#1467: Marine Links Obama Illinois Bridge to Eisenhower RCOH brig and the SNAP-Gap Pentagon Bomb

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has has linked former Illinois senator Barack Obama’s Federal Bridge Certification Authority to David Collins, the supervisor of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower brig during a Refuelling and Complex Overhaul (RCOH rhymes with RICO), and a SNAP-Gap Pentagon Bomb, apparently detonated per image below, at Sep. 12, 2001 17:37:21!

McConnell claims that after Obama was elected as a state senator in 1997, he began working on the Federal Bridge with the State of Illinois and SNAP-Gap defence contractors to infiltrate the brigs of the Nimitz-type carriers with expert saboteurs in preparation for serial and ongoing man-in-the-middle attacks on the government of the United States of which the 9/11 Pentagon bomb is just one example. 

OODA is O’Bummer n’est-ce pas Kristine?

#1461: Marine Links Serco’s CSI SNAP-Shot Access Cards to Tillman Impact, Bullpup Ammo, Jinga Truck


 9/11-The Pentagon Attack (Full)


“On 11 September 2001, al Qaeda terrorists hijacked four airliners shortly after take off and flew them into the twin World Trade Center towers in New York City, the Pentagon in Arlington, Va., and into the ground about 80 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, Penn. (during an apparent struggle with the hostages when the people on board heroically attempted to regain control of the plane), killing upwards of 2,981 people, all told, from as many as 86 nations. Within hours USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) shifted to Threat Condition Delta, the highest level of force protection and readiness. Meanwhile, the ship’s Integrated Communications Advanced Network (ICAN) installation, training and technical rep + air team sailed on board USS Nimitz (CVN-68) when the latter steamed round Cape Horn to her new home port of NAS North Island following her overhaul (21 September to 13 November 2001)” (Ref. 383B).” 

“David Collins … ELECTRONIC WARFARE MODULE OFFICER USS Dwight D Eisenhower January 1995 – May 1999 (4 years 5 months) Appointed as the POIC for the EW watch team, responsible for the watch team’s correct identification, correlation, and dissemination of Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) data throughout the Eisenhower Battle Group (BG). Was lead on maintenance and repair of a IS support systems incorporated into the Electronic Warfare Arena. Assisted the IS Department in UNIX and MS windows administration, including the Global Command and Control System – Maritime (GCCS-M), handling HP / SPARC / SIPR terminal configuration issues within the Combat Direction Center (CDC). (2 years) Leading Electronic Warfare Technician and Module Manager. Maintained material and operational readiness for four (4) vital, tactical war-fighting systems. (3 years) Assigned to Ship’s Security Division during a 19 month “Yard Period”. Was Brig Supervisor & Section Lead [ergo, he had motive, opportunity and weapon for detonation of a SNAP-GAP Pentagon Bomb, synched to Serco’s Echelon Stratum Zero clock]” 

“Newport News Shipbuilding is the only shipyard to perform refueling and complex overhaul work on Nimitz-class aircraft carriers. This massive undertaking was described in a 2002 Rand Study as one of the most challenging engineering and industrial tasks undertaken anywhere by an organization. The nearly four-year project is performed only once during a carrier’s 50-year life and includes refueling of the ship’s two nuclear reactors, as well as significant repair, upgrade and modernization work. We have completed the refueling and complex overhaul of the first three ships of the Nimitz-class (Nimitz, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Carl Vinson). Today, we are performing this work on the fourth ship in the class, the USS Theodore Roosevelt, while also planning for the fifth ship in the class, USS Abraham Lincoln.”

More to follow.

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