#1393 Marine Links Cameron Serco Clock to Packet-Switch Snuff Films and Twin Towers Time-Stamp Bombs

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked David Cameron alleged use of the Serco (NPL) atomic clock to synchronize packet-switched snuff films from Carlton Communications with sequential detonations of Twin Towers time-stamp bombs.

McConnell alleges that Cameron erstwhile colleagues at Carlton used Serco’s clock with Rupert Murdoch’s VideoGuard encryption systems in WTC#7 – the Salomon Smith Barney Building – to synchronize and conceal communications with the Naudet snuff film camera crews as they positioned themselves for the ‘money shots’.

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Treasury Solicitor’s ownerless VideoGuard hides Sam Cam Massive Attack

ITV1 Carlton ident (2001/2002) [David Cameron, Director of Corporate Affairs at Carlton Communications just prior to deploying his wife for the Serco-synchronized Massive Attack in NYC] – Drama

911 attack first hour

WTC 1 4 Base Explosions

9/11 Eyewitnesses to Explosive WTC Demolition ½

“Deconstructing the Naudets’ propaganda film 
Online Journal | February 21, 2007 
Jerry Mazza 

Calculate the odds. Two French filmmakers, the Naudet brothers, are filming a documentary about a young, probationary fireman, Tony Benetatos, on September 11, 2001. Before the awful events yet to come, Tony is left alone at the 100 Duane Street fire station while Jules Naudet, the firemen and truck swing left from station, drive to the first corner, turn right onto Church Street, and drive seven blocks north to Lispenard Street and Church to investigate the report of an exterior gas leak. 

Then, while the fire team is investigating, Jules Naudet doesn’t film them. For some reason, he turns his camera south, carefully finds a clear view, past the 440-foot high AT&T building, of the Twin Towers. Then, with a nano-window of six seconds in which to catch Flight 11 stream from behind the AT&T building at 450 mph, he catches perfectly the last two seconds of the hit into the North Tower at 8:46.30 am, what’s commonly known in the film business as “The Money Shot.” So, calculate the odds. 

To lend reality to the shot, Jules pans 90 degrees to the east. The pan ends with the exact centering of the North Tower in the frame (though the South Tower is right behind it, a degree more to the east). But the North Tower is centered pristinely before Flight 11 zooms from the north to southwest to slam the focused Tower at the 94th floor. Calculate the odds of putting your camera lens exactly where Flight 11 would make a perfect bull’s-eye. That is, unless the event and direction of the stolen flight was known to you for enough time to practice at the perfect location to shoot, almost from straight behind it. 

Jules Naudet picked a spot where he didn’t have to move his camera or himself to catch the target and the plane, and without catching undue attention. The camera had to be on the target to catch the hit in perfect focus. What’s more, this kind of lightning does not strike once on this tragic morning, but twice on given targets.
Gedeon Naudet, Jules’ brother, just happens to be standing at the bottom of the South Tower 18 minutes later with his perfectly still camera looking up at exactly where Flight 175 zooms through the frame into the South Tower 2 at 9:02:59 am, leaving a gash from the 94th floor to the 78th. He said he “accidentally” captured the South Tower hit, while filming the crowds watching the North Tower. 

Consider doubling the odds. And also that the filming of this so called “probie” documentary began in January of 2001, giving everyone time to practice, orchestrate, and create the invaluable evidence of the planes hitting the World Trade Center. Consider that unlike the JFK parade/assassination, 26 seconds of which were caught on film by dress-maker Abraham Zapruder with his Bell and Howell 8-millimeter camera, 9/11 was a totally unexpected event. This was everyday reality — with the Naudets waiting at the right time and place for the unreal to happen. 

What’s more, if you were a foreign terrorist who wanted to kill the maximum number of people, why would you hit the Towers so high and allow all those in the floors below a chance to escape. Wouldn’t you climb and dive-bomb into the lower floors and seal exits as much as possible. Or was someone or some others exercising by design a perverse form of human damage-control to this heinous act? Don’t the numbers of New York’s 9/11 deaths, 2,749 (including 19 non-manifested terrorists) curiously compare to Pearl Harbor’s 2,117? The latter started WW II, the larger number The War On Terror (TWOT), for the obscenity it is. 

Today, there is ample evidence to show that the Towers were blown up top to bottom to pulverize them into falling at the speed of gravity, 10 seconds for the South Tower after burning 56 minutes, 9 seconds for the North Tower after burning 102 minutes. Nevertheless, the drama of those plane shots was and is indelibly etched in the eyes of the world, blinding many to the more potent forces that took the Towers down. Unfortunately, we have yet to pinpoint exact names of those responsible for the massive internal bombings. With the Naudets, we know the players, including reputed participants from the Duane Street Fire Station and upwards.

In fact, this information comes from Leslie Raphael’s Jules Naudet’s First Plane Shot Was Staged — A Clue to the Truth of 9/11?. Raphael’s 65-pages of relentless essay and photographic evidence also includes a great deal of information about the Naudets’ past and disappearance, as well as reputed involvement of personnel from the New York Fire Department. Raphael also includes shots and information taken by other photographers and videographers, debunking the myth of the Naudets’ shots as the only ones available.”

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