#1441: Marine Links Serco Sandy Hook GPS Radios, Bull-Pup Rifles to Obama’s Time-Spliced DMORT Orgues

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has has linked Serco’s alleged procurement (theft?) of U.K. MOD Police GPS Bowman radios and SA 80 bull-pup rifles for a DHS lone-shooter exercise near the Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012, to a time-spliced Wag the Dog story generated by Michelle Obama’s DMORT portable-morgue GPS networks. 

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#1440 Marine Links Hyman Serco to Tillman Time-Sliced Ambush and Farisee Army Access Cards

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Marine Links BBC Krayleigh Enterprises to Serco’s Furloughed Sandy Hook Pedophiles


Adam Lanza, Sand Hook/NLP. Behold a Pale Horse”


 Amazing Sandy Hook phone call with Wayne Carver’s Medical Examiner’



 Raw: Day After, Aerial View of Conn. School [DMORT morgue at 0:38?]

Medical Examiner’s Mobile Morgue shows up again at Sandy Hook the next day caught on video?

At the press conference Medical Examiner Wayne Carver claims that the bodies were removed from the school during the night of Dec. 14.

However at 33 seconds into this video from ABC 7 news in Denver, it clearly shows and states that the Medical Examiner’s vehicle left at 12:30 in the daytime(not sure what day, but I’m guessing the following day??). So this news report not only contradicts what the Medical Examiner says, it may also show video proof that Dr. Carver is wrong about when the bodies were transported away from the school.

How could the Medical Examiner not even know the correct time as to when the bodies were transported?

Here is the link ABC 7 news in Denver video [link to www.youtube.com]

I apologize if this is old news, but in case it had not been discussed before I decided to post it.

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History of DMORT In the early 1980’s, a committee was formed within the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) to address disaster situations and specifically, mass fatality incidents. This group found that no standardization then existed and worked toward creating a national protocol for the formation of a proper response. Initially, they were concentrating on just the role of funeral directors, but it was soon discovered that funeral directors and no one profession could handle all of the aspects of such an event. A multi-faceted nonprofit organization open to all forensic practitioners was formed by the committee to support the idea of a national level response protocol for all related professions. This group formed and purchased the first portable morgue unit in the country and their equipment has supported DMORT missions in Illinois [procurement initiative taken by Michelle Obama and her [email protected] associate, the terrorist leader Bernardine Dohrn], Indiana, Guam, Michigan and Del Rio.

Soon after this non profit group of volunteers had formed, government interest in this topic came to the forefront. Families who had lost loved ones in airline incidents felt that the treatment that they had received was inadequate and demanded a response from congress. As a result, Congress passed The Family Assistance Act in October of 1996 and required all American based airlines (and later all those operating in the US) to have a plan to assist families in the case of an accident. DMORT is one federal team which can be called in to help if needed. DMORT has grown from its humble beginnings in the early 1990’s to the current group of over 1200 trained and capable volunteers who respond at a moments notice to assist those in need.

Today managed by the U.S. Department Of Health & Human Services, Office Of Public Health Emergency Preparedness, Office Of Preparedness & Emergency Operations, National Disaster Medical System section (NDMS), Disaster Mortuary Response Teams from ten regions throughout the United States are composed of private citizens, each with a particular field of expertise.  When activated by NDMS, the team members are compensated for their duty time by the Federal Government as a temporary Federal employee.  During a response, DMORTs work under the guidance of local authorities by providing technical assistance and personnel to recover and identify the remains of disaster victims.  The DMORTs are the primary responders to transportation accidents with the National Transportation Safety Board and work closely with other federal agencies to coordinate mass fatality victim identification planning and response.”

1) Circa 1994/1995, Bill Ayers ghostwrites Dreams from My Father.

2) Barack Hussein Obama Jr thereby agrees to the publication of a fictional account of his own life, which includes a tale of a bogus Caucasian girlfriend who is in fact based on William Ayers’s memories of his deceased lover, Diana Oughton.

3) Diana Oughton has perished in the Greenwich Village townhouse explosion of 1970, and Ayers has gone on to marry Bernardine Dohrn [Ohrnstein] during his period in hiding.

4) Bernadine Dohrn [Ohrnstein] has received her JD in 1967, from the University of Chicago Law School, but does not return to gainful employment until circa 1984, when she finds work at Sidley-Austin, LLP, of Chicago.

5) During her time at Sidley-Austin, Bernadine Dohrn [Ohrnstein] works with a young intern and lawyer named Michelle LaVaughn Robinson.

6) Since 1965, Newton Minow has been a partner & senior counsel at Sidley-Austin.

7) Circa 1987/1988, Newton Minow’s daughter, Martha, is instrumental [along with Ayers and Khalid Al-Mansour] in getting Barack Hussein Obama Jr admitted to Harvard Law School.

8) Now fast forward to 2007 & 2008 & 2009, when Goldman Sachs bets its portfolio of Liar Loans against the short-traders then coordinates the Obama campaign from within the Bush Treasury Department and sabotages the McCain campaign from within the Bush Treasury Department and hoodwinks George Bush into signing the TARP and receives tens of billions of dollars stolen from the American taxpayer and laundered through AIG and emerges from the collapse of the markets as the dominant force in NYSE program trading and transforms those tens of billions of dollars [stolen from the American taxpayer] into record bonus payouts in the middle of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

9) In July of 2009, Matt Taibbi publishes a blistering exposé of Goldman Sachs.

