#1447: Marine Links Sister’s Con Air Access Cards and Clegg TRACECA Pedophiles to Tillman GLONASS Hit

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked his sister’s Con Air Access Cards, allegedly used by Mrs. Clegg to move pedophiles and drugs along the TRACECA transport corridor through Almaty in Kazakstan, to the GLONASS-synchronized ambush, contract killing and cover-up events associated with the murder of Pat Tillman in Afghanistan in 2004.

#1446: Marine Links Mrs. Clegg to GLONASS Wag of Time-Bomb Dog and Concorde Lawyer Contract Hit

Trailer – Con Air (1997)


 War of Nerves – Femslash (SamCam/Miriam Fanvid)

TRACECA – a transport corridor without barriers



[Spoliation inference that the late Gareth Williams had hacked Mrs. Clegg’s GLONASS and Kristine Marcy’s Con Air telemetry and tracking system in Afghanistan] SHATASM While digging through a stack of recent newspapers, I found something we had previously overlooked. From Gordon Thomas and James Fielding in the Express of October 10 came a piece calling Gareth Williams a “death mystery spy” as well as a “terror plot hero,” and claiming that Gareth Williams helped thwart a Mumbai-style gun rampage in ­Britain. 

It seemed incredible, but according to the authors, Williams uncovered the plot in a secret eavesdropping ­mission in Afghanistan where he played a pivotal role in intercepting phone calls from British jihadists at a training camp before matching their voice prints to those on a data bank. 

More amazing details followed hard on the heels of these amazing details. 

For instance, Mr Williams made several trips to Afghanistan as one of a 10-strong team of specialists from GCHQ, the Government’s listening post and the NSA, the US equivalent. 

He was “cherry-picked” for the job because of his specialist skills using voice analysis software. The codebreaker, on a year’s ­secondment to MI6 in ­London from GCHQ in Cheltenham, Gloucs, could identify ­accents picked up in phone conversations with terror suspects from the Midlands, Manchester and Rochdale, Lancashire.” 

“Between 1992–1993, he [Mrs. Clegg’s husband Nick] was employed by GJW Government Relations Ltd, which lobbied on behalf of Libya. In 1993, Clegg won the Financial Times‘ David Thomas Prize, in remembrance of an FT journalist killed on assignment in Kuwait in 1991. Clegg was the award’s first recipient. He was later sent to Hungary, where he wrote articles about the mass privatisation of industries in the former communist bloc. In April 1994, he took up a post at the European Commission, working in the TACIS aid programme to the former Soviet Union. For two years he was responsible for developing direct aid programmes in Central Asia and the Caucasus, worth €50 million. He was involved in negotiations with Russia on airline overflight rights, and launched a conference in Tashkent in 1993 that founded TRACECA—an international transport programme for the development of a transport corridor for Europe, the Caucasus and Asia. Vice President and Trade Commissioner Leon Brittan then offered Clegg a job in his private office, as a European Union policy adviser and speech writer. As part of this rôle, Clegg was in charge of the EC negotiating team on Chinese and Russian accession talks to the World Trade Organisation.” 

More to follow.

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