#1430: Marine Links Serco Stratum 0 Synchronicity to TSol Wheldon 8:50 Underground Bombs

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco’s Stratum 0 synchronicity clock at the National Physical Laboratory to Juliet Wheldon’s alleged use of a Treasury Solicitor (TSol) bona vacantia root authority to detonate three bombs in the London Underground at 08:50 UTC+01:00 on 7/7 2005.

McConnell suggests that Serco`s clock may have helped to synchronize the orgasmic pleasure obtained by Jérôme Kerviel from spot-fixing spread bets on the financial markets on 7/7, with equivalent sensations for the
unmarried, childless former Treasury Solicitor, Dame Juliet Wheldon.

Juliet Wheldon: Entrust Root Authority? – Cross-Certification Frauds – Matrix Of Trusted Traders: Insurers – Reinsurers – Brokers – CAT Bonds – 9/11


 Peter Power 7/7 Terror Rehearsal [with Serco?] 


Jérôme Kerviel: Secrets of the rogue trader
The man accused of losing his bank €5bn reveals the ‘orgasmic pleasure’ he got from playing the markets

 ….. The five billion euros man, Jérôme Kerviel, stepped involuntarily out of the shadows yesterday, 12 months after he became the most talked about, and sought after, man on the planet. In a lengthy newspaper interview – which he later contested – the alleged rogue trader gave his first extensive public explanation of how he came to lose almost €5bn for the French bank, Société Générale.

M. Kerviel, 32, was quoted as saying that he had taken “orgasmic pleasure” in making “astronomic” bets on financial markets. He said that he had lost “all sense of reality” but that his initial, enormous trading successes had been approved by bank chiefs. His superiors had, he said, called him “the cash machine”. They only started to challenge the “crazy risks” he was taking when he began to lose money early last year.

M. Kerviel admitted that he had been briefly racked by guilt when he hit the trading “jackpot” on the day that terrorist bombs exploded in London in July 2005. “I made €500,000 in a few seconds… I was jubilant. Suddenly I realised that I was having fun because people had been hurt by bombs. I ran to the toilet and vomited.”

Something similar happened on the day of the 9/11 attacks in New York, he said. On that day, Soc Gen had made “colossal” trading gains – the highest in its history. [Gedditt?]“
Juliet Wheldon
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dame Juliet Louise Wheldon DCBQC (born 26 March 1950) is a British civil servant, currently (as of 2009) the legal adviser to Mervyn King, the Governor of the Bank of England. From July 2000 until 2006 she was the first British woman to serve as Treasury Solicitor/Head of the Government Legal Service. In 2008 she was named as one of The Times Law 100.

Wheldon attended the Sherborne School For Girls and Oxford University, where she read history, before being called to the Bar from Gray’s Inn in 1975.
Department of the Treasury Solicitor (1976–83), Advisory Division
Law Officers’ Department (1983–84)
Department of the Treasury Solicitor (1984–86), Assistant Legal Secretary
Law Officers’ Department (1986–87)
Department of the Treasury Solicitor (1987–89), Legal Adviser
Law Officers’ Department (1989–97), Legal Secretary
Home Office (1997–2000), Legal Adviser
HM Procurator General Office, Treasury Solicitor/Head of the Government Legal Service (2000–06) [Allegedly authorized Serco Stratum 0-synchronized attacks on/of USS Cole,  9/11 and Pat Tillman]

Personal life

Dame Juliet Wheldon is unmarried and has no children [TSol controlled by same-sex pedophiles?].”
The following is a timeline of the 7 July 2005 London bombings and 21 July 2005 London bombings.
All times are in British Summer Time (BST or UTC+01:00).
7 July 2005
08:50: Initial reports of an incident between Liverpool Street and Aldgate tube stations, either an explosion or a collision between trains. The reports from the two stations were initially thought to relate to two separate incidents
08:50: Explosion on train between King’s Cross and Russell Square tube stations. Eyewitnesses report explosion appeared to come from outside the train (this explosion was initially reported to have happened at 08:56).

08:50: Explosion on train at Edgware Road tube station (this explosion was initially reported to have happened at 09:17).
09:28: Tube operator Metronet says the incident was caused by some sort of power surge.

09:33: Reports of an incident at Edgware Road tube station. Reports that passengers on a train hit by an explosion attempted to break windows with umbrellas in order to escape.
09:46: British Transport Police announce there had been more explosions at King’s Cross, Old StreetMoorgate, and Russell Square.

09:47: Explosion on number 30 bus travelling between Marble Arch and Hackney Wick at Upper Woburn Place/Tavistock Square.
Second explosions
21 July 2005

13:30: A backpack is reported as exploding in east London on the Number 26 bus travelling from Waterloo to Hackney Wick.
14:30: University College Hospital is cordoned off by police, it is feared that the bomber from the Warren Street tube station, opposite, ran into the building.
14:45: Whitehall, which was previously sealed off after the explosions, is reopened.

15:25: A major security alert again closes Whitehall
15:30: A man carrying a backpack is arrested by armed police outside the Ministry of Defence in Whitehall, approximately 20 metres from Downing Street
16:00: Sir Ian Blair now describes the situation as “firmly under control”.

22 July 2005
10:00: Jean Charles de Menezes is shot dead by plain clothes Police at Stockwell tube station.”

More to follow.

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