10) Nell Minow, daughter of Newton and sister of Martha, is immediately dispatched to spearhead the campaign to destroy Matt Taibbi.

11) Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs, along with subprime lender Credit Suisse, has come to dominate a particularly odious form of chicanery known as DARK POOL TRADING.

12) In turn, Credit Suisse’s Steven Koch has been a major donor to the Obama campaign, leading bundling efforts which run from at least March of 2007 all the way through to December 26, 2008 [at which time he is joined by Goldman Sachs’s Bruce A. Heyman and Sidley-Austin’s John Levi].

13) In the meantime, Bernardine Dohrn [Ohrnstein] has found work as an Associate Professor at Northwestern University School of Law.

14) And in 1998, Bernardine Dohrn [Ohrnstein] delivers the paper “Another Kind of Innocence: Children and the Death Penalty” at the National Conference on the Death Penalty and the Wrongfully Convicted, Northwestern University School of Law, Chicago, IL.

16) And Steven Koch serves as a member of the Law School Visiting Committee of the University of Chicago Law School, which has employed Barack Hussein Obama Jr as an untenured lecturer.

17) And finally, Steven Koch has served as a member of the Board of Trustees of Francis W Parker School, while William Ayers, on the other hand, is a Consulting Editor of Francis W Parker’s Schools Journal, he has published the paper, A Single Spark Can Start a Prairie Fire: Teaching Toward Transformation, in Vol. 3, No. 2 of Schools Journal, and his Curriculum Vitae indicates the following presentations: The Art of the Personal Essay: Writing Our Lives Francis Parker School, Chicago, IL, October 19, 2004; Writing Our Lives, Francis W. Parker School, April 19, 2004; Fugitive Days – Then and Now, Francis W. Parker School, April 5, 2004; andHidden Questions, Francis W. Parker School, Chicago, Illinois, December 1, 2000.”

 The Telegraph … Ministry of Defence loses 5,000 high tech radios worth £184 million

The Ministry of Defence cannot account for more than £6 billion of taxpayer-funded spending and its accounts are so chaotic they cannot be signed off by auditors, a report by MPs warns today.

By Robert Winnett, Deputy Political Editor
7:10AM BST 05 Jul 2011

Defence chiefs have lost track of billions of pounds worth of military equipment, including more than 5,000 high-tech radios.

The House of Commons defence committee, described the situation as “alarming” and indicated that the situation risked undermining calls from the military for more Government money.

James Arbuthnot, the Conservative chairman of the Defence Committee, said: “The MoD’s inability to manage existing resources makes it harder for them to request additional funding. It is also worrying that the work carried out so far to address previously-raised concerns has simply revealed how big these problems are.”

The committee added that it was “dismayed” that the National Audit Office had qualified the MoD’s accounts for the fourth year in succession after it lost track of assets worth £6.3 billion – including £184 million-worth of radios.

It said the MoD must speed up its plans for sorting out the problems with its stock control system – currently expected to continue for another two to four years.
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“It is alarming that the department should be unaware of the location, usability or indeed the continued existence of assets to a total value of £6.3 billion,” the Committee’s report said.

“We recommend that the department take whatever measures are necessary to expedite the process of ensuring that it knows how much stock it has, where it is and in what condition.

“We expect to see an abbreviated timetable for achieving this, and an explanation of the measures taken to achieve it, in the response to this report.”

The loss of 5,961 Bowman radios was highlighted as an area of concern.

“There are security as well as financial implications associated with losing equipment such as radios, having an effective audit trail is the only way to ensure that all radios are accounted for,” the Committee concluded.

The report also criticises the Ministry of Defence for failing to know how many reserve members of the armed forces are currently available. The Committee said that this situation was “not acceptable”.

The MoD is widely regarded across Whitehall as one of the most dysfunctional departments when the Coalition took over and claimed it had found widespread financial irregularities. Last month, The Daily Telegraph disclosed that a multi-billion pound blackhole had been found in the department’s finances. The Government has delayed a new military procurement white paper which is now not expected to be unveiled until later in the year.”

“The most important aspect in digital networking is clocking. The clock that quantifies the analog signal must be the same clock that reconstructs the signal at the other end. The only way to assure that the clock is accurate within the entire digital network is to have only one clock. This is the way the first digital network was designed and setup in America. AT&T [advised by Sidley Austin law firm Newton Minow (JFK-FCC time splicing)] set up a atomic clock which sent its time signals to each of the switching offices by means of the internal data network.

Stratum Levels Dr. David Mills from the University of Delaware, when he wrote the RFC 1305 that is NTP (Network Time Protocol), developed a hierarchical structure in which Stratum 0 is the USNO (United States Naval Observatory) clock. Stratum 1 is a radio receiver that receives the time from Stratum 0.  Stratum 2 is a client that receives the time over a network connection from a Stratum 1 clock. Stratum 3 is a client that gets the time from Stratum 2. This goes on to a theoretical Stratum 15. http://www.utdallas.edu/~torlak/courses/ee4367/lectures/Clock.pdf” 

More to follow.

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