#1482 Marine Links Deborah Furlong to SS Post-Production Protégées and Cold Squad Boston Bombs

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the late Deborah Furlong to Signal Systems’ (‘SS’) post-production protégées who allegedly worked with Furlong on snuff-film web casts for the “Body Farm” episode of Cold Squad and the Boston Marathon bombs. 

McConnell alleges that Furlong’s Signal Systems protégées hacked Cisco SNAP terminals and a Network Emergency Response Vehicle (NERV) to get access to the Stratum Zero capability needed to synchronize the bombing attack on the Boston Marathon with phony news feeds to Reuters.

#1480 Marine Links Furlong Cold Squad to Hastily Formed Cisco Network for Abbotsford IHIT Pentagon

Cold Squad theme season 1

Boston Marathon 2013 False Flag

Prisontv.net – *Squamish 5 and the Litton bombing



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Boston Runners Were Warned! Squamish Man
Monday, April 15, 2013 16:36
Heiliger ‘stunned’ by explosions, but escapes injury in marathon finish-line blasts
Ben Lypka

Runners getting set to take part in the Boston Marathon were warned beforehand that they were going to die, said a Squamish resident who took part in the race. 

Mike Heiliger, 59, said a woman holding several bags was telling runners who were picking up their pre-race packages in downtown Boston on Saturday (April 13) that they were going to die if they participated in the event. 

“I was downtown on Saturday and you know, you see these people on the street and think it’s just some nutbar,” he told The Chief from his Boston hotel on Monday (April 15). “It was a little creepy because you can identify who the runners are and I heard her say to this runner two feet away from me that, ‘If you run tomorrow you’re going to die.’” 

Heiliger said he thought about telling the woman that the race was Monday, but decided not to correct her.  

Heiliger was in the process of calling the police after his conversation with The Chief. 

“I thought it was just a nut and maybe she was a nut but she was holding a couple of bags like she just got off a plane and was accosting runners on Saturday,” he said.”

[Spoliation inference that British Columbia has been a hub for snuff film production over at least 30 years] The Squamish Five (sometimes referred to as the Vancouver Five)[1] were a group of self-styled “urban guerrillas” active in Canada during the early 1980s. Their chosen name was Direct Action.

The five were Ann HansenBrent TaylorJuliet Caroline BelmasDoug Stewart and Gerry Hannah. Unlike other groups, they were not motivated by a political ideology, but, they were activists who had become disenchanted and frustrated with traditional methods of activism. They believed that by engaging in semi-symbolic propaganda by the deed, they could jolt people into action themselves.[citation needed]

Red Hot Video firebombing

The bombers fled Toronto for Vancouver and ceased their activities as they moved underground together. On November 22, 1982, they re-emerged as part of a larger group under the name “Wimmin’s Fire Brigade“.[1] They subsequently firebombed three franchises of Red Hot Video, a chain of video pornography stores which had attracted the attention of feminist activists and was accused of selling snuff films. The majority of the stores either closed or changed names. Due to the attention focused on the stores by the action, pressure was put on government to change laws so that that type of violent pornography could not be sold in Canada, resulting in charges and fines against the Red Hot Videos store in Victoria BC, Canada.


The high-profile crimes had also attracted major police attention and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) was closing in. On the morning of January 20, 1983, all five were captured on the road to their training area by an RCMP tactical unit disguised as a road crew.[3] The apprehension occurred on the Sea-to-Sky Highway, just south of Squamish, giving rise to the name the media attached to the group. The five received sentences ranging from six years to life. Only Hannah and Belmas, the youngest member, pled guilty. Belmas renounced the use of violence as a means to an end and apologized to the victims. Upon hearing her sentence for life, Ann Hansen threw a tomato at the judge. All are now out of prison. Anne Hansen alleges in her memoirs that the police had them under surveillance at the time of the Red Hot Video action, which would mean the police broke the law in order to get the evidence needed to proceed with the charges on the earlier bombings.

In 2002, Ann Hansen’s Direct Action: Memoirs Of An Urban Guerrilla was published. While she acknowledges tactical mistakes and misconceptions, Hansen maintains that her actions were justified, and that capitalism should be challenged through direct action and other forms of protest.

Juliet Belmas is also now currently working on her memoirs. [4]
In 1989, CBC Television released a docudrama entitled “The Squamish Five”.”

Ensuring communication among first responders, especially during a crisis situation, is a major challenge for public safety agencies. Interoperability is critical for success. The Cisco® Network Emergency Response Vehicle (NERV) is a mobile communication center that is designed to establish interoperable communications in emergency situations. The NERV is supported by Cisco Tactical Operations, a highly skilled and dedicated team that can mobilize and respond to natural disasters and other catastrophes when normal communications infrastructure have been degraded or destroyed. 

Enable Communications via IP-Based Network The Cisco NERV uses an IP-based network foundation because large-scale disasters require a range of interoperable communications beyond traditional push-to-talk (PTT) radio. IP-based communications ensure that the team can: Engage and employ all resources on scene, regardless of where those resources geographically reside .. Interoperate with existing communications systems while providing a path to emerging network-centric communications systems”

 Company credits for
Production Companies
AB4 (2004) (Belgium) (TV)
Other Companies
Rainmaker Digital Pictures  video post-production
Sharpe Sound Studios  audio post-production facilities”

“X has completed CCNA Level 1, BCIT Programming Basics, Cisco Phone Installation & Configuration, and Cisco’s CCNA course at B.C.’s Technical College. As technical support specialist to the Vancouver Film Studios (through Signal Systems), Marcin’s duties include phone and internet deployments; installs, setups and configurations for both Cisco and Nortel; Network device connectivity configuration (file sharing); physical line (wire) troubleshooting; high-speed setups; trouble-shooting and customer service.”

“Description: Signal Systems specializes in the design, provision, and maintenance of integrated communication packages for BC based businesses. Signal’s services include: Managed services in Cisco VOIP Technologies (Voice Over Internet Protocol) for small and medium businesses; Communication services and IT support for BC’s film industry, Radio rentals (set walkies, trunking radios, and repeaters), Call-conferencing services, Wireless data access, Satellite phone rentals, Two-way Internet services (off the grid), HelpDesk Support for all Signal customers; A two-way radio outlet in Squamish. Signal Systems is based in Vancouver, Canada.”

More to follow.

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