#1460: Marine Links Serco’s Mentor-Protégé Crime Scene Clocks to Cheney Tillman NIPRNet Swaps

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the NPL and USNO clocks apparently used by Serco for splicing mentor-protégé operations into crime scene investigations, to Lynne Cheney’s alleged use of NIPRNet/SIPRNet swaps to monitor Pat Tillman’s movements prior to having him shot in an ambush in Afghanistan with a UK MoD Police Bullpup SA 80.

McConnell points out that his sister Kristine Marcy set up the mentor-protégé crime-scene program for Chris Heyman’s Serco and Lester Crown’s General Dynamics while serving as Chief Operating Officer of the U.S. Small Business Administration and he alleges that Marcy and Cheney used Serco/USNO clocks and NIPRNet/SIPRNet swaps to emulate al-Qaeda red team attacks during phony 9/11 war games (Global Guardian).

McConnell believes that Mrs. Cheney – then a resident of the U.S. Naval Observatory Home – structured the 9/11 mentor-protégé war games to decoy George Bush into the invasion of Afghanistan in pursuit of perceived protégé red team leaders and when Tillman threatened to use his celebrity status to expose the conspiracy, Mrs. Cheney signed his Serco death warrant, allegedly with an authority swapped on NIPRNet PKI.

#1436 Marine Links Brig. Gen. Farrisee’s Time-Sliced Tillman Ambush to Serco’s MOD Police Access Cards



Mentor-Protege crime scene





 Ultimate Bullpup Rivalry : SA-80 Vs Steyr AUG


“Feb032008 What’s wrong with this picture? You call this “infor­ma­tion assu­rance”? I can’t wait to see “infor­ma­tion superiority” …. Let’s begin with the monitor behind the forehead of the man on the right with his face lit up for dramatic effect. It identifies “SIPRNET,” the military’s classified Internet, with a bold red background. Low and to the left of the monitor we can see a small KVM with both a green sticker and a red sticker on it. We see a KVM at each workstation, and the stickers in the left foreground offer enough focus so we can infer “Unclassified” on the green sticker and “Secret” on the red sticker. 

If you served in the mili­tary after 1988 or pur­chased a USB flash drive at an Afghan bazaar, then you know the stickers iden­tify classi­fied objects as pro­scribed in Title 32 USC §2003.
Count ‘em, folks: five monitors are on SIPRNET in this photo. The rest are on NIPRNET (aka the Internet). Two SIPRNET screens are password-locked but the other three reveal sensitive data to enemies of the United States. 

Two green lights on the KVMs tell us each workstation has two computers; the yellow light above & to the right of a green dot tells us which machine currently has the monitor. But this is odd: we can plainly see two monitors at each workstation. The KVMs look too small to support dual monitors — and we don’t see KVMs stacked on top of each other — so we can deduce AFCYBER connects NIPRNET & SIPRNET machines to each other via one of the monitors.  

That’s a major no-no, isn’t it? I don’t think the NSA will let you connect a SIPRNET machine to a NIPRNET machine like that! 

(Since Americans read English from left-to-right, you can bet AFCYBER hooks theleft monitor to the KVM and connects classified & unclassified computers via theright monitor. Regardless, though, I doubt the NSA likes it when AFCYBER does this.) 

Memo to AFCYBER/CV: ask the NSA for advice on dual-monitor KVMs for your ops floor. Seriously. You need them. 

If that’s still a no-no, then AFCYBER’s lax security would explain why they didn’t bother to switch all of the monitors to NIPRNET during this photo-op. Lax security would also explain why Capt Simmons himself let a photo-op take place in a non-sanitized room. 

Okay, now look at the screen fourth from the left in the foreground. A redbackground peeks out from the very top of the screen, telling us it’s on SIPRNET. It clearly says “DMS-CRL Status” on the screen. Google for it and you’ll find DMS stands for “Defense Message System,” one of the Pentagon’s mission critical command & control systems. “CRL” stands for “Certificate Revocation List.” 

This is an amazing thing to see on a classified screen, folks! We must assume AFCYBER’s ops floor wouldn’t monitor revoked DMS certificates unless they had areason to monitor them. And that reason is almost certainly classified. 

Okay, now look at the screen second from the left in the background. We can see a red background peeking out from the top of that screen. It must be on SIPRNET and it’s visiting a website. We can see AFCYBER uses Internet Explorer — and it’s not even IE7! We can deduce the ops floor uses either IE6 or (shudder) IE5.x. That’s very useful information to any nation-state that would do battle against AFCYBER! 

“Git Satellite, LLC a company with over 30 years cumulative experience in the satellite voice and data market, offers the Iridium, Globalstar, Inmarsat, Skyterra, OrbComm, VSAT and BGAN voice and data applications through its global marketing footprint. GIT provides design, integration, and specialty solutions to its customer base, which includes Fortune 100 companies, governmental agencies, and enterprise vertical markets. GIT’s extensive breadth of satellite constellation partnerships provides global communications solutions, including both Polar Zones, Sea Surface ( Commercial and Military ) vessels, and aeronautical, for almost any voice and data application need. Git Satellite’s home office is located in Austin Texas, and it also maintains a research laboratory in San Diego California, along with Sales offices in the south east and in the Washington DC area for interface with commercial and governmental concerns. GIT is ISO 9001-2008 certified and participates with General Dynamics in the Dept of Defense Mentor Protege program. GIT has designed and manufactures specialty products for the Office of Naval Research, SPAWARS, and in conjunction with Oak Ridge National Research Laboratories, is developing a Software Cognitive Radio as a quantum leap in asset tracking, location, and information reporting.” 

[Lester Crown General Dynamics and Serco Mentor – Barack Obama CUKC Alien Protege user of Sectera for SIPR/NIPR swaps] Sectéra Edge™ (SME PED) — Deployed and in use today, the Sectéra Edge is the world’s smallest SIPRNET terminal. The Edge converges secure wireless voice and data by combining the functionality of a wireless phone and PDA — all in one easy-to-use, ruggedized handheld device. The Edge secures wireless voice and data communications classified Top Secret and below, as well as accesses email and websites classified Secret and below including the SIPRNET/NIPRNET.” 

“Sectéra Edge Features 
NSA Certified, DISA approved 
One-touch switching between classified and unclassified PDA functions 
First Ever on-the-move wireless access to the SIPRNET 
Secure and non-secure wireless phone, email and web browsing 
Global roaming over GSM, CDMA or Wi-Fi wireless networks 
Withstands the rigors of tactical and everyday environments (MIL-STD-810F) 
Intuitive, user-friendly interface 
Easy, fast deployment with Configuration Tool – Let’s you upgrade up to 16 Edges at once 
Software upgradeable to VoIP 
IPv6 compliant 
DoD PKI enabled Common Access Card (CAC) support 
Can be used inside closed areas with “SCIF-Friendly” feature 
Planned Enhancements 
Top Secret data 
GEM X™ remote management Wireless VoIP”

More to follow.

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