#1434 Marine Links Serco’s Contract-Killer Access Cards to Sandy Hook Stratum Zero Time-Stamp Frauds

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked a PKI Common Access Card (CAC) service, allegedly developed by Serco U.K. for contract killers embedded in the U.S. Army, to Stratum Zero time-stamp frauds on the parents, teachers, children and DMORT morticians who attended crime scenes associated with fake training events near the Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012.

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Sandy Hook School Shooting: Date & Time Stamps (video)

Serco’s contract-killer access card to service  to U.S. Army


Your Mission. Our Passion. Serco supports the Army’s critical Common Access Card (CAC) program by providing CAC operators assistance in issuing CAC and other identification materials at almost 100 locations worldwide. On a higher level, Serco supports the Army’s CAC program manager through the operation of CAC Mobile Assistance Teams (CAC MAT) that visit Army installations to evaluate compliance and to train all CAC operators, including Serco employees, Army civilians, and Soldiers. The CAC MAT initiative has helped the Army to improve its CAC operation and avoid problems that might jeopardize security at Army installations. http://www.serco-na.com/docs/materials/serco-s-army-solutions.pdf

Re: SANDY HOOK — Something is wrong with those web stats / dates — We’re all being Had.

All they need to do now is have talking heads on CNN announce that there is a glitch in Google’s search engine that is causing a kerfluffle on the interwebs — and that people are saying the Sandy Hook entries are from prior to the event — and voila — everyone, and I mean *everyone* but us, will immediately buy it and go back to sleep.

And that one small mention on CNN will be powerful enough to get the people to ignore the REST of the mounting body of evidence as more of the same jibber jabber — ‘google glitch’ etc.

Quoting: tandym

xxxI think it’s a deliberate disinfo tactic to derail Sandy Hook skepticism.

But there are so many things beyond internet time stamps that don’t add up.

Among the many things about Sandy Hook and Adam Lanza that don’t make sense to me is the actual shooting part of it.

xxxCertain witnesses reported hearing “hundreds of rounds” fired. Authorities said he had hundreds of rounds on him.

The coroner said each victim had at least three shots each. He further stated that the victims were shot w/ the “long gun,” presumably the Bushmaster 223 SEMI-automatic, which means he would have had to pull the trigger for each shot fired.

So the “rail-thin”, autistic kid, armed w/ two pistols, a rifle, magazines w/ hundreds of rounds, vest, mask(?), shot through the window to get in, climbed in, killed people in the hallway, killed all but one child in Rousseau’s room, went to Soto’s room, killed two teachers and six kids.

26 victims x at least three shots each =78 shots that HIT, not counting however many misses. 78+ pulls of the trigger

Quoting: GladioDaddy-O

I agree… people focusing on these timestamps are wasting their time. People really need to learn how Google Timestamps work with dynamic (changed after the fact) pages. The Google Timestamp, and the snippit of content do not sync up (time wise). The fact that a page for example says Feb 2012, and has sandy hook info simply means that page was crawled, and updated in the index on that day but that DOESN’T mean that content was there at that time. The content of the page can be changed after the fact and the timestamp of the crawl (based on your custom range) would not change. Basically the timestamp and the snippit are not necessarily synced up (the timestamp is static IF you enter a custom date, while the snippit always dynamic and will simply load the CURRENT content found on that page NOW).

And GladioDaddy-O I think the main reason for the contradictions / impossibilities in the Sandy Hook xxstory are because there were actually 2 events that day.
xx1 fake non-event at the actual Elementary School
xx1 realistic DHS/FEMA simulation nearby

After both events were complete all participants of the drill (which have 1 eyewitness variation), and the students/staff from the actual school (a different eyewitness variation) BOTH groups met up at the same firehouse near Sandy Hook. Half the people were from the actual school and would have very limited details and eyewitness accounts of their event (i heard a noise and then cops got us out), the other half were people from the nearby drill which would have a lot more specific details about their event (hundreds of shots fired, what weapons were used, personal encounters with the gunman, step by step breakdowns). This is because half the people were involved in 1 event at the school where they heard a bit of noise over the intercom and then were evacuated, while the other half just did a realistic DHS active-shooter drill simulating a school (and involved children), and have detailed specifics of there event due to that. This is why you will hear 2 similar yet different sides to every aspect of this event (the majority of the details tend to usually be on the drill side, while the actual school details are much more vague).

For example when 1 person is interviewed and says it sounded like someone knocking on a door or had dropped something that was someone from the actual non-event in the school, while another person minute later is interviewed and says they heard hundreds of shots they are referring to the realistic drill that was being held nearby, they are actually both telling the truth in a sense… what they (or the MSM) aren’t telling you is they are actually referring to 2 different events (both of which are completely fake) but passing all the info off as 1 single real event (Sandy Hook). 
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 “Soldier Benefits Services/MyArmyBenefits Website
Contract Type
Current: FFP
Previous: CPFF and T&M
Period of Performance
Current: 09/11 – 09/14
Previous: 10/04 – 09/2011

Types of Solutions Developed: 

In 2004, Serco was tasked by Army G-1 to conduct focus groups and surveys of Soldiers, including Wounded Warriors and Family Members of the Fallen, and to re-design benefit communications work processes. The report was briefed to the U.S. Congress. Following completion of the study, Serco was contracted by the Army G-1 to develop a one-stop benefits information resource website and provide change management and STRATCOM support to increase awareness and acceptance of the website. MyArmyBenefits is the Army’s official benefits portal. It provides benefits information and state-of-the-art tools across the Soldier’s lifecycle, from recruitment to transition/retirement. Serco is responsible for all aspects of the program including benefits content, help desk support, training, system development and maintenance and STRATCOM. MyArmyBenefits is built on a complex architecture. It is integrated with official systems including Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS), Integrated Total Army Personnel Database (ITAPDB), Army Knowledge Online (AKO) and Retirement Points Accounting System (RPAS). Access to personalized benefits information is authenticated using Common Access Card (CAC) authentication and DS LOGON. 

Intended or Achieved Result: 

Currently over 90,000 Soldiers, Family Members and Retirees visit the site monthly to download benefit fact sheets, run a retirement report and find the nearest military hospital. Some 10,000 individualized retirement reports and 120,000 fact sheets are downloaded monthly. Serco is responsible for maintaining the system and adding new capabilities to meet changing needs. In the past 2 years, we have added the following enhancements: Online Casualty Reports, Deployment Calculator, Reserve Component Module, and Disability Rating Estimator (DRE). Kiplinger’s Financial Field Manual for Military Families lists MyArmyBenefits as one of 25 financial resources for Military Families. This ranking demonstrates the significant value of SBS to the target population, Soldiers and Family Members. The site was recently featured in the U.S. Army Reserve Magazine as one of the best sites for Reservists and Families, confirming that MyArmyBenefits the place to go for benefits information.”
More to follow.

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