with the flexibility to change as your business evolves.” 

“Rick Moran 
Vice President, Small Business Marketing 

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender & Advocates Network (GLBT) 

Rick Moran is the Vice President responsible for driving awareness and demand for Cisco’s product and service offerings among small businesses and the partners that serve them. Driven by a great understanding and appreciation of the challenges faced by small businesses around the world, Rick focuses Cisco’s resources on creating an engaging experience that aligns the appropriate technologies and solutions with the specific business needs of customers. 

In characterizing the sub-segments of the Small Business, Rick was instrumental in the identification and articulation of distinct customer profiles, which served as the guiding framework for the development of products, services and Cisco’s go to market approach. In November 2009, this strategy was awarded the SMB Excellence Award for Market Segmentation from market research firm IDC. 

Through his leadership of the Small Business Marketing efforts, Rick’s team has transformed the way that Cisco uses the Web to reach out and interact with customers and partners. As a leader and member on several of Cisco’s leadership boards, Rick plays a key role in developing strategy across multiple routes to market, which are vital to the company’s success in Small Business.
Rick joined Cisco in 2003 as Vice President of Unified Communications and the broader portfolio, including Cisco IPICS, Cisco Small Business Systems (Linksys One), TelePresence, Business Video and Physical Security. 

During his 25 plus years in marketing and selling technology Rick has held posts in various European locations, as well as Bahrain and Canada. Prior to coming to Cisco Moran worked at Nortel Networks for more than 21 years where he held a variety of senior roles. Rick also worked for two private companies, focused on high speed MPLS switching and next generation IP network signaling for service provider networks. 

Rick is a graduate of the University of Guelph in Canada where he earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Economics and Politics. 


GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network), Board Member 

Recipient, 2008 Above and Beyond Executive Sponsorship Award – Workplace Diversity, Working Mother Media & Diversity Best Practices” 

“Business Function Mentoring Program: See How Suppliers Have Benefited from This Program Mentored suppliers provide Cisco with a competitive advantage that increases opportunities, develops best practices, and provides businesses with the tools necessary for success. Cisco has two distinct Supplier Diversity mentoring programs, the Business Function Mentor Program and the Executive Mentor Protégé Program, both geared to promote supplier procurement development. Past experience has proven that these developmental programs have increased suppliers’ one-to-one relationships, new business development, and in most cases overall revenue.” 

“Marie Collins Johns (b. August 19, 1951) is the deputy administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), a federal agency which provides small businesses with access to capital and government contracts, counseling and training, and disaster relief. She was nominated by President Barack Obama on December 17, 2009, and confirmed unanimously by the Senate on June 22, 2010. Johns is a former president and CEO of the telecommunications company Verizon, Washington, D.C. She made an unsuccessful bid for the Democratic party nomination in the 2006 Washington, DC Mayoral Race. .. Johns began her career as a secretary and worked her way up to be President and CEO of Verizon, Washington, D.C., a $700 million telecommunications company. While at Verizon, Johns created a job-training program that placed over 400 teenagers, many of whom were high school dropouts, in communications jobs. She also led the efforts of Verizon’s predecessor company, Bell Atlantic, to provide a high-speed internet connection to every public school and public library in Washington, D.C. Johns also led the effort to create technology learning centers in each of the city’s eight wards and played a key role in securing $10 million in federal funding to implement a school-to-careers initiative. Johns is a trustee of Howard University and has served as chair of the Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science, which welcomed its inaugural class of 120 sixth graders August 29, 2005. Johns is a former chair of the YMCA of Metropolitan Washington (www.ymcawashdc.org/) and recently co-chaired a $4 million capital campaign for the Metropolitan Washington Girl Scouts Council. She is also an annual participant in the Girl Scouts Camp. In the 1980s, Johns spearheaded the establishment of the first home in the city for babies born to mothers addicted to crack cocaine. Johns is a former chair of Leadership Washington and the DC Chamber of Commerce, and has served as a director of many organizations, including the Greater Washington Board of Trade, the Economic Club of Washington[4], the National Capital Revitalization Corporation, and the Anacostia Waterfront Corporation.[6] Johns is the Founding Chair of the Washington DC Technology Council and a member of the senior board of stewards of Washington’s historic Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church.” 

“Routing Protocol

A routing protocol is a protocol that specifies how routers communicate with each other to disseminate information that allows them to select routes between any two nodes on a computer network (while the choice of the route is done by routing algorithms). Typically, each router has a priori knowledge only of its directly attached networks. A routing protocol shares this information successively, first among immediate neighbours and then throughout the entire network. This way routers can gain knowledge of the network topology at large. This process happens entirely automatically, and allows internet traffic to route itself around damaged or degraded parts of the internet. 

Serial Transmission 

A data transmission method where data is transmitted as a stream of bits, one bit at a time along a single conductor or other transmission media. This has advantages over parallel transmission as the single data channel is cheaper than the multiple data channels of parallel systems, and several synchronization problems that can occur in parallel transmission systems are avoided in serial. USB and wired ethernet are examples of serial transmission systems. 


Tunnelling is the process that allows for the sending of network traffic that needs to be secure over an untrusted network, such as the public internet. The tunnel provides a secure encrypted connection between two computers in order to allow unencrypted traffic of a different type to be transmitted safely across the connection. For example, the Windows File and Printer Sharing protocol does not support encryption and is therefore insecure, but if you use a tunnel then you can safely use this service without fear of your network traffic being intercepted. Tunnelling allows for Virtual Private Networks to be deployed over public networks.
Virtual Private Network.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a private network between computers where some or all of the nodes in the network are connected using an open public network, such as the public internet. However, all communication between these computers remains private because it runs over a secure encrypted tunnel, meaning that traffic on the network cannot be intercepted by other machines on the network that are not part of the VPN. While the physical network that connects the machines is public, the virtual network that exists between them is private because the traffic is unreadable to any computer that is not part of the VPN.”

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