#1388 Marine Links Sister’s Front-Running Serco Clock to Pat Tillman Spot-Fixed Snuff Shots

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked his sister Kristine Marcy’s front-running spread-bettors’ Serco clock to spot-fixed times on the snuff film which recorded the money-shot death of Pat Tillman on April 22, 2004 in Afghanistan.

Marcy may be invited to provide advice to her brother on applying to Congress for “Letters of Marque and Reprisal” so that

McConnell her brother and fellow retired Marines can confiscate and sell all of Serco’s domestic and foreign assets and thereby replenish the Department of Justice’s Asset Forfeiture Fund which Marcy has operated in joint custody with Eric Holder since 1984.

Pat Tillman Murdered?

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#1387 Marine Links Bankers Front-Running Broker, Serco Clock to Cameron Libor Underground Bombs 

“February 11, 2009 3:01 PM 
What Really Happened To Pat Tillman? 
Watch the Segment » 

Pat Tillman was a heroic face of the war on terror – an NFL star who left behind a $3.6 million contract and his new wife to fight for his country after the attacks of Sept. 11. When he died in Afghanistan on April 22, 2004, the Army told his family he’d been killed by enemy fire after courageously charging up a hill to protect his fellow Army Rangers. 

But as Katie Couric reports, that story didn’t hold up. He had really been killed by friendly fire, shot accidentally by his fellow soldiers. 

For the past four years, his family, led by his mother Mary, has been searching for answers about what really happened, beginning the day she heard the news from Pat Tillman’s wife Marie. 

“And she answered the phone just the way she always does. Her voice sounded just the same. And I just sort of breathed a sigh of relief, like, ‘Oh, you know, everything’s fine.’ And I said, ‘What’s wrong, what’s wrong?’ And she said, ‘He’s dead.’ And I said, ‘Who’s dead?’ And she said, ‘Pat’s dead.’ Within minutes of that, the Army had sent a soldier, a young, female soldier, to come tell me about what had happened,” Mary Tillman remembers. 

Asked what the soldier told her, Tillman says, “She said that he was shot getting out of a vehicle. He was shot in the head getting out of a vehicle. And that’s basically all she knew.”

xxxEleven days after his death, Pat Tillman’s family held a memorial service in their hometown of San Jose, Calif. 

At that time, Tillman’s family was led to believe that he was killed by the enemy, which was reinforced when the Army awarded him a Silver Star for his “gallantry in action against an armed enemy.” They were told his convoy had been ambushed and he had charged up a hill, forcing the enemy to withdraw and saving the lives of his fellow Rangers.

“Was there any solace in the story the military told you about how courageous Pat had been?” Couric asks. 

“Well, of course. But what’s interesting is the story itself seemed so contrived, even then, even before he knew that it was contrived. It had this contrived feel to it,” Tillman says. 

Asked why, she says, “Well, you know, the soldier, you know, running up the ridge line, firing at the enemy. You know, saving his men. It did sound kind of like a John Wayne movie.” 

Then, about a month later there was a stunning announcement: the Army had been investigating his death and determined that Tillman was killed by his own men. 

Asked how long she thinks it took the Army to realize her son had been killed by friendly fire, Tillman says, “Oh, they knew immediately. It was pretty evident right away. All the other soldiers on the ridge line suspected that that’s exactly what happened.” 

Tillman says it took the Army five weeks to tell her. “Even the time lapse is not what is so disturbing to us. If they didn’t tell us right away exactly what happened, I mean, it would seem to me that because of the clandestine nature of the Rangers, they could’ve easily said, ‘Well, this is, you know, we can’t really divulge this,'” she says. 

“It’s under investigation,” Couric remarks. 

“It’s under investigation. You know, they could’ve said anything. But they made up a story,” Tillman says. 

“Made up” a story, Mary contends, because when her son had left behind his football career to join the Army Rangers, he’d become one of the most high-profile soldiers in the U.S. military. He’d signed up to fight al Qaeda following Sept. 11, and talked about the importance of service one day after the attacks.


The soldiers say the mortars were being fired by a handful of enemy fighters at the top of the ridge. Jacobson says his group had no idea that the other group from their unit, including Tillman, had taken up positions on a steep hill nearby in order to protect the men below. As the second convoy raced through the canyon, soldiers in the lead vehicle began firing at the hill, unaware they were shooting at their own men, including Tillman, Baer and Jade Lane. 

“And all of a sudden, the vehicle starts coming around the canyon. And then they opened up again, and that’s when I realized that that’s where all the fire was coming from, was from the vehicle. It wasn’t coming from the enemy anymore,” Lane remembers. 

Pat Tillman, who had crested the hill with another young soldier, took cover behind a rock. He threw out a smoke grenade as a signal. But Russell Baer says after a brief lull, the gunfire only intensified. “I considered, you know, shooting our own guys. And I had actually pointed my weapon in their direction, and you know, turned my safety director on fire. And I was ready to engage them. You just hope for the best. I mean, you’re left with nothing. You can’t do anything, except sit there,” Baer explains. 

“And scream cease fire?” Couric asks. 

“Scream and do what you’ve been taught, you know. Give the cease fire signal,” he says. 

Lane and another Ranger were wounded; Tillman and an Afghan soldier fighting beside him, which may have caused some confusion, were killed. Based on the soldiers accounts, Mary Tillman believes she’s pieced together her son’s final moments. 

“In the end, we feel he was hit in the chest. And it, you know, he had on his body armor, but, you know, it’s very powerful when you’re hit like that. And it stunned him and he went down. And then they shot him in the head three times,” she says. 

“He was screaming for them to stop,” Couric remarks. 

“Yeah. And he was screaming, ‘Cease fire.’ He was screaming his name. You know, ‘I’m Pat Tillman.’ Like, ‘What’s wrong with you?'” Mary Tillman explains. 

“And what about for you, the notion that, his own brothers were firing on him?” Couric asks. 

“Well, it’s hard to take,” Tillman says. “When we heard it was a friendly fire, I felt terrible for these soldiers. We didn’t go into immediate, you know, ‘Oh, these awful men, they need to be punished.’ I felt terrible for these young men. And I still do, to a degree. But I don’t think it was the horrible accident that they like to play this out. I think there was huge negligence involved here.”” 

“Globally, Serco has over 70,000 employees and revenues of $6 billion per year. We provide a wide range of outsourced operational services to public and private sector organizations around the globe. Our competitive advantage is managing people, processes, technology and assets more effectively than our clients and our competitors. We focus on large, complex and bundled operational services that are usually mission-critical to our clients.

We provide these services in areas such as transportation, facilities management, nuclear assurance, correctional services, military support, education and government administration. 

For example, we: 

Operate over a dozen railways with over 3,000 km of rail lines 
Operate 18,000 km of roadway management systems globally 
Operate armed forces bases around the world for various governments 
Maintain light and heavy military ground vehicles and military aircraft 
Screen and categorize all U.S. Patent applications [Clinton treason] 
Train helicopter pilots for the U.K. Coast Guard 
Employ the 1,000+ scientists who run the UK’s nuclear deterrent program 
Calibrate radiation dose dispensing for chemotherapy treatment across UK 
Operate anti-terrorism port surveillance around the world for the U.S. Navy 
Are the world’s largest non-government operator air traffic control centers [9/11] 
Operate prisons and hospitals 
Manage prisoner release and parolee monitoring programs [Furloughed contract killers] 
Collect money from all the parking meters in many U.S. cities
xxxProvide early missile launch detection covering most of Europe 

Run the official Greenwich Mean Time atomic clock! 
Employees of Serco include Railcar Mechanics, Nuclear Scientists, Janitors, Helicopter Pilots, Doctors, HVAC Technicians, Engineers, Air Traffic Controllers, Prison Guards, Radar 
Technicians and many more. Serco’s people include a mix of union and non-union employees. 
About 75% of our work is in the public sector. 

Serco’s Business in Canada 

In Canada, we: 

Operate all the DriveTest Driver Examination and Licensing Centers in Ontario 
Operate all non-military operations at the Goose Bay Armed Forces Base 
Provide Air Traffic Control and system maintenance for the NATO Fighter Pilot Training 
Facility in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan [Base for decoy and drone maneuvers during Global Guardian 9/11] 
Provide recreational and accommodation services for the Canadian Border Security Agency Training Center in Rigaud Quebec 
Certify all Licensed Security Guards and Private Investigators in Ontario
Designed and provided startup operation of the Canada Line LRT control centre in Vancouver
Supply Electronic Supervision systems for parolee monitoring (a.k.a. ankle bracelets) for the provinces of Ontario, Alberta, BC and Newfoundland/Labrador
[furloughed contract killers] 
Our business in Canada currently employees over 1,000 people. 

We are currently accepting career applications for the following positions: 

DriveTest Centres throughout Ontario – Customer Service Agents
DriveTest Centres throughout Ontario – Road Test Examiners 
Other Positions in Canada and North America 

Click on the links above for more information or to apply for a position.”

More to follow.

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